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Monday, August 18, 2014

Unfinished journey (13)

Unfinished journey (13)

(Part thirteenth, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, August 19, 2014, 1:34 pm)

When I became Chief Editor of Beijing Oristar Media, a subsidiary of Hua Wei, headquartered in Shanghai, China, and Indonesia Hua Wei offices in the building BRI II Jalan Sudirman Jakarta.

The news media serve customers via MMS for PT Telkomsel. After only a month I work in this medium had a stroke when I would go to work, get a new train station Cikini I had a stroke.
Luckily my first few meters of office Cikini Station so I quickly picked up and rushed to the hospital central Medika depok, West Java.

Though only a month to work, but I pioneered and prepare and design Oristar Media Beijing nearly three months. However, due to a stroke just three months contract which are not renewed,

With very disappointed I was forced not to work anymore, I still need padal costs for illness treatment. In my heart Oristar media such as Beijing leaders have no sin menzolimi sick, mem members laid off without severance. No wonder, I thought, the Chinese owner of Beijing Oristar Media, and Huawei is the atheist communists, so feel no sin menzolimi people.
Three months ago when I became editor in Online media Asatunews, also recently signed a contract one month of a six-month contract also ill so unable to work, still mending Beijing Media Oristar although the rest of the last two months not in the office but still receive full salary, but in Asatunews I did not receive a salary again, although labor law states that the employee is unable to work ill still receive salaries, although not full.

I saw a team Asatunews strange indeed. Asatunews tebet based in the region is also also occupied a team of consultants and a team of lawyers led by Raden Noah, the owner of the account Trio Macan. As was reported by Metro TV, Raden Noah and his team had submitted a proposal to become a team consultant Joko Widodo winning Candidate Governor, but was denied, so the impact is much pemeritaan Asatunews and twitter trio cornered tiger and discredit Joko Widodo.

In the Presidential election last month, there was friction between the majority shareholder Telkom Asatunews entrepreneurs they call Mt Trang with Editor in Chief Noah Asatunews Raden, because Trang supports Joko Widodo, while Noah anti Raden Joko Widodo, so that employees receive salary late scramble for reportedly Trang end its funding.
A few months before the ad Asatunews team submitted a proposal to the Financial Services Authority (FSA), but reportedly turned down, because the media does not Asatunews as much demand. A few months later members of the Board of Directors who are also members of the team Asatunews lawyer isberkantor in building another anta Asatunews governor Ahmad Lubis,
, Salamudin, and Ahmad Suryono.
lawsuit led to the Constitutional Court requested that the Finance OtoritasJasa (FSA) was dissolved, although ultimately rejected by the Court.

Later I saw the end FSA also advertised in Asatunews.

Trio Macan hunt

Headline - A burly man dressed all in black safari suddenly chaotic. Gate house at Widya Chandra III No. 12A South Jakarta was then opened wide.

"You want to come," said one of them.

Suddenly, dozens of photographers and television cameramen stood lined up outside the gate. People they've been waiting from morning will soon arrive.

At 15.30, a black Lexus sedan plates B 1254 RFS entered official home page of the State Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises that. Inside was the minister and Chairman of the Daily Democrat Party, Syarifuddin Hasan.

Ten minutes after that, the journalists were admitted. In the living room, Sharif sitting together with the young and beautiful wife, Ingrid Kansil.

"Actually I do not feel the need to do this press conference," said Sharif started the meeting on May 16, 2013 it. However, the man was admitted to not hold Bugis and decided to speak because of issues concerning the dignity of the family already. Siri.


Is a series of tweets from an account pseudonym @ TrioMacan2000 that makes red-faced. Syarif felt chirp distributed in cyberspace two days before it was aimed at him, his wife and family.

On that day, @ TrioMacan2000 aggressively tweeted minister accidentally caught a beautiful young wife was "playing piggyback" with his son sendiri.Astagfirullah!

The name of the minister was called. However, various subsequent tweet mentioned the wife was studying at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (IISIP) in South Jakarta and came from Cianjur, West Java. Inevitably, the index leads to Ingrid Kansil, Sharif's young wife.

Sharif, with angry faces, tweet stating that slander. "Slander is more cruel than murder," he said, repeatedly, while stressing that political motives.

He also stated chirp @ TrioMacan200 is a serious crime. He was determined to hunt him down.

For this, Sharif consulted with the Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring. However, he was not satisfied with the advice Tifatul.
"A long journey. Something to do at America and all sorts. Takes 2-3 years," said Sharif, confusion. "But if I want the opponent, where to go? Sajanggak clear his account. I want to report to the police, but who should I report? "
In less than half an hour, a press conference was completed without any clarity, what further action Sharif.

When the news search was about to leave, suddenly came the Minister of Housing Djan Faridz. Djan, who also was attacked @ TrioMacan2000, deep in conversation with Sharif.

A few minutes after that, Sharif appeared with sheets of paper print outs. "I want to report to the Jakarta Police, now," Sharif said firmly.

At 17:00, accompanied by a number of staff and Djan Faridz, Sharif arrived at Police Headquarters in Jakarta Metropolitan Region. He then met and discussed with the Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Eko Putut Bayuseno.
Ushered police chief, Sharif officially reported @ TrioMacan2000. There are three chapters are so foundation: Article 310 and 311 of the Code of Criminal Law and Article 27 of the Law of Information and Electronic Transactions. Essence a matter of insult or defamation attacking the honor, good name, or the dignity of a person.

The next day, the Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto immediately released a statement that the investigator has picked up the controversial name of the account owner. "There is no difficulty to discover who the owner of the account for the previous cases already known who is managing. Guys that we will explore one-on-one."

From Jamwas to Staff Minister

As recognized Rikwanto, actually not just Sharif @ TrioMacan2000 reported to the police. There are at least four other people who also complain.

In June 2012, Deputy Attorney General for Supervision Marwan Effendy reported attorney M. Fajriska aka Boy to the Police Criminal Investigation Department on a number of tweets that he has considered libel. Marwan chirp was accused of embezzling a sum of money worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

In his report, stating various chirpFajriska Marwan was retweeted by @ TrioMacan2000.
Initially, Marwan had thought Fajriska also behind @ TrioMacan2000. However, later he changed his mind.

"I'm sure if the police really serious, can surely find it. Moreover, the police possessed the tools to track sophisticated. Name @ TrioMacan2000 been used continuously, the untraceable man am? "Marwan said, annoyed, when met reporters headline, Thursday, May 23, 2013, in his office.

Marwan report itself has been decided in court. Last week, the trial Marwan versus Fajriska and @ TrioMacan2000 already reached the stage of listening to expert testimony.

After the hearing, stating precisely Fajriska behind him were oppressed. The reason, he was not ever do anything that indicted him. He also insists not involved in the management of the account @ TrioMacan2000 andFajriska.

However, interestingly, Fajriska claimed to know who the manager @ TrioMacan2000. "I am often asked for advice by them. Lastly I was angry because they had to write the moral case Syarif Hasan. I do not agree that," he asserted. (Read: Slander to Table Green)

@ TrioMacan2000 next victim is Syadat Hasibuan Umar, Special Staff to the Minister of the Interior. This case occurred in June 2012.

Umar, who was active in the account TwitterlandUmarSyadat feel maligned by @ TrioMacan2000 very outrageous. Umar among others accused of taking bribes @ TrioMacan2000 500 million from the Ministry of Accelerated Development of Disadvantaged Regions Lukman Edy. And that makes him angry is when the boarding school founded by her father since 1990 called @ TrioMacan2000 constructed of illicit money corruption.

"It was all a lie and slander," Umar said, grimly. (Read the full interview Syadat Umar: "I Know Exactly Who Admin @ Triomacan2000")

At first, Umar believes is his own, Abdul Rashid, who was behind the @ TrioMacan2000. You see, the charges against him were exactly been submitted to Umar Rashid, he joked.

Umar Abdul Rashid drilled instantly who is now a Special Staff of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa.

"For God's sake, for the sake of Allah, it Raden Noah," said Abdul Rashid Umar mimicked statement about who is actually hiding behind the anonymous account.

Raden Umar know Noah. He activists from Medan who had been calling him "brother".

No thanks, then on June 30, 2012 Umar went to a hospital in Central Jakarta. He came there because knowing the mother of Raden Noah being treated there.

"Not unexpectedly, when I went into Eating Steak and Ribs is in front of the hospital, it turns out there Raden Noah. Directly he scolded me, "What are you doing? Want to find @ TrioMacan2000? Yeah, I @ TrioMacan2000. @ TrioMacan2000 us all," said Noah Raden Umar mimicked statement.

At that time, Prince Noah accompanied by two friends, Benny and Kushardjono Kusbandoro.

They bicker. Umar question what their motives are bad-mouthing him and his father. Omar then photographing them, despite protests.

Raden Noah and his two friends angry. Umar retractable collar. Brother Umar came to defend. Tempers fray.

The next day, Umar went to the police. However, until now it has never been clear report follow-up.

Interestingly, shortly after the brawl, @ TrioMacan2000 released a series of tweets. Contents: the recognition of the fight with Omar Syadat it. Tweet this Raden like to confirm that at least Noah is one of the administrator's account.
'Umar also said via Twitter Syadat he wants to finish' affairs' with us in males. Tweet He also he was heading RS et al, "thus in-tweet @ TrioMacan2000.

And not only that the report never went to the police.

On 24 September 2012, is Abdul Rashid himself who reported triomacan2000.net site because her writing is one of the admin @ TrioMacan2000 with Raden Noah and Syahganda Nainggolan, another activist.

"I reported the site in connection triomacan2000.net writing or loading a false report and defamation," Rashid said at the Jakarta Police, when it.
Abdul Rashid explained that in addition he was also accused of corruption enjoy the results of a cooperative project and had been fired as director of the Management Center Kemayoran Complex.

It should be noted, age Rashid reports only lasted two days. Police stopped the investigation because Rashid and even revoke its report. "Because that is the case the offense complaint, then the case is revoked when the report was immediately stopped," said Director of Special Crime City Police Commissioner Pol. Sufyan Sharif.

When found to headline in his office, Abdul Rashid himself impressed lazy explanation. He was back and forth saying "do not know anything". He just said it was not her managers. "The time I reported myself."

Just like Abdul Rashid, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Public Studies Sabang-Merauke Circle (SMC), Syahganda Nainggolan, also denied being behind @ TrioMacan2000. "I never go to Twitter. So, I do not understand. Because I live in the real world instead of in cyberspace. "

However, the former activist Bandung Institute of Technology was admitted to knowing Raden Abdul Rashid and Noah. "But if you are not familiar with Noah Raden like to Rashid," he said.

Syahganda claimed the two met only once Raden Noah, when Raden offer insurance. "She traders insurance. It was a long time ago, in 2003 or what year. I do not remember anymore. I've forgotten his face-forget to remember, "he said.

Syahganda also said not knowing whether the manager @ TrioMacan2000 Raden. "I do not know. You put the Koran in my head, I still do not know who the owner of the account @ TrioMacan2000 it, "he told headline on Wednesday. He just wondered why the police not being able to dismantle the identity of the account owner.

Money matters

Just like the accusations-accusations @ TrioMacan2000, by those who do not like this account alone is frequently associated with money matters.

Around this issue, among others, surfaced when the second round of local elections in Jakarta last. @ TrioMacan2000 who initially had aggressive tweet with hashtag #SayNotoFoke, later switching to support Fauzi Bowo and attacked the couple Joko Widodo and Basuki "Ahok" Purnama.

A key figure in the team Jokowi-Ahok said before @ TrioMacan2000 attack, nothing comes in the name of the account and ask for funds to meet Ahok Rp1 billion. It was unclear if the man was indeed true of the team @ TrioMacan2000 or just a profiteer name.

Clearly, the offer was rejected outright Ahok.
"In fact, I challenge behind. Ngapain want to meet? Acquaintance invites, but we kept attacking, "said the headline Ahok.

Ahok nonchalant. "Precisely @ TrioMacan2000 help my campaign. For me, black or white, the campaign nonetheless. Lucky me, do not pay, "said the politician Gerindra, wide laughing.

Frills about money also is bubbling in the case of @ TrioMacan2000 onslaught against the Head of the National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers (BNP2TKI) Jumhur Mohammad Hidayat.

No thanks on the attack tweet @ TrioMacan2000, on January 31, 2013 Jumhur Hidayat report this account to the Jakarta Police. In a letter that accompanied the five sheets of attachments, Jumhur expressly mention squeeze it receives so @ Triomacan2000 started chirping menohoknya. "There is someone who is not known to have practiced extortion identity," he said.
According to Jumhur, not only he who asked for money. Also the ministers. "I talked with several ministers, was indeed the motive of money. If the minister Rp50 million, "said Jumhur. That is, the minister asked for 50 million if you do not want to be attacked.
Jumhur himself admitted asked Rp30 million. He refused to pay.
However, again like magic @ TrioMacan2000 mandraguna, can not be touched. Jumhur report such re-evaporates into the air.

Noah Raden not alone

Tuesday afternoon, May 21, 2013, a house in Menteng Dalam, Tebet, South Jakarta, was deserted. The house was painted beige, surrounded by a concrete wall 1.5 meters tall iron bars.

At the base motorcycle nearby, reporters headline asks what it really his house Noah. One of a spontaneous answer "not". He said in that area there are three same-numbered houses. "Perhaps you mean the house is over there," he said. "Just try to get there."
However, some mothers in the neighborhood confirmed it was the residence of Raden Noah.

One of the motorcycle taxi driver later told me that that had said that it was not his house Noah is a man who used to help take care of the complete document Raden Noah he became a candidate member of the legislature of the People's Conscience Party. Noah Raden listed as number 2 Hanura candidate in the constituency of West Sumatra II. From this office Hanura headline was Noah getting his house address.

Around 19:00, a red Honda Jazz car went into the home page. Reporters headline then knocked on the door and say hello fence.
Get out of a woman. She is the wife of Raden Noah admitted. After dealing with reporters know, he asked for permission to photograph the headline journalists. Whether for what. However, he insisted refused to accept a letter requesting an interview dariVIVAnews. She said her husband was out of town and asked that a letter submitted directly to her husband.

The next day, headline Noah returned to his house. However, again a woman in there - it looks like a domestic worker - stating his master was not at home. Reporters then submit again to headline the same interview request letter.

A few hours later, the wife of Raden Noah calling journalists to headline. He requested that a letter be taken back.

Headline itself many times trying to contact Raden Noah on two phone numbers listed on his business card. The card was obtained when the businessman Peter Gontha Raden entertain Noah at his office last September 2012.

At that time, Noah Raden hand out business cards complete with his position as Director of Operations of PT Lumbung Makmur. This is a company in Jalan Warung Buncit Raya, South Jakarta. There are also two mobile phone numbers listed Raden Noah.

Two numbers that can not be contacted, as it is no longer active. When approached, the office was already closed PT Lumbung operation.

Peter Gontha himself claimed not to know what really Raden Noah is the man behind @ TrioMacan2000. "I told Noah Raden, you like to write the kinds of on Twitter. Well, we make it a program on television about the corruption investigation and the other, "said Peter is currently leading media group News One, told the meeting that the headline.
However, because the proposals are considered overpriced Raden Noah, the project was not continued.

Interestingly, in an interview with a national online media in mid-November 2012, Raden Noah openly admitted he did admin @ TrioMacan2000. Not only that, he even mentions the name of Abdul Rashid. "This is Abdul Rashid again in front of my face. Yeah, he's one of the account holders @ TrioMacan2000, but Syahganda baseball, "he quoted. This is an official media requested anonymity to ensure the accuracy of this news.

In contrast to Peter Gontha, Umar himself Syadat hakulyakin was Raden Noah who had been behind @ TrioMacan2000. "To be sure, the account @ TrioMacan2000 it is not managed, but some group of people," he said.

Umar had gregetan correct. "My hope, if indeed the Jakarta Police or Police Headquarters are serious about completing this case the anonymous account, I am willing to be a witness. Complete why my proof that they (Noah Raden et al.) Is @ TrioMacan2000, "said Umar.

The evidence in question is recorded statement Raden Umar Noah stating he was manager @ TrioMacan2000. "We are a team. We fostered by Mr. Nugroho Djayusman, "Raden said Noah. (Listen to it by clicking on this link.)

Nugroho is a former Jakarta Police Chief. Retired General Commissioner itself does not deny knowing Raden Noah. "But if you make a Twitter, I do not know. I was clueless (stuttering technology, ed.). If it's familiar, so familiar, "said Nugroho when dihubungiVIVAnews.

Nugroho himself insists he never used his influence to confront the police investigation. "One wrong yes, yes it is true," he said.

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Pol. Rikwanto declare no big names are blocking police during this investigation. "Nothing prevents the investigator to process unlawful. If there are big names, even easier to process and search for it, "said Rikwanto.

Jakarta Police Chief Insp Putut own eco Bayuseno sure will speed up the investigation. To hunt down "the tiger" said police would deploy special equipment owned by the Jakarta Police Cyber ​​Crime, which has been used to track crime in cyberspace.

We'll see how powerful "trawling" the supposedly super-sophisticated.

Nations Economic Sovereignty Defense Team judicial registering Law Number 21 Year 2011 on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the Constitutional Court, Jakarta, Thursday (27/2). Nations Economic Sovereignty Defense Team to assess the presence of parasites in the FSA actually be detrimental to the economy and the financial industry customers and national economies so contrary to the 1945 Constitution (FOTO ANTARA / Widodo S. Jusuf)
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Some of the activists who joined the defense team Sovereignty testing register Ekonomo Nations Act (Act) No. 21 of 2011 on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to the Constitutional Court.

"It is not clear constitutional reference FSA in 1945, a mandate or a derivative of the article how, where each authority is obtained FSA (Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance and other financial institutions) is derived from the asymmetric derivatives," said one Ahmad Suryono applicant, after submitting a request in Court on Thursday.

Suryono said basically FSA only has the authority sets out the rules relating to financial institution supervision task based on the transfer of authority in Article 34 paragraph 1 of Law of Bank Indonesia.

According to him, the FSA authority overseeing non-bank financial institutions and other financial services is not valid because Article 34 paragraph 1 of the Law of Bank Indonesia does not regulate it.

"Non-financial services sector banks and other financial services is set up in a number of the Act, which specifically address the following question sector oversight," said Suryono.

He also said that the function of bank supervision and regulation of Bank Indonesia is actually a task because it has been protected by the constitution through Article 23D of the 1945 Constitution.

"As such, Bank Indonesia has more constitutional basis in carrying out the task bank regulation and supervision," said Suryono.

In addition, he continued, the principle of independence possessed FSA also has no basis because the clauses for these properties, namely Article 1, paragraph 1 of Law FSA does not have a referral.

"If the consideration in question is Article 33 paragraph 4 of the 1945 Constitution, independent phrases not find its mother," he said.

For that Suryono with two other applicants, namely Salamuddin Daeng and Ahmad Lubis governor asked the court to declare the OJK Law, especially Article 1 paragraph 1, Article 5, and Article 37 is contrary to the 1945 Constitution.

"If the Court does not grant it, they ask for phrases task regulation and supervision in the banking sector in Article 6, Article 7, Article 55, Article 64, Article 65, Article 66 of Law FSA removed," he said.

Petitioner also filed a provisional application, the interim decision that the Court disable FSA during the trial runs until the verdict is given.

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA-The Constitutional Court (MK) confirms the existence of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) which is not stipulated in the 1945 constitution, does not necessarily mean the agency unconstitutional.
Judge MK Ahmad Sumadi lead Fadlil preliminary hearing judicial review of Law No. 21 Year 2011 on the OJK, on ​​Tuesday (03/25/2014), ask the applicant revise their petition.
 "So there is a difference between matter unconstitutional, with not stipulated in the constitution. The Commission is not in the constitution, but what should be dissolved? You'd elaborate more OJK like this you know, it's important guns. It's not a matter of hearing what the FSA, "he told the petitioner in the Court House, Tuesday (25/03/2014).
The applicant must prove that the norms that govern the FSA was unconstitutional. In addition, Fadlil also ask the applicant is able to convince a judge of the Constitutional Court, related petition to suspend operations until there is a court decision FSA (injunction), so ordered Bank Indonesia to take a while.
"Give us the belief, that the condition is so urgent, threatening the safety of the nation, so it should be no injunction," he said.
Other Constitutional Court judges, Arief Hidayat said what was proposed by the applicant rather than the heart itself OJK Law. So that, if granted, then lumpuhlah everything in the law.
"In many countries, such as Britain and South Korea, the bank supervision is not carried out at the central bank. So the reason for this request to be his reasoning more deeply, "he said.
In a preliminary hearing or trial of the Law 21/2011 on the test case against FSA 1945, Tuesday (03/25/2014), the applicant's attorney SYAMSUDIN Slawat Pesilette said article 5 of the Law states that the FSA FSA perform the functions of regulation and supervision in the financial services sector .
Thus, FSA stands on three pillars of the financial industry, namely banking, capital markets, and nonbank financial industry. Especially for banks, in fact it has become a part of the duties and functions of Bank Indonesia (BI).
"It should if you want to show the consistency of the structure, because the banks are removed from FSA already taken by the central bank. From the formal aspect, the FSA implementation reap all the authority for all financial services sector, "he said.
In Article 1 paragraph 1 of the Act also mentioned FSA FSA is an independent body and is free from interference by other parties. Thus, there is a tendency OJK be free-standing institution, separated from state supervision.
"Then OJK quoting 0.03% - 0.05% of the financial industry revenue. Our question is, what if the financial crisis? Whether the FSA was able to take the role to overcome the financial crisis? Or even deplete state funds to tackle the crisis ?, "he said.
As is known, there are three applicants who called themselves Nations Economic Defense Team, which Salamuddin, Suryono Ahmad, and Ahmad Lubis Irwandi, who sued the OJK Law to the Constitutional Court.
 The applicant feels that his constitutional rights harmed or potentially harmed by the application of article 1 paragraph 1, article 5, article 6, article 7, article 37, article 55, article 64, article 65, and article 66 of Law 21/2011 on the OJK.
 They questioned the constitutional basis of FSA in exercising authority in the form of regulation and supervision in the banking sector. In section 23D of the 1945 Constitution, supervision and regulation function is actually a BI task.

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Mudzakir criminal law expert said the action taken account
 @ Triomacan2000 who report corruption allegations Dahlan Iskan to Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam has violated the rules. According to him, the action can actually switch to defamation.

"Do not be shifted to follow defamation. Dahlan Iskan could sue the trio," Mudzakir said when contacted by reporters on Thursday (2/1).

Mudzakir questioned the account @ triomacan2000 actions that spread information related to the so-called corruption, but without evidence. It's certainly troubling that the majority of the public has a Twitter account.

"Triomacan that twitter users. Act of uploading the material with the name of the above allegations are not true and it is against the law and as an act of humiliation. If he does not prove he was slander," he said.

Supposedly, further public Mudzakir in this case @ triomacan2000 reported the occurrence of the crime of corruption to law enforcement officials such as the Commission, without going through other agencies.

"That action is not in place Dipo Alam received a report from its legal counsel triomacan. Unless inappropriate to report to the Commission later in the call to the State Secretary., But if you just wrote, appreciated and called by Cabinet Secretary to receive a trio of legal counsel, the context of his actions were not justified," he said .

Mudzakir also questioned the actions Dipo Alam is calling @ triomacan2000 related chirp only the anonymous account of one of the ministers in his cabinet. In fact, many so-called name of the account.

"Dipo Why not call all (which was once called). Reporting to the depot also considered the extent of administrative action. Due Dipo Alam could not investigate" he said.

Therefore, he emphasized, if the public has a desire to enforce the law, should be reported to law enforcement agencies namely the police, the prosecutor and the Commission. (Continued)

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