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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Science, deeds and worship.

The ride was not finished (353)

(Part three hundred and fifty three), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, August 21, 2015, 19:00 pm).

Science, deeds and worship.

First verses which were revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad is the sentence Iqro: Read. Prophet Muhammad before the revelation of God in full through the Angel Gabriel told prior study or read (Iqro), or commanded to remember (memorize) given the Prophet Muhammad was an illiterate.
So the whole Quran memorized and remembered Rasululah, then his companions who then wrote it on the skin, leaves and other objects that allow, before then united in the form of the Qur'an as much as 30 Juz collected during the caliphate of Uthman, known as mushab Usman.
Among the contents of the content Quran besides contains the power of God, also contains all the content of the earth and the sky that has been created by God in the form of sky, earth, sea, water, fish and all its inhabitants.
And all Content sky, sun, moon, stars and the entire universe is governed by a God who is never tired. All Natural phenomena were created by God so that man can think with his knowledge and with the knowledge they have can be convinced of the oneness of God. And the science of human also can learn the commands and warnings and prohibitions of Allah in Al Qur.an and Sunnah (Al Hikmah / Hadith).
With science we can determine the appropriate command or worship where the problems of the world are forbidden to do.
Prophet Muhammad said, the problem is the illicit origin of worship done unless there is a command in the Koran and Hadith.
And the world's problems originally permissible (may) unless there is a ban on the Koran and the Hadiths, such as eating pork, blood and carcasses (except fish and locusts), and the prohibition of tobacco (smoking) Muhammadiyah Indonesia and clerics of Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa illegitimate smoking.

Suat Fathir Verses 9-14:
والله الذي أرسل الرياح فتثير سحابا فسقناه إلى بلد ميت فأحيينا به الأرض بعد موتها كذلك النشور (9) من كان يريد العزة فلله العزة جميعا إليه يصعد الكلم الطيب والعمل الصالح يرفعه والذين يمكرون السيئات لهم عذاب شديد ومكر أولئك هو يبور (10) والله خلقكم من تراب ثم من نطفة ثم جعلكم أزواجا وما تحمل من أنثى ولا تضع إلا بعلمه وما يعمر من معمر ولا ينقص من عمره إلا في كتاب إن ذلك على الله يسير (11) وما يستوي البحران هذا عذب فرات سائغ شرابه وهذا ملح أجاج ومن كل تأكلون لحما طريا وتستخرجون حلية تلبسونها وترى الفلك فيه مواخر لتبتغوا من فضله ولعلكم تشكرون (12) يولج الليل في النهار ويولج النهار في الليل وسخر الشمس والقمر كل يجري لأجل مسمى ذلكم الله ربكم له الملك والذين تدعون من دونه ما يملكون من قطمير (13) إن تدعوهم لا يسمعوا دعاءكم ولو سمعوا ما استجابوا لكم ويوم القيامة يكفرون بشرككم ولا ينبئك مثل خبير (14)

Translation of letter Fathir Verse 9-14

9. [1] And it is God who sends the winds; and (wind) moving clouds, then we point cloud into a dead land (barren) [2] and with the rain that we turn the earth after death (dry) [3]. Such is the resurrection [4].

10. Whoever desires honor, then (know) glory that everything belongs to God [5]. to Him will rise [6] good words [7], and good deeds [8] He will lift it [9]. As for the people who planned the crime [10] they will receive a very harsh punishment [11], and their evil plans will be ruined [12].

11. And Allah created you from clay [13] then of semen [14], then He made you pairs (male and female) [15]. No woman ever conceive and give birth, but with His knowledge. And do not lengthen the life of a person nor reduced its age, but the (already established) in the Book (Lawh Mahfuz) [16]. Indeed, such is easy for Allah [17].

12. [18] And not the same (between) the two seas; which is fresh, fresh, tasty drink and the other salty and bitter. And from (each sea) that you may eat fresh meat [19], and you can remove the jewelry that you wear [20], and there you see the ships sail split the sea that ye may seek His bounty [21 ] and that ye may be grateful.

13. [22] He put the night into day and incorporate daylight into the night and has subjected the sun and the moon, each circulating in the prescribed time [23]. [24] What (do) so that Allah your Lord, His is all the kingdoms. And those whom you call upon (worship) besides Allah [25] do not have anything though as thin epidermis [26].

14. If you call them, they do not hear your claim [27], and if only they hear, they also do not allow the request [28]. And on the Day of Resurrection they will deny kemusyirikanmu [29] and no one can give you the information [30] as given by (Allah) Who Mahateliti [31].


Ustadz Armen Halim Naro

As a Muslim of course any time establish the five daily prayers, or prayers others. He always asks shown shirathul mustaqim. That is a long straight road that has been passed by people who have been given a favor, and kept out of the way of people maghdhubi `peace be (people you God provoked), also the way people dhallin (those who go astray). In the commentary, the two groups mentioned above [1], that people mahgdhubi peace be is Jewish, while the dhallin is Nashara.

Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, "And the difference between two paths-that so shunned the two-way, because the way the believers combine science and charity. Jewish charity is lost, while the Christians can lose knowledge. Therefore, the Jews and the Christians can earn the wrath of gain error. He who knows, then do not practice it, deserve wrath. Unlike the people who do not know. Christians can people, when it has a specific purpose, but they did not get his way, because they do not go according to his door. Namely to follow the truth. So, they fell into error. "[2]

Many people think that a lot of charity and worship have got a guarantee for the afterlife, at least a sign of truth and evidence keshalihan. That's how often we hear, and that's a phenomenon that occurs among the Muslims. Even if we try to remember the letters that have often heard this, then all our supposition and conjecture over the years, can we change for the day tomorrow. Conceivably, a person who has a practice as much as pepasiran on the beach, but once weighed, he's like flying debris, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says,

وقدمنا إلى ما عملوا من عمل فجعلناه هباء منثورا

And we are facing all charities that they did, and We shall make such deeds (like) the flying dust. [Al-Furqan: 23].

Not only deeds are not regarded as an accepted practice, even he is the cause of entry into the fires of hell. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says,

هل أتاك حديث الغاشية وجوه يومئذ خاشعة عاملة ناصبة تصلى نارا حامية

Already datangkah you news (about) the Day of Judgment? Some faces on that day will be downcast, to work hard again exhausted, entered a very hot fire (hell). [Al Ghasyiah: 1- 4].

Ibn Abbas said, "Khusyu`, but not beneficial deeds," is explained by Ibn Kathir, that he has a lot of charity and berletih-weary, but he earned a hell of a fire is very hot [3]. Hence, Imam Bukhari making chapter in the Sahih He, Chapter: knowledgeable before say and do good. "

Paragraph that explains about the primacy of science and slurs against people who labor without science is very much [4]. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to distinguish between people who are knowledgeable with the fool, like a man who saw the blind.

أفمن يعلم أنما أنزل إليك من ربك الحق كمن هو أعمى

Is there anyone who knows that what is revealed to you from your Lord, it was the same as the person who is blind? [Ar Ra`ad: 19].

In fact not only blind, but also deaf and mute.

In various places in the Qur'an Allah l denounced the ignorant people, namely:

ولكن أكثر الناس لا يعلمون

But most people do not know. [Al-Araf: 187].

وأكثرهم لا يعقلون

And most of them are not rational. [Al Maidah: 103].

In fact they are equated with animals, and more stupid than animals:

إن شر الدواب عند الله الصم البكم الذين لا يعقلون

Indeed the beast (creature) which at worst in Allah's sight are those who are deaf and hard of hearing do not understand anything. [Al-Anfal: 22].

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala tells, that the stupid people worse than animals in all shapes and kinds. Starting from the donkey, dog, insect, and they are worse than animals-the star. Nothing is more dangerous to the faith of the apostles of them, even they are the enemies of true religion.

Moreover, that law allows something that was originally illegitimate, because the knowledgeable and the other one is not knowledgeable. Namely dihalalkannya consuming bush meat hunting dogs were taught, in contrast to ordinary dogs that catch their prey.

يسألونك ماذا أحل لهم قل أحل لكم الطيبات وما علمتم من الجوارح مكلبين تعلمونهن مما علمكم الله فكلوا مما أمسكن عليكم واذكروا اسم الله عليه واتقوا الله إن الله سريع الحساب

They ask you, "Is it lawful for them?" Say, "Permitted to you the good and (prey captured) by the wild beasts which ye have taught to train it to hunt, you are teaching according to what Allah has taught you. So, eat what they catch for you, and celebrate the name of Allah over the beast (time off). And fear Allah, verily Allah is swift at reckoning. " [Al Maidah: 4] [5]

Whereas the Sunnah and the Salaf atsar very much at all which explains this issue.

After all this, when a Muslim pilgrims-directing his gaze to the pilgrims who attribute themselves to Islam, it was found that their mission is geared towards an equation. Ie do not care about the science of the Shari'a and sank into the mud of ignorance. This can lead to many instances of abuse to the understanding of Islam.

This is before them, a group called Kharijites, to the extent that the Prophet said, that the practice of his companions when compared with their deeds no nothing. Their prayers, when compared to our prayers is not nothing. They are people who are experts of worship. Later in the day fought like a lion, and in the evening like a monk ... However, what the end of their story? The Prophet has told us that Islam was limited to the esophagus they just ... They come out of Islam, as the discharge of arrows from the quarry; they said the dogs of hell. Anyone who managed to kill them, will be rewarded by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Even the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has berazam, when he met with their age, then he will fight against it, as it fought the `Ad ...

At present, a growing congregation. Namely congregation founded on bid`ah and superstition, and polytheism. Founded with the belief As`ariyyah Maturidiyyah. Pledge allegiance to his followers with four tharikat Sufism: Jistiyyah, Qadiriyyah, Sahruwardiyyah and tariqat Naqsyabandiyyah.

While the problem of aqidah and tawhid. They do not understand more about tawhid when it is compared with those pagan Arabs at the time of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. They only admit monotheism monotheism Rububiyyah with the interpretation of the creed. And do not know about what is meant by Tawheed Uluhiyyah. As for the Asma` tawhid wa Shifat, they are among the aqidah'Ashariyya and Maturidiyyah. As we know, that both of these schools especially those in the tawhid, has deviated from the school of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah.

The worship and mysticism about them; then they dibaiat with tariqat and practice four-dhikr dhikr and blessings filled bid`ah and superstition. Such as read (la ilaha) four hundred times, and (God, Allah) six hundred times every day. Shalawat books are often read by them, is a famous book of blessings that bid`ah and ghuluw to the Prophet. That is the book of Dala-ilul Khairat, Burdah.

The book is most meaningful to them, the so-called Tablighi Nishab. Authored by one of their founders. The book is almost owned and read by each congregation, exceeding read Sahih Bukhari. The book is filled with superstition, shirk, bid`ah, and the hadith-hadith false and weak hadiths. So is the Book of Life Ash Shahabah, which dinamalkan them, filled with superstition and stories are not true, and so on ...

Conclusions about this congregation is that they are a congregation that does not care about science and the clergy, preaching on top of ignorance [6], with evidence of hadith which they always dendangkan ie, "tell me even one verse". This hadith though authentic, but that is not authentic is the way in their understanding of this hadith. Every person entering into this congregation is already worthy of being an interpreter preaching from house to house to invite the congregation that they are the reason the above hadith. Or they read a book fadhilah in the mosque ... and they permisalkan that Muslims now like (people who are drowning to be rescued). Do not know them that learning can not swim in a day or two, so that he can save that would sink before, or even who initially wanted to help because they can not swim are both drowned into the ocean of sin and error.

Is not the time of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, when one of the injured friend, then junub during the winter, and he asked one of them. Is there rukhsah not to bathe? Were asked to answer: no! So, take a bath companions had caused it died. When the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam heard this story, he sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam was furious, and said, "Truly you have to kill him. May you be rewarded by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Why do not you ask if you do not know? Because of the drug is not know to ask. "

What is more interesting to examine this congregation is, because they jama'ah chameleon. Changed every perch, and exchanging color according to its environment. If they did not have a strong stance and does not have a solid foundation? Or is their mission as a method, which collects all the colors and groups under the auspices of their group?

Therefore, this congregation who are at the reader, in contrast to those in place the author. It might, in one place they learned a lesson that is not because of the doctrine, but because the environment that forced him to start from there. And could instead, be the flag bearer bid`ah as well as penyebarnya.

Jama'ah is most easily influenced by the atmosphere, because the problem was. That is, they are not educated on the science that is authentic. Then, you will see them as a propeller on top of the hill. Bak a feather in the desert, follow what is desired by the wind.

Even if they are not tied up with meetings in mosques and outings to the countries of their beloved-even the country where the nest is highest in the world-idols, then I am sure, they will fall apart. And the congregation they will be affected by another congregation, or to return to their home.

There may be conceived questions. Is not the success they excluded people from places sinners, repent and make it as one of goodness and success of this congregation in preaching ?!

Thus, we consider the answers Aman Shaikh Ali Al Jami rahimahullah, when he said about most modern propaganda propaganda which has similarities with the above problems:

... True, he has released the people from places discotheques and cinemas. It's nothing to deny. However, after he pulled them from those places, what it does? What then preach to them with propaganda, and the method of the anbia` (prophet)? Or instead, teach them and collect them, so they are fragmented into a variety of tariqat Sufism? True ... However, he has released them from ignorance to ignorance. "

He did not move them to a correct understanding of Islam. The proof, he himself adheres to one tariqat shufi. As for the people that have been issued from places discotheques, if not taking tariqat adopted by him, of taking tariqat other tasawwuf. And whether his message is also eradicate the worship to other than Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, which is clearly visible in the country? Whether he has issued a man of tawaf around graves, like the grave of Husayn, Zaynab and Abdullah ?! Whether he has issued from the lawless man with lawless law of democracy to the law of God? This is supposed to do. If this is his message, which carries a propaganda necessarily true propaganda. But as the verse says:

إذا كان رب البيت بالدف ضاربا
فشيمة أهل البيت كلهم الرقص

If if the host sing with tambourine
Of course all of that at home their favorite dance

If it is not up to him and makrifah knowledge about Islam is true, how could he be leaving graves and fight against those who tawaf around him. What can be done to people who fall into these immoral? [7]

Last. Let's seek knowledge, O youth. Indeed he was the door of glory, and safety.

[Copied from the magazine edition of As-Sunnah 01 / Year VII / 1420H / 1999M Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Purwodadi Km. 8 Selokaton Gondangrejo Solo 57 183 Tel. 08121533647, 08157579296]

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