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Monday, February 9, 2015

This phrase Raymond Sapoen Candidates Suriname President on Javanese

This phrase Raymond Sapoen Candidates Suriname President on Javanese

Minister of Trade and Industry Raymond Sapoen Suriname told BBC Indonesia, Endang Nurdin that he is running for President of Suriname to the polls in May and will track more about his ancestors in Banyumas.
Raymond Sapoen expression conveyed in the Java language. Here's a transcript of his comments uploaded Indonesian BBC website about the desire to be a candidate as well as background information on its predecessor from Banyumas.
"I yo manggon nang Suriname, South America nang.
I telu children. I nduweni telu child, wedok lanang.
I nduwe bojo, I wis mating.
I arepe dadi Seko president of the Republic of Suriname
Yo-nduweni nduwen political party party jenenge Pertjajah Sublime. "
"I have lived in Suriname, South America.
I have three children, I have three children, women and men.
I have a wife, I married.
I want to be president of the Republic of Suriname.
Ya got a political party name Pertjajah Party Sublime. "
Raymond also spoke about the origins as descendants citizens Banyumas, Central Java.

"I understand yo ra. Arepe tenants understand me.
Grandma Nanging nduweni ora contacts.
Ora nduweni sedulur neng kono. I ra understand.
I need to be onderzoek, kudu research, I ra understand.
Menowo yo I iso diguyubi nang kono.
Ora nduweni sedulur-sedulur. "

"I do not know. Want to know once I.
Unfortunately did not have contacts.
Do not have relatives there. I do not know.
Hopefully I can be welcomed there.
No brothers. " (BBC)

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