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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

inaccuracies in the data base target households (RTS). caused many relatively wealthy waega are lining up their use of motorcycles and wearing gold jewelry take the rights of the poor

inaccuracies in the data base target households (RTS). caused many relatively wealthy waega are lining up their use of motorcycles and wearing gold jewelry take the rights of the poor

Messy while direct aid societies (BLSM) could not be separated from the data inaccuracies base target households (RTS).
The announcement was made Economist Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef), Enny Sri Hartati, Monday (24/6).
Enny said recipient data distribution based BLSM rice subsidy for the poor (Raskin) number of 15.5 million RTS inaccurate. Because, said Enny, based on the facts on the ground for many recipients Raskin which are not effective.
"This means that the database used is not appropriate," said Enny.
By Enny, Social Protection Program (PPLS) is used as the data base is the result of the calculation of the distribution BLSM 2011. "Update said no, but on the ground there who should have received but did not receive or otherwise. Means that there is no validity of the data," said Enny.
Enny also highlights BLSM ceremonial division on Saturday (22/6) yesterday. Therefore, his next ministers handing BLSM describe the government is still unsure of the recipient BLSM.

Rising prices of fuel oil (BBM) with compensation for the poor one of which directly help the community while (BLSM) political drama played just government.
"The increase in fuel prices and BLSM it into a political drama, as seems to be a justification for political ads that show people do need BLSM," quipped Wasekjen PDI Hasto Kristianto in Jakarta, Tuesday (06/25/2013).
According Hasto, how wrong the government to empower the poor and not able to pass BLSM. Due to refer to the constitution, the Government tasked to empower them through productive ventures that can lift the economy.
"The context is the duty of government to create jobs for the people, not to compensate for the suffering of the people that it is only temporary," said Hasto.
Since the beginning, the struggle questioned PDI compensation through BLSM rising fuel prices. To treat people as people of dignity, and shape tanggunjawab state, poor state maintained by empowering them.
BLSM, even in ways that caricature by giving money especially the short-term nature. That means the government position pitied the poor to continue without a space for them better.
"We also see no ideological issue. We know the rise in fuel prices has resulted in human suffering, suffering that can not be compensated, as though by granting mercy," he explained.
PDI-P criticized the government during this time never see another attempt to increase the production capacity of the people, so then politically victimized by power.
PDI experience how such a ruling political drama viscous when in June 2008 until February 2009 or before the election, the Government provided funds for dogs large amount BLT.
"The visible, ruling that political motives than compensation to the people due to the fuel price hike. Increase in fuel is missed due to the government's fiscal management. Was not as a result of the fuel price hike outside," he said again.
Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa denied funds Direct Aid Society meantime (BLSM / Balm) is still low and only reached Rp 19 billion. Previous real time data PT Pos Indonesia showed different figures.
"Not really new channeled Rp 19 billion circulating in the media, it may be less accurate data," he said after reviewing the division directly at the Post Office BLSM Kramat Jati Jakarta, Tuesday (25/06/2013).
According to him, it happened because of errors in data base. But he sure was not a lot of errors occur.
"This data is updated 3 years, so that provision can no longer grow up," he continued.
Previously, the Rp 19 billion recorded until Monday (6/25/2013) afternoon. Up at 8:55 pm on Tuesday (25/06/2013), 99.53% of the fund looks Balm has not been absorbed. In the data, as many as 72 957 target households (RTS) which just received BLSM. While the remaining 15,457,940 has not been received.
The total funds that have been disbursed to the recipient until this morning Balm reached Rp 21.8 billion. Hatta said, channeling funds BLSM since Saturday was very large.
"The grants BLSM since Saturday is huge, cards received later this month as many as 15.5 million cards have already been all," he said.
In addition to the card do not get BLSM, also discussed the deliberations that are not eligible for BLSM, but still get BLSM. For the people who are actually able and hence not entitled to the public are encouraged to mengmbalikan BLSM card.
"In the village meetings for people who restore his BLSM card and then piped to the right. Afterwards new revision," he said.
For a smooth distribution of BLSM no monitoring team from each ministry, there is also the task force in each area.
"In real time data entry in the data hold our information. Includes complaints and suggestions from the whole community responded well," said Hatta.

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