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Friday, July 19, 2013

Football teams seeded English-yack to Indonesia.

Football teams seeded English-yack to Indonesia.

After Arsenal, Liverpool now come to Jakarta, following Chelsia coming weeks, they will be testing the strength of the teams Indonesia

Legendary Players Liverpool, Ian Rush, assessing the Reds will play against Indonesia seriously XI in a trial match at Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Saturday (07/20/2013). Liverpool, he said, want to score a lot of goals to provide entertainment to the Liverpudlian in Jakarta.

Liverpool came to Indonesia in a series of pre-season tour to Asia and Australia. Indonesia became the first destination Merseyside team's entourage before heading to Melbourne on July 24 and Bangkok four days later.

"Liverpool did want to provide entertainment to fans in here (Indonesia) and they want to score a lot of goals in the match," Rush said in Jakarta, Friday (07/19/2013).

Party in previous trials, successful Arsenal beat Indonesia to score seven goals without reply in SUGBK, Sunday (14/07/2013). Was the case with the Dutch also able to win 3-0 while challenging Sergio van Dijk and his colleagues on the 7th of June.

Rush assessed, the results of the two games will make the coach and the player attempts to defeat striking that it does not happen again. According to him, if a professional football team, then Indonesia will learn a lot from those two defeats and will perform better.

"When faced Liverpool, they (Indonesia) will learn from the experience. If they return the same seven-goal defeat against Arsenal was a sign they do not learn from mistakes," said Rush.

Ahead of the match against Indonesia XI, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers admitted he watched footage of the Indonesian team match against Arsenal. Rodgers assess Indonesian team when it appears pretty good. He even did not hesitate to judge the quality of the engineering team "Garuda".

"Until the 70th minute the game is quite tight. In my opinion, Indonesian players have good technique and it seems they are easily trained, "said Rodgers, Thursday (07/18/2013).

However, he agreed with the words of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on Indonesian players stamina. Earlier, Wenger said that the Indonesian players bad stamina.

"After 70 minutes they seemed exhausted. It may be true what Wenger called if they are lacking in terms of stamina, "said Rodgers.

Even so, Rodgers does not necessarily underestimate the team "Garuda". Moreover, the Indonesian squad will ketambahan players from U-23 team.

"There are some talented players on this team, especially perhaps in the front lines. This game will be a test, "said Rodgers.

Liverpool will wait on the challenge Indonesia XI team on Saturday (07/20/2013) at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta. They then will resume pre-season tour to Melbourne, Australia, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Associated with their Asian tour this, Rodgers was faced with the question likely to recruit Asian players. However, Rodgers was not bothered by the origin of the player.

"Liverpool is a great club and we always want to get the best players. It does not matter where they come from, "said Rodgers.

The arrival of special guests from abroad as Liverpool always used various parties in order to reap sustenance. Of which a ticket broker, sell uniforms or team scarves.

One of the "fortune seekers" is Art. Between ticket buyers and vendors accessories, easy figure caught the eye. Her body is higher than average, white skin redness of sunburn in the sky Senayan, and blond hair began to become white.

His right hand held a scarf Liverpool, while in his left hand hanging dozens of similar scarf. White cardboard hanging around his neck that read "1 pcs 30,000".

"I'm from the Netherlands., Where I live in Amsterdam," said Art when Kompas.com him.

He claimed to be following the route the Reds to Melbourne and continues to Bangkok. However, he was not alone. "There were two of my friends, they also sell," said Art.

Given the story, it would be easy to assume if Art is a Liverpool fan. Indeed, he admitted that he likes on the Reds and Steven Gerrard. However, he was not "as religious" other Reds fans.

"I know they are a good team, but I do not really memorized the name of the players," said Art.

He openly admitted to Jakarta goal is for a vacation. "It's the holidays and I need the money," said Art.

Prior to Jakarta, he also had to come to Vietnam, where Arsenal run the pre-season tour. There he also sells scarves. Of course the sale is Arsenal scarf.

Art did not specify where he bought the scarves. He only mentioned that the merchandise is purchased in bulk. "All made in Asia," he explained.

While talking with Kompas.com, Art occasionally stopping to serve buyers. Kompas.com observations, some prospective audience Liverpool seemed to pause in front of the Art. Who knows, maybe they feel a new viewing experience "bule" peddling scarves.

Football and all fanaticism, always used to reap a profit from the commercial side. Especially, in Indonesia. Country of origin millions of fans overseas clubs like Liverpool. Art is only one figure that observant utilize the fanaticism.

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