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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jakarta Governor Ahok report stealth funds Jakarta budget commission to combat corruption

Jakarta Governor Ahok report stealth funds Jakarta budget commission to combat corruption

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Vice President Jusuf Kalla asserted, if the Jakarta Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja true that there is an intrusion "stealth funds" in the city budget, Basuki can not be imposed by the City Council, which is currently rolling the inquiry, the inquiry.

On that basis, Jusuf Kalla also supported the Governor of DKI who brought reports and documents alleged phantom funds in the city budget from 2012 to 2015 to the Corruption Eradication Commission.

"Let it be so (ongoing legal process) so that people will be clear, what is wrong and right. The case of the capital Jakarta DPRD nice and could be an example for all of Parliament anywhere. If excessive (budgeted), yes, go to court alone . So, I support (step to the Commission) that, "Kalla said when asked about the chaos surrounding the city budget, in Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Saturday (28/2).

When asked about the possibility to be impeached governor Basuki related to an inquiry on the proposed City Council, Kalla said, if Basuki true, he can not be imposed by Parliament.

"Except Ahok is wrong. Because of dropping it should be through the courts. Well, the court, right, should also be clear, if it was the price of the UPS (power supply backup power tool) that height, or whatever it's called, means Ahok, yes, true. But, if it does not exist (funds stealth), yes, Ahok can go wrong, "said Kalla call close calls Basuki.

Political communication

President Joko Widodo said on a separate occasion, the political chaos in Jakarta today arises because there is the issue of political communication between the Government of Jakarta and the Jakarta City Council.

"Actually, as long as both want to meet, communicate, find solutions, find a way out, there must be," said the president, who is also a former Governor of Jakarta, Jakarta.

According to Jokowi, budget problems become one of the root of the problem does not have to happen if there is agreement in terms of budgeting priorities.

"Where is the priority, whether the schools are damaged or UPS? Important Where? Kan, still many schools were damaged and needs to be fixed," he said.

"Secondly, if the proposed school or not, ask. It will be visible, ask the service also, they propose or not," he continued.

Basuki involve BPK

Governor Basuki also asked the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK) also investigate alleged stealth budget in city budget in 2014. He thinks it is not clear that the emergence of funds not only from persons in the City Council, but also subordinates.

According to Basuki, the budget is not clear to the UPS on city budget 2014 budget proposal re-emerged in 2015 with a value of Rp 12.1 trillion. Among various obscure budget, procurement UPS is most striking because of the cost is quite large.

Indications of corruption in the procurement of the UPS 2014 has been wafted by the Commission. Based on data Basuki have, there is the same mode in the procurement of the UPS, the tender worth USD 6 billion, but the ceiling of Rp 5.8 billion. "I expect those who supply these tools one person, only he's using different company names," he said.

In addition to targeting elements in Parliament, Basuki also aiming subordinates, one education department. According to him, there are still people in the tribal agencies naughty education.

From the explanation Lasro Marbun, former Head of Jakarta Education Department (2014), the 2014 budget, the education budget cut to $ 4.3 trillion. However, until the budget is passed, they found 55 packages that should not be included in the budget and still qualify.

Not to impeach

Member of Commission D of Jakarta City Council Gerindra Party, Mohammed Sanusi, said the current council in question is the 2015 budget document is invalid because it was not the result of discussions with the Council.

Governor reports to the Commission on suspicion of stealth budget in the budget of 2014, he continued, is not related to the validity of the 2015 budget document submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs executive.

"If there were members of the Board are involved (in alleged stealth fund budget in 2014), please check it. We all abide by the law. However, it has nothing to do with the 2015 budget is not valid because there has been no determination of the Ministry of Interior," said Sanusi.

He even accused their back "stealth budget" worth Rp 20 trillion in 2015. The fund budget, according to Sanusi, is the indirect expenditures for salaries, benefits, and telephone shopping, water, electricity, and the internet, which was not discussed with the Board .

"In my commission, for example, there is a road maintenance program Suprapto Rp 50 billion without details or asphalt road length is needed. There is also a water pipe construction program Jatiluhur-Jakarta Rp 50 billion," said Sanusi.

"When we ask why there is a program that, when it entered the realm of the ministry, the proposal was not the answer from them (SKPD). There is also a village grant program series worth Rp 300 billion. This program includes BPK findings in 2013. We asked again, answered it Similarly, instead of their proposal, "he said.

That is why, further Sanusi, the right of inquiry that has been approved by Parliament on 26 February will still continued.

Similarly, members of Jakarta City Council of PDI-P, Steven Setiabudi Moses, asserted the right of inquiry still rolling for policies aimed at correcting the Governor.

"Our goal right of inquiry do not ever to impeach. We just want the governor to know how to communicate well," he said.

Support residents continue to flow to Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama aka Ahok to prevent misuse of the budget. As seen in action "I Ahok, Action Opponent Begal budget" when the car free day at the Hotel Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Sunday (03/01/2015).

Residents hope, chaotic city budget issues between Ahok and Parliament can be resolved. Citizens ask, if there is true stealth budget in the city budget, there should be decisive action.

"Begal wrote motors burned yes, future budget robber-apain diapa baseball," said Erwan Kus (50), participants of the car free day to Kompas.com, in Indonesia roundabout, Central Jakarta, on Sunday morning.

Erwan said, if true stealth budget, those who play the budget has gone too far. Therefore, should budget funds intended for the people. He mentions one discrepancy, namely provision of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that reaches billions of dollars. (Read: One Company's Tender Winner Turns UPS Store Copier)

"Dana purchase UPS, weird, fantastic so. In my office there are UPS, at my home also. But it was baseball that much," said Erwan.

Erwan claimed to support Ahok resolve the question of city budget. "I hope the end result could be resolved if there is wrong. I support Ahok. Problem waffle she was rude, did just that, but he's honest. From the pious but the robber," said Erwan.

Yanto (24), another resident said he was disappointed the City Council. Supposedly, he said, Parliament whose role is to oversee the government. (Read: Ahok: Crazy, Ngapain Make Trilogy Book? This name is Defamation)

"But here the reverse. Instead Ahok which revealed the presence of invisible funds in the budget budget," said Yanto.

He suspects there are those who want to tackle on Ahok steps to uncover the alleged existence of the game in the budget budget.

"We as young people see Mr. Ahok correctly. It is precisely this evil would ngejegal. So one ngedukung Pak Ahok, in this way," he said.

Hundreds of people gathered to provide support to Ahok. The participants mostly from the young. They bring a face mask Ahok 2000, tens of rim mold petition, blackboard, banners, and more.

Alleged irregularities have been reported Ahok city budget to the Commission. Now, the Commission is conducting a study and will continue to probe if found any indication of corruption. (Read: Study Commission Report Ahok)

Ahok disputed 2015 city budget, according to him, there is a deviation. Ahok mentioned, there are legislators who cut 10-15 percent of the budget on the flagship program in the 2015 budget proposal, and then allocated to programs worth a total of Rp 12.1 trillion, according to him, is not important.

Proposed procurement uniterruptible power system (UPS) is not only for the school. In the Draft Local Budget (budget draft 2015) discussion of the results of the commission of Parliament, eight districts and 56 villages in West Jakarta City Administration also proposed to obtain the UPS.

Based on the 2015 budget draft document version received Kompas.com Parliament, UPS procurement budget amounts for each village and sub-district was USD 4.22 billion.

District in West Jakarta are Cengkareng, Grogolpetamburan, Kalideres, Kebon Orange, Kembangan, Palmerah, Taman Sari, and Tambora.

Procurement UPS is also proposed for the Village Angke, Cengkareng, West, East Cengkareng, Duri Kepa, Duri Kosambi, South Duri, North Duri, Glodok, Grogol, Jati Pulo, Jelambar, New Jelambar, Iron Bridge and Bridge Lima.

So also with the Village Joglo, Kalianyar, Kalideres, Kamal, Kapok, majesty, Kebun Orange, Kedaung Angke South Kedoya, North Kedoya, Kelapa Dua, Kemanggisan, South Kembangan, North Kembangan, City South Bamboo, Bamboo Town North, and Krendang .

UPS also budgeted for the Village Krukut, Mangga Besar, Maphar, South Meruya, North Meruya, Palmerah, Pegadungan, Pekojan, Pinangsia, Rawa Buaya, Roa Malaka, Semanan, Slipi, Srengseng, South Sukabumi, North Sukabumi, Taman Sari, Tambora, soil Cereals, Tank, Tanjung Duren South, Tanjung Duren Utara, Tegal Alur, Tomang, and Village Wijaya Kusuma.

With the price of Rp 4.220,000.000 per UPS, means the total budget for the procurement reached Rp 270.08 billion

UPS procurement project proposal for districts and villages that are listed on the sheet 190 to 192 RAPBD result of the discussion in the Commission A Parliament. Each sheet is no initials Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary of the Commission A.

The result of the discussion was signed in Jakarta on January 27, 2015. The signatories are Budget Committee Chairman Ir H Triwisaksana MSc, Chairman of the Commission AH Riano P Ahmad, H Petra Lumbun SH MH, Sharif M SI.

Previously reported, Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama reveal stealth budget proposal submitted by the City Council on Education Dept. in Budget 2015. Two of them are the provision of UPS in two schools, namely SMP SMP 37 and 41. Each UPS budgeted Rp 6 billion . [Read: It's Proposed Budget Demon City Council to the Department of Education which Revealed Ahok]

When confirmed, the Head of SMP 41 procurement UPS denied asking for his school. "I do not know about that. We also never filed," said Afrisyaf to Kompas.com, in his office, Friday (27/02/2015). [Read: Principal SMP 41 Never Ask UPS, let alone the price is USD 6 Billion]

Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama said that he came to the Building Commission on Friday (02/27/2015), not only aims to report the alleged inflation of the budget provision of electric power supply devices (uninterruptible power supply) on the 2015 budget draft.

Ahok claimed to have evidence about alleged corruption in Jakarta from 2012 to 2014. Evidence that he had input into two suitcases, and he was brought to the office of the antirasuah institutions. [Read: To the Commission, Ahok Take Two Suitcases and a pile of documents]

"So we had come to bring evidence differences with the budget that I submitted e-budgeting which we agreed in plenary to those made by comrades in Parliament. There are already a number only difference is pretty much up to Rp 12 trillion," said Ahok after submitted its report. [Read: Go up to the Commission, Ahok Budget Request Demon in the city budget investigated]

"The goods we carry, technical'll be doing research and we are asked to do BPK audit. Audit of 2015. The 2014 audit is being carried out. If in 2012, 2013 has been no audit," he added.

But he was reluctant to disclose the parties allegedly involved, and the amount of loss incurred country. Ahok refer to both of these is the full authority of the KPK investigators.

"I think the next may ask to the Commission. Commission will do the investigation of all sorts. I do not know. Let the law alone, let me later that the Commission will examine all," he said.

On his arrival, the Ahok seemed accompanied by the city government officials, including the Regional Secretary and the Chief Inspectorate Lasro Saefullah Marbun.

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