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Friday, September 11, 2015

Refugees flooded into Europe, due to the conflict syria, Yemen following the conflict.

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(Part three hundred and sixty seven), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, September 11, 2015, 20:19 pm).

Refugees flooded into Europe, due to the conflict syria, Yemen following the conflict.

In recent days the European flooded refugee flows originating from syria conflict, and Afghanistan, and no longer the flow of refugees will also come as a result of the conflict in Iraq and Yemen and the countries hit by conflict from other regions.
Moreover, the conflict in Syria is likely to get worse with the involvement of Russia and Iran to help the Assad regime and opposition groups who assisted the United States and its allies.
Prolonged Iraq conflict between ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq, Syria, and Syria) with the Government of Shiite dominance in Iraq that helped Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah and the coalition of 80 countries that coordinated the United States.
Will also intensify the conflict in Yemen between Houthi Shiite rebels against the Yemeni government which helped Saudi Arabia and Arab coalition of the Gulf Cooperation Council
If the conflict in the region to become more intense, not to mention the conflict in North Africa, possibly in Libya and opposition against the authoritarian military government of Egypt, Europe, Australia and the United States must be ready to receive more flow of refugees from the war region.

(BBC) - The European Union urged to accept more refugees
President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, said the EU faces severe challenges with the arrival of the refugees.
In a speech to members of the European Parliament, on Wednesday (09/09), Juncker urged member states to accept the fact that Europe is seen as a safe haven as well as a symbol of hope for refugees.
He proposed that an additional 160,000 asylum seekers placed in all EU member states with a binding quota system.
Previous surfaced proposal placement division of refugees to the member who was later challenged a number of countries.
Juncker proposal is scheduled to be discussed by EU ministers on Monday (14/09).
Responding to the appeal by president of the European Commission, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, reiterated member states the EU should immediately agree on a binding quota without limiting the number of refugees to be taken.
In other words, Merkel said Juncker proposal is the minimum demand and the EU should accept more refugees.
Meanwhile the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, said the EU should not focus on new plans, but implementing the agreements in the past about refugees and asylum seekers.
In a related development, the Australian government said it will accommodate an additional 12,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the minority groups were persecuted, which is currently seeking refuge in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, will get priority.
These refugees will be accepted and settled in Australia from the end of the year.

Mandatory quotas for the number of immigrants to be received by the EU member states is a 'first step' in handling the crisis entrants.
This was revealed by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, amid continued inflows of migrants and refugees, which peaked last weekend.
Merkel said it shared the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven, who was visiting Germany. The two countries have so far most accommodating migrants and refugees from Syria.
By calling on the European Commission's plan as "an important first step ', he added the EU requires open-close system to divide those who are entitled to asylum.
Today, Wednesday, September 8, the European Commission will establish a plan of handling immigrants, among others, the distribution of quotas to approximately 120,000 newcomers to the member countries.
Germany said it could menampug more immigrants in the future but would like the burden is shared.
Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel expressed his country able to accommodate at least 500,000 refugees per year over the coming years.
The quota issue is expected to lead to differences in the European Union.
Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania already expressed reservations, although Poland later said could accommodate more than they have to offer before, as many as 2,000 entrants,
While Spain said it will receive the amount set by the European Commission.

Germany confirms that the country is able to accommodate at least 500,000 refugees per year over the coming years.
The assertion was made by Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.
"I believe we must be able to accommodate half a million (refugees per year) over the coming years. I have no doubt about it. It might even be more," he said.
But he stressed that other countries in Europe must take responsibility.
Sigmar Gabriel said Germany require labor when the population there down.
Germany ability sustain hundreds of thousands of refugees are now flooding Europe, especially from countries such as the war-torn Syria, also addressed by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble.
To the members of the German parliament, he said the country's economy is strong enough.
An observer said that the willingness of Germany received the refugees could not be separated from emergency situations that occur in Hungary and solidarity in German society itself.
Germany and France want to spread quota refugees and asylum seekers in the member countries of the European Union, but many of them against the proposal.
If the proposal was agreed upon, the countries of the European Union threatened fines if they refuse refugees and immigrants who have recently arrived in Italy, Greece and Hungary.

The leader of the German and French leaders put forward a proposal for a new system of distributing the refugees among member countries of the European Union.
French President Francois Hollande said he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed on a mechanism to disseminate refugees and migrants are now flooding Europe.
Added, France was willing to accommodate 24,000 people.
"We will take that step because I believe this is the principle that binds France," said President Hollande, Monday (07/09).
"We will do it because this is a plan that we submitted its own, and which we hope will be adopted by the whole of Europe," he said.
According to him, based on the European Commission's plan, as many as 120,000 refugees will be relocated in the member states within the next two years.
Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted his country will not be able to cope with this crisis alone, and ask other countries to join refugees.
So far about 20,000 migrants and refugees is estimated to have arrived in Germany last weekend, most of the countries hit by war such as Syria and Afghanistan.
But the proposal of France and Germany opposed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that confirms the quota would not be applied based on the EU system prevailing now.

Along the Syrian refugee crisis are trying to enter European countries, the question arises why they are not leading rich Gulf state and the closer the distance?
Over the years they crossed into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, but almost nothing to the Gulf countries.
Officially, Syrian residents can apply for a tourist visa or a work permit to enter the Gulf state but the cost is very expensive. Also there is an unwritten rule that limits the Syrians to obtain a visa.
Prosperity and proximity to the Gulf state with Syria now has raised many questions about whether they have a greater obligation than European countries against the Syrians who suffer hardships in the prolonged conflict in the country.
"Why do not you let them in? Basic rude people !?" satirical cartoon Gulf state governments.
Twitter users posted photos to illustrate the misery of refugees Syria, with pictures of the victims drowned, children are brought in through the barbed wire fence or family who sleep lightly.
A Facebook page called The Syrian Community in Denmark shared a video depicting refugees allowed into Austria through Hungary, create another user asks, "How do they run away from the territory of our brothers Muslims, who should be responsible, rather than to the countries that they refer to as 'enemy territory'? "
Government Gulf states remain change their position to help his brothers were miserable.
Another user said, "I swear in the name of Allah the Mighty, the Arabs that the infidels."
Makkah daily published cartoons -disebarkan also through social media showed a man dressed in traditional Gulf countries, look into a barbed wire fenced door and pointed to another door flagged EU, saying:
"Why do not you let them in? Basic impolite people !?"
Obviously this satirical cartoon harsh attitude of the governments of the Gulf states.
However, despite many calls in social media, the Gulf states seem to be difficult to change this to help Syrian refugees.

Reports from Syria said the militia group calling itself the Islamic State or ISIS launched a fresh attack targeting an important military base in Syria northeast.
Base Deir ez-Zor, which became a symbol of the Syrian government's military presence in the province of Deir ez-Zor, battered ISIS since late last year.
"This is one of the fiercest attacks ISIS," said Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian human rights monitoring group.
According to Rahman in this incident 36 militants and 18 soldiers were killed Syrian government.
Prior to seize military base, ISIS has been controlled almost the entire region of Deir ez-Zor, Syrian provinces in this oil-rich.
If the capital of the province completely overpowered ISIS, the city became the capital of the province of Raqa the second after falling into the hands of ISIS.
On Wednesday (09/09), another rebel group, commonly called Army of Conquest, seize military airport in Idlib province, in northwest Syria, which has been under siege for two years.
There were reports of more than 50 soldiers were killed in a battle for this airport.
Idlib is now fully under the control of rebel groups.

One Islam, Moscow - In addition to sending humanitarian aid to Syria, Russia also turns sending military advisers to the country. This is expressed by a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

"Our military advisers sent to Syria, along with some of our weapons shown to assist the Syrian government in the fight against terrorism," said Zakaharova in a statement, as quoted from Sindonews.

Reuters launched on Wednesday, September 9, 2015, this is the first time the Russians confirmed that they had sent military advisers to Syria. Predicted Russia will continue to send their military advisers to Syria in the next few weeks.

Previously it was reported that three Russian military aircraft has landed in Syria in the last few hours. Two giant cargo plane manifold, namely the Antonov-124 and the third is the type of passenger plane was initially reportedly carrying humanitarian aid to the country.

The statement expressed concern Zakharova itself as animate United States (US). Uncle Sam had indeed expressed concerns related to reports that said Russia had been providing military aid to Syria.

Assistance targeted at government Bashar al-Assar is feared could lead to confrontation with the forces of international alliances.

Qatar Send 1,000 Troops Army Fighting in Yemen

QATAR has sent about 1,000 troops to Yemen-based Al Jazeera television reported on Monday (07/09/2015). And this report is the first Qatari involvement in attacks against Shiite Houthi group.

Military sources said that Qatari troops were on their way to Yemen and get ready to join the coalition forces face a Shia Houthi in the capital Sanaa - even though they told Reuters troops had not entered the country in the Arabian Peninsula.

The involvement of the Qatari ground forces comes amid an escalation of the conflict after a missile strike killed dozens of soldiers Arabian Gulf, quoted by Reuters.

Al Jazeera in Qatar report said 1,000 soldiers, backed by 200 armored vehicles and 30 Apache helicopters have been deployed to Yemen.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar itself has not comment regarding the report of the

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