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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wrath of God against the People of History, also occurs in humans today.

The ride was not finished (349)

(Part three hundred forty nine), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, August 18, 2015, 13:38 pm).

Wrath of God against the People of History, also occurs in humans today.

Wrath of God against the previous ummah as is told in the Al-Quran, as the doom that befell the people of Noah, the prophet Shu'aib, urban Sodom, the people of Lut, and Pharaoh, as a lesson for humans when opposing God does not want to believe, associating partners with God (worship besides Allah), making mischief in the earth like brothers kill their fellow Muslims, or make mischief on the earth, then the punishment in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters will befall the people of today, the ummah period after the Prophet Muhammad was sent as a Messenger of God.

Revealed, Mystery Signs of God on 25-4-2015 Nepal Earthquake

lokasi_gempa_dan_candi_25_4_2015Sebuah devastating earthquake occurs, Saturday 25-4-2015 date, Earthquake Nepal, 1,000 Europeans and 6,621 Declared Missing quake killed in Nepal, Small Possible Survivor There amidst the optimism increases, Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 7365

The death toll from the earthquake that rocked Nepal on April 25 has been increased to 7365 people and a number of injuries recorded 14 366 people while the state authorities began to prepare the reconstruction scheme.

Speculation spread as a natural thing, Story 'house Bead Goddess' Congratulations on Earthquake Nepalsimbol_99_pada_gempa_nepal_25_4_2015

Liputan6.com, Kathmandu - When a devastating earthquake struck Nepal last week, not only ravaged homes. Historic buildings such as temples and statues in the main Darbar Square in Kathmandu collapsed. But strangely, the home of a 9 year old girl who was revered as the goddess is still standing. "He protects us," Durga said Shakya, a guard house or goddess Kumari Samita Bajracharya, which like all the devotees come from the indigenous Newar community in the Kathmandu valley, quoted by VOA News, Sunday (05/03/2015). "Look around, home Kumari remain upright. Only a slight crack on one side, but other than that nothing. Even in it, no goods are falling, everything is fine, "said Durga.

Note the data that everyone can read it, and remember this devastating earthquake occurs right mengapat date 25-4-2015? why not other dates? ... Until an earthquake occurs Nepal reality, Ground Level Rise One Meter

Who is the incarnation of Goddess Kumari this? according to wikipedia, Kumari (children) kumari_nepal

Kumari, or Kumari Devi, or the Living Goddess - Nepal is a tradition of worshiping young pre-pubescent girls as manifestations of the divine female energy or devi in ​​the Hindu religious tradition. Kumari said, comes from Sanskrit which means Kaumarya "virgin", means young unmarried women in Nepal and some Indian languages ​​and is the name of the goddess Durga as a child ...... Applicant visit Kumari in the room where he was sitting on a gold lion throne. Many of those who visit are those who suffer from blood disorders or menstrual since Kumari is believed to have special powers over the disease. He was also visited by bureaucrats and other government officials. Applicant prevalent bringing gifts and food offerings to the Kumari, who received them in silence. Upon arrival, he offered them to touch or kiss his feet as an act of devotion. During this audience, Kumari is closely monitored and actions are interpreted as a prediction of the applicant's life ', for example as follows:

Crying or laughing loudly: serious illness or death
Cry or rub your eyes: Immediate death
Trembling: Detention
Hand clapping: Reason fear King
Choosing food offerings: financial loss

If Kumari remained silent and passive throughout the audience, its people leave happy. This is a sign that their wish has been granted.

This incident had also in practice in Indonesia in another scale, namely the magic stone Ponari with thousands of visitors in 2009 tahubn ago

Ponari-and-stone-ajaibnya_sctvpengunung ponariPonariEntah as a coincidence or not, then PONARI totaled P = 16, etc. thus amounted to 73, then KUMARI also K = 11 and so on are also numbered 73situ_gintung_27_maret_2009_dan_kak_seto_ponari_kehadiranNya

After excessive veneration, by dipping the magic stone into water and drinking water, suddenly Date 27-3-2009, there gintung broken overwrite the capital, and not about Ponari. This has in warningkan before disasters occur when an odd activities carried out, the warning notice under iniponari_dan_batu_ajaibnya

Note Ponari the national-me-up figures visiting Ponari

ponari_kak_setoDan home kak Seto were affected by the flood disaster there gintung, and after a massive earthquake occurred in a span of 99 as a symbol of easy-to-ingatgempa_cina_12_5_2008_tsunami_jakarta_27_3_2009_gempa_padang_30_9_2009Bagaimana nepal quake with Indonesia? note the picture above, when there gintung took place on 27-March-2009, the 99 + 88 days occurred Padang Earthquake 30-9-2009, ...... After Nepal, Great Earthquake 'Shadowing' Padang?

Sunny afternoon in winter, Monday, January 15, 1934. Most of the Kathmandu exist in the fields or are on the terrace on the roof of their home, enjoy the view of the blue sky and a cool breeze from the west.

Suddenly, a strange thing happened. People looked up and was stunned to see hundreds - even thousands - of birds flying in all directions simultaneously. Dogs barking construct clumsy, restless animals. At approximately 14:28 local time, the earth shook, the ground seemed to move, undulating like waves in the ocean.

Moments later, all that remains is the destruction. The houses are razed, temples collapsed, long cracks splitting the streets. Thick clouds of dust rising into the sky. Only in a matter of minutes, 17,000 people died in Nepal and northern Bihar, India. Most of the victims are those who are in the Kathmandu Valley ... .. no earthquake in 1255, a third of the population died Katmandu valley. "King of Nepal, Abhaya Mallajuga killed by the same earthquake," said Laurent Bollinger, seismotectonician Commissariat on Atomic Energy of France, as quoted by science website LiveScience. ... Can we predict earthquakes? The answer is no, "said Peggy Hellweg, operations manager Seismology Laboratory University of California, Berkeley ... .. While visiting the state of Bihar, one of the areas worst earthquake in 1934, Mahatma Gandhi said the quake was destiny 'retaliation' for the failure of India abolished the caste system ... ..

However, neither Gandhi nor scientists in the 1930s did not know, the rain that fills the major rivers in the Himalayas and flows into the Sea of ​​Bengal is a crucial part of the process.

Dr. Pierre Bettinelli was the first scientist, who in 2007, shows a large pouring rain - the largest after the Amazon basin - affects of the earthquake in the Himalayas.

From the deserts of Algeria, where he researched petroleum drilling - one of the causes of earthquakes are triggered by human activities - the scientist spoke on Newsweek. "Imagine a piece of wood on the water - that is the Indian plate - Injaklah with your feet. Thus, creating pressure, interference with the surrounding water. Such was the improvement of seismic events on the outskirts of the fault. "Mount Everest on the border of Nepal is the result of endless jostling between the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates, a natural phenomenon that can lead to disaster. "The effect makes Nepal the faster arrival of the earthquake," said Professor Roland Burgmann of the Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley. However, no one can ascertain, the segment collapsed in a matter of days, months, years, or decades ....

Threats 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Padang

Quiet night turned into a riot, Sunday, November 25, 1833 at around 22:00 pm. At that time, earthquake with a strength of 8.8 to 9.2 on the Richter scale, the center located off the west coast of Andalas. The cause is the rupture of the trough segment Sumatra along 1,000 km. Strong earthquake felt in Padang, West Sumatra. Initially, vibration is considered normal. However, strong shocks followed ....

people panic felt the earth shake beneath their feet. "Illuminated by the moon, nothing to see buildings and trees shook, bursts of water between the cracks appeared in the ground with great force, overflowing rivers, oceans bubbling."

Dr. A.F.W. Stumpff noted, in August, September and October was observed to occur heat and humidity extremes. "While on the day the earthquake struck (he wrote it on the 24th of November) is characterized by a profound silence the entire universe. Many people do not realize. "The incident occurred just three minutes, but the impact was huge. The earthquake triggered a tsunami that hit the west coast of Sumatra, with the area closest to the epicenter was Pariaman Bengkulu.

"If you ask, where is the next big earthquake will occur, the most powerful evidence leads to the offshore Sumatra," he said.

Does the potential earthquake in Padang relating to the earthquake in Nepal?

Interviewed separately, seismologists from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Dr Danny Hilman said, no. "It is regionally connected, there is a circle of energy turnaround. But it's far away. Separation of up to thousands of kilometers. While the movement (plate) yesterday just a few meters away. So not really a big earthquake (in Nepal) could trigger an earthquake in Indonesia, "he said when interviewed Liputan6.com.

"If there was an earthquake in Padang, it is because it is the cycle," he added. Danny added, in megathrust Mentawai earthquake prediction - which is estimated to reach 8.8 to 8.9 magnitude strength - does not happen. "Megathrust lie on the west coast of Sumatra, began Andaman, Aceh, Nias, until the Strait of Sunda, Java, Bali, Lombok," said Danny. "In Sumatra, Aceh has been separated (aka earthquake pent-up energy), Nias already off, Bengkulu already off. Mentawai not out, "he said.

7.6-magnitude earthquake that rocked West Sumatra and killed 1,117 people on September 30, 2009, said Danny, happens in other segments. Not Mentawai. "The energy level in the Mentawai already full, already at the end of the cycle. Theoretically could happen today or tomorrow ... "

Note Earthquake Nepal, the 99 + 88 days in advance is an important and historic day for Indonesia


Nepal earthquake 25-4-2015 Loading Message 99 Also
Note earthquake this nepal, then became controversial, house girl as symbol of Hindu Goddess Durga Stay Upright When Earthquake Nepal Note symbol easy-to-remember 99 below

fakta_gempa_nepal_25_4_2015Secara facts and tangible symbol 99 is a universal fact that when an earthquake happens synchronously 11/22/2014 in Japan and China, to span 99 + 55 earthquake occurred Nepal

gempa_nepal_25_4_2015_154_hari_gempa_jepang_cina_22_11_2014Sebuah reality when NEPAL, where N = 14, E = 5 ff = 48, then 99 re-appeared symbol


A strange fact that Inviting Marabahaya

A true twin symbols and enlarged through Hercules aircraft Fall, recorded Jokowi 20-10-2014 sworn to be president, then 99 + 99 + 55 days is 30-6-2015, Hercules Aircraft Fatalities Fell to quite a lot,

Remember the dark period when the Herkules fell 30-June-2015 and contains a twin span, until the devastating earthquake that occurred nepal 25-April-2015

Range 33 Day After Inauguration 20-10-2014 Japan and China Earthquake Occurred in the Twin Date 22-11-2014
Will be two of the greatest mysteries of this earthquake happened, as part of the memory of an event in Indonesia, which has just happened, note the following images in the range twin, read Strange Mystery of Two Earthquakes in Japan and China


Earthquake rattles Nepal 25-April-2015, 187 (99 + 88) days after Jokowi Inaugurated
A dark history rentetang earthquake occurred in Nepal 25-April-2015 as a twin span of President Jokowi,

read Magically, 25-4-2015 Nepal Earthquake Recorded in Al-Quran


Herkules plane Fall 30-Jun-2015, Range 253 (99 + 99 + 55) days after Jokowi Inaugurated
Dark events of Herkules fell 30-June-2015 (see Magic, Hercules Aircraft Fall 30 June 2015 in Medan Have Written On Al-Quran)

pesawat_herkules_jatuh_30_juni_2015Rentetan events Herkules fall recorded in the image below


Plane-by-plane Fall / problematic as shown below stating that the aircraft Herkules Fall 30-Jun-2015, Range 253 (99 + 99 + 55) days after Jokowi Inaugurated 20-10-2014


F-16 F-16 for the sake of falling or slipping a symbol F-16 is F = 5, up to 5 + 1 + 6 = 22, just in time for the inauguration of Jokowi, Mystery Strange Aircraft F-16 Burn & Fall Fall Fall from TNI Satgultor storey building The inauguration ceremony Jokowi ... other stories A Fall from TNI Satgultor Member storey building at the Inaugural Ceremony Jokowisimbol_kembar_aneh_tanda_dari_langit

Besides Ponari which has proved a strange and inviting distress, in Indonesia also strange thing happened, when in 2006 an earthquake yogya 27-May-2006.

At that time the main character is the story of marijan champion known as labuhan trim, read Genesis Odd-Odd Before Mbah Marijan Died

Bagus Kurniawan - AFP
Sleman - caretaker of Mount Merapi, RP Suraksohargo better known as Mbah Marijan led the procession harbor alit at Gate Srimanganti or Pos 2 Merapi. Alit harbor ceremony which falls annually on 30 Rejeb Javanese calendar 1939 was done to commemorate jumenengan palace or to the throne of Sri Sultan HB X as king Kraton Ngayogyakarto Sultanate. Merapi Labuhan traditional ceremony on Saturday (26/08/2006) in the hamlet of Kinahrejo, Cangkringan Sleman Umbulharjo village which is also the residence of caretaker Merapi, Mbah Marijan. The procession is held the day after the ceremony Parangkusumo harbor in Bantul. Before the procession, on Friday has been done ubarampe harbor handover ceremony of the royal envoy to officials in Cangkringan Sleman. From the district, the goods will dilabuh this in the afternoon will be handed over to the caretaker Merapi, to be buried. New on Saturday morning, the procession begins led Mbah Marijan harbor along with several other royal courtiers. Hundreds of people attended packed the house Mbah Marijan to witness this annual procession.

mbah_marijan_tv_one_2Sebelum procession procession begins, citizens who want ngalap blessing existing first climb through the southern part of the ascent. Dawn has many residents who gathered at the pavilion Srimanganti harbor begins the procession place in the Post 2 in the region which is the boundary Kendhit Merapi forest vegetation. From morning until the event took place a clear sky with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. Ahead of the ceremony held harbor since Friday afternoon until Saturday morning, Merapi was evident, although a few days before the mountain was always covered in fog. Some of the items dilabuh many as eight kinds of covers, fabric Sinjang cangkring, semekan gadhung jasmine, semekan bango rejected, peningset yudharaga, cindhe scarf, shawl cloth poleng, perfume, incense hundred, kepeng and several offerings including full ingkung rice danlain other.


All ubarampe harbor carried by courtiers. Mbah Marijan themselves directly lead the procession as a pacesetter. Accompanying him during the procession lasted until towards the venue at Pos 2 some DIY Rescue team members and other volunteers. After walking hike for about 2 hours, the group arrived at the place of the ceremony. Hundreds of people who came first and who came together Mbah Marijan group sat around a procession. After wilangan or checking one by one the items to be dilabuh. Once declared complete all ubarampe harbor later in the space provided. Along with incense burned by praying for safety. Ended by praying goods dilabuh then contested citizens who want ngalap berkah.murid_mbah_marijan_bawa_keris_benderaUbarampe that dilabuh it as a form of application to obtain welfare and safety, especially to the Sultan, the state of Indonesia, Yogyakarta Kraton Yogyakarta and its citizens were given entirely away from safety in various disaster especially This year after the eruption of Merapi or various disasters and other calamities. The harbor is also a tribute to the ruler of Mount Merapi, which led Grandmother Kyai Sweep Jagad, Professor Rama, professor Ramadi, Krincing Wesi, Branjang Wire, Sapu Angin, Mbah Lembang Sari, Nyai Gadhung Mlati and Kyai Megantoro of which are as ruler of Mount Merapi. (Jon)

At that time (2006) mbah marijan have escaped Merapi exact date 14-June-2006, until the symbol 99 on the rampage this merapi

merapi_meletus_14_juni_2006_dan_tanda_kiamat_55Perhatikan span of unique and easy-to-remember following, among Awan Hot Merapi 14-June-2006, then 33 the next day happens Earthquake & Tsunami pangandaran 17/7 / 2006.awan_panas_merapi_14_6_2006_33_hari_tsunami_pangandaran_17_7_2006Labuhan it is also a tribute to the ruler of Mount Merapi, which led Grandmother Kyai Sweep Jagad, Professor Rama, professor Ramadi, Krincing Wesi, Branjang Wire, Sapu Angin, Mbah Lembang Sari, Nyai Gadhung Mlati and Kyai Megantoro of which are as ruler of Mount Merapi.

A 33 that carry messages to 66 so as to form 99, who is 66 this?

14/06/2006 marijan_dan_kode_66Rentang time, next, mbah marijan not survive when the raging heat clouds Merapi second 26-October-2010, ie 1595 days in increments of 99 × 16 + 11 days, and surprisingly a span of 99 in two events iniawan_panas_merapi_14_6_2006_dan_26_10_2010Sesungguhnya We cares for you than those who mock, those who consider the existence of other gods beside God; then they will soon know (Sura 15: 95-96)

A symbol 99 which appears in two events raging heat clouds Merapi


If the earthquake 25-4-2015 Nepal does not take very wisely in order to understand the symbol 99 (such as the Ponari and mbah marijan), then one day it will happen again to realize the significance of a 99 ie, Strange, Is God Signs Appear On The Earthquake 25-4-2015 Nepal Strikes?

"He is Allah, there is no God / god (worthy of worship) but He, He has asmaa'ul Attributes (names of good)." - (Surah Ta-Haa: 8) Say: "Call upon Allah or summon Ar Rahman. By whichever name you call upon, He has al asmaa'ul Husna (the names of the best) and do not harden your voice in salatmu and also do not lower it and find a middle ground between the "- (Surah Al-Israa ': 110) "Allah has Asmaa 'ulHusna, then memohonlah Him by name the good that ..." - (Qur'an, Al-A'raaf: 180)

5. Iran

Unknown magnitude earthquake struck 200 miles from northeast Iran, with its epicenter directly under Demghan city, which at that time became the capital of this country Ayatollah Khomaeni.

The events that occurred on December 22, 1856 that destroyed most of the city Demghan and neighboring regions. Around 200,000 people died in the disaster.

In addition, still in the same state, a similar incident also occurred in Ardabil, on March 23, 1893. The magnitude of the earthquake is unknown was killing 150,000 people.

6. Japan

7.9-magnitude earthquake override Kanto, Japan on September 1, 1923. That event brought extreme destruction in the Tokyo-Yokohama area. 142 800 people died in the quake.

Although best known as the Great Tokyo Earthquake (or the Great Tokyo Fire), the most severe damage occurred in Yokohama.

7. Turkmenistan

The magnitude 7.3 quake brought extreme damage in Ashgabat (Ashkhabad) and nearby villages. Almost all the buildings collapsed, concrete structures badly damaged, and freight trains derailed.

Thousands of people were killed in the October 5, 1948 incident. Damage and casualties also occurred in Darreh Gaz area in neighboring Iran.

A news release from the newly independent government on December 9, 1988 states that the death toll reached 110,000. (Ali)

3. Indonesia

9.1 magnitude quake rocked Aceh, Indonesia, on December 26, 2014. This Lindu is the third largest disaster in the world since 1900 and the largest since 1964. In total 227 898 people dead or missing in the incident.

In addition, about 1.7 million people displaced by the earthquake. The earthquake also caused a tsunami in the 14 countries of South Asia and East Africa.

4. Haiti

The earthquake that hit Haiti reached 7 SR. In the incident that occurred on January 12, 2010 that killed 222 570 people.

According to official estimates, 300,000 were also injured, 1.3 million became refugees, and 97 294 houses were destroyed and 188 383 damaged in the area of ​​Port-au-Prince and in many southern Haiti.

At least 4 people were killed after a local tsunami in the area Petit Paradis near Leogane. Tsunami waves were also reported in Jacmel, Les Cayes, Petit Goave, Leogane, Luly and Anse a Galets.

1. China

8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Shaanxi province (formerly Shensi), China, about 50 miles east-northeast of Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi, in 1556. More than 830,000 people are estimated to have been killed.

Geological effects of the earthquake was reported to make the soil is cracked. Most of the cities in that area suffered severe damage. The city wall collapsed, most of the houses collapsed and many towns where the land is cracked by issuing a gushing water.

In addition, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in Tangshan, China on July 27, 1976. The death toll in the incident is estimated at 655,000 people.

Severe damage occurred throughout Beijing. The death toll from the earthquake became the largest in the last four centuries and the second largest in history.

2. Syria

Other devastating earthquake also hit Aleppo, Syria on August 9, 1138. Approximately 230,000 people were killed in the incident.

Caused by the earthquake, Syria's second largest city walls were destroyed and rocks scattered on the streets. Aleppo citadel collapsed, killing hundreds of people.

Although Aleppo is the largest communities affected by the earthquake, it is likely not to suffer the worst of the damage.

The quake was also felt in Damascus, about 220 miles to the south. Aleppo earthquake is the first occurrence of several events between the years 1138 and 1139 which destroyed the Syrian area of ​​the northern and western Turkey.

Earthquake and Tsunami Most Deadly Throughout History

Tsunami is a series of water waves caused by the displacement of water bodies in large quantities. It usually occurs in the sea, and caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other underwater explosions, landslides, underwater disturbances even in potentially generate tsunamis.

Tsunami not only strong but also very fast. With speeds like a jet plane, tsunami capable of destroying everything that lay in front of him. Here are 10 of the most severe earthquake and tsunami throughout human history reported by the listabuzz.com

10. 1964 Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami

Often also referred to as the Good Friday Earthquake, gempad which occurred on March 27, 1964 in Alaska has killed 131 people. Nine people from the earthquake, 106 people in the tsunami in Alaska and 16 people in the tsunami in Oregon and California. Damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami is estimated to reach US $ 2 billion more.

9. Samoa Earthquake and Tsunami 2009

On 29 September 2009, Samoa Islands experienced an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter Scale (SR). The earthquake and tsunami claimed the lives of up to 189 people. Had Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not issue a warning might fatalities killed more. This event is touted as the most powerful earthquake in 2009.

8. Earthquake and Tsunami Hokkaido 1993

Although the Japanese government has been rapid in responding to the tsunami warning, but a small island Okushiri in Hokkaido was severely damaged during the earthquake and tsunami occurred on July 12, 1993. An earthquake followed by a tsunami which occurred 80 miles off the coast of Hokkaido with a large 7.8 SR. A total of 230 lives were lost and hundreds of people injured and homeless.

7. Earthquake and Tsunamo Tumaco 1979

On December 12, 1979, an earthquake measuring 7.9 Richter scale struck the coast of Colombia and Ecuador. The tsunami destroyed all the homes in San Juan de la Costa. The total death toll is estimated up to 600 people. While 4,000 people were injured.

6. Java Earthquake and Tsunami 2006

7.7 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Java on July 17, 2006. The earthquake occurred on the shallow plate boundary, triggering a tsunami. About a 668 people died, 65 people were missing, and 9299 treated for injuries.

5. Earthquake and Tsunami Moro 1976

Mindanao Island in the Philippines was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 on August 16, 1979 that killed 5000-8000 people with more than 2,200 people were reported missing, 9,500 people were injured and more than 90,000 homeless. The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami may be more if the earthquake occurred at night.

4. Papua New Guinea Earthquake and Tsunami 1998

7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the northern coast of Papua New Guinea on Friday, July 17, 1998. The earthquake triggered landslides down the 49-meter-high tsunami. A total of 2,200 people were killed and thousands were injured. An interesting fact, though not too big quake could trigger a tsunami that turned out so badly.

Sunday, May 22, 1960 is remembered as the most horrific day for the people of Chile. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes caused a tsunami that killed 6,000 people. To the extent that the current inflation is due to the extensive damage occurs.

2. Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

Japan was hit by a powerful 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11, 2011. The earthquake triggered a tsunami as high as 23 feet. 125,000 more building of damaged and destroyed. But the most dangerous abandoned due to the earthquake and tsunami disaster was a nuclear leak that make an area of ​​200 miles of a nuclear power plant contaminated with radiation. The earthquake killed up to 15 839 lives, 5,950 were injured, and 3,462 people missing.

1. Earthquake and Tsunami 2004

The earthquake and tsunami that struck off the coast of the Pacific Ocean on December 24, 2004 was the most devastating natural disasters and the most destructive in human history. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 30 km is caused tsunami waves as high as 15 meters. Reach tsunami reaches 5,000 km to Africa. The tsunami killed more than 150,000 people and millions of people homeless in 11 countries. Losses caused by the earthquake and tsunami have reached US $ 10 trillion, so called the deadliest tsunami in history.

Surat Al Ankabut 31-40
Surah Al 'Ankabuut 31
ولما جاءت رسلنا إبراهيم بالبشرى قالوا إنا مهلكو أهل هذه القرية إن أهلها كانوا ظالمين (31) And when Our messengers (angels) came to Abraham brings good news, they said: `Indeed, we will destroy the population of the country (Sodom) this; the real inhabitants are the ones who zalim`. (QS. 29:31)
In this verse Allah explains about the arrival of the angel who came to the Prophet Ibrahim gave the good news that God will give him a son named Isaac. Later, the son will be appointed prophet and messenger replaces Ibrahim tasks and positions. Then notified to him that Sodom would be destroyed to punish people who deny LUT.

Surah Al 'Ankabuut 32
قال إن فيها لوطا قالوا نحن أعلم بمن فيها لننجينه وأهله إلا امرأته كانت من الغابرين (32) He said: `Surely in that city there Luth`. The angels said: 'We know who's in town. We sincerely would save him and his followers except his wife. He was among those who lagged (destroyed). (QS. 29:32)
Ibrahim was worried and anxious about the fate of Lot, because LUT may be also destroyed with them. He therefore reminded it to those who commissioned of God. Hi angel, there is a messenger of God named Lut, he was not among those who persecuted to him even he is an apostle who believe and obey him. The angel replied, "Yes We already memakluminya, and Lut not included in the class on the evil of it. Only his wife were among those who remain will be tortured, because it helped justify the LUT on infidelity and tyranny as well as his evil deeds.

Surah Al 'Ankabuut 33-34
ولما أن جاءت رسلنا لوطا سيء بهم وضاق بهم ذرعا وقالوا لا تخف ولا تحزن إنا منجوك وأهلك إلا امرأتك كانت من الغابرين (33) إنا منزلون على أهل هذه القرية رجزا من السماء بما كانوا يفسقون (34) And when Our messengers (the angel) said to Lut, he was grieved because of (the arrival of) them, and (feel) does not have the power to protect them and they say: 'Do not be afraid and do not be (too) hard. Indeed, we will save you and your followers followers, except your wife, she was among those who lagged (destroyed) `. (QS. 29:33)
Thus, when the angels came to Lut, and convey the purpose of his arrival, LUT panicked and breathless because he was worried about the people of Sodom, it would bother him later when the noble guests know that.
Surah Al 'Ankabuut 32
قال إن فيها لوطا قالوا نحن أعلم بمن فيها لننجينه وأهله إلا امرأته كانت من الغابرين (32) He said: `Surely in that city there Luth`. The angels said: 'We know who's in town. We sincerely would save him and his followers except his wife. He was among those who lagged (destroyed). (QS. 29:32)
Ibrahim was worried and anxious about the fate of Lot, because LUT may be also destroyed with them. He therefore reminded it to those who commissioned of God. Hi angel, there is a messenger of God named Lut, he was not among those who persecuted to him even he is an apostle who believe and obey him. The angel replied, "Yes We already memakluminya, and Lut not included in the class on the evil of it. Only his wife were among those who remain will be tortured, because it helped justify the LUT on infidelity and tyranny as well as his evil deeds.

Surah Al 'Ankabuut 33-34
ولما أن جاءت رسلنا لوطا سيء بهم وضاق بهم ذرعا وقالوا لا تخف ولا تحزن إنا منجوك وأهلك إلا امرأتك كانت من الغابرين (33) إنا منزلون على أهل هذه القرية رجزا من السماء بما كانوا يفسقون (34) And when Our messengers (the angel) said to Lut, he was grieved because of (the arrival of) them, and (feel) does not have the power to protect them and they say: 'Do not be afraid and do not be (too) hard. Indeed, we will save you and your followers followers, except your wife, she was among those who lagged (destroyed) `. (QS. 29:33)
Thus, when the angels came to Lut, and convey the purpose of his arrival, LUT panicked and breathless because he was worried about the people of Sodom, it would bother him later when the noble guests know that. Hence the arrival of the angel was deliberately kept secret. LUT can not refuse their arrival.
Angel after seeing the fear and anxiety over the arrival of his people Lut, he was in tentramkan by the angels with the greeting, "Hi Lut let you calm, do not be upset". You do not have to worry about our safety and what was done by your people against us. Because of their evil deeds have reached the peak and advice you have enough to say to them.
To pacify the feelings LUT, the angel said also, "We will rescue you from the torment that will be passed down to your people in the near future, as well as the followers are faithful and loyal. There can not be, they are certainly going to experience a severe torment. And your wife including those groups that will be punished ". Lot's wife know of a man stop (stay) at home, then the immediately he informed his colleagues that fame spread quickly that there was a guest in the home LUT unknown. Immediately arose malice in their hearts to disturb the guests. Bermufakatlah counsel and they made a plan, how to carry out that intention. Thus it is clear that the wife of Lut including those that association in the scheme. Remarks angel on top, soothing feeling of fear LUT. To him be reminded again, "We are the angels will certainly bring torment to them with our own hands, due to the wickedness that has been engrained in them".
Opinions illustrious mention, first hard shock, ground dwelling place of sin man somersaults. The country was once attacked hail and become great earthquake shattered and be flush with the earth. Finally Sodom people of Prophet Lut former residence into a sea of ​​death (Al Bahr Mayit).

Surely We will reduce the punishment from heaven upon the people of this city because they have done wickedly. (QS. 29:34)

Surah Al 'Ankabuut 35
ولقد تركنا منها آية بينة لقوم يعقلون (35) And indeed We have left thereof an evident sign for people who have sense. (QS. 29:35)
Then explained that the doom and reinforcements were lowered in addition to punishing the mistakes that have been done by people of Prophet Lut, is also expected to be a living memorial for generations thereafter. ie people who use reason and wants the lessons from what has happened.

Surah Al 'Ankabuut 36
وإلى مدين أخاهم شعيبا فقال يا قوم اعبدوا الله وارجوا اليوم الآخر ولا تعثوا في الأرض مفسدين (36) And (We sent) to the residents of Mad-yan, their brother Shu'aib, so he said: 'O my people! Worship Allah by you, expect ( reward) the end of the day, and you do not roam the earth `mischief. (QS. 29:36)
God sent Prophet Shu'aib to a people who dwell in the land of Madyan, that they worship God Almighty with sincerity (not associate Him with others). The worship will be beneficial for the happiness of living in the world and in the hereafter. "In this verse is expected", expect you to the hereafter ", meaning let you feel frightened by the arrival of that day and gird yourself with good deeds as much as possible in order to deal with it. In addition, The call to worship God the Almighty, and multiply charity for supplies in the hereafter, Shu'aib also suggested that leave all the works that are destructive and destroy.
Do not hurt each other between fellow human beings. For example reducing measures and weights, and rob the caravan that was then. Then perbanyaklah repentance to God as he returns to Him by way of doing His commands and avoid His prohibitions.
Surah Al 'Ankabuut 37
فكذبوه فأخذتهم الرجفة فأصبحوا في دارهم جاثمين (37) But they denied him, and they struck a powerful earthquake, and be their dead bodies lying in the places they live. (QS. 29:37)
But as well as the people of Prophet Lut, the people of Prophet Shu'aib was insubordinate and unwilling to accept the advice of the Prophet Shu'aib. They even rejected him. Therefore the operator from the Sunna of God. When they blatantly lie to Shu'aib after being warned repeatedly, then it's time God punish them. Earth to their homes shaken by the earthquake that shook the ground and destroying their homes. They died somersaults and swallowed by the earth, without moving again. A more complete story of the prophet Shu'aib was mentioned also by God in other passages, the letter Al A'raf verse 88 s / d 93, a letter Hud verse 87 s / d 94, and the letter Ash Shu'ara 'paragraph 176 s / d 190.

Surah Al 'Ankabuut 38
وعادا وثمود وقد تبين لكم من مساكنهم وزين لهم الشيطان أعمالهم فصدهم عن السبيل وكانوا مستبصرين (38) And (also) the 'Ad and Thamud, and it has been obvious to you (their destruction) from the rubble of their homes. And the devil makes them look good deeds, then he prevented them from the road (Allah), while they are sharp-sighted people, (QS. 29:38)
This verse mentions because they disobeyed the Prophet Hud and did not want to leave their ancestral gods. That caused a vicious persuasion as well. In addition they worship other than Allah Almighty also pleased disrupt their passing caravans carrying goods, in case they have enough ability to think and assess how bad what they did. They are often skeptical and waiting for the arrival of the punishment God promised it, then, but they never thought of the punishment God promised it, they never think and ponder doom that will befall it. While they are busy with work until terlengah to pay attention to something that shows the unity of God.

Surah Al 'Ankabuut 39
وقارون وفرعون وهامان ولقد جاءهم موسى بالبينات فاستكبروا في الأرض وما كانوا سابقين (39) and (also) Korah, Pharaoh and Haman. And there came to them Moses with (bring proof) particulars real. But they apply arrogant in the (face) of the earth, and they would have no people who escape (from destruction). (QS. 29:39)
Moses has told Karun, Pharaoh and Haman, signs verse of God as the basis for strengthening the treatise was carrying. Yet they remain arrogant (haughty) and did not want to believe. The arrogance of Pharaoh truly boundless, he thought of himself as a god to be worshiped. Therefore they all can not be separated from the punishment of God in various tortures.
Surah Al 'Ankabuut 40
فكلا أخذنا بذنبه فمنهم من أرسلنا عليه حاصبا ومنهم من أخذته الصيحة ومنهم من خسفنا به الأرض ومنهم من أغرقنا وما كان الله ليظلمهم ولكن كانوا أنفسهم يظلمون (40) Then each (they were) We seized due to his sin, then among them there are We casts him rain gravel and among them there is a loud voice that thundered overwritten, and among them there are we immersed into the earth, and among them were drowned, and Allah is not going to persecute them, will but they who persecute themselves. (QS. 29:40)
God's people are destroyed because they rejected Apostles, handed down to their doom assortment, namely:
a. Strong winds containing rocks, which brought to the people of the Prophet Hud (`Ad). They challenged Hud, "whomever that is stronger and more powerful than us?". God rewarded their arrogance with the winds, so they lay prostrate. Allah says in another verse that describes the torture, namely:

وأما عاد فأهلكوا بريح صرصر عاتيه سخرها عليهم سبع ليال وثمانية أيام حسوما فترى القوم فيها صرعى كأنهم أعجاز نخل خاوية فهل ترى لهم من باقية
This means:
As for the `Ad, they were destroyed by wind so fierce roaring, that God the wind attributing to them for seven nights and eight days continuously; then you see the `Ad at that time lay prostrate as if they were stumps of palm trees that had been empty (weathered). Then you do not see one who lived among them (Surah Al Haqqah: 6-8)
b. The sound of thunder that solves the child's ear This torture was revealed to the people of Prophet Saleh (the Thamud). They still do not want to disobey the faithful. Suddenly they were stunned and then killed by shock powerful voice thundered once. Allah explains again:

فأما ثمود فأهلكوا بالطاغية
This means:
"As for the Thamud, they were destroyed by extraordinary events". (Q.S. Al Haqqah: 5)
c. Swallowed by the earth, this is torture for Karun wealthy. He was initially a faithful and obedient to Moses. Then after the rich become arrogant and insubordinate. He did kemungkaran beyond. More than that he did not want to give alms as a liability of wealth for the rich. Because of this conceit God tormented him. Soil around Karun rests shook, collapsed and gradually swallowing up Korah body disappeared altogether from permukaann earth.
d. Drowned in the water. This is torture bunt race of Noah. Aside from the people of Noah, Pharaoh, Haman and his army drowned in the Red Sea as well as retaliation for the vanity and the torture they did to Moses and his followers. All of it is as the penalty for mistakes they did, not the tyranny of Allah SWT. God never tortured anyone, but when he was working on a disgraceful act, because punish a person without any mistakes is not a valid Sunna God. Instead they are mentioned in the verses and tortured because of their sin and infidelity to God, also because they worship idols and they deny the favors given to him.

6 People who destroyed God Because Injustice
The Qur'an tells the number of people destroyed by God for doing injustice and wickedness on earth, such as denying the One God even hostile to the Prophet which was sent to them. Destruction and death be in retaliation for kemungkaran and wickedness they do themselves.

"And We have not wronged them, but they who wronged themselves, because it helpful tiadalah at all, to their gods which they invoke besides Allah, your Lord is coming doom in time. And the gods were not increase them except sheer destruction "(Surah Hud: 100-101)

The remnants of the destruction they can still be seen. Researchers have many historical and archaeological find where towns missing. These cities have characteristics as mentioned in the Holy Koran and old manuscripts of the people who perished.

The destruction of the families of the Koran is narrated in order to be useful to clans that lived during the later and did the same injustice and immorality. There are many stories of people that God punished because kemungkarannya.

Noah's Ark

1.Kaum Noah

Noah preached for 950 years, but who answer the call of preaching to believe in Allah very little. Most of his people actually denied even making fun of Noah. Kemungkaran done injustice and Noah invites the punishment of God. God ordered Noah and his followers to make the ark (ship). They also do not know to what the ark was made. While his people were broken, mencomooh actions make the ark that Noah considered stupid.

When the appointed time came, God commanded that Noah and his family and the animals in pairs to up the ark. God then brought a great flood. All the house is broken when it drowned. Including his wife and son Noah.

"And verily We sent Noah to his people, so he remained among them a thousand years less fifty years. So they struck a major flood, and they are the ones who do wrong. "(Surah Al-Ankabut: 14)

Noah with the people who obey any survivors after the sail using a wooden ark. After sailing for a long time, Noah's ark is told anchored at a top mainland at that time.

"So We opened the gates of heaven with (lowering) of gushing water. And We made the earth emits a spring-water springs, the Meet-the water was for one affair indeed been established. And We carried him to the top (Ark) made of planks and nails. "(Surat al-Qamar: 11-13)

In history is mentioned, the flood that drowned the people of Prophet Nuh when the cover is also almost two-thirds of the earth. Noah along with faithful followers who survived the doom permission of Allah. But until now, it is not certain where the location of berthing ships that bring Noah and his followers.

building the prophet hud

2.Kaum Hud as

Hud was sent to 'Ad. They deny the prophethood of Prophet Hud. Hud called on his people in order Oneness of Allah and leave disobedience carried out. However, all call and invitation Hud fruitful ridicule, scorn and denial of peoples' Ad.

'Ad known as an intelligent nation and has the technology to build high-rise buildings. But reliability and their greatness makes them arrogant, ruthless force, unjust, and deny the call propaganda delivered Hud as.

As a result of lies-lies who do the nation 'Ad, Allah revealed the azabnya very poignant. The Qur'an explains very clearly challenged this.

"As for 'Ad, they were destroyed by a wind so fierce roaring, the wind of God inflicting them for seven nights and eight days continuously; then you see the 'Ad at that time lay prostrate as if they were stumps of palm trees that had been empty (weathered). Then you do not see anyone who lived among them. "(Surat al Haaqqah, 69: 6-8)

Evidence ruins of civilization Ad researchers found the West in the 1990s in an area known 'Ubar, in the region of Yemen. Interestingly, what they found exactly as told in the Koran.

Dr. Zarins, a member of the research team leading the excavation said because the towers referred to as a form of typical 'Ubar, and since Iram called having towers or masts, then that is the strongest evidence so far that the site they had unearthed was Iram, the city of 'Ad mentioned in the Qur'an:

"Have you not seen how your Lord did to the 'Ad, (ie) Iram population that has high buildings that have never been built (a city) like that, in other countries." (Surah Al-Fajr, 89: 6-8)

building the pious prophet

3.Kaum Nabi Saleh as

Nabi Saleh diutuskan God to Thamud. Mission of Prophet Saleh as the same as the other prophets, namely calling on people to tawheed (Oneness of Allah). But the call of Prophet Saleh as actually received a challenge and ridicule of his people, a nation Thamud. In fact, they still maintain the worship of the idol is believed to be ancestral worship.

Thamud also known as an intelligent nation. If the 'Ad able to build tall buildings, another case with a nation Thamud. They are capable of changing cliffs and big rocks into magnificent palaces and beautiful. They were able to sculpt the rocks so that it becomes a place to stay. Again, greatness owned them, make them broken and unjust to God.

These people live in the plains called "Al Hijr" located between Hijaz and Sham were formerly included colonized and ruled by Aad tribe who have perished due to hit by typhoon sent by God as a retaliation for disobedience and their denial of the propaganda and treatises Hud.

A female camel that comes out of the slit stone as a miracle of Prophet Saleh as was not enough to convince them to believe in Allah. Thamudic actually kill the camel.

Nabi Saleh told his people that the punishment of God will befall on them will be preceded by signs, ie on the first day when they wake up, their faces turn yellow and will turn red on black on the second day and third day and on the day The fourth fell a painful punishment of God.

Hearing the threat of doom that had been made by Nabi Saleh, his family even planned the murder before the punishment was dropped. They held a secret meeting and vowed together will carry out the assassination plot at night, when people are still sleeping soundly. Their design is kept secret so as not to be known and heard by anyone.

When they came to the place of Nabi Saleh in the dark night-gelita and silence-silence fell over their heads large rocks that came from the sky and that once they were lying on the ground in a lifeless state. So God has protected His apostles from evil people who disbelieve.

One day prior to the decline in the doom that has been determined that, with God's permission Nabi Saleh departed with his followers towards Ramallah, a place in Palestine, leaving Hijr. Thamudic perish powerful lightning struck in conjunction with the terrible earthquake.

It is narrated in the Qur'an in a verse.

"And indeed the inhabitants the city of Hijr belied the apostles." (Surat al-Hijr: 80)

"And (We sent) to Thamud their brother Saleh. He said. "O my people, worship Allah; you have no deity other than Him. Now hath come unto you a clear proof from your Lord. Camel of Allah is a sign for you, then let him eat in God's earth, and do not bother him, with any disorder, (thereby) you will come to a grievous penalty. "(Surat al-Araf: 73)

"And remember to you at the time the Lord made you successors (in power) after the 'Aad and provide a place for you on earth. You build palaces in the land-land that is flat and you carve mountains to be home; then remember the favors of Allah and do not rampant in the earth, making mischief. "(Surat al-Araf: 74)

"Chieftains who boast among his people said to those who are considered weak who believe in them:" Do you know that Saleh was sent (apostles) by his Lord? ". They replied: 'We believe in the revelation, which Saleh was sent to deliver it ". (Surat al-Araf: 75)

"People who brag saying: 'We are the people who do not believe in what you believe in it". (Surat al-Araf: 76)

"Then they hamstrung the she-camel, and they apply arrogantly against the Lord's command. And they said: "O Salih, bring us what you ancamkan it to us, if (yes) you are of those who are sent (Allah)". (Surat al-Araf: 77)

"Because of the earthquake seized them, then so be they deceased-deceased were lying in their place." (Surat al-Araf: 78)

"So Salih left them, saying:" O my people! I have delivered unto the mandate of the Lord, and I have given advice to you, but you do not like people who give advice ". (Surat al-Araf: 79).

the prophet luth

4.Kaum Prophet Lut

Famous people of Prophet Lut perversity, that only want to marry same-sex couples (gay and lesbian). Although already given a warning, they do not want to repent. God finally gave the punishment to them in the form of a great earthquake, strong winds and hail that ruined their homes. And the people of Prophet Lut was finally buried under the rubble of their own homes.

"The Luth has belied his apostles, when their brother Lut, said to them" Why are you tiidak cautious? ". Actually I was a messenger of trust (which is sent) to you, so fear Allah and obey me. And may I ask no wage for it; my reward is only from the Lord of hosts. Why did you come to kind man among men, and you leave the wives your Lord who made you, even you are the ones who exceed the limits. They replied "O Lut, in fact if you do not stop, really you are of those who were expelled". Lut said: "I am very loathe to deeds." (Surat ash-Shu'ara 160-168).

"So they were destroyed by the loud noise of thunder, when the sun will rise. So we made a portion of the city upside down and We rained them with stones of hard sulfur. Verily in that are signs (of greatness Us) for people who pay attention signs. And indeed the city was actually located streets that still remain (passed humans). "(Surah Al-Hijr 73-76)

the prophet Shu'aib

5.Kaum Prophet Shu'aib as

Prophet Shu'aib diutuskan to the Madyan. The Madyan was destroyed by God because they like fraud and deception in trade. When buying, they asked exceeded and when to sell is always reducing. God also punish them in the form of extreme heat. Despite their refuge in the shade, it was not able to release heat. Finally, they perish.

"Has not come to them important news about the people who were before them, (that) the people of Noah, 'Aad, Thamud, the Ibrahim, a resident of Madyan and the countries that have been destroyed? Has come to them apostles with a real statement, then Allah is not ever wronged them, but they who persecute them. "(QS Attaubah: 70)

"(It is) when a woman walking brother, and he said to the (family of Pharaoh):" May I show you the person who will maintain it? "Then we return you to your mother, so excited his heart and not sorrow. And you never killed a man, then We delivered you out of trouble and we have try you with some of the trials; then you lived several years among the residents of Madyan, then you come by the set time O Moses. "(QS Thaaha: 40)

"And residents of Madyan, and has belied Moses, then I suspended (My punishment) for the unbelievers, then I seized them, then (see) how big my hatred (to them)." (Surat Alhajj: 44 )

In addition to the Madyan, Prophet Shu'aib also sent to residents Thicket. They worship a piece of desert land that the trees are very dense. These people, according to some commentators called also with worshipers dense forest (Thicket)

"And indeed it is resident Thicket it really the wrongdoers." (QS AlHijr: 78). This Thicket population is the Shoaib. Thicket is a forested area of ​​Madyan.

"And Thamud, the people of Lut and residents Thicket. They are the factions that allied (against the apostles). "(Surah Sad: 13)

"And the population as well as the Tubba Thicket 'have all been belied apostles already semestinyalah they got a penalty that has been threatened." (Surah Qaf: 14)


6. Pharaoh

The Children of Israel are often oppressed by Pharaoh. God sent Moses and Aaron to warn Pharaoh over the injustice done. Moses and Aaron, Pharaoh called on the faithful to Allah and be fair to people. But the call of Prophet Musa tub passed wind. Even Pharaoh with pride resist calls Moses and admitted as a god.

Currently ditentukam day arrives, Allah ordered Prophet Moses and his people out of Egypt by crossing the Red Sea. The miracle that God gave in the form of sticks that can divide the sea into a way for Moses and his people to come out and migrate. Moses and his people out of Egypt by night to avoid the threat of Pharaoh. But the departure of Moses and his people were known by Pharaoh. Pharaoh then with thousands of troops pursuing Moses.

Moses and his people across the sea through a path that has been formed. When Moses and his people have come across, Pharaoh and his armies reached the mid-way. Instantly sea split immediately shut again. Pharaoh and his army was drowned in the Red sea.

God is great, and the body of Pharaoh's chariots maintained and managed issued after thousands of years buried in the depths of the oceans. Until now the Pharaoh's body can still be seen in the museum mummies in Egypt.

"And (remember) when We belahkan sea for you, so We saved you and drowned the Pharaoh when you see yourself." (Al Baqarah: 50)

"So on this day we saved your body so that you can be a lesson for those who come sesudahmu and indeed most of the humans unaware of the signs of Us." (Yunus: 92)

"And Pharaoh said to those around him; "O my people! Dignitary, I do not know god for you besides me." (Surat al-Qasas: 38).

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