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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The journey is not over (16)

Muhammad Juauf and Sudono Salim
The journey is not over (16)

(Part sixteen, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, August 27, 2014, 6:22 pm)

I had eight hours at home after being treated for the third time in Tugu Ibu Hospital, Depok, because kidney disease due to diabetes complications.
said doktor disease in Dr Salman: '' Father must immediately dialysis (hemo dialysis / HD) twice a week, I was not on before the Lord, but medically, aged father lived count days and months if do not immediately to washed my blood, '' hear advice The doctor I can only says istigfar (ask forgiveness  on God is great) and multiply Recitation, because everything is already written by Allah Almighty in the book Ahlaul Mahfud, due to changes in the destiny God preogatif rights.
Twice in my life I witnessed how the lantern face Sakratul Death (dying/ while waiting for the Angel of Death revoke a person's life.
First my younger brother Bambang Widodo kerika he was admitted in Hospital Markets, Rebo, East Jakarta until he died about the year 2006.
Secondly, the room mates in Tugu Ibu Hospital. Both equally his lung infection caused by smoking addiction.
I just know people are dying from smoking at the time of illness suffered tremendously because of shortness of breath, that is what I experienced father, who quit smoking since 1970 for three months rahun hospitalized Cikini, Jakarta, but ketiks mninggal 2004 spots in lung -parunya still there by smoking.
Amazingly again another man who was waiting for patients who are dying just as good as smoking indoors (even in the bathroom) until the doctor who examined me doctor Salman shouted: '' Loh how cigarette smell in this room (one room Melati class one). I still do not seing directly to the smoker, if I see right away I push the bell until the nurse for contacting the security guard (security guards) to expel the watchman was out of the room.

When I work as a reporter at the Business Week , I interviewed the Chairman of the Association of Indonesia (APINDO) Sofyan Wanandi at his house in Menteng, Central Jakarta.
At that time, an aide to provide three sponge cake plates, cake turns out it was reserved for guests, and untouched Sofyan Wanandi. Unless spent his guest.
'' I have to keep my sugar levels to remain stable, "said Sofyan Wanandi.
That's one of the principles of healthy living in the rich Indoneia. Although he has a lot of companies and a lot of money but not necessarily spree Spree with expensive meals at expensive restaurants.
The same thing was done Sudono Salim (Siao Lim Liong) when I met him at a diner club BCA Sudirman he also maintain health by keeping food.
Sudono Salim one of the richest men in the world when I asked what always bring a lot of money in order to live a luxury and a good meal at a fancy restaurant '' I only bring Identity Card (KTP / ID Card) Sudono Salim said while showing the empty pockets without any content.

When Sofyan Wanandi and Sudono Salim lot of money but no-spree spree eat at fancy restaurant. Unlike my poor family background, child soldiers child punyak ten small salary as a journalist who though small salary but live in luxury, stay at the hotel is expensive to eat often at restouran expensive and luxurious, in a press conference, covering foreign guests, visit abroad.
Just imagine one example when I visited Oman. In Muscat, capital of Oman I stay at the hotel meah Al-Bhustan and luxury food disediakanan full Arabic style lamb and rice and anngur cumin oil.
Likewise, when bekunjung to Germany so I can still eat rice and friends often to restauran Turkey traits like Arabic food, mutton and cumin oil mixed raisins aside.

And so on, so in Jakarta welcomes foreign guests ranging from the Minister to the Head of State has always provided us with a luxury food and is always accompanied by a variety of candied fruit and soda-soda when we do not drink wine. As a result of this meah lifestyle then I finally fahun 1996 and then convicted of diabetes, its complications now my kidney failure. Rice has become porridge, then regret is useless, I have forgotten the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad who said: Eat before hungry stop before satiety, arinya we eat appropriate portions of the body needs are not excessive, and diligent fasting so that your body healthy.

Proposition 6 Fatwa Haram Cigarettes According Muhammadiyah

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Proposition 6 Cigarettes According Muhammadiyah Haram Fatwa, fatwa is ijtihad of the scholars. Therefore Muhammadiyah issued a fatwa cigarettes for the purpose of seeking the maintenance and improvement of the health of society as part of the objectives of sharia (Islamic law). According to the Chairman of Muhammadiyah, Yunahar Ilyas, fatwa is ijtihad of the scholars.

Postulate Fatwa Haram Cigarettes
Postulate Fatwa Haram Cigarettes
Assembly tarjih more depth about cigarettes. In 2005, the law sets permissible.

Following the arguments underlying the decisions to be made that smoking is haraam:
Smoking is categorized committing khabaa'its (dirty / unclean) are prohibited in the Qur'an Surat Al A'raf (verse) 157.
The act of smoking contain elements flopped into ruin and even suicide is an act slowly so that it is contrary to the prohibition of the Quran Al Baqoroh (v) 2 and An Nisa (verse) 29.
The act of smoking harm to themselves and others affected by exposure to cigarette smoke because cigarettes are addictive substance plus contains 4000 chemicals, 69 of which are carcinogenic / trigger cancer (TCSC-AKMI Fact Sheet, Fact Tobacco in Indonesia) as agreed by medical experts academics and health. Therefore, smoking is contrary to Islamic principles in the hadith of the Prophet SAW that "no act of self harm and harm to others."
Smoking is recognized as an addictive substance and contain toxic elements harmful although not immediately, but in some time later that therefore the act of smoking, including the category of doing something that weakens so contrary to the hadith of the Prophet SAW which prohibits any case intoxicating and debilitating.
Because smoking obvious health hazard to smokers and people around the exposure to cigarette smoke, then spending money on cigarettes means committing redundant (waste) is prohibited in the Qur'an Surat Al-Isra (verses) 26-27.
Smoking is contrary to the purpose elements of sharia (maqaasid ash-syariiah) the protection of religion, soul / body, mind, family and property.
Proposition 6 Arikel Fatwa Haram Cigarettes According Muhammadiyah hopefully gainful

Fatwa Forbidden (Haram)  Muhammadiyah Remove Smoking

Danger of Cigarettes For Health And How to Stop Smoking
Posted by Adi Wijaya on Sunday, June 3, 2012, in Health

Danger of Cigarettes For Health -
Maybe it is not unusual anymore when we hear that smoking is harmful to human health, because it actually has a lot of warnings and messages that we often hear from the media about the dangers of smoking are actually even being warned about the dangers of smoking on cigarette packs themselves . But strangely still, there are still many people who smoke, whether merely want to be considered as jocks or may have become a necessity for him. Clearly whatever the reason, we should avoid cigarettes early on, because the effects of cigarette smoke can cause a variety of health problems ranging from mild to severe that can lead us to death. It is not too much,. If I say that, but that's the negative effects of smoking. Maybe we will not feel the direct effects but the effect will be felt in the long term.

And according to research, it turns out that will receive the negative effects of cigarette smokers is not only active, but also passive smokers will receive the negative effects of cigarettes. And it is precisely the effect received by the passive smokers will be far more dangerous than active smokers. There may be some of you who are still confused with the term passive smokers. So passive smoking is a term for someone who is actually not a smoker but the people who are close to orang2 or smoke so he indirectly often inhale cigarette smoke released by active smokers. And why are more dangers in comparing active smokers because the smoke inhaled by passive smokers in will go directly to the lungs - lungs through the nose. Wah wah wah ... cigarette has indeed been a disaster for everyone.
Actually why cigarettes can be so harmful to health? This is caused from the content contained in the cigarette. The following substances contained in cigarettes:

1 Nicotine
This substance containing opium could cause a person addicted to smoking cigarettes trus
~ The effect on the human body:
lead to addiction / dependence
damage the brain tissue
cause rapid blood freeze
harden artery walls

2 Tar
The manufacture of asphalt that can be attached to the lungs and can cause irritation and even cancer
~ The effect on the human body:
kill cells in the bloodstream
Increase the production of mucus diparu-lung
Causes of lung cancer

3 Carbon Monoxide
Gas that can cause heart disease because it can bind oxygen gas in the body.
~ The effect on the human body:
hemoglobin binding, so the body is deprived of oxygen
blocking transport in the blood

4. Carcinogenic Substances
~ The effect on the human body:
Trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body

5. Substance Irritant
Pollute the airways and air sacs in the lungs
causes of cough

Foreign substances are hazardous substances contained in the SMOKE, and there are 4000 chemicals contained in cigarettes, 40 were classified as hazardous substances such as: hydrogen cyanide (HCN), arsenic, ammonia, polonium, and carbon monoxide (CO).

Some Dangers Caused by Cigarette That in

1 Lung Cancer
Known to about 90 percent of lung cancer cases are caused by cigarette smoking. This is because the smoke will go inhaled into the lungs. Substances from cigarette smoke will stimulate the cells in the lungs are growing abnormally. It is estimated that 1 out of 10 smokers and 1 of 5 being heavy smokers will die of lung cancer.

2 Bladder Cancer
Bladder cancer occurs in about 40 percent of smokers. Study finds high levels of the compound 2-naphthylamine in cigarette into carcinogens that lead to bladder cancer.

3 Breast Cancer
Women who smoke are more at risk of developing breast cancer. The study shows women who started smoking at age 20 years and 5 years before she got pregnant the first time greater risk of developing breast cancer.

4 Cervical Cancer
About 30 percent of deaths from cervical cancer are caused by smoking. This is because women who smoke are more susceptible to infection by a sexually transmitted virus.

5. Esophagus Cancer
The study found that cigarette smoke damage the DNA of the cells of the esophagus causing esophageal cancer. Approximately 80 percent of esophageal cancer cases has been linked to smoking.

6 Digestive Cancer
Although cigarette smoke into the lungs, but there was some smoke that swallowed thereby increasing the risk of cancer of gastrointestinal (digestive).

7 Kidney Cancer
When a person smokes, the smoke containing nicotine and tobacco will go into the body. Nicotine along with other harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tar cause changes in heart rate, respiration and blood pressure circulation. Carcinogens are filtered out of the body through the kidneys also alter the DNA of cells and damage kidney cells. These changes affect the function of the kidneys and lead to cancer.

8 Oral Cancer
Tobacco is the leading cause of oral cancer. Known smoker 6 times more likely to develop oral cancer than people who do not smoke, and people who smoke tobacco smokeless risk 50-fold greater.

9. Throat Cancer
Smoke inhaled before entering into the lungs will pass through the throat, hence this cancer will be associated with smoking.

10 Heart Attack
The nicotine in cigarette smoke causes the heart to work more quickly and increase blood pressure. While carbon monoxide take more oxygen in the blood which makes the heart pump more blood. If the heart is working too hard plus high blood pressure, it can cause a heart attack.

11. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
The majority of coronary heart disease caused by smoking and will deteriorate if you have other illnesses such as diabetes mellitus.

12. Atherosclerosis
Nicotine in cigarette smoke may accelerate the clogging of arteries that can be caused by a buildup of fat. This will cause scarring and thickening of the arteries that lead to atherosclerosis.

13. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
This condition causes the blood flow is blocked so that makes breathing difficult one, and about 80 percent of cases of COPD are caused by smoking. This condition can cause emphysema (shortness of breath caused by damage to the air sacs or alveoli) and chronic bronchitis (cough with lots of mucus that occurs continuously for 3 months).

14. Impotence
For men in their 30s and 40s, smoking can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction about 50 percent. This is because smoking can damage the blood vessels, nicotine narrows the arteries that reduces blood flow to the penis and blood pressure. If someone is already experiencing impotence, it could be an early warning that cigarettes are already damaging other areas of the body.

15. other medical disorders
Some medical disorders can also be caused by smoking such as high blood pressure (hypertension), fertility problems, aggravate asthma and inflammation of the airways, higher risk of developing macular degeneration (gradual loss of vision), cataract, become more frequently ill, causing stains The dental dam gums, canker sores develop in the intestine and ruin the appearance.

How to Stop Smoking

Sincere intention to quit smoking.
Learning to hate cigarettes
Bergaulah with people who do not smoke
Often go to places that are air-conditioned office
Move all items are associated with smoking.
If you want a cigarette, wait for another 10 minutes.
Tell your friends and nearby people if we want to stop smoking.
Reduce smoking little by little.
Eliminate the habit Bengong or wait.
Frequently go to the hospital, in order to know the importance of health.
Find a replacement for cigarettes, such as candy and other - other
Try and try again if it still fails.

How the companions as well? masihkan you intend to smoke?. If I still thank God not to smoke and not to smoke. Because in addition would be exposed to a variety of diseases, smoking can also cause cancer (dry bag) aka spend a lot of money. Tau itself, the price of a pack of cigarettes is quite expensive. Anyway I hate cigarette point.

Central Board of Muhammadiyah issued a fatwa smoking. This is a revision of a previous fatwa stating that cigarette permissible.

"Last night we had issued a fatwa No. 6 // BC / MTT / III / 2010. Muhammadiyah already forbids cigarettes, "said Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee and Tajdid PP Muhammadiyah, Syamsul Anwar, when contacted Legal, Tuesday (9/3/2010).

According to Syamsul there are several reasons why the agency eventually forbid cigarette.

"The first thing we see is based on the review of medical experts and academics. All agree is something that is harmful cigarettes because they contain additives and other harmful substances, "said Syamsul.

He explained, in terms of religious anything harmful is prohibited. "So from that side there is harmony between the religious provisions invitation scientific facts," he explained.

Muhammadiyah fatwa was permissible to stop smoking in 2007 According to Syamsul, while the agency has not made a deep study.

"If it had not been in the study and not a lot of input materials more comprehensive," he said.

Muhammadiyah's fatwa concluded, he said, through the results of a study involving experts from various dispilin science.

What is this 4 Damaged Organ Smoking

      Smoking seems to be one of the most basic needs of people around the world, including in Indonesia. Always accompany a variety of compelling reasons as though more manly, strong and spirited man or just simply want to eliminate all the burdens of life and stress is always experienced. When in fact all people including smokers themselves have learned that there is content of harmful substances that would be bad for the health of the body, especially the organs inside the body. Then, the organs of what will be damaged by the smoking habit ... ???
     Companions, health tips. Although the war against cigarettes has started long ago, but there are still many communities, especially in Indonesia, which is still in daily cigarette smoking hobby. So the solution that is needed to grow in self-awareness about the dangers of smoking to health to suppress the growth rate of smokers in Indonesia. In this article, health tips will review the organs in the human body that can be damaged by smoking cigarettes continuously. Here is the organ that will damage caused by smoking:
Heart Organ: The organ is an organ that is the first to feel the effects of smoking. This is because, if a person smoked cigarettes constantly, there will be a hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels. So the heart has to work harder in the blood stream throughout the body. So the heart attack or stroke will befall those who like to smoke suddenly.
Organ Eyes: This is an affected organ is also bad for those classified as smokers. Macular degeneration or permanent blindness is one of the worst effects that will interfere with one's vision that his hobby of smoking in all its activities.
Organ Lung: This is one of the organs that were damaged in any smoker. Diseases affecting the lungs pneumonia and bronchitis. If you do not stop smoking from now, then both the disease will get worse from day to day.
Organ Kidney: It is one of the organs that are also experiencing problems, if we are constantly smoking cigarettes. Kidney cancer is the worst effects that can affect the kidneys in smokers.
In addition to the organs mentioned above, it also has the effect of smoking is bad for the health of one's body:
Diabetes, erectile dysfunction or impotence, mouth cancer, dental health disorders, infertility, respiratory disorders, pancreatic cancer and blood cancer is diseases that can attack someone who is not able to stop the bad habit of smoking cigarettes continuously throughout his life.
    Smoking habits may be difficult to remove, but after finding out various bad effects of smoking on the health of the body above, are we still not awaken yourself to quit or stop smoking from this moment. STOP SMOKING, FOR A BETTER LIFE.
ycoon who profited from Suharto links
By Ben Bland in Jakarta

The impoverished second son of a rice farmer from Fujian, south-east China, Liem Sioe Liong emigrated to the Dutch East Indies as a young man in the late 1930s with little more than the clothes on his back.

But through a combination of business nous and an uncanny ability to pick the right partner, Liem, who died in Singapore on Sunday aged 95, grew to become the pre-eminent industrial tycoon in what became Indonesia after independence from the Netherlands.

In the process, he helped transform the country’s economy as Liem prospered through his close relationship with Suharto, the autocratic president who ruled Indonesia from 1966 until 1998.

Though he was born and died outside the country, Liem’s personal story cannot be unwound from the history and development of Indonesia.

He was one of a number of ethnic Chinese tycoons who made fortunes because of their links to Suharto while remaining vulnerable to the visceral anti-Chinese sentiment that the autocratic president stoked and sometimes allowed to boil over into violence.
From cement to banking and cars to food, Liem’s myriad companies provided for many of the basic needs of the world’s fourth-most populous nation.

Liem, whose Indonesian name was Sudono Salim, managed to make the transition from a well-connected crony thriving on monopoly licences to a successful businessman with relatively competitive businesses.

His Salim Group, which has been led by his son, Anthoni, since the 1990s, created some of Indonesia’s best-known and most successful companies including Indofood, the country’s largest maker of instant noodles, Indocement, a building materials supplier, and Bank Central Asia.

“Sudono Salim was the pioneer in private sector entrepreneurship and business in Indonesia,” Mari Pangestu, Indonesia’s tourism minister, told the Financial Times. “He was there right at the start of Indonesia’s economic development in the late 1960s and 1970s, at a time when Indonesia needed to start the industrialisation process and the food supply business.”

Not long after he arrived and went into business with some family members as a small-time peanut oil and clove trader, Liem ran into difficulties when the Japanese invaded the Dutch East Indies in 1941. It was just one of a long list of tumults through which he would emerge ever stronger.

Muscat, Oman

As he expanded his trading business in the years after Indonesia won independence from the Netherlands in 1949, Liem began supplying goods to the military and came into contact with a young officer called Suharto. As a general, Suharto would go on to seize control after a 1965 coup attempt that threw the country into a paroxysm of anti-Chinese and anti-communist violence that left an estimated million dead.

This crucial connection helped propel Liem from a wealthy trader to the country’s richest tycoon.

Thanks to his close relationship with Suharto, he was able to win highly lucrative full or partial monopolies in everything from the import of cloves and steel to the milling of flour.
Liem’s success lay in being able to turn these cosy opportunities into competitive businesses.

“There’s a view he was only able to succeed because of his crony strategy and links to Suharto,” said Marleen Dieleman, an academic at the National University of Singapore who has written a book on the Salim group. “But there’s another view that he slowly moved from connections-based to a market-based business model and this started before Suharto was ousted.”

The Asian financial crisis, which hit Indonesia hard in 1997 and precipitated the fall of Suharto the next year, brought the Salim group and many similar conglomerates to the brink of collapse.

Liem’s bank, BCA, collapsed and was nationalised, making the Salim group the biggest debtor to the Indonesian government, owing about $5bn. But under the leadership of Anthoni, it also became one of the first companies to settle its debts after the crisis.
While the family business was to recover, Liem’s relationship with Indonesia would not. As panicked depositors rushed to pull their money out of BCA in May 1998, a mob ransacked one of his homes and he fled to Singapore shortly afterward.

Although Liem returned to visit, he never lived in Indonesia again. A fervent nationalist, according to those who knew him, this must have been a disappointing end to six decades of doing business in Indonesia.

But, taking on his father’s pragmatic mantle, Anthoni resurrected the family’s business reputation in the boom years of the past decade. Anthoni is now the third-richest man in Indonesia, with a net worth of $8.5bn, according to GlobeAsia, an Indonesian business magazine.

Liem summed up his approach to business in a 1984 interview with Tempo, a leading Indonesian news magazine, and his words may provide some comfort to contemporary investors frustrated by the confused and confusing regulatory environment.

“Today we trade in this product and tomorrow there’s a new policy and the possibility exists that we trade in something else ... Following this path is not easy but mastering it is not impossible.”

Posted by: chaidarabdullah on: May 8, 2008

By Chaidar Abdullah

         Muscat, 24/10 (ANTARA) - Anyone who has never been to Oman would never expect to witness the various types of plants such as those found in the tropics.

         However, the view that lie outside the airport terminal Salalah, the capital of Dhofar Province in the south of the country located at the entrance to the Gulf waters, could actually make immigrants from tropical regions were astonished.

         Followed by a stretch of palm tree plantations are other green, including banana trees and sugar cane, it is an amazing sight. The scenery in the area is different from the situation in Muscat, capital of Oman.

         Although also located on the seaside, Muscat Salalah does not have as rich plants.

         "Wow, like in Indonesia," he commented Republika daily reporter, Brotherhood Masyhuri Kiram, who was in the car with authors who are both invited by the Ministry of Information Oman for 10-day trip in the sultanate.

         Salalah is known as the breadbasket of Oman and Oman itself was once known as a green state and life of the farm, in addition to trade and fisheries during the period before Christ.

         Migrants from Indonesia can watch astonished merchant fruits such as coconut and banana roadside plantation area in Salalah.

         Although not as many fruit vendors along the road between Bogor and Puncak, West Java, there are sights in Salalah Muscat.

         green valley

         In addition to Salalah, Dhofar region has some green valley can survive during the dry season as Razat Ain, Ain Hamran, and slopes toward the tomb of the Prophet Job AS The green slopes surrounded by sand which make the eyes glare when the sun sting.

         The mountains that surround the green valley arid and barren during the dry season. All the valley it became a tourist on an official holiday (Thursday, Friday, and Sunday).

         Razat Ain is located approximately 20 miles northeast of Salalah, while Ain Hamran - a broader and more green - 10 miles over Ain Razat. Meanwhile, the tomb of the Prophet Job AS, which reach six feet in length located around 145 km west Salalah.

         But, said Ghanim bin Said As-Syanfari, lighting Salalah officials, who became a guide for writers and journalists visit the Republika daily in Salalah, all areas in the region will be green during the rainy season.

         "The rainy season?" Said author more astonished. "Yes!" Said Ghanim. "During that time, every day Salalah rain and the trees grew so green mountains," he added.

         The rainy season in Oman lasted between 27 June to 27 September.

         Razat Ain and Ain Hamran really rich with a variety of plants. Not far from Ain Razat there are plantations with various types of trees like oranges and guava.

         Ain Razat, there is a small garden containing trees such as pine, palm and various kinds of flowers, and not far from the park there is a small river where the water comes from springs in the mountains surrounding the area.

         Ain Hamran also have a garden like Ain Razat and have clear water pond in the garden, while outside the park grows various tree species.

         Meanwhile, the valleys around the tomb of the Prophet Job AS also be a "cure" for travelers after stinging eyes exposed to the sun that hit a stretch of desert.

         However, there is no public transport facility is available to all those places, as well as to other places potential as a tourist attraction.


         To raise public awareness of the critical importance of maintaining environmental sustainability, the Government of Oman launched unremitting efforts and environmental campaigns to reach the population of three million people.

         "The government is trying to sensitize people about the rules and systems related to the environment," said Minister of the Environment and the Regional Municipality of Oman, Sheikh Amer bin Al-Hosni Shuwain.

         "We tried to explain to the people, through the teams visit to the population, about environmental issues and how to handle it," he added.

         The teams also visited schools, women's societies, and other organizations.

         The Government of Oman, although the fines for 500 rial Oman (about Rp3.6 million) for those convicted of killing animals and 200 rials (approximately 1.5 million) for the killing of birds found, does not have provisions for the imprisonment of the offender.

         "We are trying to make people aware of our system and not punish them," he said.

         Al-Hosni admits, is not easy to grow awareness of the expected, but by using a variety of means, from television to testimony from the parents to their children, he believes compassion on the environment, and not afraid of the regulations, will grow as well as embedded strong in Oman next generation soul.

         To maintain environmental sustainability, the Government of Oman does not hesitate to absorb the technology of other countries, the minister said that ever get education in the UK.

         Irrigation system is also improved and there are strict rules for those who want to set up a factory, added Al Hosni.

         However, he said, the Government of Oman does not require every house to plant trees. "We have to consider which is more important. If water is used for watering trees is necessary for people's daily lives, we are forced to focus more people's lives. "

         Oman is also trying to diversify their crops by importing trees that can grow in the country, such as Ashoka tree or pole Glodogan from Thailand who looks at the page swanky hotel in Muscat. (Continue)

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