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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reservoirs (SITU) in Depok threatened Jalarta city with flooding.

Reservoirs (SITU) in Depok 

Reservoirs (SITU) in Depok  threatened  Jalarta city with flooding.

Reservoirs (SITU) rainwater is not just a matter of Jakarta to Pluit reservoir problem that has now become a problem because of the depth of the reservoir is shrinking, due to the decades-occupied residents.

Jakarta local government should have the same cooperation with surrounding cities such as the city of Depok government that many reservoirs (siru) in this area is reduced by 50% function.

As in Pluit dam reservoirs (there) in Depok difficult dozens years many local residents occupied land even many that are sold to residents setempay immigrant population.

So if the government of Depok, West Java wants to normalize reservoirs (Situ) has how many trillions of dollars that must be spent to dredge the reservoir that has occupied thousands of citizens, including the shrinking reservoirs for wild plants such as water hyacinth plants.

Whereas reservoirs in Depok critical for buffering rainwater from the peak areas, so although Pluit reservoir can be overcome, however, when dozens of reservoirs (Situ) in Depok remain dormant then the threat of flooding continued to threaten jakarta.

For the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, Pluit Reservoir normalization in North Jakarta is a must.

The government wants to restore the reservoir area as a water catchment area so as to reduce the impact of flooding that often occurs in the city of Jakarta.

Jakarta's flood control during rely on West Canal channel that pioneered the Netherlands.

Initially, Pluit Reservoir 80 acres became part of the city flood control facilities. However, because of reservoir sedimentation and occupation area for settlement, the capacity of the reservoir is reduced drastically.

Currently, an estimated area of about 50 acres of the reservoir with a depth of 1 meter to 3 meters.

"Need to restore the function of the reservoir that can hold large amounts of water so that the water from the south (upstream) can be accommodated in the reservoir. If you constantly rely on Kanal Barat, Jakarta will always be threatened by flooding," said Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama.

Jakarta Provincial Government plans are not messing around. Pascabanjir January, normalization project started.

Widened the entrance of water, garbage cleared, and the deployment of heavy equipment takes place almost every day. Administration managed to relocate 300 residents on the west side of the reservoir.

Most were placed in rental flats spread across North Jakarta, East Jakarta, as well as in West Jakarta.

City government allocated a budget for the project is almost Rp 1 trillion. Budget is for the construction of sheet pile (concrete wall) of Rp 190 billion, and the cost of dredging the reservoir budgeted Rp 800 billion.

To this day, Saturday (05/18/2013), the normalization process continues to run.

This program is not easy to face. Most of the thousands of residents who occupy the reservoir area refused to move.

They've been there for years and do not want to lose the job. They asked certainty future after moving from the reservoir.

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