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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

30 pro-Russian rebel killed in clashes at the airport Donetsk , Ukraine

Pro - Russian militants trying to take over the airport .
30 pro-Russian rebel killed in clashes at the airport Donetsk , Ukraine

At least 30 pro - Russian separatists were killed in a clash at airport Donetsk , eastern Ukraine , so claims the rebels .
The armed group trying to take over the airport on Monday ( 26 / 05 ) .

Kiev then responds with air strikes .
The new president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko promised to continue the " anti - terrorist operation " in the eastern region , and said the conflict situation should " survive in a matter of hours , not days . "

Click the representative of the People's Republic of Donetsk told the BBC that the report is accurate death toll .

One rebel told the Associated Press that all the bodies have been sent to a hospital in the city .

The clashes began on Monday after separatist militants stormed Click Sergei Prokofiev Donetsk airport in the morning .

Ukrainian military quickly responded with air strikes and attacks of the armed forces .

It is unclear who controls the airport closed since Monday morning .

Correspondents say there are shots all day and night , with black smoke rising into the air .

Poroshenko , 48 -year -old billionaire and former foreign minister of Ukraine , on Monday ( 26 / 05 ) was passed as an elected president with 54 % of the vote .

He vowed that eastern Ukraine would not " turn into Somalia " and added : " anti - terrorist operation should not take place two or three months , it should take place only by a matter of hours . " BBC

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