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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mosul Dam in Iraq battered Starting from the Air

Mosul Dam
Mosul Dam in Iraq battered Starting from the Air

Operating an air raid to retake Mosul dam of Islamic jihadists ISIS has started in Iraq.

Local residents, including a Kurdish official, told Western journalists operating from Saturday (16/8) but it is not clear whether conducted by the American military or Iraqi.

Jihadist Islamic State of ISIS has mastered the dam since the beginning of August.

On Friday, military officials said the attack-drone attacks against insurgents ISIS was successfully destroyed two armored vehicles in the town of Sinjar, Iraq to the south.

In a statement Friday, the American Central Command said the attack was carried out after Kurdish forces reported that ISIS jihadists attacking civilians in Kawju village, south of the village of Sinjar. VOA

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