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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama urges Congress raise the minimum wage

Obama urges Congress raise the minimum wage

U.S. President Barack Obama urged Congress to raise the federal minimum wage employees and challenged legislators to reduce the income gap across the country.

"Say yes. Give America a hike," Obama said in his speech when the State of the Union (joint session of the U.S. Congress) on Tuesday.

Obama insists the current national minimum wage 20 percent lower than a quarter century ago is 7:25 dollars per hour. Therefore, he announced executive orders (orders with full legal force) which requires government contractors to pay their workers at least 10:10 dollars per hour.

He urged the legislature to support a bill that has been proposed in order to rise above the poverty line income countries.

"This will help families. Pelanggasn This will give businesses have more money to spend," Obama said as quoted by AFP.

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