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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Prophet and Messenger of God.

The ride was not finished (293)

(Part two hundred and ninety-three, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, May 30, 2015, 5:58 pm)

Prophet and Messenger of God.

Ustad in tauziahnya in Radio Rodja Saturday morning, May 30, 2015, citing several hadith (Sunnah / al-wisdom) said total apostle sent from God there were 315 people, while the number of the Prophet there were 124,000 people.
Prophets and Apostles the task, he said, both sent from God to uphold Hujjah God to man, either good news or news that warn.
The difference is in charge of delivering proof when the Prophet (God's word) that already exists, then the apostle in charge of delivering proof (revelation) new from God, as the Prophet Muhammad a Prophet Apostle also served to convey proof (the Quran) and Al Hikmah (Sunnah).
The Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet and Apostles Revelation book cover and accept the Koran as complementary of God's book before, as well as a disputant has diselewengkannnya previous books (such as surah Maryam and Al Ikhlas).

God in his word in Sura Al Mu'min verse 78: And verily we sent messengers before thee, among them there are who we tell you, and among them there are (also) are not we tell you. Can not for a messenger to bring a miracle, but with the permission of Allah, then Allah's command when it came, it was decided (all cases) with fairly. And when it be unfortunate people who cling to vanity.
In this verse Allah tells man that only 25 Prophets and Messengers whom he calls his name in the Qur'an of the Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad.
While in Surah:
Al Ahzab verse 7: And remember when we took a covenant from the Prophets and from you (alone), from Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus son of Mary, and we have taken from them a firm covenant.
From this chapter there are five major Rasul Allah convey arguments ranging from Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.
God has sent, 325 Apostle dan124.000 Prophet but of all the prophets and messengers were closed by the entire teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, and all previous proof required to follow the Qur'an and Sunnah.
All the Prophets and Apostles taught Tawhid sentence: Laillahaillaulah (There is no god that must be worshiped except Allah).
That is why the position of Tawheed sentence is the first in the pillars of Islam followed by the second prayer, zakat third, fourth fasting, and to five Hajj / Umrah when able.
That is why the scholars mention this Tawheed is the key phrase door of Heaven.
While serrations lock the doors of heaven is prayer, alms, fasting and Hajj / Umrah when able.
That's why citing a hadith, Ustad at Radio did mention when the sentence was placed ditimbangan Laillahaillaulah right, and scales the seven heavens and seven layers of the earth and its contents placed on the left undoubtedly a heavy sentence is far more severe Tawheed.

Prophet Muhammad

God in his word in Surah Al Ahzab verse 21: "Ye have indeed in the (self) that the Messenger of Allah a good role model for you (that) for people who expect (grace) of God and the (arrival) Day of Resurrection and Allah much.

From this verse Allah tells man, that the Prophet Muhammad, as well as Prophet and Messenger also is the best human figure that could serve as an example and role model of humanity, good attitude of the Prophet as a husband (head of household), as head of state (president) , as well as a peer among his companions.
Although every behavior, and actions of the Prophet always guided and on direct orders of God through the Angel Gabriel revelations but sometimes, he is in deciding something is done on the advice of his wife. So the Prophet of doing things is not rigid, but discretion is not exempt from the wife.
One day at a time before the Hajj season, dropped the revelation God instructed the Prophet that after Tahalul (Pillars of Hajj), so that the Hajj pilgrims slaughter a goat and a shave.
Revelation is then conveyed to the companions of the Prophet who were performing the Hajj, when it seems the response of the pilgrims is very less, so that when the Prophet went home one of his wife Umm Salama (approximately 63 years), the Prophet Muhammad when it was about 50 years old, with a disappointed tone Prophet revealed problems revelation of God's presence.
Then Umm Salamah advised the Prophet, in order to leave the house, do yourself a slaughtered goat, and immediately call barbers to shave the hair of the Prophet, finally, the friends soon flock following what the Prophet.
So the example of the Prophet is the most effective role models, before he explained the arguments of the coming of God's revelation.
So the Prophet as King (head of state) actually afford to live in luxury as did King D'Andrea (Persian), or the King of the Romans when it was.
Prophet Muhammad's life is very simple, even sleeping in the house just mats old when the Prophet Build no scratch marks on the mat behind his back.
As Head of State of the Prophet is entitled to a portion of the spoils of war, but most returned the Prophet to be distributed to poor people.
Only a small part for Livelihoods wife and family. Once a day for three months nine wives and children only eat dates, because supplies of wheat in his home runs. Then the Prophet Muhammad mortgaged his armor to a Jew, whose money is used to buy 70 kg of wheat were immediately distributed to 9 his wife, so that the kitchen can mengebul (illuminated) back.
Ever Prophet asked his companions, as Head of State of the Prophet may actually be living in luxury like King D'Andrea and Kings Romanic.
However Prophet replied, real world life is just a play and fraudulent and the sight of Allah untouchable.
Ever Prophet when with his friend to go to the market, and the Prophet found the carcass is handicapped kid ears, then the Prophet offered to his friend who wants to buy a goat's carcass child.
"Never told to buy, given free course I do not want to, '' replied the friend. "That's the value of God's hand, and it's value is not more than the wing of a mosquito".
So if God's hand was just vile and transient (short), most average man does not live more than 70 years, the Prophet himself 63 years old when it died.
So why do we have this brief exchange the world with life in the barzah (grave) that can be 1000 years, one million years old) and in the hereafter are the essential and enduring.
While in the hereafter are lasting only two options, one is in hell, the one in heaven.
For us to go to Heaven then we need God's grace. And the key to obtain the grace of God that was consistently implement the Five Pillars of Islam and sincere.
List of 25 Names of Prophet and Apostle

25 Prophets and Apostles miracle Complete
For you who like to know how about Phoenix 25 Nabi and Rasul in the days before we were there and how they struggle in spreading the teachings of the Islamic religion is very fitted, this time my admin's teens want to share with you all about the story of the Phoenix 25 Complete the Prophets and Messengers you can read the article directly presented below.

25 Prophets and Apostles miracle Complete

Now for my friend all that curious about the miracle of the Prophet 25 that can mate read directly below:

1. Miracles Adam: Adam believed to be the first man to set foot on earth. As a partner of Adam is Eve being created from the rib of Adam left.

They descended to earth because it had made a mistake due to the temptations of the devil / Satan, Adam and Eve had two sons and daughter pair were named Qabil and Iklima, then Abel and Labuda.

Cain is rough, while the gentle Labuda, two properties is what eventually became the forerunner of the basic human traits.

2. Phoenix Prophet Ayub: Prophet Ayub known a wealthy and very generous. But this does not make him arrogant welfare, these encourage the devil to tease.

God was against the devil if only he can undermine the faith of the Prophet Job. The exam had arrived, the entire wealth owned by the Prophet Ayub was burned, after the Prophet Job skin disease up to 80 years.

But he and his faithful wife, Rahmah, still trusts referred to God Almighty. Until God says that the Prophet Ayub set foot on the ground. then from ground water is being able to cure the disease for 80 years.

3. Phoenix Prophet David: Figures of David peaked when he managed to kill Goliath, the leader of the rebels Palestine. Prophet David became a king and applies very fair.

In the kingdom of David grew stronger and communities prosper. One time the Prophet David prohibit the fishermen not to go to sea on Saturday, but the warnings are violated, resulting in the earthquake that killed the entire population.

4. Phoenix Prophet Dzulkifli: History says that the Prophet Dzulkifli is the son of the Prophet Job. It is also claimed that he inherited his father's patience. One time he was appointed to be a king after can meet the requirements.

Namely the replacement candidates must be a man capable of fasting during the day, praying at night, and not a bad temper.

5. Phoenix Prophet Aaron: Aaron Prophet Moses referred to as partners. He is a figure capable of preaching, clever diplomacy, and attentive. Aaron always accompany the Prophet Moses in preaching, until one day Moses decided to entrust guidance beruzlah and his people to the Prophet Aaron.

Prophet Aaron also had to struggle to eradicate idolatry led by Samiri, a royal sorcerer Pharaoh.

6. Phoenix Prophet Hud Hud classified in the Ad respectable. their lives completely developed and affluent, but unfortunately they always dissipate and sink in mortal life.

Hud remind them to be grateful and always pray to Allah SWT, but they refused. Finally the wrath of God comes to lowering the punishment in the form of a sandstorm for 7 days and 7 nights. People who listen to the call of Prophet Hud survived by moving to town Hadramaut.

7. Phoenix Abraham: Abraham is known as the father of the Prophets. He is revered by followers of three religions, namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Abraham was the one who built the Kaaba in Mecca.

Strong faith of Islam starting his search for God, he was not receiving the people around him who worship idols, until finally she was burned alive, but Allah revealed miracles to save Abraham from fire.

8. Phoenix Prophet Idris: Prophet Idris is believed to be the first prophet who wrote with a pen, History Society also believe that he was taken to heaven without dying. The incident occurred when he was 82 years old.

9. Phoenix Prophet Elijah: Prophet Elias live in the Jordan valley where the inhabitants worship idols, the Prophet Elias told them all to leave the idols, but they did not heed.

Even the challenge that the God of the Prophet Elias lowered disaster, and eventually severe drought struck the area. After several years, the Prophet Elias is able to convince people to worship Allah.

10. Phoenix Prophet Elisha: Prophet Elisha is a close relative of the Prophet Elias. After the Prophet Elias died, he continued struggle of the Prophet Elias to banish idolatry again flared in the valley of the Jordan.

But these people do not want to listen, causing drought hit them back.

11. Miracles Jesus: Jesus is the son of the Virgin Mary was born without having a husband, This has led to controversy and blasphemy barrage to Mary.

Miraculously Jesus who was still a baby suddenly spoke and explained what really happened. That the creation itself diawalai of the arrival of the angel Gabriel to his mother.

Jesus also showed many other miracles when he was growing up, of which form the bird life of a clay, raise the dead, cure blindness and bring food that previously did not exist and be there.

Rescue Jesus from crucifixion is also one form of miracle given by Allah SWT.

12. Phoenix Prophet Ishaq: The Prophet Ishaq many accompanying his father with Abraham in preaching to spread the teachings of Islam.

13. Phoenix Prophet Ishmael: Prophet Ismail and his family are the people who earlier Hajj. A thirsty when Prophet Ismail and his mother back and forth from the hills of Safa-Marwah looking for water, and finally out a spring of Zamzam.

On the way to the place of slaughter, Prophet Ismail was tempted by Satan in order to cancel his intention. But Ishmael did not falter and throw stones at the devil. which is currently a ritula Hajj, ie stoning of the devil.

As we know, when the slain bodies of Prophet Ismail will be replaced by a goat, which eventually became the forerunner of worship Eid al-Adha.

14. Phoenix Prophet Lut: Struggle Lut is called the Sodom to return to the right path, namely left homosexuality, then the worship of God.

In the end, Allah says that the Prophet Lut leave the settlements and then he lowered the painful punishment to them.

15. Phoenix Moses: The Story of Moses with Pharaoh's fight is one of the famous story. It is said that Pharaoh felt threatened by the presence of Moses who spread the teachings to certify God.

They fight and Moses won with his cane, then he and his people pursued by Pharaoh's followers. but they managed to escape with the help of a stick of Moses which can split the sea.

Moses received the Torah miracle, known as the old agreement which contains the basic teachings of the 10 commandments of Allah.

16. Phoenix Noah: Noah spread the teachings to worship Allah. but the people refused and he is crazy, Noah then given a warning by God that there will be a big flood that would engulf the region.

Therefore Noah was instructed to make a vessel, surrounding communities still do not heed the warning delivered by Noah. so that they eventually lost in the flood.

17. Phoenix Salih: The most well known is the camel out of the stone after he slammed the palm of his hand. Salih asked the locals to not interfere with the camels be milked and milk to meet the needs of the poor.

But people who do not like trying to kill a camel it and in the end they were sentenced to the punishment of lightning and an earthquake.

18. Phoenix Solomon: One of expertise Solomon the most prominent is the ability to communicate with animals. He is also a very wise king, his power even include the jinn.

19. Phoenix Prophet Shu'aib: Prophet Shu'aib spread the teachings of Islam in Madyan area, but the people of Madyan reject such teachings until Allah revealed the punishment in the form of thunder and lightning which destroyed them.

20. Phoenix Prophet Yahya: The Prophet Yahya taught that the truth must be enforced with any risk. In the history exemplified when he insisted on prohibiting marriage between an uncle with his own nephew.

21. Phoenix Prophet Ya'qub: Prophet Ya'qub is the ancestor of the apostles before the time of Prophet Muhammad. Attitude and way of thinking to the apostles would affect his descendants, as well as the Jews and then the Christians banner enforcement oneness of God before the era of the Prophet Muhammad.

22. Phoenix Jonah: yunus trying to spread the teachings of the Prophet of God, but he did not get a good reception from the public. In his journey away from the area for fear of being killed, the ship he was traveling was hit by a typhoon and decided that Jonah would be sacrificed for the sake of the safety of the sea drowned the other passengers.

But the miracle of God arrived, the Prophet Jonah being eaten by a fish that possibility is whales, and found to be alive in the belly of the whale.

23. Phoenix Prophet Joseph: Joseph is told in history as a man who was very handsome and very skilled in leading the country. Since kecia she got unusual dreams and when he can mentakwilkan dream big, so he is highly respected by the surrounding community.

24. Phoenix Prophet Zachariah: The Prophet Zacharias and his wife, Isha, dedicated to keeping the Baitul Maqdis - Houses of Worship relic of Solomon in Jerusalem. The Prophet Zechariah blessed with offspring by God in the time he was already quite elderly, which is about 100 years old, the child is the Prophet Yahya.

25. Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad: Prophet Muhammad was the last apostle, as well as a cover of the Apostles before. He was the one who perfected the teachings of Islam.

Miracles Allah revealed to him very much, one of the greatest is the Qur'an, which is the main reference of human life. There are also events that led Ascension meet Allah SWT.

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