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Friday, May 1, 2015

American Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines will compete at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas

American Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines will compete at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Two legends of boxing, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao of America from the Philippines will compete at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, tomorrow (2/05).
Why the game is the talk of many people?
In short, because Mayweather and Pacquiao are considered the two best boxers the world today, and rarely two best boxers meet in the same class.
The 1980s may arguably the golden age of boxing in the United States. Names like Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler often compete against each other.
But boxing lately disappeared from the TV station. Fragmented and growing body of boxing's cause this sport slowly disappearing from the public.
Their record?
Mayweather, 38, is unbeaten in 47 professional matches since the start of 1996. He has won five titles in different classes.
Pacquiao, 36, is the title holder in six different classes (eight if counting the two titles are not too big), but lost five times in 64 games since turned into a professional boxer in 1995.
They both have defeated other big names such as Oscar de la Hoya, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton.
Mayweather pacquiao
How big?
Financially is the largest. With the flow of money involved in this game, it is difficult to ascertain how they are going to take home.
It is estimated that Mayweather will pocket around £ 90 million (1.8 triyun) and Pacquiao took home £ 60 million (Rp1.2 trillion).
The game will generate a lot of money, because the boxing fans have to pay about US $ 100 (Rp 1.3 million) to see it.
It is estimated that, Mayweather-Pacquiao would also break the record once watched broadcast TV (pay-per-view).
Currently a record contract to purchase pay-per-view held by game Mayweather vs De la Hoya in 2007 (US $ 2.5 million). While the record profits pay-per-view is on the match Mayweather vs. Saul Alvarez in 2013 (US $ 152 million).
MGM Grand's own building could accommodate 16,000 spectators, and they could reach revenues of US $ 74, three times the previous record. Even beyond the final game of American football or the Super Bowl, which is watched by around 70,000 people.
Ticket transactions in the secondary market could reach six figures, and some money selling tickets for the possibility of flowing into the pockets of the boxers as well.
pacquiao Mayweather
With money from foreign TV broadcasts, sponsors, and souvenirs we could see a figure double the country's GDP Kiribati in the Pacific!
What is at stake?
In a matter of degree juaga, Mayweather's holding the WBC welterweight champion and WBA, while Pacquiao held the WBO version.
Also at stake: a record unbeaten Mayweather.
Their games will also determine a second career: that came out as the winner can claim to be the best fighter of his era.
Do they need the money?
Short answer: no. Mayweather, who has the nickname of Money, now has a fortune of US $ 295 million (Rp3.8 trillion) and received US $ 105 million (Rp1.35 trillion) again this year.
Compared with Mayweather, Pacquiao so relatively poor with a fortune of US $ 110 million (Rp1.4 trillion).
Of its activities 19 years in boxing, Mayweather has a wealth of more than US $ 400 million (Rp5.1 trillion) and became the biggest earning athletes in the world over the last three years.
While Pacquiao's career in the last two decades to bring money of US $ 263 million (Rp3.4 trillion) for him.
Mayweather residence is a palace in Las Vegas, although he also has a home in Miami. He also has a collection of luxury cars including two Bugatti is only worth more than one million dollars (about 13 billion). He also had a private jet.
Manny Pacquiao was warmly welcomed when the election campaign as a member of the Philippine Congress.
Pacquiao PacMan nicknamed staying at his home in General Santos City, Philippines, and relatively simple though recently issued US $ 12.5 million for a home in Beverley Hills, United States.
Are they always lucky?
Both had a troubled past. Mayweather was born in a family of boxers in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Father and coach is Senior Floyd, had become the challenger to world champion, while his uncle Roger, never to be world champion.
However, his mother a drug addict, and Senior Floyd ever shot in the leg by a drug dealer while holding her son.
Pacquiao was born in a poor family that lived in a cardboard shack in the province of Sarangani, Philippines.
He scavenged food from the trash and was just drinking water alone to survive. This man quit school aged 10 years and ran away from home at 15 when his father was slaughtered and ate his dog.
Pacquiao was sleeping in the overhang of the hard road in Manila.
However, like many children of poor family background, Pacquiao switched to boxing, and compete with the wages of US $ 2 once to the ring at the beginning of his career.
Reasons other than money?
Said Mayweather, no. Not surprising, considering that Mayweather is indeed very laud riches, and many who did not like him in this regard.
While Pacquiao was born as a Christian who just got back consciousness and is now a devout Christian.
So some people think this game like a game of evil against good.
Some observers say that the less lost his second game because of the thinness of the cultural dimension in it.
It did not feel right.
Mayweather obviously the embodiment of capitalism into the era now, together with Muhammad Ali, who became the embodiment of the 1960s.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. nicknamed 'Money' is known luxurious lifestyles.
In addition to a large-mouthed braggart, Mayweater, father of four children, is also often a 'brat'. In 2011 he was sentenced to three months in prison after pleading guilty to attacking his girlfriend at the time.
However, the execution was postponed cage. The reason, the match with Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico that have been scheduled can be delayed, and the city of Las Vegas could lose up to US $ 100 million.
PacMan is easier to be liked. This is evident from the duet he did with the American movie star, Will Ferrell, in a television talk show or a funny appearance in a shoe advertisement.
Even wealthy, Pacquiao looked like a humble man.
But Pacquiao also has its dark side. He claimed to have had an affair in the past. His wife who is also the mother of five children sobbing tell it in a documentary recently. Frozen assets in the Philippines in 2013 on charges he owes tax of US $ 50 million.
Importantly, both active in charitable activities.
Whether the game will be exciting?
The bookmakers think the match will take place 12 full rounds, and Mayweather will win.
Mayweather is basically a boxer survived, and he was not too interested in entertaining the audience with an attacking style.
Instead, Pacquiao is a fighter full of action, which could easily fall into the trap Mayweather.
If Pacquiao opted for all-out attack, then Mayweather will easily trap and beat Pacquiao. But if Pacquiao smarter - and it seems so - then the game will be more interesting.
If both are mutually respect each other, then maybe we will see a boring 12 rounds.
Who wins?
Mayweather pacquiao
Mayweather is considered a smart boxer, while Pacquiao championed by some of the former world champion.
According to almost all the experts I asked, the answer is, Mayweather. British boxer Ricky Hatton, who've lost both of them, said that Mayweather a 'genius'.
Another British boxer, Amir Khan -which interest against the winner of the match this- also believes Mayweather is too smart to be defeated.
But Pacquiao backed heavyweight names such as former world champion George Foreman and Mike Tyson.
If the game runs better, they may be repeated in September.
Mayweather said that for her to stay one more game left alone even though the record of Rocky Marciano unbeaten in 49 consecutive matches could have tempted him to continue boxing.
Is boxing Pacquiao chose to continue depending on whether he lost and what kind of defeat.
He also had a political career: become a member of the Philippine Congress in 2010, which could be a major concern after Saturday (02/05).

Sales of tickets for the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather fight Manny Pacquiao will begin Thursday, April 23 with the price expected to reach US $ 100,000 (approximately US $ 1.3 billion) in the secondary market.
The match will be Saturday, May 2 at the MGM Grand casino which can accommodate 16,500 spectators, but only 1,000 tickets sold to the public.
The rest is distributed to the boxers, the casino, sponsors, and promoters.
The lowest ticket price is US $ 1,500 (Rp19 million) to US $ 7,500 (Rp 97 million).
With the remaining nine days before the game, ticket sales have become an important issue.
Reportedly, the two sides had an argument about the boxer's ticket allocation, and the resulting delay in ticket sales.
MGM Grand announced it will be selling tickets at eight in the evening UK time.
When asked about the delay, Mayweather said, "I do not care about the tickets, I care about the opponent in front of me. I was focused entirely on Manny Pacquiao."
Mayweather is coming from the United States has been playing as many as 47 times, and won the whole game, including 26 by knockout.
While his opponent, Pacquiao of the Philippines, recorded 57 wins, five defeats and two draws.

Boxing world champion eight different classes Filipino Manny Pacquiao in a radio interview said he had a dream the Lord had told him to quit boxing.
Pacquiao's statement sparked doubts about the implementation of the match between the boxer nicknamed Pac Man with US boxer Floyd Mayweather.
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Emmanuel Dapidran complete boxer named Pacquiao to DZMM radio station also broadcast a television station it was confirmed he would stop boxing action after getting the dream.
"I will not stay long in boxing because He said: 'You've done enough. You've made yourself famous but this is harmful.' 'Pacquiao said in a serious tone
Pacquiao, 33, said he had a dream earlier this year but he refused to reveal how many games to play that will dilakoninya before declaring retirement.
When asked whether the spirit of 'religious' would interfere with his new boxing career, Pacquiao only a short answer: "I run my job in the ring."
Selected God
"I will not stay long in boxing because He said: 'You've done enough. You've made yourself famous but this is harmful.'"
Manny Pacquiao
Men who with boxing has won wealth, fame to become a member of the Philippine parliament said he believes God has chosen to use his fame to spread God's message.
"As I speak, a lot of people who listen to me," he said.
He added that immediately convey an important announcement related to religious issues by the end of this month.
Actually, Pacquiao, who recorded 54 wins was scheduled to defend his world title against WBO welterweight boxer USA Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas, June 9.
Meanwhile, the boxing fans hope the party between Pacquiao against Mayweather became a reality much less both great fighters that have not been met so far.

Both are currently negotiating to bring the fight end of the year, but so far the talks are still deadlocked. BBC

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