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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finance Minister Chatib Basri asked BPK involvement optimization related funds

Finance Minister Chatib Basri asked BPK involvement optimization related funds

 Chatib Basri Finance Minister has requested the involvement of the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK ) in planning and optimization of budgeting funds for Rp27 trillion , which is listed on the State Budget 2014.

" To ensure governance BPK I 'm participating in the audit planning and budgeting , " he said in Jakarta on Friday night ( 29/11 ) .

Chatib explained the efforts made ​​in order to optimize the planning and budgeting of funds , which are currently being implemented by the Institute of the Ministry of discussions between the Parliament commission related , took place appropriate governance and transparent .

He also warned that the optimization of the disbursement shall meet all applicable provisions and procedures for disbursement requirements that have been set by the Ministry of Finance .

"The documents and letters that responsibility is absolute, then discussed with Bappenas and the Ministry of Finance , there is a commission approval letter . Important if the government kept its governance , " he said .

Chatib added if the disbursement of funds optimization procedure does not meet the requirements , it is certain Ministry of Finance will distribute these funds have been approved by the commission although in the House of Representatives .

" In terms of allocation already exists , but it's a process . To be melted to be seen , if the document does not exist , can not be cashed , " he said .

According to the plan , the funds allocated for the optimization of some Ministry Institute , among others, the Ministry of Public Works amounting to Rp 9 trillion , the Ministry of Transportation between Rp900 billion to Rp1 trillion , 3 trillion Police , Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Health Rp2 trillion Rp1 , 6 trillion .

Optimizing the utilization of funds is an implementation of the right budget , and the House of Representatives has the authority to make changes in the proposed state budget -related discussions , as stipulated in Law No. 17 Year 2003 on State Finance .

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