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Friday, January 31, 2014

Spring Festival celebrations coloring new year in Beijing

Spring Festival celebrations coloring new year in Beijing

Spring festival circuit in some temple coloring Chinese New Year 2565 celebrations in Beijing on Friday .

Chinese New Year falls on January 31, 2014 also marks the arrival of spring , when the various festivals in the existing temples in Beijing .

Beijing residents usually visit the temple after stay in touch with family and friends , split red envelopes containing money called Hongbao and enjoy a dish of fruit and food symbol of prosperity , such as dim sum or jiaozi .

Most people in Beijing came temples that hold the spring festival circuit , including the temple Changdian .

At the pagoda , among other residents were treated to a dance performance to mark the entry of horses Wooden Horse Year .

Residents can also enjoy the culinary offerings and hot tea and purchase hand crafted items unique to China .

Changdian temple has some traditional Chinese antiques stores that are mostly made of jade , as well as Chinese calligraphy , and watercolor painting .

In the Ditan temple , residents are reminded again on all matters relating to the heyday of the Qing Dynasty , including through a variety of typical Chinese snacks and a special Beijing .

While the Dongyue temple was performing arts and exhibition titled " Fu " meaning good fortune .

Even more spring festival with various activities that essentially invites members of the community , especially young people , to know the history of China that has hundreds of thousands of years .

New Year celebration in the Chinese calendar calendar lasted for 15 days which closed the festival lanterns .

In addition to visiting the festival circuit in some pagoda spring , residents of Beijing and surrounding areas are also enjoying a holiday by visiting a number of attractions such as Tiananmen Square , the Forbidden City complex , and the Beijing zoo .

Some residents also enjoy the holiday by lighting firecrackers and fireworks , although with a limited number and corresponding time set by the government to reduce air pollution levels .

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