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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Joko Widodo President reorganized his cabinet, fix the Indonesian economy collapsed

Joko Widodo President reorganized his cabinet, fix the Indonesian economy collapsed

Jakarta - BBC - Joko Widodo President swore in six new ministers in a cabinet reshuffle at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/08).
The ministers were sworn in, including Chief of Staff of the Presidential Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan which replaces the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Purdijatno Edhy Tedjo Nasution as Minister for Economic Affairs that replaced Djalil.
Rizal Ramli then be Coordinating Minister maritime replace Indroyono Susilo.
inauguration six ministers
Thomas Lembong, former officials of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA), served as Secretary of Commerce replace Rachmat Gobel.
Pramono Anung, PDI-P political elite, replacing Andi Widjajanto as Cabinet Secretary.
Djalil, who previously served as Minister for Economic Affairs, was sworn in as Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas replace Andrinof Chaniago.
Cabinet reshuffle issue circulated in recent months and increasingly strengthened amid weakening rupiah.
The new ministers
The new minister congratulated after his inauguration.
In an interview with TVOne, Luhut said one of his priorities is that everyone in the ministry "has the same language so that no statement is different."
Last January, the former Coordinating Minister for Politics Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno into social media conversation after calling supporters of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) as "people who are not clear."
Economic dynamics
State Secretary, Pratikno, said the reshuffle was carried President Joko Widodo after an evaluation over several months with consideration of economic dynamics and the acceleration of the cabinet work.
"So the president saw the need for the right personnel and in accordance with the needs," he said.
President, further Praktino, wants peemerintahan effective, efficient, more robust consolidated, move quickly, and gain wide support from the international market.
Six ministers were sworn in:
Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan- Coordinating Minister for Politics
Nasution - CMEA
Djalil - Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas
Rizal Ramli - Coordinating Minister for maritime
Thomas Lembong - Trade Minister
Pramono Agung - Cabinet Secretary

Discourse or reshuffle the cabinet reshuffle amid stronger the falling value of the rupiah and the "political guerrilla".
Discussions turn of the minister has changed than just gossip behind the scenes into an open conversation, even from cabinet members and politicians as well as the House of Representatives.
However, some people were passing by in the street not too bother.
"Yes, is not indifferent, but the boro-boro thinking about the reshuffle, make only kitchen half-dead," said Kholid, a motorcycle taxi driver who hung in Tanah Abang.
Another said a motorcycle taxi driver did not follow this issue, a more emphatically said, "No, I think, for me an important life can be easier wrote. The situation is difficult here now."
There are two or three people, either the minister or who served in the presidential palace.
Masinton Pasaribu
Indeed, the situation seems quite difficult for ordinary citizens.
Prices soar ahead of Lebaran, the rupiah collapsed, the economy in place, but the main talking politicians in government, in parliament and in the offices of the party is a cabinet reshuffle.
The most outspoken about this is PDIP politicians, including Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo, who once said President Jokowi as minister of the party that worked well.
Tjahjo told reporters, there are ministers who threw words that do not respect the president. He hinted that the minister was the one that needed to be replaced.

Most ministers during the inauguration: the coalition will be expanded in the cabinet?
In Senayan, members of the House of PDIP, Masinton Pasaribu agrees.
"There are two or three people, either the minister or who served in the presidential palace," said the former student activist.
"They mendegredasi president, vilifying the president, calling the president did not understand anything. They claim to be professional, but its performance is not professional. They have which we refer to as Brutus-Brutus."
Brutus was a traitor figure in the story of Caligula ancient Roman times.
And Masinton since some time ago, demanding the sacking of a number of ministers and courtiers were judged betraying PDIP, by blocking access to the President Jokowi PDIP.
As a result, on the one hand, President Jokowi be held hostage by the two major parties in KIH, PDIP and Nasdem, on the other hand the difficulty also gained support in parliament.
Burhanuddin Muhtadi
PDI-P deputy secretary general, Ahmad Basarah even further.
To the media he said, PDIP wants in the cabinet reshuffle results later, ministerial positions PDIP plus five ministers again, up to 10 people.
Loss twice
This is of concern political observer of the institution Political Indicators Indonesia, Burhanuddin Muhtadi.
According to him, President Jokowi, by setting a slim coalition that is not controlled parliament, become too dependent on the PDIP. He therefore proposed that the President's cabinet reshuffle Jokowi use momentum to broaden its base of support.
"Coalition President Jokowi sleek make difficulties, because it relies on a four-party political support Indonesia Great Coalition, which is not controlled cabinet. Bargaining position against Megawati's PDIP and so small," said Burhan.
"As a result, on the one hand, President Jokowi be held hostage by the two major parties in KIH, PDIP and Nasdem, on the other hand the difficulty also gained support in parliament."

President, vice president, the ministers: How much longer members of the Cabinet Working survive in this composition?
"Jokowi must take advantage of this cabinet reshuffle to recruit ministers from the two parties in the Coalition Red and White, so that the bargaining position Jokowi against Megawati's PDIP and so high," said Burhanuddin.
Recognized Burhanuddin Muhtadi, this idea may not be in line with the mood or feeling in the community, which, according to a survey just want the minister and the minister of the party reduced professional reproduced.
"But President Jokowi could seek ministerial candidates who have a professional background from the party."
"With the current situation, hiring a professional if it underperforms, the President loss twice: poor performance and support second to none. If the professionals of the party, at least political support obtainable."
So far, the party of the coalition Red and White are widely touted to be involved in the new cabinet reshuffle results, is the National Mandate Party and the Democratic Party.

Golkar Party is also widely referred to, but the party's leadership crisis once synonymous with the former president Suharto, making the prospect of involvement in a very small cabinet.

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