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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Interesting places in Indonesia

Interesting places in Indonesia

Bali is one of the magical island in Indonesia. As probably the most famous island in Indonesia, Bali blends spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful beaches with people who are warm and friendly, dynamic culture and provided the world's best resorts.
Travel & Leisure Magazine has dubbed Bali so the World's Best Island in 2009, while the Lonely Planet gave the title a second Best of Travel 2010 ranked second in the world Bali

Many beautiful resorts offering good. Most five-star hotel situated near the beach. If not, they usually have their own private spot in a particular beach. You can find them easily in places such as Kuta or Sanur.
If you are in a quiet plateau like Ubud, forget the five-star hotel. You are there to embrace the atmosphere. Just choose one of the small inns

Remember to "trunk" horn when going around curves on mountain roads because it is very common to drive in the middle of the road here. There are many one-way streets in Bali. If you miss your turn than you might have to drive pretty far before it can return. Alert!
We strongly recommend that you fill in one of the many government-owned gas stations. In remote areas in Bali

There are thousands of giftshops in Bali. Everywhere you go, from Denpasar to Ubud, you will find many things to bring home. Try clicking the "Search Store" button at the bottom right if you need some guidance.

There are many modes of transportation to help you get around in Bali. Various good half day, full day and overnight tour packages are available from the hotel desk or one of the many travel agents and tour operators are plentiful in Bali. Or you can find a car and driver who will also act as your guide.
While walking around, you will be attacked by the constant question "Transport,

With the increasing number of direct flights from many parts of the world, up to Bali with ease. Flights from Jakarta to Bali take about 1.5 hours, from Singapore and Perth (Australia) about 2.5 and 3 hours, from Hong Kong about 4.5 hours, and from Sydney / Melbourne about 5,5-6 hours on many national and international operators.

Make sure that you look for "Denpasar (DPS)" instead of "B

As the food the rest of Indonesia, Bali staple food is rice, served with a small serving of spicy, spicy vegetables, fish or meat and almost always served with sambal or chili paste. Bali are some areas in Indonesia are predominantly non-Muslim, so that bolsters pork or roast pork is a specialty, such as betutu duck, smoked duck doll wrapped in bamboo
White beaches of Bali is a favorite for family vacations. There are a variety of water sports are available, such as banana boat, parasailing or jet skiing, swimming or plain sunbathing. Cruises to the surrounding islands can be taken from here and submarine dives to watch the tropical underwater life from within safe compartments.

The most famous among Bali

15 Places in Bali which Obligatory Visited
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Located in the east of Java, Bali is Indonesia that has excellent tourism famous around the world. Besides well-known for its natural beauty, especially its beaches, Bali is also famous for its arts and culture are unique and interesting.

Bali as a tourist destination complete and integrated has many interesting sights, any place in Bali which must be visited?

1. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a tourist place in Bali's most famous and most visited by tourists because of its location close to the airport, beautiful beaches, low cost, and the waves are perfect for novice surfers. Kuta beach is also famous for its panoramic sun sinking very beautiful. Unique facts of Kuta Beach Kuta Beach is before becoming a tourist spot in Bali that must be visited, as now, Kuta Beach is a major port, trading center in Bali. With white sand and blue sea, is equipped with a very complete supporting facilities, is a prime tourist spot Kuta Beach Bali.

2. Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is famous for its beauty, especially at sunset. Pura Tanah Lot consisting of 2 pieces of temple is a temple worshiping the god of the sea. The uniqueness of Pura Tanah Lot is the temple is located on top of a large rock on the seafront. At the time of high tide, you can not get closer to the Pura Tanah Lot as a buffer around the rock of Tanah Lot sea will be flooded. At low tide you can see some sea snakes tame that according to the locals is a guard Pura Tanah Lot. Moreover, in this location you can also hold sacred snake docile and harmless.

3. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang beach may be less well known than the famous Kuta beach, but the beach Padang Padang Beach is very beautiful and unique. At the time I first came to Padang Padang Beach I also think that this beach is a beach that is not attractive because it is less well known, but apparently I was wrong. Padang Padang beach is a small beach hidden behind a cliff in the area of Pecatu, near Uluwatu. To be able to reach Padang Padang Beach, you must pass through a staircase that divides the cliff. Padang Padang beach is not large and spacious, but very beautiful and interesting place to visit. Most visitors Padang Padang Beach are foreign tourists as Padang Padang Beach less famous among tourists in the country.

4. Beratan Bedugul

Bedugul Bratan Lake is a lake that is located in a mountainous area with beautiful natural atmosphere. The uniqueness of Lake Bratan Bedugul is the existence of a temple named Ulun Danu. Ulun Danu Beratan located on the edge of Lake Bedugul and is one of the main attractions of Lake Bratan Bedugul. In addition, tourists can also enjoy a game of water and rent a boat on Lake Bratan Bedugul.

5. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, or commonly abbreviated GWK cultural tourism is a park located in South Bali. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a huge sculpture works of I Nyoman Nuarta. Currently, Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue has not been fully completed, only some of which have been completed, but even so you can still enjoy the splendor of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana. In addition to the statue, you can also see the beauty of the limestone hill is cut into large blocks of limestone. These limestone blocks will be filled with sculpture. Additionally in the Garuda Wisnu Kencana also include theater arts, you can enjoy various types of dance and Balinese arts in this theater every day.

6. Lovina Beach

Lovina beach may not be too often heard among tourists. Lovina Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Bali is my favorite because Lovina we can see dolphins swimming and jumping in their natural habitat. Located in Northern Bali near Singaraja City, you will go to sea and saw dolphins using fishing boats. Lovina Beach Dolphins playing on the beach in the morning, therefore, usually tourists departing from the coast starting at 6 am.

7. Besakih

Besakih temple is a temple located at the foot of Mount Agung, and is the largest temple in Bali. The Pura Besakih Hindu religious ceremonies are often held as Besakih believed to be a sacred place and is the mother of all temples in Bali. Besakih is built with the concept of the balance of God, man, and nature or often referred to as the Tri Hita Karana. To be able to enter the area Besakih, you should use gloves that can be borrowed in the vicinity of Besakih.

8. Uluwatu

Pura Uluwatu is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is above a cliff jutting into the sea. Uluwatu Temple not only offers Balinese religious atmosphere, but also offers a panorama of beauty, especially the beauty of the sinking sun is already very well known. The Uluwatu Temple you will meet with a number of monkeys that are believed to work maintaining the sanctity of Uluwatu. To enter the area of Uluwatu, you should use gloves and a scarf that is a symbol of respect for the sanctity of Uluwatu.

9. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Bali's most famous. By the time you come to Jimbaran Beach, the first time you will see is a row of tables and chairs on the white sand beautiful. Jimbaran beach is famous for its culinary edge of the beach, especially sea dishes. Jimbaran beach for those of you who want to travel to the beach while enjoying Balinese culinary tour. No need to worry about eating at Jimbaran Beach because the waves at Jimbaran Beach is very quiet, did not jeopardize those of you who were eating on the beach.

10. Sangeh

Sangeh is a tourist place in Bali that will bring you one with nature. Located in Ubud, Bali, Sangeh is a forest inhabited by many wild monkeys. These monkeys are considered sacred by the locals so that should not be disturbed and allowed to live in the woods Sangeh. Monkeys in Sangeh really liked the food, they will try to get the food you take, even if the food is in your bag. In this place you will witness the lives of hundreds of monkeys are unique and interesting.

11. Tanjung Benoa

Bordering Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua, Bali is the center of water sports activities and games in Bali. Characteristics of Tanjung Benoa beach is very quiet, so it is suitable for various kinds of exciting water games. Types of water games that you can play here, namely snorkel, sea walker, banana boat, parasailing, wakeboard, waterski, jetski, scuba diving, donut boat, flying fish, and others. In addition you can also go see a giant turtle in the turtle island by boat from Tanjung Benoa.

12. Lake Batur Kintamani

Lake Batur Kintamani is one of Bali's natural charm. Located on the second highest mountain in Bali, Lake Batur Kintamani have a cool air and spectacular scenery. Kintamani Batur Lake is the largest lake in Bali which is much visited by tourists because it offers a view like no other in Bali.

13. Kecak Uluwatu

Kecak is a Balinese dance the most famous and most interesting to watch. Of the many places that show pull Kecak, I think the most interesting is the Kecak Uluwatu is located at Uluwatu. Kecak Uluwatu Kecak Balinese demonstrates against the background of sunset at Uluwatu is very beautiful. Uluwatu Kecak dance is very popular and crowded therefore if you want to watch the show Kecak Uluwatu, I suggest to the message from the distant days.

14. Telaga Waja River Rafting

Telaga Waja River Rafting is suitable for those of you who love fun and challenging activities. Telaga Waja River has a clear and clean water and rapids that challenge. At the end of the rafting you will skip a sluice, very exciting. After completion enjoying Telaga Waja River Rafting, you will get a bonus in the form of trekking up the mountain, therefore, prepare yourself and rest enough because Telaga Waja River Rafting will drain your energy.

15. Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting has different characteristics with Telaga Waja River Rafting. If the Telaga Waja River Rafting offers a challenge, then the Ayung River Rafting offers beauty. Panorama along the Ayung River is very beautiful, coupled with carvings on the river bank, and green trees around the river complement the beauty of the Ayung River Rafting.

10 Most Charming Places Lombok

Lombok Tourism is one of Indonesia's famous tourist destinations. Its reputation has been recognized by the international community. The natural beauty and exotic sights Lombok offers a unique character and memorable tour. Natural Lombok has named Rinjani volcano as high as approximately 3,726 meters above sea level. Mount Rinjani in Lombok are including the third highest mountain in Indonesia. Various Lombok's most popular tourist spot is dominated by the natural attractions of Lombok, among them such as beaches, mountains, and so on.

Most popular tourist attractions Lombok
Natural Lombok is a great gift of the Almighty with the beauty and characteristics of natural attractions that lure. No one doubts how beautiful the beach in Lombok, both in times of sunset and at sunset. Visit some interesting places in Lombok will take you on a sightseeing trip memorable, such as Mount Rinjani. Or, if you are challenged to try surfing in Lombok? You will find a fierce waves of adrenalin. Here is a tourist spot that has been widely known Lombok and you should know.

Kuta Beach Lombok Tourism

This is not the Kuta Beach in Bali, but a beautiful beach located in the south of the island of Lombok. Kuta Beach Lombok is one of a number of interesting places in Lombok eligible you make as a tourist destination. Because, geographically beach area is surrounded by hills nature. In addition, Kuta Beach Lombok has white sand beaches and generally not much visited by tourists. Do not be surprised if it feels deserted beach when you visit it. Kuta Beach Lombok is administratively located in the village of Kuta, located not far from Lombok International Airport. Itineraries to Kuta Beach Lombok if taken from Senggigi will take approximately 1.5 hours. You will pass through the city of Mataram when taking these trips Senggigi - Kuta Beach.

Lombok Senggigi Beach Tourism

2. Travel Senggigi Beach Lombok

Read also special article that explores Senggigi Beach Lombok. It is the most famous Lombok travel. Senggigi Beach in Lombok has a beautiful beach that captivates. Many foreign tourists who come to this beach. Senggigi Beach is transformed into one of the attractions in Lombok with a view of its long coastlines, really charming when viewed from a distance and altitude. With a long coastline and firm, presenting Lombok Senggigi Beach sand shades from black to white. Sea water has waves is not large, clear, and clean. The things that make Senggigi Beach in Lombok become one of the favorite tourist attractions for foreign tourists. Tourists who come to this beach more than happy to spend time with sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and playing on the beach.

3. Desert Point (Bangko-Bangko) Lombok

This is the place to surf in Lombok that you should visit if you want to enjoy surfing or surfing activities. One of Indonesia's most popular surf spots have also been named as one of the 10 places to surf with waves vicious version of the International Surf Association. If you are challenged to surf at Desert Point, then you can take a trip with the ferry boat ride from Bali to Lombok Sheets port. Desert Point, local people called it Bangko-Bangko, is a surfing beach destination located on the Southwestern coast of Lombok. If you have arrived at the Port sheet, then a trip to Desert Point reached by vehicle travel or rental car and takes about 2 hours. The Desert Point, available lodges simple lodging as a place of lodging. Desert Point is one of the sights of Lombok reliable.

4. Mount Rinjani Lombok Tourism

One of the attractions of this Lombok has been inaugurated as Gunung Rinjani National Park, which is an ecosystem that is protected by the government with the character of mountainous rain forest and savannah. The area of this national park is about 40 thousand hectares. Mount Rinjani is located in the northern part of Lombok Island with an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level, and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci. Mount Rinjani have a wide crater, there is a crater lake called Lake Segara Anak. According to local belief, if the Lake Segara Anak visible area, then it is a sign that the age of the viewer is still long. Conversely, if looked cramped, it signifies people who see short-lived. Advised to make themselves clean and quiet spirit before looking back Segara Anak Lake. This lake can be used also as a fishing spot.

5. Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Also referred to as three exotic island of Lombok who became one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists. Dyke or island located in the western part of Lombok has sea water is clear and crisp, clean white sand, coral reefs, and the various charming ornamental fish. A lot of tourists who come to this dyke to enjoy the beauty of the beach with swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. There are many public facilities are complete at this Lombok tourist spots, including hotels and inns, restaurants, cafes, discos, and places of worship. From mainland Lombok, traveling to third dyke takes approximately 30 minutes. Gili Trawangan is the farthest island in between the three dyke. Many young people who come to Gili Trawangan because often held a beach party with music all night. Meanwhile, Gili Meno is the right place to relax for those who want to seek tranquility and enjoy the atmosphere of the beach is relatively quiet. Gili Meno position is located in the middle among the three dyke. While Gili Air is closest to the island of Lombok. Many tourists come to Gili Air together with their families. Gili Air has a local population of more than the other dyke.

6. Selong Belanak Lombok Beach Tourism

In addition to Senggigi, this is one of the shore excursions in Lombok charming. Belanak Selong beach is located in Central Lombok regency, has white sand beaches and clean.

Grains of sand on the beach is so fine, but when exposed to sea water will harden. Therefore, you will see a number of vehicles can be passing through shoreline. It is one of the interesting sights in Lombok beach.

7. Tanjung Aan Beach Tourism Lombok

To arrive at Tanjung Aan Beach, you will need a travel time of about 1.5 hours drive from the city of Mataram. Clean white sand and blue sea water and clear is one of the characteristics in this Lombok tourist attractions. Geographically, the position of Tanjung Aan is close to Kuta Beach Lombok. The trip to Tanjung Aan Beach from Mataram will run smoothly because the streets are paved and smooth will take you quickly to your destination.

8. Cape Bloam Lombok

These attractions are less widely known by many tourists. In addition, the access road to the Cape Bloam also not so good. The road to this place is still not paved, also you will often get the arid and barren scenery along the way to Cape Bloam. This headland is located in the southern part of Lombok, administratively included in the district of West Lombok. Route to Cape Bloam if taken from Mataram will take about 2.5 hours. Cape Bloam strength is a beautiful panoramic view of the coast, this is the main potential possessed one of Lombok's beaches. The Cape Bloam, you will see turtles with habitat conservation around the cliffs and is along the coastline that stretches from the north end to the south. The Cape is, you will see two cliffs rocks that flank the beach. Natural scenery in this beach so beautiful, you'll find white sand and looked at how blue and crystal clear sea water which is owned by Tanjung Bloam.

9. Sekotong Lombok Beach Tourism

Tourist attractions Sekotong Beach is located in the district of West Lombok. Attractions in Lombok is easily accessible from various routes. These Sekotong Beach from Mataram will take about 1 hour with the distance of 60 mm pass through Sheet Harbour. If you take the route of beach Selong Belanak in Central Lombok, then the distance to the Beach This Sekotong is about 75-85 km.

10. Traditional House Hamlet Sade Lombok

Sade hamlet in the village of Rambitan, District Pujut, Central Lombok. People who inhabit this village is a resident of Sasak, the communities still adhere to customary Lombok tradition until now. Social system and people's daily lives in the hamlet of Sade is still very strong with Sasak tradition of a bygone era. Therefore, Hamlet Sade established as a tourist village in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Characteristics of houses built of bamboo with a roof that comes from the leaves of reeds. In this place, typical traditional Sasak house still stood firm and maintained

10 Places in Papua Mandatory Visited

Cendrawasih Bay National Park

If you think Indonesia is nothing more attractive than countries in Europe there, try a visit to Papua. Indonesia's easternmost island has everything unending natural beauty to explore. Land and underwater nature into a paradise of its own for fans of nature tourism. Not only the rich natural, Papua also save the local cultural wisdom that still survive in this modern era. Exploring Papua will certainly be an interesting experience that you can tell to family and friends.

Visit Papua, jelalajahi wealth of their own country. If still confused where to go for there later, following a summary of 10 attractions in Papua which must be visited:

1. Cendrawasih Bay National Park

The national park with an area of 1,453,500 hectares is almost 90% in the form of water. Not surprisingly, the park's Cendrawasih Bay became the largest marine conservation area and the largest in Indonesia. Here, there are 196 species of molluscs and 209 species of fish that you can see in the underwater realm. Not infrequently turtles, turtles, sharks and dolphins also accompany you while diving.

Cendrawasih Bay National Park was established in 1993 by the Ministry of Forestry. In addition to enjoying the underwater nature, you can also explore the islands. Mioswaar Island, one of the islands in Papua tourist attractions, has a cave with a hot spring with a sulfur content that is worthy of your visit. In addition Mioswaar Island, there is still Yoop Island, numfor, Nusrowi Island and other islands that you should not miss.

These attractions are in the two administrative districts of Wondama and Nabire. The national park is also a research center or a whale shark whale sharks undertaken by the government in collaboration with NGOs at home and abroad.

2. Raja Ampat

Who does not know the Raja Ampat? One of the tourist attractions in Papua's beauty attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Raja Ampat region consists of four large islands of Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, Batanta and small islands in the vicinity.

Raja Ampat has a diverse marine life. According to a report from The Nature Conservancy, as much as 75% of the world's marine species found in the waters of Raja Ampat. During the dive, you will be accompanied by about 1,511 species of fish and sea turtles. Exciting, huh? While you are free to dive anytime throughout the year here, but the best time is in October and November. On these months, the weather is nice and the water is very clear so visibility when diving is ideal.

If you do not want to dive, you can still enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat to do trekking in the islands. Afraid of getting lost? Relax. You can use the services of a guide here. Guides in this tourist spot is the local residents who daily work as fishermen. Do not forget to bring betel nut or candy to give to local residents. And betel nut chewing is considered a sign of friendship and will make you more familiar with them.

Here, there are many souvenirs you can buy as souvenirs ranging from traditional Asmat sculptures of musical instruments and traditional fabrics.

3. Lake Sentani

Lake with an area of 9,360 hectares is the largest lake in Papua. Located about 50 km from downtown Jayapura, Sentani Lake offers incredible beauty. There are at least 21 islands that adorn the lake with a height of 75 meters above sea level.

There are many activities you can do here ranging from swimming, fishing, culinary eating around the lake to rent a boat to get around the lake. In addition, there are 24 villages around these places can be visited and interact directly with citizens. A view of a row of houses on stilts with a fishing net into a natural thing you see here.

What is interesting is the annual event is the Lake Sentani Festival is usually held in mid-June. At the festival, where it will travel in full disesaki Papua tourists who want to see a variety of performing arts and local culture. In addition to enjoying the performances during the festival, you can also satisfy the tongue and stomach with typical cuisine served in Papua are many here.

4. Lake Paniai

Lake Paniai no less interesting from Lake Sentani. The lake is even referred to as the most beautiful lake in the Lake Se-World Conference in India on 30 November 2007, which followed 157 countries. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level with an area of 14,500 hectares. At dusk, the scenery is very beautiful sights. You can see the silhouette of the cliffs, the birds fly above the lake plus local fishing boats which started closer home.

Here, you can fish together women Mee and Moni tribes commonly called 'mama'. Paniai Lake is one of the largest freshwater fish producer in Papua, many fish that you find here as carp, tilapia and tilapia fish.

The facilities provided at the tourist attractions in Papua is quite complete from the guardhouse, a guide, rent a boat and fishing equipment, to food stalls around the lake. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Lake Paniai longer, you can stay at home residents.

5. Baliem

Baliem Valley is home to the Dani, Yali and Lani are located around the Jayawijaya Mountains. Located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea make this place the temperature can reach 10-15 degrees Celsius at night. Here, you can see and interact directly with the native tribes still wear penis gourds for men and skirts for her tassel.

In August, Baliem become tourist attractions in Papua which attracts many tourists. During the three-day annual event that is held Baliem Valley Festival. This festival is actually a way of the government to abolish the tribal wars that often occur here. Tribal war has been banned, instead of this festival was held that changed the war into a performing arts and culture to invite tourists.

In the war in this festival, there are scenarios that are run. Usually war will be preceded by the kidnapping of women one of the tribes or theft of the livestock pigs here. Furthermore, the war will take place beginning with tribal dances and traditional music accompaniment. In addition to war, there is also competition between villages pig races and grilled pork feast. You can also buy handicrafts handiwork local tribes.

6. Tourism Village Sauwandarek

When in Baliem you can interact with the tribes living in the mountains, in the village of Sauwandarek you can meet directly with the native tribes that live on the coast. Sauwandarek village still in the area of Raja Ampat, precisely in the Meos Mansar. Here, you can see a traditional house made of wood and straw roof.

Cultural sights is only occupied about 46 households. Women here used to make hats and bags of sea pandan leaves. If you liked their work, you can buy it on the spot.

Here, you can dive and snorkel. In addition, you can also trekking to the lake is unique in this village. His name Telaga Yenauwyau, is unique because the water in this pond saltwater, not freshwater like most other water in the lake. According to local residents, in this lake there is a white turtle that if you see it then you'll have good luck.

7. Beach Bosnik

Prepare your camera because of the beauty of this beach can make you not stop taking pictures. Bosnik beach is located 15 km from the city center Biak has a vast expanse of sand with clear blue water and a row of palm trees which make it a perfect scenery to be immortalized in your camera.

Tourist attractions in Papua is perfect for relaxing with the family. With pay 10,000 Rupiah course, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach located in the village this Woniki. Besides playing beach volleyball in the sand ramps, you can also rent huts at a price of 50,000 rupiah and enjoy fresh coconut ice also local culinary.

8. Beach Amai

Amai beach is a tourist spot that is right for you who want tranquility. This beach is relatively quiet, but by no means unattractive. At the end of the beach, there is a river estuary that makes saltwater and freshwater meet here. This fresh water is used by tourists to rinse yourself after swimming at beaches.

Besides swimming, you can also play beach volleyball, diving, snorkeling or relaxing in the gazebo that you can rent at a price of 50,000 rupiah. If you want to stay, on the beach Amai already available lodging house style stage.

Amai beach is located in the District Depapre or approximately 2 hours drive from Jayapura. The trip to the beach will test your adrenaline because of terrain and winding up and down, but everything will be paid off when up and see the beauty of Amai Beach. To get into these places, you are required to pay 25,000 Rupiah which includes the cost of parking.

9. Island Rumberpon

Rumberpon island located in the Gulf Wondama or 5 hour boat trip from Manokwari. The island has a beach called Pasir Panjang because it is a very long coastline reaching 6 km.

In these places, you can do a mainstay activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. If you want a different experience, try visiting the mangrove forests in the coastal else on this island. You also can go to grassland birds to see deer here.

10. Tugu MacArthur

MacArthur monument is a memorial tribute to General Douglas MacArthur who was general of the United States during World War II. This monument is in Ifar Mount, Jayapura. Here, you can go to the museum, saw the pictures and the history of the military General MacArthur. Tourist attractions in Papua is to witness the triumph of great generals who made several big war strategy. Located at an altitude of 325 meters above the sea, you can see Lake Sentani Sentani Airport and the airfield from here.

MacArthur monument itself is a monument with a height of 3 meters is dominated by yellow and black. This monument is written in the history of General Douglas MacArthur in Indonesian and English.

Overview of the MacArthur, the general is known with his words, 'I came through and I shall return'. He said this while military bases in the Philippines were destroyed by Japanese and he and his troops were forced to retreat to Australia. After the war strategy, in 1944 he landed in the Gulf Hamadi, Jayapura, and build a monument at the site of MacArthur's headquarters are located today. The General prove his point because then he and his army got rid of the Japanese and avenge the defeat of America in the Philippines and in Pearl Harbour.

Places of Interest in Indonesian Borneo Island Region

Tourist attractions on the island of Borneo many have encountered in West Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, North Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan.
The island of Borneo is also a tourist destination visited by many foreign and local tourists. In addition to the other islands that have many tourist attractions
Borneo island also has many sights are very interesting.

Places of Interest in Indonesian Borneo Island Region

Borneo island is the largest island in Indonesia and also occupied the third largest island in the world which also have many types of tourist attractions such as the natural attractions, historical, cultural travel, and more. Borneo island is divided into 5 provinces in every corner, so if visiting the island will be a lot of choice if only tourist spot where you want to visit first.
The following tourist attractions in the island of Borneo:

Places of Interest in West Kalimantan
Sentarum Lake National Park in Kapuas
Pasir Panjang in Singkawang
National Parks Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya in the Heart of Borneo Island
Kadriah palace in Pontianak
Parks Square Kapuas in Pontianak
Randayan island in Bengkayang
National Park Mountain Trench in Ketapang
Dark hill in the district of Sintang
Taman Bukit Bougenville in Singkawang
Sinka Island park in Singkawang
Sinka Zoo in Singkawang
Museum in the city of Dara Juanti Sintang Sintang
Places of Interest in East Kalimantan
Bukit Bangkirai in Samarinda
Jempang in Kutai Barat
Botanical Unmul in Samarinda
Waterfall Tanah Merah in Smarinda
Kingdom Gunung Tabur in Berau
Museum Mulawarman in Tenggarong
Derawan island in Berau
Kayan river in Bulungan
Waterfall Long Pin in Tanjung Selor
Kutai National Park in East Kutai
Mahakam river in West Kutai
Places of Interest in South Kalimantan
Floating Market Muara Kuin in Banjarmasin
Flower Island in Barito Kuala
Goa Batu Hapu in Tapin
Wasaka Museum in London
Mount Bamega in Kotabaru
Shocked island in Barito Kuala
Goa Pigs in Tabalong
Kahung valley in Banjar
Museum Mangkurat in Banjarbaru
Candi Laras in Tapin
Rumpiang bridge in Barito Kuala
Batakan coast in Tanah Laut
Madang mountain fortress in the Upper South River
Takisung coast in Tanah Laut
Places of Interest in North Borneo
Mosquito River in Nunukan
Amal beach in the town of Tarakan
Yellow Land coast in Nunukan
Rian mountain in Tana Tidung
Lamapu stone in Nunukan
White Mountain in Bulungan
Sesayap in Tana River Tidung
Waterfall Martin Billa in Malinau
Places in Central Kalimantan
Lake Tahai in Palangkaraya
Coastal Edge Pandaran in Kotawaringin
Tanjung Puting National Park in Kotawaringin
Monument Theater Sambi in West Kotawaringin
Museum Balanga in Palangkaraya
Fantasy Beach Tourist Park in Palangkaraya
Cascade River in the District Setongah Lamandau
Niagara Palei Kodan in District Lamandau
Statue hill in Sukamara
Cape Nipah beach in Sukamara
Bird Lake in Sukamara
Niagara Stone Mahasur in Gunung Mas
Cape of Good Hope in West Kotawaringin
From the list of tourist attractions that exist in the above is the most tourist attractions in the familiar / known, and if from the list above there are still incomplete, we apologize. Now you read Places Territory Borneo island, mugkin you are also interested in reading other tourist attractions.

10 Places Visited Mandatory Ambon

Ever heard the term 'Ambon Manise'? The term is usually called upon to praise the beauty of the city of Ambon. Ambon has been visited by many nations ranging from Europe, China to Arabic because they are attracted by the natural riches of the capital of Maluku province. Even the Chinese in the 7th century mentions this land as an oasis in the middle of the ocean.

After more than ten centuries passed, Ambon still not lost its charm. Sprawling natural beauty, call it Liang beach and Nusa Pombo that offer exceptional panoramic view of the coast. Not only natural, Ambon also save a lot of interesting historical relics to dijelalajahi.

Want to prove how sweet this city? Visit 10 tourist attractions in Ambon following:

1. Nusa Pombo

Nusa Pombo can be reached within an hour from the port in Ambon by speedboat. The island is uninhabited, so you should bring food and drinks to taste. If you want to stay, you can set up a tent here. Do not forget to bring your camping gear and be prepared to undertake the adventure here.

Various activities you can do in a tourist spot in Ambon are swimming, diving, snorkeling and trekking around the island. Nusa Island Pombo known memilliki underwater world rich that own being, as a fun dive.

2. Liang Beach

The beach is also called this Hunimua Beach has been named by the UN as the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia in 1991. Of course this is not without reason, sights Ambon has white sand combined with crystal clear blue water that makes you never get tired of enjoying its beauty.

Waves on the beach is not too big so it is suitable for water play. If you do not want to get wet, you can sunbathe on the sand ramps. Selan, a row of leafy trees lining the beach you can use to shelter while enjoying the local cuisine.

This tourist spot located in the village of Liang, District Salahutu, or about 40 km from the downtown Ambon. To be included Liang beach, you have to pay 15,000 Rupiah.

3. Beach Natsepa

Still in the same districts with Liang beach, no beach Natsepa which also offers typical beauty of the beach. The sea water in these places is very clear so you can see the fish swim with ease.

Tired of fishing on the beach?

10 Places Visited Mandatory Ambon

Ever heard the term 'Ambon Manise'? The term is usually called upon to praise the beauty of the city of Ambon. Ambon has been visited by many nations ranging from Europe, China to Arabic because they are attracted by the natural riches of the capital of Maluku province. Even the Chinese in the 7th century mentions this land as an oasis in the middle of the ocean.

After more than ten centuries passed, Ambon still not lost its charm. Sprawling natural beauty, call it Liang beach and Nusa Pombo that offer exceptional panoramic view of the coast. Not only natural, Ambon also save a lot of interesting historical relics to dijelalajahi.

Want to prove how sweet this city? Visit 10 tourist attractions in Ambon following:

1. Nusa Pombo

Nusa Pombo can be reached within an hour from the port in Ambon by speedboat. The island is uninhabited, so you should bring food and drinks to taste. If you want to stay, you can set up a tent here. Do not forget to bring your camping gear and be prepared to undertake the adventure here.

Various activities you can do in a tourist spot in Ambon are swimming, diving, snorkeling and trekking around the island. Nusa Island Pombo known memilliki underwater world rich that own being, as a fun dive.

2. Liang Beach

The beach is also called this Hunimua Beach has been named by the UN as the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia in 1991. Of course this is not without reason, sights Ambon has white sand combined with crystal clear blue water that makes you never get tired of enjoying its beauty.

Waves on the beach is not too big so it is suitable for water play. If you do not want to get wet, you can sunbathe on the sand ramps. Selan, a row of leafy trees lining the beach you can use to shelter while enjoying the local cuisine.

This tourist spot located in the village of Liang, District Salahutu, or about 40 km from the downtown Ambon. To be included Liang beach, you have to pay 15,000 Rupiah.

3. Beach Natsepa

Still in the same districts with Liang beach, no beach Natsepa which also offers typical beauty of the beach. The sea water in these places is very clear so you can see the fish swim with ease.

Tired of fishing on the beach? You can rent a boat at the rate of 20,000 per hour and feel the sensation of fishing on the high seas. If you do not like fishing but want fresh fish, try to come to the fish market which is only about 700 meters away from this tourist spot. You can buy fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

Do not forget to taste the typical fruit salad Natsepa Beach. The beach is known for the fresh fruit salad are sold around the coast. Fresh fruits such as mango and cashew nut sauce mixed with brown sugar would be very refreshing lunch at the beach Natsepa.

4. Gate City Beach

The beach is a once iconic tourist attractions in Ambon which are visited. Unlike the previous beaches have sand for sunbathing, the beach is filled with rocks. But that does not mean the City Gate Beach less beautiful.

What's interesting about this beach is the presence of a coral cliff jutting into the sea monster with a big hole resembling a door. Water splashing from waves hitting the cliffs become one of the favorite sights visitors. Besides the ordinary into a magazine cover photo for nature, cliffs is also often used as the background picture prewedding by many couples.

Only with the 5000 amount, you can enjoy the beauty of the tourist attractions in Ambon. Do not worry if you forget to bring lunch because here there are plenty of food vendors.

5. Beach Relax

As the name implies, the beach is well suited to use as the location for recreation. Tired and bored with the daily routine will be paid off in tourist spots in Ambon. While enjoying the view of the beach, do not forget to order the fried banana and sweet tea that became a culinary mainstay here.

You want to dive and snorkel but lazy to bring its equipment? Quiet, there is a diving and snorkeling equipment rental here. You can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world Coast Relax without the hassle of carrying diving equipment

10 Favorite Places in North Maluku Province
1. Fort Orange

As the name suggests, the Fort Orange built the Dutch colonial government in 1607. At that time, Fort Orange was used as the headquarters of the VOC before being transferred to Jakarta in 1619. Formerly Fort Orange is also used as the residence of the Dutch governor of Ternate. Currently Fort Orange was used as the headquarters of the army and police in Indonesia, but tourists are still allowed to see the grandeur of the Dutch fort.

Volcano Gamalama

2. Volcano Gamalama

When it comes to North Maluku by plane, Volcano Gamalama definitely seen from the sky. High mountain above sea 1/721 was a marker that you've entered the province of North Maluku. A volcano that is in the middle of the sea is still active, before the 1990s, often Gamalama volcano erupts. Interestingly, on the slopes of Volcano Gamalama still survive a traditional village called Village Marikurubu who retain their customs.

3. Village Marikurubu

To reach the village Marikurubu, you need to climb the Mountain of Fire Gamalama. The climb to the summit of Mount Fire Gamalama not too difficult and it only takes 4 hours. During the ascent, you can enjoy the view of the old clove plantations. It is said of the region are the world's oldest clove tree, he reached 400 years old. Strangely old tree was still able to produce 400 kg of cloves per year. The view from the summit of Mount Api Gamalaman very impressive.

4. Goa Sagea

Within 5 kilometers from the District Veda, Central Halmahera, Goa Sagea has a wide entrance is 20 square meters and up to 30 kilometers long cave! Sagea part in Goa is filled with stalactites with unique colors. No incoming sunlight and the air temperature even in Goa Sagea can reach below zero degrees. Although sinister, more travelers are tempted to look for the mystery in this cave.

5. Morotai Island

Morotai Island looks unique because the surface is quite flat island. This small island has a long history when it became the headquarters of the war for the Japanese during World War 2. Until then captured allied soldiers and making war Morotai Island as a base. Naturally, when the current marine waters around the island of Morotai many store treasure war that has now become a tourist attraction for divers. Countless vehicles and warships that sank in these waters.

6. Stone Angus

Angus Stone region is the location of a lava flow that freezes when the volcano erupted in 1737. Gamalama location not far from the airport. Petrified lava jet black and is now in the left and right side of the road. A walk in the area of Angus Stone Hiri Island while enjoying the scenery can make us imagine how powerful the Volcano Gamalama.

7. Halmahera Island

Halmahera Island is the largest island in North Maluku province, covers approximately 17 780 square meters. Glance shaped like the island of Sulawesi, with four of the peninsula. Halmahera Island culture is very unique because the population is a mixture of the Portuguese, Gujarati, Arabic, Malaysia, and the Netherlands. In addition to having attractions such as sea and the volcano, Halmahera Island also has some traditional village very interesting to visit.

8. Niagara Cibi CEBI

Niagara Cibi CEBI which has a height of 14 meters flows into the River Waci and finally empties into the beach in East Halmahera. To achieve this waterfall, you need a distance of 7 kilometers from Waci by boat for about 30 minutes.

9. Kedaton Sultan Bacan

Originally this building was the residence of Shah Sultan Mukhsin. But eventually used as kedaton Sultan Bacan because kedaton milikSultan Sadik Shah destroyed by Duni War 2. Finally, the building officially became the center of government Sultanate Bacan. Until now, the original building is still maintained, except for the roof were renovated in 2003.

10. Masjid Sultan of Ternate

Masjid Sultan of Ternate is located about 100 meters from Kedaton Sultan of Ternate. Built since 1606 during the reign of Sultan Saidi Barakati, the mosque was built with elaborate stone structure. The adhesive is a mixture of tree bark Kalumpang. Typical building of this mosque because it consists of four square corners that mimics the shape of an overlap and each tumpangnya pyramid trellis filled with 360 carved pieces according to the number of days in a calendar year AD.

Places in the Region of Java

Places in the Region of Java can be found in various cities and districts which have a wide variety of attractions that can be used as a destination for enjoying the holidays with family or spouse. Java island is the island's most privileged in Indonesia, proved that in Java has a number of the most numerous and densest population in the world, reaching up to 136 million people. Because merits island inhabited by 60% of people of Indonesia, Java has tourist attractions are manifold.

Places in the Region of Java

Tourist attractions in the region Java are widely spread around because Java itself is divided into two specific areas, namely Special Capital Region (DKI) of Jakarta and Yogyakarta (DIY) and has four provinces of West Java, Central Java, Banten and East Java. With these parts would not be surprised if in Java, a lot of places that can be used as destinations traveled.
The following sights in the area of Java by province and specialty areas, including:

Places in Central Java
Historic building Lawang Sewu in Semarang
Borobudur Temple in Magelang
Religious tourism in Demak Mosque in Demak
Tomb of Sunan Muria Kudus
Kartini Beach in Jepara
Waterfall Lawe in Temanggung
Agrowisata Tanjungsari in Wonosobo
Mendut in Magelang
Taman Kyai Lasting in Magelang
Goa Jatijajar in Kebumen
Batu Raden in Banyumas
Bukit Dieng in Banjarnegara
Lawang temple in Boyolali
The royal palace in Surakarta
Tea gardens Kemuning in Karanganyar
Sewu in Klaten
Taman Dayu in Sragen
Gajah Mungkur in Wonogiri
Pecatu Guamanik beach in Jepara
Ambarawa Railway Museum in Semarang
Ponds Renjeng in Brebes
Purwahamba beach in Tegal
Kedung Ombo in Grobogan
Water Park Thistle in Pemalang
Marina Beach in Semarang
Manik cave in Jepara
Meteorite Monument in Temanggung
Turtle Ocean Park in Jepara
Klewer market in Surakarta
Cacaban reservoirs in Tegal
Randusanga beach in Brebes

Places in East Java
Longest bridge in Surabaya
Balekambang beach in Malang
Sarangan in Magetan
Mount Bromo in Probolinggo, Pasuruan and Lumajang
White Sand Beach in Situbondo
Marine Tourism Lamongan (WBL) in Lamongan
Goa Akbar in Tuban
Submarine Museum in Surabaya
Reservoir Karang Kates in Malang
Tomb of Sunan Giri in Gresik
Sunan Bonang in Tuban
Tea gardens in Wonosari
Baluran National Park in Banyuwangi
Jatim Park 1 in Malang
Ijen crater in Banyuwangi
Surabaya Zoo (KBS) in Surabaya
Songgoriti hot water bath in Malang
Kayangan Api in Bojonegoro
Slopeng beach in Sumenep
Kenjeran beach in Surabaya
Cape Frog in Lamongan
Trigi beach in Psychology
Sunan Ampel Surabaya

Places in West Java
Port beach queen in Sukabumi
Pangandaran beach in Pangandaran
Mount Maras in Lembang, Bandung
Taman Bunga Nusantara in Cianjur
Curug Cimahi in Cimahi
Puith crater in Bandung
Bogor Botanical Gardens in Bogor
Mekarsari in Cullinan Bogor
Wlahar dam in Karawang
Pantai Tanjung Pakis in Karawang
Curug Cigentis in Karawang
Jatiluhur in Purwakarta
Goa Japan in Purwakarta
Cirata in Purwakarta
Mount Lock in Sumedang
Thermal Baths Conggeang in Sumedang
Water Boom in Lippo Cikarang
Crocodile Indonesia Jaya in Bekasi
Muara beach shoals in Bekasi
Heated Swimming Pool in Cipanas
Cangkuang temple in Garut
Volcano in Garut
Cibodas Cianjur
Gunung Gede in Cianjur
Parks Recreation Mangkubumi in Tasikmalaya
Coral Coast tawulan in Tasikmalaya
Situ Gede in Tasikmalaya
Thermal Baths in Subang
Capolaga Adventure in Subang
Komodo Island in Indramayu

Places of Interest in Banten
Bird Island
Krakatau Mountain
Nature Reserve Rawadano
Bird Island
Of National Parks Ujung Kulon
Great Mosque of Banten
Curug Gendang
Anyer beach
Beach Sawarna
Tanjung Lesung
Pulau Umang
Parks Sangiang
Karang Bolong Beach

Places in the Special Capital Region (DKI) Jakarta
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)
Ragunan Zoo
National Monument (Monas)
Circuz Town
Ocean Park Water Adventure
Monument Soekarno-Hatta
Museum Katredal
Reptile Gardens and Museum Komodo
Jakarta Art Building
Rink Ocean
Butterfly Park
Youth Pledge Museum
Marunda beach
Thousand Islands
Chinese Indonesian Cultural Park
Wildlife Bird or Bird Park
Taman Anggrek
Taman Ismail Marzuki
Muara Angke

Places in Yogyakarta (DIY)
Prambanan temple in Sleman
Parang Tritis in Bantul
Happy Loka Zoo in jl. Botanical 2
Taman Pintar Yogyakarta on Jl. Panembahan Senopati 1-3
Niagara Sri gethuk in Playen Gunung
Goa Design Kencono in Gunung
Kaliurang in Sleman Pakem
Museum Kekayon in Wonosari
Malioboro in jl. Malioboro
Taman Sari in Bannerman Harjo
Goa stealth in Bantul
Warungboto in jl. Veteran
Yogyakarta Palace in jl. Rotowijayan
Beringharjo in jl. A. Yani
South Square Yogyakarta in jl. South Square
Among the many attractions in the area of Java may be from the above list can be information for you who want to travel in Java and the surrounding area. If you are dissatisfied or have ever visited tourist spots in the top, you can try to travel in other areas.

Places on the island of Sulawesi

Places on the island of Sulawesi, many have encountered in each province that are part of the island including South Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and West Sulawesi. From some provinces in Sulawesi is certainly having an assortment of sights and characteristics that are definitely different from the scenery, parks, beaches, rivers, baths, etc. If you are on the island of Borneo do not forget to also stop by the island of Sulawesi, Sulawesi island itself because it is located between the islands of Borneo, so not too far to take the journey. If you prefer to travel that smells of nature, this island is perfect for a visit. Indeed, in addition to natural attractions are many others but it seems more prevalent nature. If you want to visit Sulawesi, probably under the list of tourist attractions could be the source of your travel destination while in Indonesia.

List of Places in Sulawesi By Province
- Places in South Sulawesi
Tanjung Bira beach in Bulukumba
Losari in Makasar
Museum Balla Lompoa in Gowa
Somba Opu in Gowa
Niagara Banti Murung in Maros
Tempe Lake in Wajo
Pantai Tanjung Palette in Bone regency
Bili-Bili dam in Gowa
Bone beach Pute in Luwu district
Kamarrang island in Pinrang
Trunk Island Lampe in Sinjai
Londa cliff in Tana Toraja
Karaenta Nature Reserve in Maros
Lalombo beach in Luwu
Hope Island in Jeneponto
Coastal Marina Korong Stone Bantaeng
Tanakeke beach in Bantaeng
Thermal Baths Kalompie in Barru
Kadingare island in Sinjai
Nature Baths Ompo in Soppeng
Selayar island in Takalar
Tumonga stone mountains in the District Tanatoraja
Goa Liang Andolan in Luwu
Plateau Malino in Gowa
Marine Park Mallusetasi in Barru

- Places in North Sulawesi
Sinaden island in Manado
Lakban beach in Minahasa
Tangkoko National Park in Batu Putih North Bitung
Underwater Volcano Mahangetang in Sangihe
Lihaga Island in North Minahasa
Linow in Manado
Bunaken Island in the Bay of Manado
Prayer hill Tomohon in Manado
Hill Love Kanonang in Minahasa
Klabat in Minahasa
Kora-Kora beach in Minahasa
Lake Tondano in Tomohon
Likupang beach in Minahasa
Pulau Lembeh in Bitung
Mahawu in Tomohon

- Places of Interest in Southeast Sulawesi
Nirwana beach in Bau-Bau
Wakatobi National Park in Wakatobi
Niagara Moramo in Konawe East
Nambo Beach at Kendari
Liwutongkidi in Buton Island
Buton Fortress in Buton
Niagara Lahundape in Kendari
Sagori island in Bombana
Toropina beach in Konawe
Beach dating in Wakatobi
Thermal Baths Mongolo in Kolaka
Goa Liang La Kalombo in Muna
Basilica island cluster in Buton
Tanjung Bunga in Bombana
Teluk Kendari in Kendari
Travel pond in Kendari
Natural Goa in Wakatobi
Malangke island in Bombana
Tanjung Boti Kolo in South Konawe
Kancinaa beach in Buton
Tanjung Wood Wind in Kolaka
Meleura beach in Muna
Rafting in North Konawe
Sapiri cape coast in North Kolaka
Napier Island in Bau-Bau
Niagara Sangkona in Bombana

- Places in West Sulawesi
Palipis beach in Polewali
Dato beach in Majene
Manakarra beach in Mamuju
Niagara Indo Rannuang in Polewali
Niagara Limbong Kamandang in Polewali
Sekka dam-Sekka in Polewali
Niagara Sambabo in Mamasa
Mampie beach in Polewali
Bahari beach in Polewali

Among the many attractions in Sulawesi turns dominating beach tourism in different areas of the province on the island. Hopefully the above information can be inspiring travel destination island of Sulawesi

Places in Sumatra Island Region

Tourist attractions in Sumatra is a tourist destination which attracted the attention of local and foreign tourists. If you are interested in visiting the island of Sumatra, of course you will find many tourist attractions that exist in the area of the island, as the island of Sumatra is very vast and is the 6th largest island in the world, it is no wonder that the island holds many tourist spots that can be used as a tourist destination in the holidays or in their spare time.
Places in Sumatra Island Region

Tourist attractions in the region of Sumatra island can be found in many different cities and provinces, because the islands in Indonesia is indeed divided among some point provinces of West Sumatra (West Sumatra), South Sumatra (South Sumatra), North Sumatra (North Sumatra ), Jambi, Lampung, Riau, Bengkulu, Aceh and Riau. Of course there are some provinces sights different, such as:
Places in West Sumatra
Sianok Canyon in Bukittinggi kab.Agam
Sikuai in Padang
Anai Valley Nature Reserve in Tanah Datar
Waterfall Valley Harau in Harau Kab. Fifty Koto
Pagaruyung palace in Tanah Datar
Twin Lakes in Solok
Lake House in Agam
Lake Batur in the district. Solok and Kab. Flatland
Langkisau hill Painan City - South Coast
Cubadak island in Padang
Panorama Tabek Broken in Padang
Root Bridge in Padang
Power Tri Eka Dharma Museum in New York City
Gandoriah beach in Kota Pariaman

Places of Interest in South Sumatra
Manna River in Lahat
Niagara Bedegung Bedegung rural district. Tanjung Agung
Bumi Ayu temple in the village of Brits district. Tanah Abang Sumsel
Ampera bridge in Palembang
Angel waterfall in Lahat
Niagara Temam in Lubuk Linggau
Archaeological Park kingdom of Sriwijaya in Palembang
Tekurep crater in Palembang
Plateau Pasema in Lahat
Kemaro island in Palembang
Siguntang hill in Palembang
Negri Museum in Palembang of South Sumatra Province
Goa Putri in Oku
Mount Serelo in Lahat
Niagara Lematang in Palembang
Zoo Rebang Kemambang in Lahat
Hot Cape Way in Lahat
Mount Dempo in Bengkulu

Places of Interest in North Sumatra
Lake Toba in Medan
Green Hill city in Medan
Sipiso-piso in Karo
Siombak lake in Medan Marelan
Gundaling hill in Medan
Samosir Island Samosir
Waterfall Two Colors Deli Serdang
Bukit Lawang in Langkat
Mount Sibayak in Karo
Lagundri beach in South Nias
Sorake beach on Nias
Maimun Palace in Medan
Great Mosque of Medan
Linting lake in Medan
Places of Interest in Jambi
Lake Kerinci
Goa Tiangko - Merangin
Thermal Baths Semurup
Kerinci National Park
Temple Muaro
Citra Indah Park Family
Museum Negri Jambi
Waterfall Telun Berasap
Taman Rimba
Manganese park Mangurai
Lake Sipin

Places of Interest in Lampung
Tourism Park Green Valley
Travel kampoeng Tabek Beautiful
Beach mutun
Archaeological Park Pugung Raharjo
Way Kambas National Park
Tanjung Setia Beach
Gulf Kiluan
Bumi Kedaton Resort
White Sand Beach
Grave Island
Siger tower
Beach Mandiri
Labuhan Jukung Krui
Banana Island
Bukit Barisan National Park
Captive turtles Muara Tembulih

Places in the Riau Archipelago
Mount Daik
Biting Island
Sultan Mosque
Gunung Bintan
New Strait
Pasir Panjang

Places in Aceh
Niagara Blang Swimming
Mount Selawah Agam
Mount Borni Telong
Kuala Merisi
Lampuuk beach
Fresh Sea Lake
Niagara Suhom
Eggplant beach
Aly Museum Hasymi
Kuala coast Parek
Monuments Islamic kingdom Peureulak
Sand Beach Saka
River Rafting Teunom
Gulf Rigaih
Goa Klongsong
Pantai Batu Batu Bertupang

Places in Bengkulu
Lake Tests
Rat Island
Fort Fort Marlborough
Long Beach
Monument Thomas Parr
Museum Negri Bengkulu Province
Duayu beach Sekundang
Harum lake Bastari
Bukit Kaba
Niagara head of siring
Padri Tread beach

Places of Interest in Riau
Parks Andam Dewi Bengkalis
Taman Alam Mayang Pekanbaru
Siak Palace
Muara Takus
Lake Limbungan
New Strait
Lake Napangga
Masjid An-nur

That information Places in the Region of Sumatra Island in the province, tourist places on the tourist places most frequented by tourists.

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