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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Obama will meet Putin, after the annexation of the Crimea

Obama will meet Putin, after the annexation of the Crimea

VOA-Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to meet with US President Barack Obama when the Russian leader to visit the United States to attend the UN General Assembly next month, Russian Foreign Minister said Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated that President Putin will attend the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, which opened in New York on 15 September.

Sergei Lavrov said that President Putin to meet with President Obama when the US signaled wants to hold a meeting.

According to the provisional list released by the United Nations, President Putin will speak in the General Assembly on 28 September, in the first days of the general debate.

Wednesday was the second day of a visit by President Putin and other Russian high-ranking officials to Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula were annexed to Russia from Ukraine last year.

Speaking in Sevastopol, the headquarters of the Black Sea fleet of Russia, President Putin said that "foreign powers" threatened to disrupt the situation on the peninsula.

Earlier this week, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the visit of President Putin and other Russian high-ranking officials to Crimea a "challenge to the civilized world".

Although there are disputes, Russia and the US could find solutions to international problems are the most difficult and face global challenges together.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said, relations between Moscow and Washington is still a very important factor in ensuring the stability and security of the world.

In his congratulations to US President Barack Obama on US Independence Day, Saturday (4/7), Putin said that despite disagreements, Russia and the US could find solutions to international problems are the most difficult and face global challenges together if the two countries engage in dialogue based on equality and mutual respect interests of other parties.

The Obama administration, Putin also offered cooperation to combat the threat of terrorism militant group Islamic State (ISIS). According to the Kremlin, Putin has commissioned Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to discuss anti-terrorism strategies along with US Secretary of State John Kerry.

US-Russian relationship has reached its lowest point since the post-Cold War era because of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

Russia increasingly hostile in his statements about the United States since pointed out that Western sanctions imposed against Moscow is a result of American pressure against the countries of the European Union.

West accused Russia supporting the rebellion in eastern Ukraine, a statement denied by Russia. Russia said the Russians were helping separatists in the Donbas region to fight on their own will.

The US military Joint Chiefs of Staff said the military needs to be more resilient, innovative, integrated and permanent dialogue with other countries.

The top US military officer said that although the US armed forces are still the strongest in the world, other countries have started closing the gap.

Currently, the National Military Strategy 2015 announced on Wednesday (1/7), head of the US Joint Military Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey said other countries invest very large for their military capabilities.

The general said that since the Department of Defense or the Pentagon published its last military strategy in 2011, the chaos in the world has increased and some of the advantages of America over other countries have begun to erode. Dempsey said the US military needs to be more resilient, innovative and integrated and permanent dialogue with other countries.

Strategy 2015 shows that Russia has "repeatedly demonstrated that it does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors" and are willing to use military force to achieve its goals.

The strategy states "Russian military action undermines regional security by directly and through other troops diperalatnya," which refers to the Russian aid to separatists in eastern Ukraine.

The document also says Iran's nuclear program worrisome American allies in the Middle East and that Iran actively sponsoring terrorist groups in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

The strategy called North Korea "a country that does not respect the law" that has nuclear weapons and is making a missile capable of reaching the United States.

But it said China's strategy was in "a different level" and to encourage China to "become a partner for greater international security."

However, the strategy was further suggested that China could be a threat to the United States and that his actions in the South China Sea - where China showcased its military might in territorial disputes with neighboring countries - is "worrying."
US Defense Secretary: No Desire Back to the Cold War
Carter said that although the West is not to make enemies with Russia, the West would defend itself if necessary.
US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said the US had no desire to return to the Cold War, and perform a new conflict with Russia, and that the economic sanctions have started to give results in the fight against Russian aggression in Ukraine.

He said that the forum in Berlin before going on Tuesday (23/6) to Estonia to meet with the defense ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which had forced into the Soviet Union.

Furthermore, the Minister of Defense Ashton Carter said the United States will rely on a combination of military and non-military means in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Carter said the US will contribute Special Operations Forces, intelligence and military equipment into the Quick Reaction Force of the newly formed NATO, partly to help Europe confront each Russian aggression.

Carter will meet with NATO defense ministers on Wednesday and Thursday in Brussels to discuss the plan against Russia after the annexation of the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine by the Russian and Ukrainian military support to separatists.

Carter intends to discuss the US proposal to send enough tanks and other military equipment to equip a brigade for training and other training programs in eastern Europe.

US defense leaders have not been officially approved the idea, and officials have not said where the equipment will be sent, but there are indications that Poland, which borders Russia, perhaps one location.

Carter said Monday that although the West is not to make enemies with Russia, the West would defend itself if necessary.

"Ukraine is just one part of our larger concern today about Russia. In response, we will take a strategic approach that is strong but balanced, approach which seeks to ensure Russia can not force anyone to return to the past, while welcomed and encouraged Russia to move into the future, "said Carter.

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