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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kolusi di Freeport Indonesia yang melibatkan Ginandjar Kartasasmita, Bob Moffet

 Kolusi di Freeport Indonesia yang melibatkan Ginandjar Kartasasmita, Bob Moffet

Buku Kombinasi an autobiography dan sejarah Indonesia Bercerita kombinasi antara autobigraphy seorang wartawan  dan sejarah Indonesia mulai dari hilangnya ribuan orang utan dan ular phyton dari hutan kalimantan, korupsi, kolusi dan nepotisme dari zaman rezim Soeharto sampai era Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono sampai Kolusi di Freeport Indonesia yang melibatkan Ginandjar Kartasasmita, Bob Moffet sampai kolusi dan korupsi pimpinan Partai Politik di Indonesia, termasuk pengakuan Yulianis bahwa Baskoro Yudhoyono terima uang dari Nazaruddim,  Pemesanan buku kombinasi dua bahasa sekitar 300 halaman dua cover bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Ingris bisa melalui Transfer, money gram, atau wesel pos (Indonesia) ke Bank Central Asia (BCA) No. Account 7170000042 atas nama Muhammad Jusuf Villa Pertiwi Blok OI No 17 Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 16415 bukti transfer email ke yusuf.agusno@gmail.com  phone rumah 62218750745 harga Rp 125.000 (Indonesia) termasuk biaya pos pengiriman, US$ 125 (di luar indonesia) termasuk biaya pos pengiriman.

collusion In Freeport Indonesia involving Ginandjar Kartasasmita, and Bob Moffet

collusion In Freeport Indonesia involving Ginandjar Kartasasmita, and Bob Moffet

The combination of an autobiography book and the history of Indonesia Storytelling is a combination between a journalist  autobigraphy and History of Indonesia ranging from the loss of thousands of orangutans and the forests of Borneo python, corruption, collusion and nepotism of the Soeharto regime era to era Yudhoyono to collusion involving Freeport Indonesia Ginandjar Kartasasmita, Bob Moffet to collusion corruption and political party leaders in Indonesia, including the recognition Yulianis that Baskoro Yudhoyono received money from Nazaruddim, Booking combination of two language books are about 300 pages and two cover incorrect English Indonesian can be through transfer, money gram, or postal orders (Indonesia) to the Central Bank Asia (BCA) No. Account 7170000042 in the name Muhammad Jusuf Villa Pertiwi Block OI No. 17 Depok, West Java, Indonesia 16415 email: yusuf.agusno@gmail.com transfer receipt  to phone home price of Rp 125,000 (Indonesia) including delivery postal costs, US $ 125 (outside Indonesia) including delivery postal costs.home phoe: 62-21-8750745

Dijual rumah/tanah di Jalan tanah merdeka Kp Rambutan.

Dijual rumah/tanah di Jalan tanah merdeka Kp Rambutan.

Bisnis kamar kos untuk mahasiswa/wi/karyawan lokasi strategis dikelilingi tiga kampus Universitas Muhammadiyah
Lokasi yang strategis dan menguntungkan memudahkan Anda untuk meminjam modal dari bank agar tanah yang ada dibangun bangunan lima sampai enam lantai sehingga memungkinkan anda memiliki puluhan kamar kos funished dari fasilitas kamar kos berfasilitas kipas angin sampai AC.
Tiga kampus Universitas Muhammadiyah , satu diantaranya di Jalan Raya Bogor, dua di jalan Tanah Merdeka (satu dekat jalan baru) yang berseberangan dengan lokasi tempat kos , juga lokasi dekat halte Busway di terminal Rambutan memudahkan para eksekutif muda yang bekerja di mana saja di kota Jakarta.
Tiga kampus Universitas Muhammadiyah dengan ribuan mahasiswa/mahasiswi ini terus berkembang karena tiga kampus terus berkembang jumlah mahasiswa/wi terus  bertambah dari tahun ke tahun sehingga kampus semakin luas dan terus direnovasi (lantai kampus semakin menjulang jumlah mahasiswa/wi dari seluruh Indonesia terus berdatangan.

Di jual tanah/ rumah kontrakan seluas 350 meter, cocok untuk kos-kosan mahasiswa-mahasiswi letak dekat (seberang) tiga kampus Universitas Muhammadiyah, Jalan Tanah Merdeka (gang Gebras No.16. Jalan Baru, Kampung Rambutan Kelurahan Susukan, Pasar Rebo, Jakarta Timur,
 Pembeli harap datang langsung ke lokasi (tidak melayani pembelian per telpon (menghindari banyak penipuan) harga nego langsung bertemu dan buat janji dengan sdr Rachmat Edy (Tlp) 08158034244, Wahyu Eko Buwono telp 089622855780, Edon 021-97008077.

 Rumah tanah terdiri atas satu rumah tinggal (tingkat) 3 rumah kontrakan, dua ruko ada parkir masuk kendaraan; ke lokasi bisa masuk melalui Rumah Sakit Harapan Bunda (Jln Tanah Merdeka), Rumah Sakit Jantung Bina Waluya (gang gebras masuk dari Jl Arteri) dan Jalan Baru (gang gebras belakang Indo Maret gang Gebras).

Unfinished journey (24)

Agricultural Product
Unfinished journey (24)

(Part duapuluhempat, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, 1 September 2014, 6:04 pm)

One of my favorites when I visit Thailand, especially Bangkok, when the streets around the hotel or traditional market is looking fruits such as guava, durian or melon.

As in Jakarta in Bangkok we also see many fruit seller driven carts traveling salesman selling a variety of different pieces that have been placed blocks of ice to keep fresh fruit and cold,

With a very cheap price, different if we buy in the super market or order it in a hotel room of course the price could go up several fold.
I really enjoy durian Bangkok and Bangkok guava, watermelon is also red, besides the sweet fruit was soft.

As we all know Thailand has long been known ahead in terms of development of agricultural biotechnology, especially fruits, and even many in the export. I remember in 1982 and also in 1995 ago when I visited San Diego, California, I was with my brother often monthly shopping in a supermarket owned by Asian, such as Vietnam or the Philippines origin. In this SuperMarket available a variety of different fruits ranging from fresh fruits to fruits in cans (in the form of sweets) from the type of durian, salak, rambutan, jackfruit up almost entirely imported from Thailand. The only items from Indonesia only '' Ting-Ting Ginger '. (From ginger candy).

Though Indonesia's land area and number of Indonesian farmers much more, where Indonesian fruits' 'only champion'.

Likewise in Jakarta, the workers in Bangkok always took time in between breaks they transform and buy fruits that are sold on the street.
After enjoying the fruits of my new Bangkok traveling to tourist sites in Bangkok and other tourist locations in Thailand.

 Indonesian From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Biotechnology is a branch of science that studies the use of living organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.) or products of living organisms (enzymes, alcohol) in the production process to produce goods and services. [1] Recently, the development of biotechnology not only based on biology alone, but also on applied sciences and other pure, such as biochemistry, computers, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, chemistry, mathematics, and so forth. [1] in other words, biotechnology is an applied science that combines various branch of science in the production process of goods and services.
Biotechnology simply been known by humans since thousands of years ago. For example, in the field of food technology is brewing, bread, and cheese that has been known since the 19th century, plant breeding to produce new varieties in agriculture, and animal breeding and reproduction. [2] In the medical field, the application biotechnology in the past evidenced among other things by the discovery of vaccines, antibiotics, and insulin, although in limited quantities due to the fermentation process is not perfect. Significant changes occurred after the discovery by Louis Pasteur bioreactor. [1] With this tool, the production of antibiotics and vaccines can be done in bulk.

Ads by OffersWizard × At this time, biotechnology is growing very rapidly, especially in developed countries. Progress is marked by the discovery of a variety of technologies such as genetic engineering, tissue culture, recombinant DNA, stem cell proliferation, cloning, and others. [3] This technology allows us to obtain the cure genetic diseases or chronic, incurable, such as cancer or AIDS. [4] Research in the field of stem cell development also allows the stroke patients or other diseases that result in loss or damage to body tissues can recover to normal. [4] in the field of food, using the technology of genetic engineering, tissue culture and recombinant DNA, can produce plants with characteristics and superior products because they contain more nutrients than normal plants, and also more resistant to pests or environmental stresses. [5] the application of biotechnology in the future can also be found on the preservation of the environment from pollution . For example, the decomposition of oil spilled into the sea by the bacteria, and the decomposition of substances that are toxic (poison) in a river or sea by using a new type of bacteria. [2]


Progress in biotechnology could not be separated from the various controversies surrounding the development of the technology. For example, the technology of cloning and genetic engineering on food crops come under fire from various groups.

Biotechnology generally means improving the quality of an organism through the application of technology. Application of these technologies can modify the biological functions of an organism by adding genes from other organisms or manipulating genes in these organisms. [2]

Biological changes in the nature × through the genetic engineering lead to "the birth of a new organism" biotechnology products with properties - properties that are beneficial for humans. Biotechnology products, among others [2]:
Maize resistant insect pests
Cotton resistant insect pests
Virus resistant papaya
Enzyme boosters milk production in cows
Rice contains vitamin A
Bananas contain hepatitis vaccine
Contents [hide]
1 Timeline of biotechnology
2 type
3 Genetic Engineering
3.1 The process of introduction of genes
3.2 Mutagenesis
3.3 The Human Genome Project
4 Applications in Medical Field
4.1 Stem Cells
5 See also
6 References
7 Further reading
8 External links
The timeline of biotechnology [edit | edit source]

Fermentation is a model of early application of biotechnology
8000 BC The collection of seeds to be planted again. Evidence that the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Roman practice of selective breeding (selection artifisal) to improve the quality of livestock.


6000 BC Brewing, fermenting wine, baking bread, making tempeh with the help of yeast.
4000 BC Chinese nation yogurt and cheese made ​​with lactic acid bacteria.
1500 Collection of plants throughout the world.
1665 The discovery of cells by Robert Hooke (England) through a microscope. [6]
Nikolai I. Vavilov in 1800 to create a comprehensive research on animal breeding.
Microorganisms found in 1880.
1856 Gregor Mendel started the recombinant plant genetics. [7]
1865 Gregor Mendel discovered the laws of nature in the delivery of parent to their children. [8]
1919 Karl Ereky, engineers × Hungary, first used the word biotechnology.
Researchers in the United States in 1970 had found that limiting enzyme used to cut genes genes.
1975 Methods of production of monoclonal antibodies developed by Kohler and Milstein ×.
Researchers in the United States in 1978 managed to make insulin by using bacteria found in the colon. [9]
1980 Modern biotechnology is characterized by recombinant DNA technology. His model of prokaryotic, E. coli, is used to produce insulin and other drugs, in human form. About 5% of people with diabetes who are allergic to animal insulin previously available).
In 1992 the FDA approved the first GM food from Calgene: tomato "flavor saver".
2000 completion of the Human Genome Project
Type [edit | edit source]
Biotechnology has some kind or branch of science that some of them diasosikan with colors, namely: [10]

Beer, one of the conventional white biotechnology products.
Red biotechnology (red biotechnology) is the branch of science that studies the application of biotechnology in the field of medical biotechnology. [10] Coverage spans the entire spectrum of human medication, ranging from preventive stage, diagnosis, and treatment. Examples of its application is the use of organisms to produce drugs and vaccines, the use of stem cells for regenerative medicine, and gene therapy to treat genetic diseases by inserting or replacing abnomal genes with normal genes. [10]
Biotechnology white / gray (white / gray biotechnology) is biotechnology applied in industries such as the development and production of new compounds as well as the manufacture of renewable energy sources. [10] By manipulating microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast or yeast, enzymes and organisms better have been created to facilitate the production and processing of industrial waste. Leaching (bleaching) of oil and minerals from the soil improved its efficiency for mining, and manufacturing of beer with yeast. [10]
Green biotechnology (green biotechnology) studied the application of biotechnology in agriculture and animal husbandry. [10] In agriculture, biotechnology has been instrumental in producing pest-resistant crops, food with higher nutritional content and medicinal plants or compounds that generate useful. Meanwhile, in the field of animal husbandry, the animals have been used as "bioreactors" to produce important products for example goats, cows, sheep, and chickens have been used as a producer of protective antibodies-proteins that help cells recognize and fight foreign substances (antigens). [10]
Blue biotechnology (blue biotechnology) is also called biotechnology controlling aquatic or aquatic processes that occur in the aquatic environment. [10] One of the oldest examples is Aquaculture, growing finned fish or shellfish under controlled conditions as a source of food, (an estimated 30% of fish consumed worldwide is produced by the Aquaculture). The development of aquatic biotechnology including genetic engineering to produce disease-resistant oysters and a vaccine against a virus that attacks the salmon and other fish. Another example is a transgenic salmon that have excessive growth hormone resulting in a very high growth rate in a short period of time. [11] [12]
Genetic engineering [edit | edit source]
Genetic engineering is a basic procedure in producing a product of biotechnology. In general, genetic engineering make modifications in living beings through the transfer of genes from one organism to another. Genetic engineering procedures generally include [2]:
isolation of genes
Modify genes so that a better biological function
Transfer the gene into a new organism
Forming products of genetically modified organisms
Creation of transgenic organisms procedure there are two, namely:
Through the introduction of genes
Through the process of mutagenesis
The process of introduction of genes [edit | edit source]
Some basic steps are the introduction of genes [2]:
Form the desired gene sequences were characterized with specific marker
Transforming gene sequences that have been marked to the network
Culturing tissue already contains genes that transformed
The culture trials in the field
Mutagenesis [edit | edit source]
Modifying genes in the organism by replacing the nitrogen bases in the DNA sequence that is to be replaced by other nitrogen bases resulting in a change in the nature of the organism, for example: the original nature does not become resistant pest resistant pests. Mutagenesis agent is usually known as mutagens. Some examples of mutagens that are commonly used gamma rays (physical mutagens) and ethyl methane sulfonate (chemical mutagens). [5]
Human Genome Project [edit | edit source]
Human Genome Project is an international effort that began in 1990 to identify all of the genes (the genome) contained in the DNA of human cells and map the location of each human chromosome numbering 24. [12] This project has unlimited potential for growth in the approach diagnostics for disease detection and molecular approaches to treat human genetic diseases. [12]
Applications in Medical Field [edit | edit source]
Application of biotechnology medical longstanding, for example 100 years ago leech commonly used to treat diseases by letting leeches suck the blood of patients (bloodletting). It is believed to eliminate blood that has been infected with the disease. In the current era, leeches were found to have enzymes in salivary glands that can destroy blood clots if not destroyed can cause strokes and heart attacks. In addition to these examples, there are many biotechnological applications in the medical field as follows.
Stem Cells [edit | edit source]
Stem cells are the specialized cell types with the ability to reshape itself and in the same time to form specialized cells. Therapeutic application of embryonic stem cells in Degenerative Diseases. In the Mirror World Medical, although most cells in the body such as the heart and liver has been formed specifically to meet the particular function, stem cells are always in a state of undifferentiated until there is a certain signal that directs differentiate into specific cell types. Ability to proliferate along with the ability to differentiate into specific cell types is what makes it unique. Biological characteristics and focus on differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells stem cells. Mirror World Medical
Application of stem cells include the treatment of cardiac infarction using stem cells derived from bone marrow cells to replace the damaged vessels (neovascularization). Therapeutic applications of embryonic stem cells in a variety of degenerative diseases. In addition, stem cells could be expected to be used for the treatment of diabetes type I by replacing damaged pancreatic cells with pancreatic cells results stem cell differentiation. This is done to avoid rejection reaction that can occur as the pancreas transplant from an animal. So far the experiment has been successfully performed in mice.
See also [edit | edit source]
Icon portal Portal Technology
molecular genetics
stem cells
Modern Agricultural Biotechnology

Modern Agricultural Biotechnology

by Group
Vidya rizka 040810356
Heri Siswanto 041012032
Joshua J. K. 041012128
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Rizky charisma 041012255
Maya Ratri 041012264
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class G

I LMU A lamiah D asar the classroom G | K elompok 8 | 1


Rear 1.1.Latar
In everyday reality, the application of modern biotechnology to fulfillment
human needs are still closely associated with the use of biotechnology
Conventional which has evolved much earlier. in the provision of
food, people still rely on conventional technology to produce
quality and plant seeds in the cropping process.

For example, the rice plants were cultivated today mostly
was derived from the results of conventional crosses, although there galur-
The new strain developed by recombinant DNA technology. in
field cultivation of food crops and industrial crops, in addition to using
conventional techniques, people also have developed strains
new transgenic crops that have a nature-tolerant state
environment by inserting foreign genes from other bodies. For example, the
Scientists develop tobacco plants were more tolerant to levels
high salt, plants resistant to certain herbicides or pests etc..

Nowadays, the development industry thrive. As a result, many land
displaced farm, more - more in the surrounding urban area. On the other hand
demand for agricultural products should be increased in line with increased
the population. To support this, the authors would like to explain
development of biotechnology in agriculture.

1.2.Rumusan Issues
1 What is an example of the application of biotechnology in agriculture?
2 What impact can be given biotechnology in agriculture?

1 Understand the application of biotechnology in agriculture
2 Understand the impact of the application of biotechnology in agriculture
I LMU A lamiah D asar the classroom G | K elompok 8 | 2


2.1.Penerapan Biotechnology in Agriculture
2.1.1. Differences in Plant Breeding Method
Before discussing more about the application of biotechnology in
agriculture, the following is the difference between plant breeding
of conventional plant breeding through biotechnology:
Differences in plant breeding
Sources genes
gene transfer

2.1.2. Green Biotechnology
plant breeding
through biotechnology
different species of the same species
genetic engineering
Green biotechnology (green biotechnology) studied the application
biotechnology in agriculture and animal husbandry. In the field of agriculture
This will be discussed together, bioteknoogi has been instrumental in
produce pest-resistant crops, foodstuffs containing
higher nutrient and plants that produce drugs or compounds
useful. Below we present some examples
green biotechnology:

- Capable of Making The Binding Nitrogen Plant
Cereals or plant grass seed in a plant
supplying 50% of world population staple food. However, cereals are not
have bacterial symbionts roots for nitrogen fixation, so
need for nitrogen (N2) is obtained from the addition of artificial fertilizers.
Excess fertilizers that can be given water and rinsed water menyemari
drink for human consumption on the environment.
I LMU A lamiah D asar the classroom G | K elompok 8 | 3

Nitrogen (N2) is an essential element of protein DNA and RNA. In
legumes often found nodules on the roots. in the
The nodules contained bacteria × Rhizobium can fix nitrogen
free of air, so that legumes can be sufficient
need for carbon alone. With biotechnology, the researchers tried to
develop × Rhizobium bacteria that can live in the roots apart
legume - legumes. In addition, it also seeks to improve
nitrogen fixing ability of the bacterium to the recombination technique
genes. Both of the above efforts made ​​to reduce or eliminate
the use of nitrogen fertilizer, which is currently widely used in land
agriculture and cause adverse side effects.

The scientists developed a plant whose roots can
symbiosis with Rhizobium. This idea involves the nif genes that can
control of nitrogen fixation. Scientists nif gene insert this on:
o Plant cereals
o Bacteria associated with cereal plant
o TI plasmid (tumor inducing) from Agrobacterium × and then
menginfeksikannya into plants in accordance with bacteria
has been engineered.

- Making Pest Resistant Plants
Pest-resistant plants can be created through genetic engineering with
recombination of genes and cell culture. For example, to get the plant
disease-resistant potato genes that specify the required properties
immune diseases. The gene, then inserted in the plant cell
potatoes. The potato plant cells, then grown into
disease-resistant potato plants. Furthermore, the potato crop
can be reproduced and distributed.

I LMU A lamiah D asar the classroom G | K elompok 8 | 4

- Fusion of Protoplasts
Protoplast fusion is a natural process that is contained from start
low-level crop up in higher plants. protoplast fusion
is a combination of protoplasts with other protoplasts from several species,
then forming cells that can grow into a plant hybrid.
Somatic hybridization via protoplast fusion is used to
combine the properties of other two species or genus that can not be
sexually or asexually combined. This can be done
by combining the entire genome of the same species (intraspesies),

or between species of the same genus (inter-species), or
antargenus of one family (inter genus).

When plants were wounded, the number of cells called callus will grow
in place of the injured. Callus cells have the ability to
differentiate into shoots and roots and whole plants flowering.
Natural potential of these cells are programmed into the new crop of candidates
is ideal for genetic engineering. As in plant cells, the cells
callus surrounded by a thick wall of cellulose, which is an obstacle
which inhibits the formation of new DNA. The cell wall can
broken with cellulose to produce cell wall without walls
cells called protoplasts. Protoplasts can be combined with
Another protoplasts from several species, which can then form cells
grow into a plant hybrid. This method is called protoplast fusion.

Protoplast fusion goal is to get a hybrid somatic or
sibrida or overcome the weakness of the sexual hybrid, namely:
o It is difficult to get a hybrid between species and between
genera. Somatic hybridization can overcome it.
o Cytoplasm in sexual marriage only from the female parent
only. In the process of fertilization, the male carries only the core Ganet
alone with little cytoplasm opposite the female parent in addition to the core
I LMU A lamiah D asar the classroom G | K elompok 8 | 5

cytoplasm as well. To receive the cytoplasm of the two parents
held fusion between the cytoplasm.

- Establishment of Biotechnology in Plant Variety New Superior
Biotechnology techniques are also used to make a kind of plant
superior new plants. It is necessary to provide for the
growing food, while agricultural land tend
decreased. Plant is expected to have superior productivity
better. In addition, increased yield, also made ​​efforts to improve
on nutritional content, environmental sustainability, harvest age, and various
Another added value.

Application of plant biotechnology can also facilitate farmers in
cultivation process. Suppose in weed control is by
produce plants resistant to herbicide
particular. An example is labeled × Roundup Ready crops are
consisting of soybean, canola (a type of oil-producing plants), and corn
were resistant to the herbicide Roundup. In today's world telahbanyak
released a variety of new types of plant biotechnology results. for example
in China in 2006 has been developed about 30 species
transgenic plants, antaralain rice, corn, cotton, potatoes, soybeans, tomatoes
resistant virus, petunia flower colors Bary, peppers resistant virus, and
pest-resistant cotton) which has been released for production.

Some kind of new high yielding crops created with the use of
biotechnology is as follows.

1) Rice Golden Rice
Rice is the main food crop world. Thus rice
be a top priority in biotechnology. Besides rice, crops
which has a lot of touches biotechnology is potatoes.
Application of biotechnology in rice plants actually have long done.
I LMU A lamiah D asar the classroom G | K elompok 8 | 6

One product is the stingray kind of golden rice, which was introduced in
It is expected that in 2001 this kind of rice can help the millions of people who
blindness and death due to deficiency of vitamin A and
iron. Vitamin A is important for vision, immune response,
cell repair, bone growth, reproduction, until critical for
embryonic growth.

Golden Rice was given the name because of the resulting colored granules
resemble yellow gold because it contains carotenoids. genetic engineering
a method for the production of Golden Rice. This is because
no rice germplasm are able to synthesize carotenoids.

2) Russet Burbank
Current biotechnology techniques have been widely used in the production of
potatoes. Both the technical provision of seeds, potato breeding, to
genetic engineering to enhance the superior properties of potatoes. in the case of
provision of seeds, the current tissue culture techniques have been widely used.
Technique of tissue culture me-possible farmers get the seeds in the
a large number of which is identical to its parent. Examples of new potato varieties
Russet Burbank potatoes × is that having a high starch content
which could produce French fries and potato chips with quality
better because it absorbs less oil when fried.

3) Tomato FlavrSavr
Genetic engineering technology has also been applied to plants
hortiklutura. As a well-known example is the tomato FlavrSavr,
the type of tomato fruit ripening is not quickly broken / rotting. it is
very different from the other tomato plants, where the fruit is ripe quickly
be damaged. The nature of this FlavrSavr tomatoes are very useful in the delivery
fruit to distant places before arriving in the hands of consumers.

I LMU A lamiah D asar the classroom G | K elompok 8 | 7

4) Low Nicotine Tobacco
One of the many disadvantages of smoking is a health disorder
due to high levels of nicotine. Biotechnological approaches taken to
overcome this problem is to assemble the tobacco plants
free nicotine content. In 2001 this type of tobacco is claimed to be
reduced the risk of cancer due to smoking. In addition to nicotine free,
Another touch of biotechnology is also done for tobacco plants
for example by increasing the aroma using aroma gene of
other plants. The one that has been successful is joining them
with a lemon scent.

- Transgenic Plant Technology
Transgenic plants are plants that have been infiltrated by foreign DNA
as a carrier of the desired properties. DNA can be derived from
different plant types. To produce transgenic plants
and genetic engineering techniques are needed as a carrier of the gene vector properties
desired. DNA is used as a vector derived from
bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens is better known as Ti
plasmid (tumor-inducing plasmid). Ti plasmid has the ability to
entry into plant cells during infection.

Transgenic technology has been carried out on some agricultural crops
such as corn, cotton, tomatoes, rice, soy, and papaya. In soybeans have
included several genes that cause variation in soybean plants.
In the corn crop has been incorporated cry genes from Bacillus thuringiensis ×
called Bt corn, corn produces a protein that causes
that can kill insects, such as butterflies.

GM crops do not need to be sprayed with pesticides to get rid of
pests and diseases, because the insertion of the gene will produce
compounds endotoxins (toxic compounds) so that transgenic plants can
membrantas pests with toxic compounds it contains.
I LMU A lamiah D asar the classroom G | K elompok 8 | 8

20 Tourist Attractions in Thailand Famous Beautiful
BY AHMAD WAFA Aminudin, AT 1:22 PM

  20 Tourist Attractions in Thailand Famous Beautiful - Exploring thailand tourist interest and must visit when on holiday to Thailand because of stunning natural beauty and captivates anyone who traveled to Thailand. Speaking of tourism is endless, if only publish admin yoshiewafa Indonesia travel, then I want to color it with tours abroad. As with the Japanese tourist, tourism malaysia, singapore tourist I've ever published before, this time I wanted to share a little bit about the tourist attractions thailand known for its beauty.

Here is a tour of Thailand that you can make tourist Destinations in Thailand country:

1 Chiand Mai
The most beautiful tourist places in Thailand Chiand Mai
One Chiand Mai is a popular tourist spot with the best shopping experience on offer. In this place can buy a lot of stuff with just one dollars. Visitors are often clustered in Chiang Mai market is open from 05:00 until midnight in the open every day.

2 Chiang Rai
thailand tourist spot Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai is located in the mountainous region of Thailand, which has maintained a lot of Thai culture. Popular attractions here one of them is the White Temple, the only temple that is made ​​in Thailand with striking botanical gardens. Travelers will love to visit here and see the statue of Buddha that was established in spectacular Buddhist temples.

3 Cha-am
tourist in thailand Cha-am
Cha-am is located about 161 km south of Bangkok, about two hours travel time by car. Cha-am beach resort which is renowned as the longest white sand beach in Thailand. This place can also be used to play golf by tourists. A perfect place for vacation with family.

4. Hua Hin
thailand attractions in Hua Hin
Hua Hin is a place that combines fun and recreation areas as well as some beach vacation spot for sports facilities. Golf is one of the most famous sport here, visitors can play anywhere under the palm trees.

5. Koh Samui
thailand Koh Samui attractions
Koh Samui one of the suitable place to spend a summer holiday with the family. Here there are a large number of hotels located around the beach and you can also enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the white sand beaches stretch along the coastline. Resorts offers budget accommodation and is quite affordable and will definitely make the family feel happy.

6 Koh Chang
Koh Chang tourist thailand
Koh Chang is a marine national park that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Here you can feel beautiful and peaceful nature.

7 Krabi
tour to thailand Krabi
Krabi is an island in Thailand which has beaches and islands off the beautiful. This beach has natural scenery and perfect beauty. Krabi has become one of the favorite places for tourists who come from different parts of the world.

8. Phuket
Phuket tourism thailand
Phuket is the most popular tourist destination because it has a beautiful white sand beach. Phuket is also known as the "Pearl of the South". Here you can find a variety of restaurants that offer many of the best meals of Thai cuisine.

9. Pattaya
Pattaya thailand holidays
Pattaya is located along the Gulf of Thailand. A popular beach in Southeast Asia. In Pattaya there are about 300 affordable hotels that you can choose for a vacation with the family with a variety of room sizes. A number of markets and shopping centers. Many of the affordable restaurants that you can find in Pattaya with serving delicious food typical of Thailand.

10 Bangkok
tourist attraction in thailand Bangkok
Bangkok is the capital of Thailand to the temple and its magnificent temples in the whole city. Religious buildings were made with artistic designs which truly captivating to behold.

11. Phu Thok
thailand tourist phu thok
Phu Thok Khan a place in the province known for complex surrounded by mountains and also the Mekong River. Morning fog will cover almost all areas of the White Mountains.

12. Salaeng Luang National Park
thailand national park tourism park
Salaeng Luang National Park has a natural landscape with many beautiful natural features such as waterfalls, caves, meadows, open source. And very rich in vegetation and wildlife. In the winter between November and February will be very cold weather.

13. Agricultural Development Nan Pu Tiger
tourism thailand tiger nan pu
Agricultural development Nan Pu Tiger a long Rice and has beautiful natural scenery. Eating fresh vegetables, Mulberry Gardens and can be run with full color.

14. Phu Thap Boek
Phu Thap Boek tourism thailand
Phu Thap Boek Appreciate lush vegetation. Fresh air is beautiful and elegant, with cool weather all year round. Morning with fog and clouds and fog in the mountains See also green.

15. Doi Hua Mae Kham
thailand tourism Doi Hua Mae Kham.
Doi Hua Mae Kham is one beautiful Thai resort like paradise on earth. Thailand is popular with tourists and foreign tourists, especially during the winter.

16. Phu Rua National Park
tourism thailand Phu Rua National Park

Phu Rua National Park here in the cold weather all year round. Especially in the winter will be very cold. Dew to make the grass freezes into ice crystals.

17th Peak galaxy. Kanchanaburi
thailand tourism summit galaxy. Kanchanaburi.
Peak galaxy. Kanchanaburi was filled with adventure.

18. Roller Cave National Park
thailand tourism thailand national park
Roller Cave National Park reflects a cave where you can discover the wonders of nature for many people.

Doi Ang Khang Mon 19th
Doi Ang Khang tourism thailand
Doi Ang Khang Mon is a tea plantation, strawberry country house on the mainland and the North edge.

20. Khao Kho
tourism thailand Kho kho
Kho Khao Phetchabun Province is located in Thailand and has a stunning natural beauty.

Thus tourist destinations in Thailand are very interesting to visit and also is known for its natural beauty filled with charm. Way way out of the country not only up here alone, there are very many natural beauty out there that we can go even just in the virtual world, but if you want to vacation in Thailand, one of the 20 top tourist attractions not to be missed .

10 Tourist Attractions in Bangkok The Obligation Visited
Bangkok Bangkok Thailand Travel Places


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10 Tourist Attractions in Bangkok The Obligation Visited
When it comes to tourist in Bangkok, there may be some tourist destination that springs to mind immediately. Name the Grand Palace and Chatuchak Weekend Market could be the most popular among the comrades Traveler. It seems that Bangkok to less complete if not to both places!
Actually, what the hell wrote sights so the attraction for foreign tourists to travel to the Thai capital this? Well, here's 10 tourist spots in Bangkok that must be visited and the favorite!
The beauty of the Grand Palace is very intriguing. Arguably as building te
1 Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew
The beauty of the Grand Palace is very intriguing. Arguably the most beautiful building in Thailand. Built in 1782, and was becoming a palace for the kings of Thailand for approximately 150 years. The combination of western and Thai architecture looks very beautiful, features English-style gardens. Although now not be a palace residence of the king of Thailand again, but still the Grand Palace in Bangkok attractions most visited by tourists.
At the Grand Palace complex also contained the most sacred temples throughout Thailand, where there are the most sacred Buddha statue. Buddha statue height is only about 66 cm was made in the 14th century. Only His Majesty the King of Thailand is allowed to touch and change clothes Emeral Buddha. In one year there were three times the ceremony to replace the clothes of the Buddha, namely summer, winter and rainy season. This event is intended to bring good luck to the country of Thailand in every season. Do not forget if you enter the Grand Palace should wear decent clothes, ie shirt sleeves (not tank tops), do not wear shorts or sandals. Entrance to the Grand Palace - 500 baht.
Transportation: Take the Chao Phraya Express Boat from Sathorn Pier (BTS Saphan Taksin Station) to Tha Tien Pier or Ta Chang Pier, and walk to the Grand Palace.
2 Wat Arun
Renowned also as the Temple of Dawn, because this temple is very beautiful when seen against the backdrop of twilight began to redden. But if you're looking for a time not so crowded to be able to take good pictures, come in the morning. This temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok and popular among tourists. Buildings depicts Mount Meru Wat Arun, which according to the teachings of the Buddha is at the center of the universe.
Famous as well as <em> Temple of Dawn </ em>, because this temple is very ind
Wat Arun is located on the Thonburi side, opposite the Rattanakosin Island, where the Grand Palace and Wat Pho are separated by the Chao Phraya river. Wat Arun is included as one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. Prang, or middle pillar is as high as 70 meters, which is a famous landmark not only in Bangkok, but in the whole world. Filled decoration of Chinese porcelain and glass misaik beautifully arranged. Not surprisingly, Wat Arun became the most popular tourist destination of tourists, after the Grand Palace.
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 17:30
Transportation: Take the Chao Phraya Express Boat from Sathorn Pier (BTS Saphan Taksin Station) to Tha Tien Pier. From Tha Tien ride the shuttle to go to the small boat across the Chao Phraya. Tickets shuttle boat 3 baht.
3 Chatuchak Weekend Market
If anyone plans a trip to Bangkok, make sure you are there in this city on Saturday or Sunday, because it is held on the weekend Chatuchak Weekend Market, one of the largest markets in Asia. Is a favorite week ended Bangkok residents and also tourists. During the commute to Bangkok, I have never seen Chatuchak deserted. This is where you can shop the souvenir to draw fashion products in small boutiques in the near Kamphaeng Phet MRT station. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, get ready around and shop until you drop at Chatuchak!
Transportation: Take the BTS to Mo Chit Station or MRT to Chatuchak Station or Kamphaeng Phet Station.
4. Wat Pho
Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon is a temple that has stood for hundreds of years and is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. Is home to the Reclining Buddha (Reclining Buddha) were plated gold, 46 meters long, with a height of 15 meters. The location of this temple is not far from the Grand Palace, about 10 minutes' walk.
Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon is a temple that has stood since hundreds tah
Wat Pho is also a complex institution to study traditional Thai massage or Thai massage. So in addition to travel, you also can all feel the traditional massage, open from 8 am to 5 pm. Entrance to Wat Pho is 100 baht, do not forget to wear decent clothes, like when we went to the Grand Palace.
Address: Maharat Road, about 10 minutes walk from the Grand Palace
Transportation: Chao Phraya Express Boat, at Tha Tien Pier down, walk to the intersection Maharat Road, after the market Tha Tien.
5. Khao San Road
Just like Chatuchak Weekend Market, a place closely associated with the other city of Bangkok is Khao San Road. This small road into a surge for backpackers from around the world. Khao San Road was once one of Bangkok rice market. But over time eventually developed into a backpackers hang out because there are many cheap accommodation, ranging from hostels with dormitory rooms, up 3 star hotels.
Along the way is filled with a variety of outlets that sell fashion products, accessories and much more. Travel agents, a tattoo, reflexology and more. Finding food is also easy here, many restaurants, cafes, and bars. Ranging from traditional Thai food such as Tom Yum, Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice, to international menus. Hawker too much. Some are selling spring rolls, fried chicken fried to insects. Khao San Road atmosphere began bustling mid-afternoon until midnight.
Transportation to Khao San Road can be read in this article: Transportation And How To Go To Khao San Road, Bangkok.
6. Chinatown (Yaowarat)
Most large cities in the world must have the Chinatown neighborhood, is no exception to Bangkok. This region is also popularly known as Yaowarat, because it is bypassed by this Yaowarat road. Activity in this area is never deserted. Various spices stores, drug stores, convenience stores market until golden. Lots of interesting things you can find around Chinatown Bangkok. It is suitable for you who like photography to hunting.
You can down Charoenkrung Road and enjoy the hustle and bustle in the region, an experience in itself. There Sampeng Lane and Pahurat, where along the way there are outlets textile sellers, which is open from 9 am to 6 pm. A variety of restaurants are also found along the way. Cooking aromas invite for our taste. In this area there is also a famous temple because it constitutes a 5-meter tall Buddha statue made ​​of pure gold weighing 5.5 tons, the Wat Traimit.
Address: Traimit Road, Chinatown (west of Hua Lampong railway station, near the intersection of Krung Kasem and Rama IV Road)
Hours: 9:00 to 17:00
7 Bangkok Canals
Since the number of lines of small rivers around Bangkok which empties into the Chao Phraya River, the Bangkok which means City of Angels, also nicknamed as the "Venice of the East", aka his Venice East / Asia. Well, the canals are in the Thai language called "Klong", is also interesting to explore. Although now many canals are stockpiled to be used as street, but there is still much work to transport and trade. There are several attractions used as a channel to the floating market.
Klong become a tourist destination for the tourists. There is also a museum that you can easily go to hire a longtail boat, the Museum of Royal Barges, which stores a collection of wooden boats beautiful kingdom.
Canals in Thai called "Klong", also attracted unt
Museum of Royal Barges which stores a collection of royal ships
Klong Tour by longtail boat usually about 1-2 hours, depending on our goals. For a ship usually fit up to 4 people and the rent is between 1,000-1,500 baht. This price does not include entrance tickets to tourist attractions, such as the Royal Barges Museum, Thonburi Snake Farm and Wat Arun.
8. Asiatique The Riverfront
The roads to Asiatique certainly less exciting guns. Places to shop and hang out that popular among the people of Bangkok and tourists. Because the concept is a shopping, dining and recreation that utilizes the old warehouses of the era of the early 1900s, so this place is just starting its activities in at 5 pm, so visitors comfortable and not too hot.
Asiatique is home to hundreds of stores, boutiques, restaurants and cafes. It's right on the edge of the Chao Phraya River, where there are large courtyard for you to enjoy views of the river that divides this Bangkok, while taking pictures. Oh yes, there is the Bangkok Eye also know! Giant ferris wheel, where you can see a view of the lights of the water the city of Bangkok from a height, enough to pay for a ticket for 250 baht per person.
Address: Soi 74-76 Chareonkrung
Open Hours: 17: 00-24: 00
Location: Transportation: Take BTS to Saphan Taksin Station, down to the Sathorn pier (under the BTS station) and wait for the free shuttle boat Asiatique. Travel about 10 minutes.
9. Madame Tussauds Bangkok and Siam Ocean World
Here it is two family attractions located right in the heart of Bangkok's shopping centers. Arguably Madame Tussauds Bangkok and Siam Ocean World is one package, because they also sell combo tickets, which give you more discount. So you can come to these places at a cheaper price.
Madame Tussauds in Bangkok, which is one of 6 Madame Tussauds wax museum is in Asia, and is the closest to Indonesia. Here you can see, touch and take pictures with the characters and your favorite foreign celebrities, such as the first President, Ir. Sukarno, Obama and his wife, Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry to Doraemon. Can get the Early Bird ticket, which if goes below 12 pm will be discounted 40% (for online purchases), and also a combo ticket with Siam Ocean World.
While in Siam Ocean World, you can see the thrill of life under the sea, but under the most popular malls in Bangkok, the Siam Paragon. Siam Ocean World is one of the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, which has a collection of thousands of marine life, from all over the world. Divided into 7 zones, you can also take a glass bottom boat, which could see her collection of animals directly directly below the ship we were on, which essentially of glass, in the main aquarium covering three Olympic size swimming pools!
Madame Tussauds Bangkok
Address: Siam Discovery Center, 6th Floor
Tel: +66 2 658 0060
Website: madametussauds.com/Bangkok/en/
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 21:00 (last entry at 20.00)
Transportation: Take the BTS to Siam Station, walk to the mall Siam Discovery
Siam Ocean World
Address: Siam Paragon, Level B1-B2, 991 Rama I Road, Bangkok
Tel: +66 2 687 2000
Website: siamoceanworld.co.th
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 21:00
Transportation: Take the BTS and get off at Siam Station
10 Jim Thompson's House Museum
Jim Thompson's name is inseparable from the development of Thai silk, or silk Thailand. Maybe this time you only see this as a brand name in clothes quality silk, or been stopped by the shop to spread in Thailand and around the world.
Once out of the military service, Jim Thompson from America's assist the development of the silk business in Thailand after World War II. For 30 years Jim expand its business in this industry, and its products known to in Paris, New York, London and Milan are the fashion mecca of the world.
Jim Thompson's name is inseparable from the development of Thai silk, or Suter
The entrance to the Jim Thompson's House Museum in Bangkok
Jim Thompson's House Museum was the residence of Jim, whose fate is less fortunate, because one day in 1967, he disappeared and was never found again in the Malaysian jungle. But the legacy remains developed until now. Although the old has gone, the work and legacy remain stable. Home complex consisting of 6 pieces of traditional Thai-style house is filled with a variety of art collection.
Attraction is very interesting, especially for you who want to know more about Jim Thompson and various collections of items of art has. Admission ticket has been accompanied by a free guided tour.
Address: 6/1 Soi Kasemsan 2, Rama 1 Road (opposite the National Stadium)
Tel: +66 2 216-7368
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 (last tour at 17:00)

Transportation: Take the BTS to National Stadium Station, exit at Exit 1 BTS After descending the stairs, turn right path Kasemsan entrance to Soi 2. (Continoe)