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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Storms, drought hit Asia, doom or signs of the apocalypse?

The ride was not finished (366)

(Part three hundred and sixty-six), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, September 8, 2015, 19:19 pm).

Storms, drought hit Asia, doom or signs of the apocalypse?

Now sandstorms hit most countries in the Middle East, killing six people, even the city of Mecca also heavy rain accompanied by thunder, drought and floods also hit Asia as well as Indonesia.
Whether this is the punishment or warning to humans that most people have forgotten that all natural phenomena, there are set (sunatullah), so that people see themselves to no longer continue to do injustice, killing each other, greedy economic and political power, or continuous commit shirk (associating partners with God).
God warns that there are nations that earlier despite having advanced technology, rich (having a home and many luxury palace) and a lot of wealth, but because doing zholim their doom by wiping them with a flood, earthquake or other natural phenomena cause.

Sandstorms lye Middle East, dozens of hospital admission, six dead
(BBC) - Views of the city of Homs in Syria affected by sandstorms.
Sand storm struck the western region of the Middle East, causing dozens of people were hospitalized and encourage officials issued a health warning.
The storm hit some areas in Syria on Monday (07/09), and on Tuesday morning (08/09) spread to several other countries.
Most of Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, and Cyprus affected by these sand storms.
Lebanon's official news agency proclaim a woman died in northern Lebanon and at least 80 people were hospitalized due to respiratory problems.
Because of this storm the Israeli Environment Ministry also asked the children, pregnant women and elderly people to stay at home.
Media in Syria while it says because of the storm, the battle in the province of Idlib and Hama stalled.
Syrian pro-government newspaper, al-Watan, said sandstorms make prohibit military helicopters owned by the government to fly.
Bad weather is partly caused by the low pressure system in the entire region and the sand is blown from the east, the official news agency SANA.
According to SANA, poor visibility will continue for the next few days.

The rainy season and tropical storms caused extensive flooding in some areas of Southeast Asia, while the warming of the tropical Pacific pose a severe drought in the east, the scientists said.
They say two different weather is generally natural, but this situation is increased because of a warming world and a warning appears that this extreme situation could worsen in the future.
Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand some areas experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding in recent days, the same as West Bengal, India.
At the same time, most of the northern parts of Indonesia and Thailand experienced a severe drought.
Scientists say a number of changes in the equatorial Pacific Ocean affect weather conditions in the eastern part of Southeast Asia.
The rainy season south west of the Arabian Sea over the top of the Indian Ocean, thus decreasing rainfall in South Asia and parts of Southeast Asia.
El Nino in Indonesia
"In relation to the drought in Indonesia and some areas of Southeast Asia, especially associated with El Nino and this is expected to continue possibilities until after 2015"
Omar Baddur
Meteorological experts said the dry state in Indonesia has long been expected because of what is known as El Nino - warming sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific.
"We can say conclusively that what happened in relation to the drought in Indonesia and some areas of Southeast Asia, especially associated with El Nino and this is expected to continue possibilities until after 2015," said Omar Baddur, meteorologist at the World Meteorological Organisation.
Scientists say during an El Nino occurs, the warmer water of the pacific northwest moving to the east, so that the region experienced a water cooler.
"Water cooler bring drier conditions in the eastern part of Southeast Asia - as is happening now - in contrast with the warmer water can evaporate and cause rain," said Edvin Aldrian of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT).
El Nino also delivered a warning meteorologists predict Indian monsoon rainfall below normal in July and August.
Over the ten states of India experienced a rainy season rainfall is lacking, said the Indian Meteorological Department.
Increasingly heavy rain
"We also expect the decline in less rainfall, this year is expected El Nino years," said Tun Lwin, a former leader of Myanmar's meteorological agency.
"But the intensity of the rainy season is now even stronger.
"At first we experienced high rainfall, due to the rainy season that is moving to the north at the foot of the Himalayas and then the monsoon clouds start to move from the upper part of the south."
Meteorologist in Myanmar said the country receives rainfall at exceptional levels, causing floods and killing over 80 people and left nearly 250 thousand people displaced.
Rain of monsoon clouds and Typhoon Comments are also killed over 100 people and caused damage in West Bengal, India.
Lwin said the main factor that strengthens the rainy season is a tropical cyclone.
Scientists say the El Nino usually weakens the rainy season, but now it actually strengthens the tropical cyclone.
Flood and drought in the Southeast this time largely in line with their natural diversity, while increasing intensity.
This means an increase in the intensity of extreme weather, they say, is due to an increase in temperature of the earth.
"The heat in the atmosphere and rising seas and provide additional energy in extreme conditions, thus increasing its intensity," said Baddur.
Scientists warn increase in emissions of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, trap heat in the atmosphere, and ocean warming causes world climate change.
"We can not say what is happening in Southeast Asia is a direct effect of climate change but we can say climate change will increase extreme circumstances like that."
The more extreme
"If you look at the record since 1950, it is getting stronger and the index shows this year will be the strongest, so far"
Meteorological officials in Indonesia say the El Nino situation is getting stronger.
"If you look at the record since 1950, it is getting stronger and the index shows this year will be the strongest, so far," said metereolog Indonesia, Edvin Aldrian.
The UN agency whose report became the basis of world climate talks, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has warned of extreme conditions such as heavy rainfall in short periods and drought.
"In Southeast Asia, rain-soaked day on the whole of the year increased by 22mm per decade, while rainfall in the rainy day extreme increase of 10mm per decade," the latest IPCC report.
"But the diversity and the climate is very different tendencies in the region and the season," added the report.

Tatang already 25 years as a farmer in Indramayu, West Java, and he has repeatedly experienced a drought, but this year's drought was more severe than in previous years.
"Last year, it was so yah yah farmers crops. But now more severe season than the last years," said Tatang.
Drought not only in Indramayu, West Java, but also in 11 other provinces in Indonesia.
Approximately 25,000 hectares of agricultural land is dry and the millions of citizens of Indonesia are expected to feel the impact, such as the lack of water for their daily needs.
In order to cope with drought, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency Sutopo Purwo Nugroho explains the steps to be taken by the government.
"Distribution, droping water-water using tanker water. Then fill the storage tanks of water, plumbing repairs, and so on," said Sutopo.
In addition, the government also has plans to build 49 reservoirs throughout Indonesia, clear Sutopo.
A total of 12 provinces in Indonesia was hit by drought
Not to plant
Some areas in Indonesia naturally and geographically is an area that is dry, like Wonogiri, Boyolali and Blora.
But with the global phenomenon El Nino, the Pacific Ocean surface temperature deviations, it is affecting different countries in equatorial regions. This causes drought in Indonesia becomes larger.
Therefore, Thomas Jamaluddin, head of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space advised farmers not menamam rice in this season.
"Management in the case of agriculture it should also take into account the availability of water. In many areas of new farmers grow rice, but then hit by the drought," said Thomas.
In addition, Thomas also appealed to people applying water management and many store when water is plentiful.
It is estimated that the drought will continue to hit Indonesia until November this year.

Tafsir Al Mu'min Verse 67-85
Verses 67-68: The invitation to people to pay attention to the power of Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala in their creation and development of their lives, and quickly apply the ordinance of God Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala.

هو الذي خلقكم من تراب ثم من نطفة ثم من علقة ثم يخرجكم طفلا ثم لتبلغوا أشدكم ثم لتكونوا شيوخا ومنكم من يتوفى من قبل ولتبلغوا أجلا مسمى ولعلكم تعقلون (67) هو الذي يحيي ويميت فإذا قضى أمرا فإنما يقول له كن فيكون (68)

Translation of Surah Al Mu'min Verse 67-68

67. [1] He Who created you from the ground [2], then from a drop of sperm [3], then from a clot, then you are born as a child, then allowed you to adulthood [4], and then grow old. But among you there are turned off before that. (We do so) that you get to the time period specified [5], so that you understand [6].

68. He was the one who turn on and off [7]. So when he was about to set something affairs [8], He just bekata to him, "Be!" Then become something it [9].

Verses 69-78: The fate of those who oppose the verses of Allah and His Messenger, and Allah's order Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala to His Messenger to be patient and wait for the destruction of the infidels.

ألم تر إلى الذين يجادلون في آيات الله أنى يصرفون (69) الذين كذبوا بالكتاب وبما أرسلنا به رسلنا فسوف يعلمون (70) إذ الأغلال في أعناقهم والسلاسل يسحبون (71) في الحميم ثم في النار يسجرون (72) ثم قيل لهم أين ما كنتم تشركون (73) من دون الله قالوا ضلوا عنا بل لم نكن ندعو من قبل شيئا كذلك يضل الله الكافرين (74) ذلكم بما كنتم تفرحون في الأرض بغير الحق وبما كنتم تمرحون (75) ادخلوا أبواب جهنم خالدين فيها فبئس مثوى المتكبرين (76) فاصبر إن وعد الله حق فإما نرينك بعض الذي نعدهم أو نتوفينك فإلينا يرجعون (77) ولقد أرسلنا رسلا من قبلك منهم من قصصنا عليك ومنهم من لم نقصص عليك وما كان لرسول أن يأتي بآية إلا بإذن الله فإذا جاء أمر الله قضي بالحق وخسر هنالك المبطلون (78)

Translation of Surah Al Mu'min Verse 69-78

69. Have you not seen the people who have always denied the revelations of Allah [10]? How they can be averted [11]?

70. (Namely) those who deny the Book (Quran) and the revelation brought by Our Messengers whom We sent. Later they will know,

71. when the shackles and chains placed around their necks [12], as they were dragged,

72. into very hot water, then they were burned in the fire,

73. then said to them [13], "Which of the idols which you used to associate [14],

74. (you worship) besides Allah? "They replied," They have gone away from us, even we were never worship anything [15]. "Thus God lets go astray the disbelievers [16].

75. [17] That [18] is because you exult in the earth without regard to the truth and because you always exult (in disobedience) [19].

76. (It is said unto them): "Enter ye the gates of Hell [20], and to dwell in it. So that's the worst of places for people who are arrogant [21]."

77. So be patient thou (Muhammad) [22], the promise of Allah is true. Although we show you the most punishment We ancamkan to them, or else thou Our Mercy (before death upon them), but to them is we returned.

78. [23] And indeed, We sent messengers before thee (Muhammad) [24], among them there that we tell you, and among them there are (also) are not we tell you. None of the apostles bring a miracle, unless the permission of Allah [25]. So when it came the command of Allah [26], (for all cases) is decided by fair [27]. And when it was [28] be unfortunate people who cling to vanity [29].

Verses 79-85: the laws are not changed, the lessons that can be drawn from the events of the previous peoples, and that faith in time of doom has come useless.

الله الذي جعل لكم الأنعام لتركبوا منها ومنها تأكلون (79) ولكم فيها منافع ولتبلغوا عليها حاجة في صدوركم وعليها وعلى الفلك تحملون (80) ويريكم آياته فأي آيات الله تنكرون (81) أفلم يسيروا في الأرض فينظروا كيف كان عاقبة الذين من قبلهم كانوا أكثر منهم وأشد قوة وآثارا في الأرض فما أغنى عنهم ما كانوا يكسبون (82) فلما جاءتهم رسلهم بالبينات فرحوا بما عندهم من العلم وحاق بهم ما كانوا به يستهزئون (83) فلما رأوا بأسنا قالوا آمنا بالله وحده وكفرنا بما كنا به مشركين (84) فلم يك ينفعهم إيمانهم لما رأوا بأسنا سنة الله التي قد خلت في عباده وخسر هنالك الكافرون (85)

Translation of Surah Al Mu'min Verse 79-85

79. [30] It is Allah Who made cattle for you, most of you ride and some you eat.

80. And for you (no longer) other benefits him (cattle it) and that you achieve a purpose (goal) stored in your heart (with driving) [31]. And by driving the animals, and they are transported on board.

81. And He showed the signs (of his power) to you [32]. Then the signs (the power of) Allah that which you deny [33]?

82. [34] Have they not traveled in the earth and then noticed [35] how the end of those before them [36]. They were more and more intense strength and (more) relics of civilization on earth [37], then what they earn can not help them [38].

83. [39] So when the apostles came to them with the real evidence [40], they are happy with their existing knowledge [41] and they are surrounded by (doom) they used to mock mock.

84. So when they saw Our doom, they said [42], "We just believe in Allah alone, and we reject the gods that we associate with God [43]."

85. Then their faith when they had seen the doom of us no longer useful to them. That is the sunnah (the provisions of) Allah who has been true to His servants [44]. And when it be unfortunate infidels [45].

[1] Further He cemented the case of monotheism, by stating that He is your Creator, which converts the creation of events have you. Therefore He who created you, so worship Him alone.

[2] That is to create your fathers Adam 'alaihis greetings from the ground.

[3] This is the beginning of a process of events posterity of Adam when in the belly of his mother, that of semen, then become a 'alaqah (clot), then became mudhghah (lump of flesh), then used the bones, and the bones were wrapped in bacon ( see Al the Faithful: 14).

[4] That is the age when more and more perfect strength, the age group 30 to 40 years.

[5] When it ends your age.

[6] The state of you, so you know that what you create events have Mahasempurna His power, and that none has the right to be worshiped but Him.

[7] He who own turn on and off, so that a person would not have died either as a cause or for no reason except by His permission. He says, "And never lengthen the life of a long-lived nor reduced its age, but the (already established) in the Book (Lawh Mahfuz). Verily it is easy for Allah. "(Trans. Fatir: 11)

[8] Big or small.

[9] No one was able to resist and prevent.

[10] That is so clear and bright. This sentence is strange to assume that their poor state.

[11] That is how they can be turned away from the verses of Allah are so obvious? Yet where else they would go after a perfect explanation for this? Did they find a verse clearer as opposed to the verses of Allah? No, by God, they did not find him. Or whether they found some doubtful that in line with their desires and then they use it to attack doubtful verses of Allah to defend their sleaze? Really bad exchange them and the options they choose for themselves belie the book that came to them from Allah brought his apostles, where they are the most human and most correct and most noble minds. They reward is Hell as described in the next paragraph.

[12] So that they can not move.

[13] While criticized hard.

[14] That is whether they can give you the benefits and avoid most of doom?

[15] They deny their worship him, and the idols were presented, then Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala said, "Surely you and what you worship besides Allah, are the bait of Hell, you must go into it." (Trans. Al Anbiya: 98)

According to Shaikh As Sa'diy, -and this could mean more strong-opinion that they mean by those words is to recognize batilnya worship of the god-worshiped it, and that God has no partners. They are misguided and false worship, even worship that is not right to be worshiped. This is indicated by the word of Allah the Exalted, "So God lets go astray the disbelievers."

[16] Namely as that misguidance they hold over the world, apostasy is clear to everyone so that they recognize the iniquities on the Day of Resurrection, and it is true the word of Allah Ta'ala, "And those who called on allies other than Allah, it is not follow (a belief). They follow nothing but mere prejudice, and they are just guessing. "(Trans. Yunus: 66) This is shown also by the word of Allah Ta'ala," And who is more astray than those who worship gods other than Allah who does not can allow (prayers) until doomsday her and their neglect of the (attention) to their prayers? "(trans. Al Ahqaaf: 5)

[17] It is said also to the people of hell.

[18] That punishment assortment it.

[19] That is because you exult and proud with falsehood that you hold and with the knowledge that science menyelisihi Apostles and your arrogance against God's servants unjustly and mayhem as the word of Allah Ta'ala in the end of this chapter, "So when the messengers came to them with the real evidence, they are happy with their existing knowledge. "(trans. Al-Mu'min: 83) And as the word of Allah Ta'ala on Qarun," Do not be too proud; Allah does not love those who are too boast. "(trans. Qarun: 76) Have fun like this merry reprehensible that requires a Penalty, in contrast to rejoice commendable that rejoice in useful knowledge and good works, as in the word Allah, the Exalted, "Say," By the Grace of Allah and His mercy, let them rejoice with it. The gift of God and His mercy is better than what they amass. "(trans. Yunus: 58).
[20] Each of these layers is in accordance charity.

[21] In that place they were humiliated and demeaned, imprisoned and tortured and alternating feel high heat and cold is high.

[22] In preaching against thy people, and the disruption of their taste. So that you can be patient, it probably believe that the promise of Allah is true. He will help His religion, elevating his sentence, and helping his apostles. Likewise, so that you can be patient, then remember that the punishment will befall your enemies, if not the world, then in the next, since their return to God, then He will reward them according to what they do. Ta'aala Subhaanahu wa Allah says, "And do not ever thou (Muhammad) think that Allah is unaware of what is done by those who do wrong. Verily Allah gives respite to them until the day when the eyes (their) eyes widened, "(trans. Ibrahim: 42)

[23] Then Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala entertain him and menyabarkannya by reminding the brothers he will from among the apostles.

[24] The preaching to his people, and they were patient with his people disorders.

[25] Since they are the servants of the set. Hence the proposal to the apostles in order to bring paragraph (a miracle) as they wish after God brings verses that show the truth of His apostles was a proposal that is unjust and burdensome self.

[26] To judge among the apostles and their enemies.

[27] That corresponds to its place and in line with the truth, that by saving the apostles and followers and destroy those who deny.

[28] When given a decision.

[29] The nature they are evil, science and charity that arise from them are vanity, and the aim is also vanity. Therefore, should they addressed this verse to worry if continuously over their falsehood, then they will lose as the generation before them has been a loss, because they have no more kindness and there is no guarantee safe from the punishment in the books earlier.

[30] Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala give favors to His servants to make to their cattle from which they derive the various pleasures, including the benefits of riding it, the benefits of eating meat, drinking milk, warm the body with the skin, and make various tools of leather, fur and hair.

[31] That is up to a distant country with a feeling of happiness and joy.

[32] The show His unity, His names and His nature. This includes the biggest favors, where he showed his verses to his servants, both in themselves and in the horizon, and calls his favors so that they know him, appreciate him and to remind His.

[33] That is the verse which of the verses of his that you do not recognize, because it has remained in your heart that all the verses and favors from Him, so that there is no place to deny and no place to turn, even it requires a reasonable person to exert sincerity to strive to obey Him, submissive to him and busied himself with the worship Him.

[34] Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala invite those who deny the apostle to travel on earth either with the heart and body as well as ask the people who know.

[35] While thinking, not just to see but their heart is negligent.

[36] From the foregoing peoples, such as' Aad, Thamud and others, where they were greater strength and more possessions and more legacy.

[37] Like the building, fittings, forts and palaces.

[38] When it comes to those commandments (to punish them). When the force they are not useful, they are not able to make it up with their property and are not able to hide behind their fortress.

[39] Then Allah mentions their big mistake.

[40] That is the heavenly books, miracles, useful knowledge that describe the user rather than apostasy, the rights of the vanity.

[41] They were delighted with the knowledge that is on them mean is that they have had enough with the science that is on them and do not feel the need anymore to science taught by the apostles of them, even they underestimated and mock information brought apostles. Already be advised, that excitement they showed their loyalty to Allah's approval berpegangnya they oppose the truth to him and brought the apostles. Included in the example of science that humans are usually proud of him is the science of philosophy and science Mantiq Greece, where the knowledge that they argued many verses of the Qur'an, reducing its glory in the human heart, and make the arguments that convinced and qath'i (definitely) as arguments lafzhi that did not bear the slightest confidence, they heed reason people stupid and vanity rather than the arguments. These include deviant attitudes in the verses of Allah and against it, wallahul musta'aan.

[42] As a gesture of recognition, but when that recognition is no longer useful.

[43] Both statues and idols, and we disassociate ourselves from everything that menyelisihi the apostles, either in the form of science and charity.

[44] That faith is not useful when doom has come. That's because the faith is the faith of necessity and has witnessed firsthand, but faith is only useful when it is unseen, that is, before there are signs of doom.

[45] That is obviously their losses for everyone. Whereas before that they always lose.


Dr. Yusuf bin Abdillah bin Yusuf al-wabil

Knowledge about the Day of Judgment is a matter of the unseen which is known only to Allah Ta'ala, as it is shown by many verses in al-Qur'an and the hadiths of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam because knowledge about the Day of Resurrection is the only known case by Allah Almighty. He did not show it to an angel nor juxtaposed to a Prophet who was sent [1]. Nobody knows when the Judgement except Allah Ta'ala.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam often talk about the state of Doomsday and virulence, so people then asked him when the Doomsday. He reported that it is a matter of the unseen which is known only to God, as well as verses of the Qur'an explains that knowledge about when the Resurrection is something that God reserved for Himself.

Among these are his words:

يسألونك عن الساعة أيان مرساها قل إنما علمها عند ربي لا يجليها لوقتها إلا هو ثقلت في السماوات والأرض لا تأتيكم إلا بغتة يسألونك كأنك حفي عنها قل إنما علمها عند الله ولكن أكثر الناس لا يعلمون

"They ask you about Doomsday, 'When did this happen?' Say, 'Verily the knowledge of the Resurrection that is on the side of my Lord; nobody can explain his arrival time but Him. Doomsday was very heavy (riot for creatures) in the heavens and on earth. Judgement will not come to you but suddenly. 'They ask you as if you really know. Say, 'Verily the knowledge of the Day of Judgment it is with Allah, but most people do not know.' "[Al-A'raaf: 187]

Allaah commanded His Prophet, Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in order to proclaim to mankind that knowledge of the Resurrection is only in Allah alone, only he was the one who knows the problem clearly and when it happened, none of the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth knows.

As revealed by God:

يسألك الناس عن الساعة قل إنما علمها عند الله وما يدريك لعل الساعة تكون قريبا

"People ask you about the Day of Resurrection. Say, 'Verily the knowledge of the Hour was only with Allah.' And do you know (O Muhammad), may be the Day of Resurrection it is near the time. "[Al-Ahzaab: 63]

As well as spoken by God:

يسألونك عن الساعة أيان مرساها فيم أنت من ذكراها إلى ربك منتهاها

"(Unbelievers) ask you (O Muhammad) of the Day of Resurrection, when will it happen? Who are you (that) can be mentioned (time)? Rabb's your restored to the end (provision of the time). "[An-Naazi'aat: 42-44]

Then the culmination of the knowledge of the resurrection day return to God alone.

Therefore, when Gabriel Alaihissallam asked the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam on the Day of Judgment-as described in the hadith that long-Gabriel Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

ما المسئول عنها بأعلم من السائل.

"People who were asked about it does not know more than the person who asked." [2]

Gabriel did not know when the Day of Judgment it happened, so did the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

Similarly, the Prophet 'Isa Alaihissallam, he does not know when Judgment was happening, but he will go down when the Apocalypse is near. Even (the decline of the Prophet 'Isa) including big signs of Judgement, as will be explained.

Al-Imam Ahmad rahimahullah narrates, as well as Ibn Majah and al-Hakim of 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud radi anhu, from the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, he said:

لقيت ليلة أسري بي إبراهيم وموسى وعيسى, قال: فتذاكروا أمر الساعة, فردوا أمرهم إلى إبراهيم فقال: لا علم لي بها, فردوا الأمر إلى موسى, فقال: لا علم لي بها, فردوا الأمر إلى عيسى فقال: أما وجبتها; فلا يعلمها أحد إلا الله ذلك, وفيما عهد إلي ربي عزوجل أن الدجال خارج, قال ومعي قضيبان, فإذا رآني, ذاب كما يذوب الرصاص. قال: فيهلكه الله.

"On the night I was in-Isra'kan to the sky, I met with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus." He said, "Then they said to each other about the case of Resurrection, then they restore their case to Abraham, then he said, 'I did not have knowledge of it, return the case is Moses. 'Then he said,' I do not have knowledge about it, give back his case to Jesus. "Finally he said, 'As for when it happens, then no one knows except Allah. Among the revelations given by my Lord Almighty to me, 'Verily Dajjal will come out.' He said, 'And I was carrying two swords. If he sees me, he will be melted as tin melts. 'He said,' Then Allah destroy it. '"[3]

They are the Ulul Azmi of the Apostles, and they do not know when the Apocalypse.

And Imam Muslim narrated rahimahullah of Jabir bin 'Abdillah radi anhuma, he said, "I heard the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam who said a month before he died:

تسألوني عن الساعة? وإنما علمها عند الله وأقسم بالله ما على الأرض من نفس منفوسة تأتي عليها مائة سنة.

'You asked me about the Day of Judgment? While science is just on the side of God, and I swear by the Name of Allah, there is not a living creature was born on this earth that is a hundred years old. '"[4] [5]

This hadith negate the possibility that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam know after Gabriel question him.

Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, "The unlettered Prophet who is the leader of the Apostles, and they cover -shalawat and greetings of Allah be upon him- Prophet bearer of grace, repentance caller, the leader of the war, giving a decision, which honor the guest, collector, where all humans gathered to him (for obtaining syafa'at), in which he also said in the authentic hadith of the hadith Anas and Sahl bin Sa'd radi anhuma:

بعثت أنا والساعة كهاتين.

'He sent me and the Day of Resurrection like two (finger) is.' [6]

He is closer to the existing index finger and afterwards (the middle finger). Nevertheless, his circumstances, God had ordered him to restore the science of Doom to him if asked about it, Allah says:

قل إنما علمها عند الله ولكن أكثر الناس لا يعلمون

"... Say, 'Verily the knowledge of the Day of Judgment it is with Allah, but most people do not know." [Al-A'raaf: 187] [7]

Anyone who thinks that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam know when the Apocalypse, then he is a fool, because the verses of al-Qur'an and the hadiths of the Prophet mentioned reject these assumptions.

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah said, "And those who claim to be scientists of our time has revealed the lies. He pretends satisfied (with knowledge) when knowledge was not given to him that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam know when the Day of Judgment. "(Very deservedly) said to him," The Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa salla once said in the hadith Gabriel :

ما المسئول عنها بأعلم من السائل.

'People who were asked about it does not know more than the person who asked. "

Then they distort the true meaning, saying, "The meaning is, 'I am, and you know it.'"

It is the greatest folly, and the meaning of the worst abuses. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam know more about God, (the inappropriate) he told someone he regarded as a negro, "I and you know when Judgment was going on," only fools said, "Previously, he knows that he is Gabriel, "when the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam honest in his words, he said:

ما جائني في صورة إلا عرفته غير هذه الصورة.

"It is not he come up with such a fine unless I knew him other than this one." [8]

In another wording:

ما شبه علي غير هذه المرة.

"He (Gabriel) has never disguised me aside on this occasion."

While in another wording:

ردوا علي الأعرابي ...

"Bring me the Bedouins ..."

Then they went to look for it, but they do not get it.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam know that he is Gabriel after a while, as stated by' Umar radi anhuma, "Then I was silent for a long time, then he said, 'O' Umar! Do you know who to ask? '"[9]

Those who distort the meaning of the saying, "He knows that he is Gabriel since he asked him, while he did not preach the Companions of it except after an interval of time has passed!"

Then expression in the hadith: (ما المسئول عنها بأعلم من السائل) includes anyone who asked and asked, then everyone who asked and asked about this Doomsday situation is such that (equally not know). [10]

Similarly, there is no point in mentioning the signs and proclaim to the questioner already knows, the more so when he was not asked about the signs.

And more bizarre than this argument is what is revealed by as-Suyuti in al-Haawi after revealing answers to questions about the hadiths famous among men, "Verily, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam would not remain in his grave for a thousand years? "He (al-Suyuti) said," I answer that this is false there is no foundation at all. "

Then revealed that he wrote a book on this issue with the title of al-Kasyfu 'an Mujaawazati Haadzihil Ummah al-Alf, in which he said:

First, the hadiths that exist indicate that these people age more than a thousand years and enhancements do not reach five hundred years; as narrated by a variety of the world that age is seven thousand years, and the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam sent at the end of the sixth year thousands. [11]

Then he mentioned some of the calculations that conclusion is simply not possible if his time was fifteen hundred years. Then he mentions hadiths and atsar-atsar that is premised by him:

Among these is narrated by the ath-Thabrani in al-Kabiir of ad-Dahhak bin Zummal az-Zuhani, he said, "I had a dream, then I tell the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam," later he said that the hadith in which disclosed :

إذا أنا بك يا رسول الله على منبر فيه سبع درجات, وأنت في أعلاها درجة. فقال: أما المنبر الذي رأيت فيه سبع درجات وأنا في أعلاها درجة, فالدنيا سبعة آلاف سنة, وأنا في آخرها ألفا.

"Suddenly I was in the (near) you O Messenger of Allah, in the pulpit who has seven steps, and you are on the ladder of the most high," then he said, "The pulpit you see has seven stairs and I was on the stairs The most high, it means that (age) world seven thousand years, and I was in the last thousands of years. "[12]

He (al-Suyuti) said that the hadith narrated by al-Bayhaqi in ad-Dalaa-il, and as-Suhail said that this hadith dha'if sanadnya, but the hadith narrated by mauquf to Ibn 'Abbaas anhuma through road -path are authentic, and ath-Thabrani [13] menshahihkan this foundation and reinforcing it with some atsar.

Then as-Suyuti explains that the meaning of words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "... and I was in the last thousands of years." The point is that most Muslims were in the seventh thousand, to match the history of se-he added that he was sent at the end of six thousand. Had he was sent at the beginning of the seventh thousand, undoubtedly signs of Doomsday as large as the Antichrist, the decline of the Prophet 'Isa, and the rising of the sun from the west has been encountered more than a hundred years before our time, because the Resurrection happened on the seventh thousand, while nothing happened at that time, then this indicates that the rest of the year seven thousand more than three hundred years. [14]

This is a summary word as-Suyuti rahimahullah, and (these words) collide with a clear expression in the al-Qur-an is also hadiths are authentic; that the life of the world is not known by anyone except Allah Ta'ala. Because if we know the age of the world, surely we will know when the Apocalypse. You have to know in advance of the verses of al-Qur'an and the hadiths of the Prophet that the Judgment is not known when it happened except by Allah Ta'ala.

Similarly, that the fact that there is rejecting it (think of as-Suyuti). Since we are in the early fifteenth century Hijriyyah, while the Dajjal has not come out, and the Prophet 'Isa has not gone down. As-Suyuti states that there is a history that says Dajjal out at the beginning of a century and 'Isa Alaihissallam down, and killed him. Then he dwelt on the earth for forty years, humans reside in the earth after the sun rises from the west for a hundred and twenty years, and the distance between two puffs (trumpet) was forty years old, this all must happen within a period of two hundred years [15 ]. Then based on his words, if the Dajjal out now it must be two hundred years, so that the occurrence of Judgement after year one thousand six hundred.

By this it is clear kebathilah every hadith that restrict the age of the world.

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah said in the book of al-Manaarul Muniif some things that are known to him the falsity of a hadith. He said, "Among these is menyelisihi hadith texts of al-Qur-an obvious, such as age restrictions hadith world, which says that the life of the world's only seven thousand years, while we were in the seventh thousand-year period. This is the most obvious lies, because if this hadith authentic, surely everyone knows that Doomsday will occur two hundred and fifty-one years of our time today. "[16]

Ibn al-Qayyim lived in the eighth century Hijriyyah, he said words like these, and has passed on his words more than six hundred and fifty-two years, but the world has not ended.

Ibn Kathir said, "As contained in the books Israiliyyat (stories originating from the People of Israel / Jewish-ed.) And the People of the Book in the form of restriction period has past by thousands and hundreds of years, so more than one person clerical bright -terangan blame them inside it, and treat them harshly as they deserve to get it, and also there is a hadith:

الدنيا جمعة من جمع الآخرة.

"The world is one of the week in the next few weeks."

This hadith sanadnya not authentic, nor any hadith is not authentic sanad which determines the timing of the Day of Judgment as appropriate. [17]

As no one knows when the Day of Judgment, then no one knows when his emerging signs of Doomsday. A history that explains that this year will be like this, and this year will occur this case, it is not true, because the calendar has not been done at the time of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, but' Umar bin al-Khaththablah are set as an ijtihad from him, and the calculation starts from the beginning of the event emigration of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to Medina.

Al-Qurtubi said, "Actually what is reported by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam about the slander and the events that will occur, with the timing of a given year requires the correct way (in determining the history keshahihan) that could break any ar- gumentasi, it is as (determine) the timing of the Day of Resurrection, no one knows in Which it will happen, nor in what? (The note) that it will take place on Friday at the end of time. The time in which God created Adam Alaihissallam, but Friday which one? Nobody knows the exact day except Allah that there is no partner for Him, as well as signs of Doomsday problem, no one knows the time is for sure, wallahu knows best. [18]

[Copied from the book Asyraathus Saa'ah, author Abdillah bin Yusuf ibn Yusuf al-wabil, Daar Ibnil Jauzi, Prints Fifth 1415H-1995M, Indonesia Issue Doomsday is Nigh, Beni Translators Sarbeni, Reader Publishers Ibn Kathir]

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