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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Unfinished journey (15)

To fish Squid
Unfinished journey (15) 

(Depok, West Java, Indonesia, August 21 2014,06.52) 

When I served so post konflikdi Communication Specialist city of Ambon, Maluku early 2004, amid rutim duty on weekends around 23:00 the night we shared one of the enumerators (Our researchers) that the villagers along the Red Stone Buce, Office Administration Manager using sampan boat little further into the Bay of Ambon. 
Usually we bring Patromax Lights (lights Strongkeng), bring rice and a little salt and a small bait fish beupa. We are fond of fishing for squid (cuttlefish call Ambonese).Patromax lights function so that the squid come closer, because the bright lights of Patromax. 

squid fishing somewhat different dengsn other fishing, squid memencing hook usually has a forked hook up to ten hook. 
Usually after obtaining a squid quite a lot and our hunger timbil stay put squid on top of lampshades patomax hot, cooked immediately after we eat, because it is still fresh squid fished the new savory and sweet taste, so we ate greedily, after quite a lot we can squid we went home and got home our fried squid for breakfast and lunch. 

Squid Fishing Equipment

On other occasions besides fishing squid, we traveled to the beach Natsepa, Liang Beach, Dutch fort in Ambon city and other tourist locations. 

Unlike Ambon city of Dili, East Tmur (East Timor) I've been three times to go to East Timor, but when the area was still part of the province into 30 regions of the Republic of Indonesia. 

First I joined a group Foreign Minister Mochtar Kusumaatmadja, who both joined the entourage of the Minister of the Interior and the third Supardjo Roestam joined a group the Minister of Mines and Energy Ginandjar Kartasasmita, then Governor of the Province of East Timor held Mario Carrascalão. 

Patromax lamp

Although our visit to the country itself, but there is a feeling of fear and discomfort, because Fretilin soldiers when it was still struggling to fight against the Indonesian National Army (TNI), do not be surprised if we and the entourage around East Timor tourist bus but instead uses the armored, while wearing Our bulletproof vests entered in armored vehicles to be taken around the country, in addition to the city of Dilli also the surrounding towns to Atambua, the border with Indonesian Timor. 

One of my favorite places after having been on duty and menunjungdi almost all of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, Papua is Minangkabau, West Sumatra. 

Mochtar Kusu,aatmadja

Minangkabau not much polluted air is cool as in Puncak, West Java. Besides Miangkabau also many other tourist locations in West Sumatra is no wonder many tourists, especially from Malaysia and Singapore bekunjung to this region. 

20 attractions in West Sumatra Required to Visit [Part2] 
Continuing article Previous 20 attractions in West Sumatra Required to Visit [Part1] 
For Attractions West Sumatra to 11 is: 

11. Japanese hole 

Hole Japan is a legacy of building a underground cave used for the defense of the Japanese nation Japanese soldiers. Japanese hole was founded in Japan in the period 1942-1945. At the time Japan invaded the nation of Indonesia, Japan Hole development is done by Romusa or forced labor. 
Japanese hole is only used for the defense of the Japanese soldier, here is also used for the storage of weapons and ammunition, not only activities such as meeting the Japanese army carried out here. Japanese people also do cooking in Japan this hole. Here also the Japanese used to imprison and torture of prisoners of war. 

Soepardjo Roestam

Japanese hole exists at an area of ​​about 2 hectares in it you will be led down the stairs with that has been built. Hallway - hallway in it gives place - a place suitable to the needs of each - each. 

Hall - every hallway of this building is branched, and each - each hall used to place according to the needs at that time. to maintain its authenticity, in every hallway fitted with CCTV. 

Holes traveled to Japan does provide a very useful historical experience for you and baby, in addition to lessons learned history you too can enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding attractions Hole Japan, well wait no more attraction Hole Japan already waiting 

12. Husks Koto Gadang 

Seeing the grandeur of the Great Wall not need all the way to China. City of Bukittinggi in West Sumatra also has, Husks Koto Gadang name. This is a new tourist spot in West Sumatra that brings our guests feel at Great Wall of China. 

Husks Koto Gadang Bukittinggi and Agam connecting region. Dilongok from the official website of the Government of West Sumatra, on Thursday (25/07/2013), this new object to add an icon for tourism in West Sumatra. 
Great Wall style of West Sumatra has a length of approximately 1 km. Because connecting the two places, there are two entrances for the traveler who wants to set foot in this giant wall. 

detikTravel was able to visit the new attractions this some time ago. From New York City, tourists can enter through the door that is located not far from the Japanese hole. From there, travelers going through a declining path. 
Get ready stunned with the view presented. Your eyes will be faced with valor Sianok canyon, rice fields and cliffs gahar. 

Jeprat! Snap! Do not waste the opportunity to capture the moment through a camera lens shots. Pose like being on the Great Wall of China. 
In addition, there is also a suspension bridge and a high rung. Several points were put up posts, for a place to rest while enjoying the view of the river, rice fields, and cliffs. Indeed, strong stamina necessary to explore this place. 
If you want to complete this journey Husks Koto Gadang, a traveler should prepare drinking water. As far as 1 km mileage will make you wriggle thirsty throat. 
Moreover, taken quite challenging terrain. You must trekking climbing and descending pathways. If approximately not strong, you should simply cruising half way only. 

13. Valley Harau 

This Harau Valley terlatak Payahkumbuh close to town, and the valley is flanked by two steep rocky hill with a height of approximately 150 meters. Topography of hilly and undulating Harau Valley, very enjoyable while Harau Valley Area because they still have clean air and visitors can see the beauty of nature. 

Around the Valley Harau there is a steep granite cliffs and a high of about 80-300 meters.Some of the natural beauty that you can take while in Harau Valley among others chasm / gap nature, waterfalls, cliffs and several caves, where there is also a nature reserve and wildlife sanctuary there are several protected animals such as the Long-tailed monkey, gibbon, Sumatran Tiger, Bear, Tapir, Hedgehogs, Birds Argus, and others. 

Ginandjar Kartasamita

At tourist sites Harau Valley is divided into two locations: Bunta Sarasah contained 5 waterfalls along the waterfall reservoirs and other tourist sites are the roots of swinging the pool for those who want to swim with the family, and also a location for a camping spot.There are several reasons that make unique and different from the others that there is a valley echo valley that if we yell it will produce a perfect echo. At the Echo valley there is one place that is used as a reference if anyone would want to shout in order to produce a perfect echo. 

After shouting it will be followed by a perfect echo 7 times. The legend says that the perfect can generate echoes only one in the world that Echo Valley, and also Harau Valley has a natural beauty that cetar formations that serve as a new route in the bicycle race Tour de Singkarak. Harau valley can you put in one of the list of attractions in your vacation agenda. 

14. Anai Valley 

When you pass the path to Padang Bukit Tinggi linstas then you will pass through the Valley of termites. Anai Valley is located in the District X Singgalang Nagari Koto exactly in Padang-Bukittinggi highway. Anai Valley is famous for its waterfall attraction. Waterfall about 35 meters altitude, is a part of the Batang River flows from Mount Singgalang Headman In the heading area Anai fault. This waterfall is in the western part of the Valley Nature Reserve Anai.Airnya very clear flowing down the hills toward the slope and flow continues to pass through the winding roads with beautiful scenery. On the right and left of the road you can see the green valleys and hills overgrown with various trees. Along the way to the Anai Valley Waterfall you can also see the monkeys that roam as if happy to welcome the presence of the tourists who come from far away. If you follow it from the city of Padang to Anai Valley Waterfall tourist, you will take for approximately one hour by road. 

This tourist area is included in the conservation area of ​​the valley termites. With a location on the side of the road so many people consuming vision that passed for a short visit or see him. 

You can enjoy several tourist facilities in this Anai Valley waterfall. In these places have a few stalls available for you to relax while enjoying food and beverages provided certainly typical cuisine from West Sumatra. In addition you can also enjoy a souvenir or snack typical of West Sumatra. 

Bukit Tinggi

Bring the vehicle to a tourist spot termites waterfall basin provides ample parking place.So do not worry if you will be visiting, and fear not miss the parking lot, it was not possible.Other facilities include a toilet for visitors or tourists who want to shower and others. 
For those of you who do not have time to prepare food before leaving do not worry because there are food stalls along the typical dishes of Padang. For your convenience here is also provided ample parking in addition, there are also bathroom facilities. Many available accommodation rented by locals, the price assortment. Rent for those of you who are from out of town or out of the island. But if you want to stay in five-star hotels that you can stay in the center of the city of Padang or Bukittinggi. 
Seeing the natural beauty here, not be surprised if the local government area of ​​the waterfall is set as one of the icons of tourism in West Sumatra. He is like a piece of heaven that fell on the earth, and keeksotikannya undeniable beauty. 

15. Padang 
for the citizens of the town padang, padang beach is often also called the TAPLAU (TAPI LAUIK), Coastal prairie is one of the destinations that the city into the desert. But if the night here very crowded the young couple hanging out while enjoying roasted corn or bananas. that on the night of the week there is always the attraction persimpang four cars.to see picnya as follows: 

16.pantai Gandoriah 

If you visit West Sumatra then it feels incomplete if not a visit to the beach Gandoriah in Pariaman district dubbed Sala Lauak City. Gandoriah beach is about 60 km from the city of Padang is a beach with white sand and the breeze wrapped cluster of small islands. 

To find the location of Gondoriah Beach is not too difficult, you can simply ask the residents who met around Pariaman Tabuik Market area. Ensured by friendly they will immediately show its location. For visitors who come from the city of Padang train will have no trouble finding the location of this beach because of the location of the train station stops Pariaman exactly located at the gate Gandoriah Beach. Quite a few steps then you've arrived at the area attractions Gandoriah Beach. 
Famous for its beauty it is no wonder many visitors who come to the beach Gandoriah linger to enjoy the beauty of the beach while tasting snacks that were encountered merchants peddled around Pariaman attraction pride rang it. 
No need to move from my seat, just sit back and enjoy the view of the beach, dozens of vendors sala (Pariaman typical food) will come by itself. Snacks they offer are also varied, ranging from sala lauak, fried fish, or a variety of other fried foods. 
In short, a visit to the beach Gandoriah Pariaman will make you addicted. Hence, every holiday or anniversary another great day, Pariaman area attraction beach is almost always packed pengunjung.Terlebih, since the reopening of passenger trains serving Padang-Pariaman majors have an impact on increasing the number of visits to attractions were loaded with feel of peace this. 
Hospitality, laughter and scolds sapa from existing traders around Pariaman Gandoriah attractions also complements the atmosphere of the crowd around Pariaman Gandoriah attraction. 
Another attraction of this beach is Gandoriah you can freely enjoy the coastline, either by using the two-wheeled vehicles, four wheel, or on foot. This is supported by the complete infrastructure around Gandoriah Beach, including road that connects the beach Gandoriah with a number of attractions in the surrounding beaches, such as Mirror Beach, Kata Beach and others. Not less beautiful when the sun sets and the evening twilight pick, as if to conjure the sights around the charming beach Gandoriah 

17th Hole Mbah Soero 

Here it is the famous pit mine in Sawahlunto. To go in there, visitors are required to register and purchase tickets at the Info Box Building. In 1947, the building is a Box Info Meeting House Labor and various activities held there. Starting from employee meetings to entertainment and playback puppet tancep screen after payday. Now, the building serves as an information center for the mining pits Mbah Soero. 

Helmet and safety shoes are mounted perfectly, down to the hole adventure Mbah Soero began. Guides will tell visitors about the things that will be found inside and some rules and restrictions that must be complied with. 
Mbah Soero mine pit is the first hole that opened in 1898 The hole is so named because it once was a foreman who oversees Soero. He was respected by the workers and the surrounding community. 

Due to the high historical value, beginning in 2007 the mine pit is open to tourists. In addition, there is also a photo gallery and a film about the history of the mine. At the end of the visit, the tourists who visit will receive a certificate. 

18. Mentawai Islands 

Mentawai Islands is a islands in the Mentawai regency of West Sumatra Province.Mentawai Islands covers 4 major islands namely Sipora Island, the island of Siberut, North Pagai, and South Pagai Island. Siberut is the largest island, and the only island that has a regular shipping service linking the island of Siberut, Sumatra, especially Padang. As the largest island and the administrative center of the city there are also Mentawai Island Tuapejat is precisely in the city that is located on the North Side. 

The islands in the Mentawai is the culmination of a "back" chain of mountains under the sea. In addition, the location of the islands also located in offshore West Sumatra Province and surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean. The existence of the Mentawai islands in the middle of the vast ocean, making the beaches of the famous Mentawai has clean sand and beautiful scenery, while the waves were also good especially for surfing 
Recorded no less than 400 points are surfing in the Mentawai islands, ranging from moderate to surf the most challenging waves in the world looking for surfers. Presumably reasonable if on the beaches that have good waves are often held world-class surfing event, which introduced the Mentawai name abroad. Bosua village is one among the famous surf destination in the world in the village of Bosua waves reached 3 meters making it suitable for siapapaun who likes challenging adrenaline, but be careful with the somewhat rocky beaches. Bosua village can be traveled by speedboat from the district capital Tuapejat and takes about 4 hours. 

Nyang Nyang Island Village Katurei also has waves which reached 4 meters high, and referred to as one of the highest waves in the world. Another place that has high waves Karamajat Island which is still present in the village at this place Katurei waves can reach 2-4 meters. If want a beach that has waves safe and quiet for the family Siruso Island and Coastal beaches Bulasat is suitable because it has low waves, white sand and crystal clear sea water. 

In addition to the beach and surfing attractions, Mentawai also offers attractions trekking into the interior of tropical forests is still beautiful natural green with a variety of her animal living in it. 
While local communities in the Mentawai people are familiar with traditional and still uphold their traditions. Cultural villages in the know still retain the original customs and culture, among others, the Village Madobak, Ugai Village, and the Village Matotonan. 
To get to the Mentawai islands accessible by motor boats serving penyebranagan from Padang to Mentawai. Or if you have more budget then could rent a small plane that Tiger Air or SMAC to Tuapejat Sipora Island from Minangkabau International Airport. 

19th Peak Langkisau

Hill summit area attractions are located on the edge Langkisau koto Painan with a height of about 500 meters above sea level the tourists awe-inspiring beauty. Peak Hill Pessel Lagkisau is an area that has excellent tourism potential should be developed, because the area is located at a height so that people who visit will be able to see the beautiful scenery and fascinating about the city and Sago Painan the District IV Jurai, when the atmosphere in the evening will be more lively again the light emitted from the chart fishing boats and from the beauty of the city Painan

When seen from the hilltop Langkisau travelers will be able to see the natural beauty Painan City, Sago and natural beaches and islands are lined witnessed on the high seas as well as the light chart-owned fishing vessels to add to the splendor of the night.
"Pessel proud Langkisau Hill tourist potential is certainly more interesting if the area is equipped with various facilities that the game could attract the attention of the public at the time sengggang fill them," he said.
Facilities and infrastructure need to be completed as the location where the trading of various types of skills and kerajian people, be it in the form of T-shirts, calligraphy, batik and various works and local production that can be sold to the domistik and foreign turist as cendara eye for visitors who come to the area this.
It is undeniable Langkisau Hill tourist area so far only used by people including those coming from abroad to fly kite sports activities because of natural conditions that support for the addict is doing the action sport flying over the sea above the city and then landed on the shoreline of the District IV Salido jurai

20.Puncak Lawang

"Sago Lompong Bagulo Lawang." Song lyrics performed Minang singer, Elli Kasim certainly reminds us to an area in the hills surrounding the lake Maninjau, Lawang, Sub Matur, Agam District. Area is about 20 kilometers from Bukittinggi, besides income of sugar cane, is also an area that has cool air and beautiful scenery as a tourist attraction.
No half-hearted natural beauty that is owned by the county at the end of these hills. Of height presents a beautiful view of the green hills, and blue color Maninjau. In addition, no less cool air is refreshing with natural attractions in other areas in Indonesia

Approximately 20 minutes drive from the city of Bukittinggi towards Matur before Maninjau. Sugar cane fields along the road to the top of Lawang describe community livelihood. Almost every land in tumbuhi by sugarcane. Even the scent of a society can furnace smell of sugar cane along the way to Puncak Lawang.
Although the access road is not too big, but it has been coated with asphalt, which allows the vehicle to reach the top of Lawang. In the near future, it looks like the road will increase Lawang. It looks gravel road construction and the initial coating has been installed properly. Lawang tourist potential will be more promising future with the completion of Lawang-Morning Dew.
From the peak of Bukit Lawang there are two strategic places Maninjau witnessed landscapes complete with hills and residential areas along the edge of the lake. Banks of the lake as a whole will spoil the eyes of visitors who visit the place. Not only that, from the top of the hill can also see the sea sesudut Tiku stretching. Settling start dilakukaknnya by inviting young people in the local area to be a tourist-conscious youth by forming a Forum Agro Tourism and Civil Nagari establish a tourism business Lawang Adventure Park.
Since the last six months of the child, Zuhrizul strategic land rent on the top of a hill. There was built a wooden hut where lodging with natural impression to the visitors stay. About a hundred people can be accommodated visitors of this place with a view that stretches Maninjau blue and green hills surround.

"We tried to sign this land for 40 years to its owner. Hopefully this could indicate the participation to contribute to building tourism in West Sumatra. Especially the nature of sports tourism, such as outbound, tandem paragliding, rafting, SuperCamp, paintball and many packages that we provide. Currently Lawang is also suitable for picking strawberries, apples and oranges agricultural community. Going forward, it will be activated again supporting nature Lawang.
Matur District of tourism potential, the natural wealth that visitors will be able to pick from a variety of regions, local and foreign. Because there Matur traditional house of cultural heritage and history. In fact there is no letter of Sukarno, table clothes oversize pieces of jade and gold shirt.
Still in the District in Nagari Andaleh Matur precisely, there is the former hill fort Siriah with some historical value. Not only that there is also a dead elephant stone, stone sites baselo, Pincuran Old Mosque Tower. "In addition to natural attractions, traditional cane refineries and agro tourism, there are also available for tourist consumption,"

Ambon Back Convenient for Traveling

Ambon as the capital of Maluku, a few years ago never dark because of racial conflict. Dispute which of course has hit the tourism sector in the province of Thousand Island. In fact, Ambon is one of the tourist destinations are well worth a visit. Moreover, for lovers of nautical tourism. Natural panoramic sea has to offer, so beautiful and sparkling.

Now, the conflict passed. Security has been recovered. And Ambon tourism sector began to squirm. '' Maluku now safe. Since September 2003, the civil emergency status in Ambon has been revoked. Now the status of civil order, '"said Karel Albert Ralahalu, Governor of Maluku.

Maluku community, he added, is now at peace. '' We have really recovered, and safe. Maluku can now be used as a tourist destination, '"he said.

With the security that has been recovered, plus the increasingly easy access to reach Ambon, gives an opportunity for the rise of the tourism sector Ambon. '' Ambon worth visiting, especially for enthusiasts of marine tourism, such as diving, surfing, and snorkeling, '"said AD Tomasoa, Asita chairman, Maluku.

'' Ambon has a great tourism potential. With the ease of access today, many things have to be prepared Ambon tourism people. As developing tour packages, '"said Andre J Sitanala, chairman of PHRI, Maluku. For the businessman, he added, would be to make improvements and building renovations in preparation for the arrival of tourists to Ambon.

Then, as beautiful Ambon tourist masihkah first? The answer is yes, Ambon is still presenting the beauty semestanya, despite the conflict ravaged.

When traveling to Ambon, after landing at Pattimura International Airport, travelers have to travel by car about an hour to reach the city of Ambon. Along the road to the heart of the tourist capital of Maluku will indeed pass through villages that had experienced conflict. Remnants of the conflict are still visible on some buildings heavily damaged by mass rioting. Of the view that contrasts with the charming panorama of the Bay of Ambon which surrounds the island along the way. Being in Ambon, not too difficult to find the hotel. For example, in numbers Jl Raya Pattimura.

Ambon, is the province with an area of ​​ocean larger than its land area. Inevitably, most selling attraction is the potential for marine. For divers, just come to the village Latuhalat. It is located about 17 km to the west of the city of Ambon. There, there is the beautiful waters used as a very precise location of the dive. Panoramic beauty of underwater life can be enjoyed there.

Off the coast, exactly in the Northeast Ambon, lies a small island. Pombo Island, his name. The island became a mainstay destination for diving lovers. The water is crystal clear. The natural beauty of the underwater coral reefs are still healthy and diverse marine flora and fauna will surely amaze travelers.

Pombo Island into the sea in the nature reserve as Pombo Island Marine Park. That said, the word comes from the Portuguese Pombo which means dove. Thus, defined as Pombo Island Pigeon Island. There, in addition to diving, tourists can do snorkeling. Because rarely visited, for tourists who come, can feel as if being in a 'private island'. Sitting on the white sand while enjoying the beautiful sea natural Nombo Island can make anyone feel impressed.

Other destinations include the beach Namalatu. It, dealing with the Banda Sea, about 15 km from the city of Ambon. Or, just come to the village Latulahat. The village also has a beach with a beautiful sea garden. Again, this region is very appropriate for the location of snorkeling, swimming, and diving. The beach has white sand decorated rocks. The divers should not also miss the Cape of Satan. Its location in the village of Morela, northern Ambon. Despite having so powerful underwater panorama, Cape Satan has a strong current. Because it is a meeting of two seas, the Banda Sea, and Sea Attack. Other locations worth visiting, Waai.

Its location on the East coast of Ambon. This elegant famous beaches also with Swimming Waiselaka which is a habitat for eels. The aquatic animals are in the bottom of the pool behind the rocks. To invite the eels to want to come to the surface, usually with a bait to lure locals eggs. Not only natural attraction. Tourists can also visit Amsterdam. Located in the northern coast. In addition to the beautiful beach panorama, this fort to witness history in the Maluku presence of foreign invaders in the past. The fort was built by Portuguese in 1512, but was taken over by the Dutch in the early 17th century.

When you want to travel to the museum, Ambon has five Shiva Museum. In the museum area of ​​3.7 hectares, there is a diverse collection of culture and history. As, a replica of traditional architecture. Among them are Rahanteli (traditional house), and Baileo (where government officials consulted). There is also a replica of a traditional kitchen Maluku, complete with traditional cookware anyway. Collection of traditional costumes was complete dideretkan at the museum. Another collection of traditional weapons of war, traditional musical instruments, prehistoric caves, pottery, and a post office box relic Netherlands, In the area of ​​the museum building also contained a collection of marine. One of the Blue Whale skeleton kolesinya is a kind of whale that is the largest in the world. With a length of 25 meters and weigh 80 tons. Five are in the museum Shiva, clearly we can enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Ambon. The current was so quiet with nan expanse of blue water. No wonder it was dubbed the city of Ambon Manise.may

Foreign Thousand Island, Pearl, Eucalyptus oil, Clove, Nutmeg, Beach Tourism. Try to guess where is the area I mentioned - the natural result of the above?
Yup ..! We're talking about Maluku province, more precisely Ambon Island. It is not going to be endless yes! natural resources and tourism Moluccas (Ambon), is indeed very fascinating.
Ok, before you get bored because I read the opening post of this inferior, mending we go straight to the core of this post, which is about the shore excursions that you can enjoy when visiting the capital of Maluku (Ambon).
The capital of the province of Maluku (Ambon) has been very popular with marine tourism / beaches, not only among local travelers, but to the international level. In fact, this area had become one of the backbones of foreign exchange from tourism (Next to Bali). But that was years ago, before the conflict devastated parekonomian aspects, tourism, as well as the survival of implanted children since the days of the ancestors (Pela-Gandong)
Now after the conflict in 1999, this area back up and unlock the tourism wing had to bend it. This is evidenced by the increase in traffic, both domestic and foreign tourist are increasing rapidly.
Here are some alternative beaches tourist sites you can visit. (Congratulations amazed!)

Foreign Thousand Island, Pearl, Eucalyptus oil, Clove, Nutmeg, Beach Tourism. Try to guess where is the area I mentioned - the natural result of the above?
Yup ..! We're talking about Maluku province, more precisely Ambon Island. It is not going to be endless yes! natural resources and tourism Moluccas (Ambon), is indeed very fascinating.
Ok, before you get bored because I read the opening post of this inferior, mending we go straight to the core of this post, which is about the shore excursions that you can enjoy when visiting the capital of Maluku (Ambon).
The capital of the province of Maluku (Ambon) has been very popular with marine tourism / beaches, not only among local travelers, but to the international level. In fact, this area had become one of the backbones of foreign exchange from tourism (Next to Bali). But that was years ago, before the conflict devastated parekonomian aspects, tourism, as well as the survival of implanted children since the days of the ancestors (Pela-Gandong)
Now after the conflict in 1999, this area back up and unlock the tourism wing had to bend it. This is evidenced by the increase in traffic, both domestic and foreign tourist are increasing rapidly.
Here are some alternative beaches tourist sites you can visit. (Congratulations amazed!)

1 Natsepa Beach

Natsepa Beach (Photo: xentaur.multiply.com)
Not to Ambon if it has not been to the beach Natsepa. That analogy of people who've been and feel the beauty of this beach.
Blowing sea breeze accompanied spoiled her catwalk pepohon along the coastline will make you stunned, not to mention the crystal clear sea water and super free of litter, even so crystal clear sea water you can easily watch the fish swim and brightly colored reef coral anesthetize the eye. All of it feels more complete with soft white sand tapestries and glittering sprawling on the shoreline. Anyway all the beauty of this beach can not be described with words. Obviously you will feel the sensation of tourist that I guarantee you've never felt before.
Location The beach is located in the Village District of Salahutu Suli, Central Maluku. Distance to go to reach the famous tourist beach with white sand is the ± 15 Km from the city of Ambon and ± 23 Km from International Airport Pattimura. There are several alternative transportation that you can use to reach this location.

Natsepa Beach (Photo: ntguide.info)
a. From the city center, by using public transportation (Rp. 5,000 / person.) Public Transportation began operations at 4:50 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. CDT. There is also another alternative, namely using charteran car, the price range is definitely above Rp. 100,000
b. As for the transportation from the airport you can use public transportation (public transportation) towards the "Excursion," Arriving at Passo nah you have to replace public transportation (public transportation passing Natsepa Beach include: Department Tulehu, Midst, Liang and Tial) costs only Rp.3.000. You fear getting lost ?? Do not worry you just tell your destination to the driver. Or if you are not the type of person who likes to go up and down public transportation, then you can menggunan taxi directly from the airport, the price range above 100,000. while the cost of a ticket to get into the area you spend enough Natsepa 5,000

Natsepa beach when a giant moon phenomenon (Photo By: Tiara Empress)
If you feel bored with just soak and play sand, then you can feel the sensation of fishing on the white sand beach. There are also several alternative is provided by the manager, the snorkeling and diving. Want your adrenaline ?? Okay! Please feel the sensation when you climb the banana boat. Still less? Please air-ria jetski. It is too dangerous? Do not be afraid, you can use a boat / canoe rental to see the reef without having to wet-basahan. How so? Melepasmu, the water is crystal clear. Hehehe ...

  (Photo: blog.salingsilang.com)
Problem consumption you do not have to worry, there are some restaurants that you can visit in this coastal tourist areas. Well talk stomach problems, then one that you should not skip that, "Rojak Natsepa." Mixed fresh fruits are sliced ​​thin and sprinkled with peanut sauce is worth to be enjoyed while enjoying the sunset moments. I guarantee a thousand percent Anyway you will not feel any regret visiting this beach.
"Continue to rest how ??"
Well! For the one that you do not have to worry. Not far from the beach Natsepa (± 200 m) there are Aston Natsepa Resort is a four star scale, and are on the waterfront. But if you worry about the bills later, you can search for lodging that costs relatively economical.

   (Photo: aston-international.com)
Just info: 2 Km from the beach Natsepa there are attractions that are not less interesting, namely the Pasir Panjang Beach Village Tial. For information about the location of this one I will discuss in the next post.
2 Liang beach (± 13 Km from Beach Natsepa / 31 Km from the city of Ambon)

(Photo: kabarhotel.com)
The beach that is not less interesting one, yakniPantai Liang (Hunimua) situated in the village of Liang district. Salahutu, Kab. Middle-Maluku has a uniqueness that is almost the same as the beach Natsepa, the super clear water and fine white sand that meets the shoreline. Its surroundings were really beautiful and green. Here and there with palm trees Pharmaceutics and trees typical of coastal areas appear to be contrasted with tapestry sand beaches. Gentle breeze will lull you into reluctant to go home.

(Photo: sosbud.kompasiana.com)
It should be noted: One special feature of Liang Beach (Hunimua) is that, occupies the first rank of the most beautiful in Indonesia based on the results of research UN agency in charge of global development (UNDP) 1990 The reason of the election of this beach because it has a very panoramic underwater alluring. Liang beach beach bunakenpada also managed to beat the time of assessment conducted by UN agencies.

(Photo: landscapeindonesia.com)
The Japanese used to fall in love and very enamored with Liang beach, they also intend to invest in the tourism development of the province is rich in tourist baharinya (read: Maluku Province.), But because of a land dispute between the residents can not be resolved, then the parties infestor choose bunaken to be developed. Well it's a little picture so that you can know how this exotic beach.
For facilities not much different from Natsepa beach. Only if you want to find lodging or hotel you have to go back to Natsepa area which is only 15 Km. Oh yes, the salad at this beach was no less delicious with a salad on the beach Natsepa. Anyway STRONG ALE.,

Liang beach (Photo: chateauceloteh.wordpress.com)
3 Relaxing Beach

Relaxed Beach (Photo: flickr.com)
Teretak relaxed Beach in the village of Latuhalat district. Nusa Niwe, Located less than 16 km from Ambon City Center and can be traveled in 30 minutes, transposrtasi which can be used to reach this area by using public transportation (Municipal Transport) or you can use a car charteran. For the price of public transportation Rp.6000, while for the average car charteran above Rp. 100,000

(Photo: dennis11ipa2.blogspot.com)
From the name alone 'Casual Beach' I am sure you will feel relaxed and comfortable in this beach. Casual beach itself not so different from the beaches that I have discussed above, the clean white sand, clear blue sea, and has a spot of diving and snorkeling for those who love the underwater exploration. For daving equipment you do not need to carry it far away from your town, because of its weight and is going to be Over Baggage, you will also hassles. So how ??? Heheh ... do not panic ,,,, Santai Beach also preparing for diving facility on this one. You only live-hire me.
When at the beach Liang (Hunimua) and make Rojak Natsepa Beach as its typical food, then different again to the beach this one. The food is very simple, but it's a friend ... I sure can make your tongue like a palm-swaying palm trees on this beach. Well, fried cassava and sweet tea. Simple is not it? Although it seems simple .... Fried cassava Mantap.Hehehehe ... besides you can also enjoy salad and other menus that are not less gurihnya.

(Photo: malukueyes.com)
For a resting place?
Casual Beach around the site there are affordable accommodation. Just a reminder ....! Do not forget the documentation tool to capture your holiday.
OK .. That's it .. but do not worry because there are many tourist sites in Ambon beach which I will discuss.
Happy Holidays in the land ... Manise Ambon.

eelokan Tourism East Timor (Timor Leste)
Posted in East Timor By Admin On March 16, 2013
There is no easy thing lived in East Timor (Timor-Leste called in Portuguese which is preferred by the local community) as a blessing and a disaster that occurred there. Independence is not just easy to obtain; years spent with the always heated conflict between the Portuguese and the Indonesian government are clouded by tragedy, and recent history shows the reason why a country should not necessarily declare himself as the new state (as happened in 2002) and expect everything can run smoothly afterwards. Travelers will also feel a number of challenges that are faced by the people of Timor in the fight for food and clothing needs of the everyday, and this may be the best reason for you to visit.
Travel East Timor (Timor Leste)
Barely developed tourism infrastructure, but the tourists can explore the natural beauty without much effort. Exceptional diving activities, very beautiful and the rural population actually welcomed the arrival of tourists. Once you are satisfied visiting the capital, your foot step towards the east, to the coast of Dili and discover the best of this country, or immediately go to Atauro Island for spectacular snorkeling. Almost the same as the local residents who can always find a way to live there, so are you going to feel it - that will make your trip more pronounced helpful.
Of course, the track is very bad highways and journey to one place to another will be very long, but the other side of this is that you will often be invited through the road less traveled others. You can immerse themselves in a culture that is unique rhythm, the rhythm of life style which combines Europe and Asia. You will always be greeted with a nod and a wave of the hand of every person you meet. You will soon realize that the easiest thing is presented exposure to the East is its beauty.

Dili is the capital of the former state of East Timor had become one of the provinces in Indonesia. In addition to being the state capital, Dili, is also the largest city in East Timor. Dili city located on the island of Timor, which borders with the province of East Nusa Tenggara, more precisely located on the north coast of the island of Timor. In the south by Australia are separated by the Timor Sea. Culture in this city is heavily influenced by the Portuguese culture.

Dili History
The Portuguese began to inhabit the surrounding Dili in 1520 and in 1596 became the state capital Dili Portuguese Timor. Japanese forces had occupied the city during World War II. Indonesian troops overran nine days after the Dili Portuguese Timor declared independence from Portugal on 28 November 1975 After successfully captured by Indonesian, Portuguese Timor became the 27th province of Indonesia and renamed the East Timorese capital in Dili. However, on May 20, 2002, East Timorese independence from Indonesia and form a new nation, East Timor. (Continued)

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