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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Smoking: kill you or Suicide

Unfinished journey (211)

(Part two hundred and eleven, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, February 18, 2015, 1:30 pm)

Smoking: kill you or Suicide

All the evidence shows that cigarette packaging that could save lives is set to reduce the number of new smokers.
This was revealed in a report in the journal Addiction.
Conclusion The report mentions scientific evidence showing stop one of 20 people to start smoking could save 2,000 lives in the UK each year.
"All the pieces forming the same image, which has a reducing effect and none of the studies to the contrary," said Editor in Chief of Addiction, Prof. Robert West.
However tobacco industry said regulations on cigarette packs do not affect in Australia since set in 2012.
MPs in the UK still will vote in March and if approved, the new legislation will be enacted in 2016.

plain packaging
In the United Kingdom plans cigarette packs will be restricted in the same size, shape, and color of the same.
Although known as 'plain packaging', there is a section warning about the dangers of smoking and cigarette brands will appear with a similar letter.
Currently only Australian who apply the rules 'plain packaging', which according to a series of studies-including in Australia and Britain-reducing impulse 'prospective smokers' to start smoking.
A spokesman for the Tobacco Manufacturers' Association, TMA, said said that the latest report shows a lack of evidence that cigarette packaging regulations is useful.
"What is clear from Australia, the only market that implement plain packaging adalan that youth smoking rates are the highest in seven years.
At the same time, according to TMA, dark cigarette consumption in Australia is developing to be the highest in seven years. (BBC)

Unfortunate illness: from smoking does not make destiny reduce sin, but doom.

God in the book "Lawh Mahfuz". wrote about the destiny of man, both when he was born, death, illness and other misfortune, besides when he gained sustenance and mate.

Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam said: "Allaah has set all the destiny of all creatures from fifty thousand years before God created the heavens and the earth". (HR. Muslim, no. 2653).

"No misfortune can happen on earth and (nor) in yourselves but it is inscribed in the Book (Lawh Mahfuz) before We bring it. Verily it is easy for Allah ". (QS. Al-Hadid: 22).

Various hadith and the word of God says that if we tertima sick, if we are patient, then it is part of the way God loves us, so that the pain that we samakin remember him, erase our sins, or middle dignify us, so we died erased in a state of sin, and when we die tan sin, then there is no need of reckoning in the hereafter.
Hospitals here are sick because generative, diabetic complications such as pain to the heart, high blood pressure, stroke and kidney failure, or natural pain such as dengue fever, abdominal pain, and therefore Muhammad in the Hadith categorize died of natural illness is classified as martyrs, died without a sin.
In contrast, if we are ill due to the negligence of our own, such as smoking, the ulema (Muhammadiyah and Arabic Salaf Sudi) menfatwakan illicit smoke, because suicide is tantamount to harm themselves by inhaling toxins every day,
I have a friend, Pa NNG (60 years) is now dying, can no longer move, drink liquid food through a tube in his own hidungnnya he is not strong.
In the past, when he was healthy, once told me, from the very young, very strong smoke, even from heart bypass surgery twice dab one brain tumor surgery, he still recalcitrant surreptitious smoking. Now he has twice inoperable brain cancer and every day chemoterapi in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), and after dying a new stop smoking, after the hand can no longer be moved to light a cigarette fire.
So if we are sick because of neglect (not natural or generative), what it occurred to us to have time to repent, what he had been sick for failing to enter the category of blots and dignify us as stated in the word of God and the Hadith.
So for the smokers, immediately repent now, stop smoking, before the torment of the world (ill lung cancer and others) and the punishment of the hereafter block.

Draft Law on Tobacco (Bill): between the interests of wealth in the world, and doom in the Hereafter

Prof. Amin Rais, former Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) and former Chairman of Muhammadiyah in talk show ALFITO in the TVone, told the audience, that the members of the House of Representatives (DPR) a member of Parliament for wanting to change the destiny, it means that his fate was hard so Yag affluent people (the rich), so there is rarely only member of the House wants to improve the fate of the people, or considering the interests of the people than the interests of the bag itself.
Well, what was raised Amin Rais I so feel free to members of our Parliament, let alone soon tobacco bill will be a priority for members of the House of Representatives passed.
So we wait, is actually a member of this House will be concerned with the fate and future of the Indonesian people, especially the youth in order to have a future that is healthy and strong, without a variety of cancers, heart disease, impotence, miscarriages, and other complications of smoking-related diseases are has reached into trillions of rupiah to the cost of treatment, the opposite will be added rich conglomerates cigarette factory owners and the owners of the plantations that regardless of the millions of young people they had killed for the sake of mere wealth, remember in the world you can get rich from selling cigarettes, but in the hereafter you will receive the Wrath of God, because Muhammadiyah, and mashab Salafi (Ahl-ul-sunnah waljamaah based arguments of the Qur'an and hadith has been forbidden cigarette, then you are like eating pork that has been forbidden in the Qur'an Allah, you may argue as good as any, but world health scientists (doctors) have proven smoking tantamount slow suicide, as we know the laws of Islam threatened suicide in God go to hell. Because if the dead can not live anymore and do not have a chance for repentance.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Legislative Body of Parliament incorporate the Bill of Pertembakauan the National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) Priority Baleg Word 2015. Vice Chairman Soebagyo say, the inclusion of the bill on the list of priorities is part of an effort to overcome the dominance of white cigarettes in the domestic market in the country.

"Tobacco is a strategic commodity Indonesia and we have a history of tobacco in the world. But, on the other hand, there are foreigners who want to develop a white cigarette industry in Indonesia," said Word, at the Parliament Complex, Tuesday (02/10/2015).

Golkar Party politician said, many people are working on making the discussion draft Pertembakauan failed. This, according to him, not in spite of the efforts of competition among manufacturers of cigarettes. In fact, the discussion of this bill deliberately made a priority to protect the tobacco industry, especially the farmers in the country.

"This bill is made for tobacco farmers do not turn off, do not turn off the cigarette factory, and still pay attention to health problems," he said.

Furthermore, the Word says, today many foreign cigarette manufacturers have been gearing up to expand its market to Indonesia. If the debate on the bill has not been completed, the domestic cigarette manufacturers are facing bankruptcy.

"Now there is no firm across the United States who has been flying the flag. If the bill on this Pertembakauan not be legalized, many major Indonesian cigarette company will be closed," said Word.

Earlier, parliament passed 159 bills included in the 2015-2019 National Legislation Program. Of these, a total of 37 of them is a priority that will be discussed this year. Meanwhile, a proposal for a law on Pertembakauan into the Priority Prolegnas 2015 filed by four fractions, namely PAN, PDIP, Nasdem faction, and the Golkar faction.

Legal Affairs Committee fatwa AND tajdid
NO. 6 / SM / MTT / III / 2010
Considering: 1. That in the framework of participation in development efforts
public health as much as possible and creation
healthy living environment that the rights of every person, need
performed strengthening tobacco control efforts through
issuance of fatwas on smoking law;
2. That fatwa Tajdid the Legal Affairs Committee and the Central Executive
Muhammadiyah which was published in 2005 and 2007
on Smoking Law needs to be reviewed;
Given: Article 2, 3, and 4 Decree of the Central Executive
Muhammadiyah No.08 / SK-PP / I.A / 8. C / 2000;
Noting: 1. Understanding the Legal Affairs Committee on Jurisprudence Halaqah
Tobacco Control which was held on the day
Sunday 21 Rabi al-Awwal 1431 which coincided with the 07
March 2010 M that smoking is forbidden;
2. Consideration is given to the Governing Council Meeting
Legal Affairs and Tajdid Muhammadiyah on the day
Monday 22 Rabi al-Awwal 1431 which coincided with the 08
March 2010 M,
First: Amar Fatwa
1. Mandatory law seeking maintenance and improvement of the degree of
highest public health and creating an environment that
conditions conducive to the realization of a healthy lifestyle that is right
everyone and is part of the objectives of sharia (MAQ ± ¡en ash-syar³'ah);
2. Smoking is haraam because:
a. Smoking is categorized committing khab ± 'i £ prohibited
in Q. 7: 157, 2
b. deed smoke contains elements flopped into
destruction and even a suicidal act slowly
so therefore contrary to ban the Koran in Q.
2: 195 and 4: 29,
c. smoking act endangering themselves and others affected
exposure to cigarette smoke because smoking is addictive and harmful substances
as agreed by medical experts and academics and
therefore smoking is contrary to Islamic principles in the Hadith
Prophet that no act of self-harm and
harm to others,
d. Smoking is recognized as an addictive substance and contain toxic elements that
harm although not immediately, but in some time
then so therefore the act of smoking, including category
perform a debilitating so contrary to tradition
Prophet which prohibits any case intoxicating and
e. Therefore smoking obvious health hazard to smokers and
about people affected by exposure to cigarette smoke, then pembelajaan money
for cigarettes means committing redundant (waste) which
prohibited in Q. 17: 26-27,
f. Smoking contrary to the elements of sharia purpose (MAQ ± ¡id asysyar³'ah),
namely (1) the protection of religion (¥ if§ ad-d³n), (2) protection
soul / body (¥ if§ an-nafs), (3) protection of sense (¥ if§ al-'aql), (4) protection
family (¥ if§ an-nasl), and (5) the protection of property (¥ if§ al-m ± l).
3. Those who have not or do not smoke must avoid and
family of experimental smoking according to Q. 66: 6 which states,
"O believers Hindarkanlah yourself and your family from fire
hell. "
4. Those who have already become smokers are required to make efforts and
sought in accordance with its ability to stop the habit
smoking by considering Q. 29: 69, "And those who bersungguhsungguh
in the way we, really will We show them jalanjalan
We, and verily Allah is with those who
doing good, "and Q. 2: 286," God will not burden a person except
according to his ability; he will get what he strove results
and bear-inflicted he is doing; "and to the centers
health in Muhammadiyah should seek facility
to provide therapy to help people who attempt to quit
smoking. 3
5. The fatwa was applied by considering the principle of at-tadr³j (gradually), at-tais³r
(ease), and 'adam al ¥ araj (not difficult).
6. With the issuance of this fatwa, the fatwas about smoking
previously been issued by the Legal Affairs Committee and the Central Executive Tajdid
Muhammadiyah declared invalid.
Second: Tausiah
1. To Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah recommended to participate
active in tobacco control efforts as part of an effort
maintenance and improvement of public health degree optimal and
within the framework of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil.
2. All functionaries board Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah at all
line should be an example in an effort to create a society that
free from the dangers of smoking.
3. To the government is expected to ratify the Framework Convention on
Tobacco Control (FCTC) in order to strengthen the foundation for efforts to control
tobacco in the development of optimal public health,
and take a consistent policy in tobacco control efforts
by increasing the tobacco tax to the highest limit
permitted by law, and banning tobacco advertising that can stimulate
young shoots nation to try smoking, as well as help and
facilitate the transfer of business and diversification and crop for farmers
  Difatwakan in Yogyakarta,
  on Monday, 22 Rabi al-Awwal 1431 H
  March 8, 2010 to coincide with M,
The Legal Affairs Committee and Tajdid Muhammadiyah
  Chairman, Secretary,
  Prof. Dr H. Syamsul Anwar, M.A. Drs. H. Dahwan, M. Si. 4
Appendix Fatwa No. 6 / SM / MTT / III / 2010
Postulates fatwa
A. al-Muqaddim ± t an-Naqliyyah (Assertions premises Sharia)
1. Islamic (sharia) justifies all that is good and forbid
khab ± 'i £ (all bad), as defined in the Koran,

Meaning: "... and justifies those good things and
proscribe those bad things ... "[Q. 7: 157].
2. Islamic (sharia) prohibits flopped into destruction and
the act of suicide as stated in the Koran,

Meaning: "And do not you drop yourself into
destruction, and do good; for Allah loveth those people
who do good "[Q. 2: 195].

Meaning: "And do not kill yourselves; Allah is
Merciful to you "[Q. 4: 29].
3. Prohibition of redundant actions in the Koran,
  ? (P ??? 8Q

Meaning: "And give to families who close their rights,
to the poor and people are on the way; and ye
squander (your wealth) is wasteful, because actually the
wasters are brothers demon, and the demon was very reneges on
Lord "[Q 17: 26-27].
4. Prohibition of causing harm or danger to yourself and the people
others in the hadith of Ibn M ± jah, A ¥ mad, and M ± lik,
? Y? ; Z4? 5 [? Y M =? \ ?? E? E] ??? W? '?? ? E ??? W? '
Meaning: There is no danger to themselves and to others [HR
Ibn M ± jah, A ¥ mad, and M ± lik].
5. Prohibition of intoxicating deeds and weaken as mentioned
in the hadith,

Background Why It Should Forbidden Smoking?

Forbid smoking is a big decision that have a major impact as well. The impact of the huge benefits when it is done well because more than mudharatnya mangutamakan benefits. To determine the major decisions that the scholars should consider the many arguments of the Islamic religion and combined with information and data about the health hazards of smoking and mudharatnya good for yourself and others in the vicinity. The big decision is bound to cause enormous controversy also remember, smoking pleasure is difficult to remove. for unlawful smoking support group will definitely suck because demkian ferociously cigarette danger to mankind. For opponents of many factors that the reason because in addition to difficult to remove cigarette, classic reason to lose close a cigarette factory, the argument of religious reasons and the reasons which need a long debate. While the scientific data loss has a real smoke disturbing smokers and humans around. But certainly various scholars in various Islamic countries have started to forbid smoking world for his people.

Although there are no verses of the Koran, the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad and the four schools of scholarly opinion which stated cigarette as illicit goods, scholars Quraish Shihab has reason tends to reinforce his opinion that the illicit cigarette. Cigarettes, according to the Quraysh, have very bad effects on health and it is not in accordance with the religious purpose. Though religious purpose is to maintain healthy, reasonable, property, and honor. "Islamic law can set appropriate time. If there is a bad effect, is clearly prohibited. If not so, the term makrooh or disliked, "he said.

In today's development, he said, many experts and doctors who said, smoke can harm our health. "Even the tobacco companies were admitted. Otherwise it would not have made the statement in (packaging) of cigarettes, "he said. In addition, cigarettes cause wastage. The cost to treat diseases caused by cigarettes is much greater than the tax advantage obtained by the government. Smoking, also drove people to addiction and religion does not approve of their addiction. "Based on the consideration that many contemporary scholars who declared smoking haram. I myself tend unlawful judge. Only waste, cause disease, and it is admitted by the cigarette factory, "he said. Therefore, it is time for the government revive the anti-smoking campaign that involves all parties. "The media should be involved, engaged scholars, government as well," he said. In addition, smoking rule should also increasingly tightened. "Sanctions should also be tightened, as long as this is not too firm," said Quraish. Contemporary scholars have long ago assess cigarette as illicit goods. Greatest Imam Al-Azhar University in Egypt in the 1960s, Sheikh Mahmud Syaltut assess opinion stating that smoking is forbidden even makruh, closer to the truth and a stronger argument. Shaykh Muhammad Al-Kuttani call 17 'argument / reason of the prohibition of smoking

Cigarette danger to health

Cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals and substances that can cause cancer (carcinogens). Even hazardous substances and toxins in cigarettes not only cause health problems in people who smoke, but also to the people around him who did not smoke, mostly infants, children and mothers are forced to be passive smokers because of the father or their husbands smoked at home. Whereas passive smokers have a higher risk of suffering from lung cancer and heart disease ishkemia. Whereas in fetuses, infants and children have a greater risk to suffer the incidence of low birth weight, bronchitis and pneumonia, ear infections and asthma cavity.

Given the magnitude of the problem of cigarettes, the whole community together elalu the government should seek to carry out the ways smoking prevention systematically and continuously namely improving counseling and provision of information to the public, expand and streamline the non-smoking area, gradually reduce the advertising and promotion of cigarettes, streamline the functions of the label , using the price mechanism to lower demand and excise smoking and improve laws and regulations on smoking prevention issues. She believed that poverty and smoking, especially for the poor are two things that are interconnected and affect each other. Someone who burn cigarettes per day has lost the opportunity to buy milk or other foods that are nutritious for children and families. As a result of the child can not grow well and kecerdasanya also not sufficiently developed, so that the capacity for a better life in adulthood becomes very limited. Moreover, most likely the father also died due to diseases related to smoking. And so on, so that the smoke and poverty is a circle setan.Menkes added, smoking habits in Indonesia tends to increase. Based on Susenas (National Socioeconomic Survey) Indonesian population aged adults who have a habit of smoking as much as 31.6%. With the large number and the high percentage of the population who have the habit of smoking, Indonesia is the fifth highest consumer of cigarettes in the world with the number of cigarettes consumed (burnt) in 2002 as many as 182 billion cigarettes annually after the People's Republic of China (1.697.291milyar), United States (463.504 billion), Russia (375,000 billion) and Japan (299 085 billion). Head of the WHO Representative to Indonesia in a written speech read by Dr. Frits Reijsenbach de Haan stated, the poor are the most community groups became victims of the tobacco industry because it uses the income to buy something (cigarettes) that is jeopardizing their health.

In a recent report issued by the World Health Organization entitled "Tobacco and Poverty: A Vicious Cycle or Tobacco and Poverty: A Vicious Cycle" in commemoration of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, 2004, proving that most smokers are poor people. Even in developed countries though, the number of smokers mostly came from the bottom of society. They also who have the economic and health burden brunt of cigarette addiction. Of the approximately 1.3 billion smokers worldwide, 84% of them in developing countries.

The results of the study also found that the highest number of smokers in Madras India actually comes from illiterate communities. Then another research proves that the poorest communities in Bangladesh spend almost 10 times as much income for tobacco than for educational purposes. Then research in three provinces Vietnam found, smokers spent 3.6 times more on tobacco than on education, 2.5 times more for tobacco than clothes and 1.9 times more for tobacco than for health care costs. According to WHO, smoking will create a double burden, because the smoke will disturb the health so that more costs be incurred to treat the disease. Besides meropok also spend money that should be used to buy nutritious foods.

To stop smoking Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) is planning to issue a fatwa banning smoking. Smoking fatwa that will be applied nationally is currently still under intensive discussion among scholars. Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Amidhan said today that he is to discuss the possibility of issuing a fatwa on smoking. Interrupted accept Indonesian Commission for Child Protection (KPAI) and Health Association, Amidhan said the fatwa is actually not new to the MUI. However, its provisions are still to be discussed with a number of scholars. Meanwhile, the Indonesian National Commission for Child Protection (KPAI) and the Association of Health urged MUI fatwa immediately set for cigarettes. Commission will ensure the hand-rolled cigarettes are manufactured from tobacco disturb the health. So with the enactment of smoking fatwa is certainly expected to reduce the number of smokers among children.

MUI AND PP Muhammadiyah Proscribe Cigarettes

Indonesian Ulema Council issued a fatwa smoking. It is supported then the same fatwa issued Muhammadiyah through the Majlis Legal Affairs and Tajdid. "The act of smoking contain elements flopped into destruction," said Chairman of the Legal Affairs Division of Muhammadiyah Yunahar Ilyas in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/3), on the background of the edict. Currently public awareness about the dangers of smoking are low. Similarly, regarding the ban on smoking in public places. From this was born the Regional Regulation No. 2 of 2005 on Air Pollution Control

While MUI fatwa smoking argued not to be enforced immediately. "Koran when forbid something that is already entrenched in the community, it's taken a gradual manner," said Deputy Chairman of the MUI Fatwa Ali Mustafa Ya`qub. When still be pros and cons, there is one that is definitely rejected. Ie the tobacco industry and its workers. As one of the tobacco-producing countries, thousands of workers dependent on cigarettes. This is accompanied by increased smokers Indonesia from year to year

Why Cigarettes Haram

Various proposition shows why smoking haram because spoil yourself and others:

"And spend (your substance) in the way of Allah, and do your own hands into destruction, and do good; for Allah loveth those who do good." [Al-Baqarah: 195]
And (We sent) to the residents of Mad-yan, their brother Shu'ayb, then he said: "O my people! Worship Allah to you, expect (the reward) the end of the day, and do not you roam the earth do mischief." [Al 'Ankabuut: 36]
"And do not make mischief in the land, after (God) to fix" [Al-A'raf: 56]
"And do not harm humans on their rights and do not rampant in the earth to make mischief" [Ash Syu'araa: 183]
  From Sa'id ibn Sa'd bin Malik ra, that Rasululloh SAW said, "Prohibited everything dangerous and inflict harm." (Hasan hadeeth narrated by Ibn Majah, Daruquthni, and Malik in al-Muwatha ')
Allah and His Messenger justifies the good and forbid all that bad: "the unlettered Prophet (name) they found written in the Torah and the Gospel in their side, who told them to do that ma'ruf and forbidding them to do what is wrong and justifies them all good and forbids them evil things "[Al-A'raf: 157]
Often people smoking in public places so as to disturb others. The smell of smoke and disturb others. It is a great sin. Instead of illicit cigarettes, people who eat garlic is lawful because it smells interfere barred from entering the mosque:
Ibn Umar. said: Verily the Messenger of Allah. Khaibar once said: He who eats this fruit (garlic), then he must not enter the mosque. (Saheeh Muslim, 870)
Anas .: That He never asked about garlic. Anas said: Verily the Messenger of Allah. once said: Those who eat of this tree (garlic), then he must not come near us and do not he come pray with us. (Saheeh Muslim, 872)
Jabir ra. said: Messenger of Allah. prohibits eating onions and garlic daffodil. One time we took all that we eat. He said: Those who eat this bad tree, let him not approach our mosque. The angels will feel pain (because it smells) like humans. (Saheeh Muslim, 874)
Smoking forbidden because it is a waste. If a pack of cigarettes Rp 8,000, then that person a month to spend Rp 240 thousand for the things that will destroy themselves and others. Though the money could be used to send two of his children. God forbid wasteful destructive nature like that: "And give to families who close their rights, to the poor and people are on the way, and do not squander (your wealth) is wasteful. Indeed spender-wasters that are brothers of Satan and the devil is very dissenter to his Lord. "[Al-Israa ': 26-27]
Smoking is forbidden because it is not only useless, but would damage:
Abu Hurairoh ra said: "Prophet Muhammad once said:" Some signs of Islamic good person he is leaving something that is not useful to him. "(Hasan hadith, narrated by Tirmidhi and others) When doing useless things just means all is not well Islamannya , let alone people who do things that damage. People who smoked at least spend 10 minutes for each cigarette that he suction. So if 12 cigarettes a day, he spends 120 minutes every day for things that are destructive. The majority of scholars argue otherwise makruh, then smoke it is forbidden. Therefore, it is time for Muslims to leave smoking. Muslims do not deserve to spend money for something that is damaging himself and hated by Allah.
MUI should issue a Fatwa Haram Smoking. Moreover, scholars in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Iran already forbid.
"And spend (your substance) in the way of Allah, and do your own hands into destruction, and do good; for Allah loveth those who do good." [Al-Baqarah: 195]
It turns out that studies have shown passive smokers (wife, children, and people who are near the smoker) just got a lot more danger. Why? Because smokers do not inhale cigarette smoke. But exhaling cigarette smoke that is inhaled others (passive smoking) "And do not harm humans on their rights and do not rampant in the earth by making mischief" [Ash Syu'araa: 183]
From Sa'id ibn Sa'd bin Malik ra, that Rasululloh SAW said, "Prohibited everything dangerous and inflict harm." (Hasan hadeeth narrated by Ibn Majah, Daruquthni, and Malik in al-Muwatha ')
Smoking is forbidden because in addition to endanger themselves and others is also a waste. God calls spender as brother devil "And give to families who close their rights, to the poor and people are on the way, and do not squander (your wealth) is wasteful. Indeed spender it is brother devil devil and it is very dissenter to his Lord. "[Al-Israa ': 26-27]
Smoking is forbidden because it is not only useless, but actually harmful: Abu Hurairoh ra said: "Prophet Muhammad once said:" Some signs of Islamic good person he is leaving something that is not useful to him. "(Hasan hadith, narrated by Tirmidhi and others)
If the cigarette factory closed the workers will be unemployed? The government should anticipate this. It is estimated that there are about 400 thousand cigarette workers in Indonesia that supports 1.6 million people (0.7%). The government should provide a budget to give the workers of capital in the form of land for farming / raising money for the business, or the factory to work. If each worker can help Rp 50 million, it should be budgeted Rp 20 trillion in the form of soft loans without collateral to avoid turbulence. By raising the cigarette tax by 100% a year before the closure of the plant (if the plant is closed). From here can be found around Rp 70 trillion. Rp 184 trillion / year usually spent on cigarettes will still be there. Even with not smoking, the health and productivity of the person can be increased so that he could get a better example of Rp 250 trillion / year. That money could he traded dairy, food, medical expenses, and schools for their children. The cigarette industry is closed, but other industries such as dairy farms, dairies, milk traders, health clinics, schools will develop and absorb new workers. Yet before the cigarette factories also be able to live and work.
Do not be afraid to forbid smoking the cigarette factory employees will dirugukan. If this argument is accepted, then the liquor and drugs also do not forbidden because many people could work in factories booze / drugs or so traders liquor / drugs. But because it is dangerous, the government banned the drug. Although many absorbing workers, yet the Prophet Muhammad did not hesitate said that pork and liquor is forbidden to his community. Upon hearing the fatwa Muslims immediately spilled wine in the houses to the road so that when the road so smelling wine. Something that damage despite illicit benefits if the damage is greater than the benefits. "They ask thee concerning wine and gambling. Say: "In them there is great sin, and some benefits for humans, but the sin is greater than the benefit ..." [Al-Baqarah: 219]

Why Formerly Scholars memakruhkan only and do not forbid smoking

It used not as advanced medical technology now and have not found strong evidence that the cigarettes damage the health. Cigarettes are considered harmless and merely wasteful. Therefore, the majority of scholars only memakruhkannya alone.
Now scientists have proved harmful cigarette and causing more than 400 thousand people die each year in Indonesia so on cigarette packs hazard label affixed to it. Therefore, it is only fitting the Indonesian scholars define cigarettes as illicit goods. Moreover, the Council of Ulama in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Malaysia have established that smoking is forbidden.
Smoking is not haram because there is no proof that says smoking is forbidden. Indeed, there was no argument because the Prophet Muhammad lived in the 600s BC while the new cigarette is known in the 1500s when Europeans see Native Americans smoke tobacco is burned in the pipeline. Until the 1940s the man threw cigarettes are harmless. In 1962 the US government appointed 10 leading scientists to examine the dangers of smoking. In 1964 the conclusions contained in the Report of the Surgeon General stating that smoking is harmful to health and asked the government to take action. In 1965 the use of cigarettes decreased by 40% since the publication of the report (MS Encarta). Cigarettes contain 4000 chemical substances in which 43 of which are cancer-causing. 90% of lung cancers are caused by smoking while remaining a passive smoker. Approximately 442 thousand people in the US die each year because of smoking. Cigarettes cause cancer paru2, throat, bladder, kidney, etc. On cigarette packets clearly mentioned that smoking can cause cancer, heart attack, fetal health disorders, and impotence.
Everything dangerous though his name is not mentioned in the Qur'an and Hadith remains unlawful because the Prophet has said: "Prohibited everything dangerous and inflict harm." (Hasan hadeeth narrated by Ibn Majah, Daruquthni, and Malik in al-Muwatha ')
In the US has banned cigarette ads on TV-TV and radio. People banned smoking in government offices and buildings where there are children (eg schools).
If smoking haram, why some scholars smoke? Cigarettes as drug addiction is causing the wearer's so hard to stop. Should not scholars who are inheritors of the Prophet hated acts of God or unclean. Inappropriate also scholars letting his students were still level Ibtida'iyah (SD), junior (SMP) or 'Aliyah (SMU) for smoking. Cleric as exemplary community should give an example of his community by doing things that are required or the Sunnah. Not exactly diligent work things makruh or hated God. Especially if illegitimate. Islamic Ummah including scholars should leave it doubtful / not clear.
An-Nu'man ibn Bashir said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah. said, 'That was clearly lawful and unlawful is clear, and in between there are things musyabbihat (doubtful / vague, unclear kosher-illicit), which is not known by most people. Anyone who keep things musyabbihat, then he had cleared the honor and religion. And, whoever got into doubtful, then he was like a shepherd around the ground ban, almost he plunged into it. Know that every king has a ban on the ground, and the prohibition of land actually know God are the things that are forbidden him. Know that in the body there is a piece of flesh. If the meat is good, then the whole body is good; and if a piece of meat that is damaged, then the whole body that was broken. Behold, he that is the heart. '"(HR. Bukhari) From the arguments above, as well as drugs, the same illicit cigarettes. Do not be afraid of the poor and tawakkallah to God
Fatwa smoking is haram:

Muzakarah Bureau of Majlis National Fatwa power of Islam Malaysia It Ehwan times to 37 which convened on 23 Mac 1995 in Kuala Lumpur.
Fatwas are famous around the world that is, Al-Marhum Saudi Mufti, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz
Al-Azhar Fatwa of Sheikh Abdullah earlier ie Al-Masyd (Azhar Fatwa Institute Chairman), Dr. Ahmad 'Umar Hashim' (Chancellor Naib Al-Azhar) and others.
Scholars who think smoking is forbidden:

Dr Yusof Al-Qaradawi is more likely to illicit smoking laws ..
  The scholars also tend to legal Hijaz smoking haram.

  Sheikh Mahmud Syaltut tend to illicit smoking law.

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