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Friday, October 4, 2013

Chairman of the Central Executive ( PP ) Muhammadiyah expects duet Islamic - Nationalist leadership

Mahmud MD
Chairman of the Central Executive ( PP ) Muhammadiyah expects duet Islamic - Nationalist leadership

Chairman of the Central Executive ( PP ) Muhammadiyah Din expect Shamsuddin Islamic - Nationalist leadership duo or Nationalist - Islam of the results of the General Election ( Election ) 2014.

"Muslims have a great historical role in the enforcement of this country , " said Din about the role of Muslims after the 2014 election to succeed the monthly lectures in Da'wah Building Muhammadiyah Jakarta , Friday ( 4/10 ) night .

However , Din said the duo hopes Islamic - Nationalist leadership was highly dependent on political parties because authorities realize the Islamic - Nationalist leadership duo is on political parties .

Muhammadiyah , Din continued , referring to the subject matter of Muhammadiyah Tanwir 2012, look for this nation's leadership is often absent when necessary , slow , vacillating , and confusion in decision making , and corrupt .

" It was caused by the behavior of transactional politics , the use of money in the pursuit of office , and the failure of political parties to undertake the cadre and recruitment leader of the nation , " said Din .

Seven criteria necessary leadership Muhammadiyah of Indonesia according to the visionary , nationalist - humanist , the ability to build solidarity , and dare to take risks .

Then , the ability to take right decisions quickly and decisively , the ability to solve problems and mobilizing resources , and moral integrity are not abusing power .

 The third President , BJ Habibie come to the office of the president , and the president welcomed on Friday ( 4/10 ) . Both talk and discuss a lot of things . Unfortunately , the meeting was closed to the media .

Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha said the meeting was a regular friendship . "There is so crucial . Presented by Mr. Habibie to the President that he would make a visit to the Middle East and Europe , " he said briefly .

President SBY little leak friendship with BJ Habibie results via twitter account on Friday ( 4/10 ) night . He said had shared Friday Prayers in Masjid Baiturrahim , the State Palace .

He said , Habibie delivered a number of ideas for the future of the nation's progress in strategic industries including homeland . "It also speaks about the importance of maintaining the values ​​of a good society , including the harmony and integrity of domestic life , " wrote SBY .

President Yudhoyono said a lot of thought and have in common a strong commitment to advancing the nation .

 General Elections Commission ( KPU ) begin formulating guidelines for 2014 General Election campaign in the mass media through the FGD process which took place on October 4 to 6 at the Travelers Hotel , Jakarta .

FGD jointly held between the Commission and the Election Supervisory Board ( Bawaslu ) , Ministry of Home Affairs ( MOHA ) , the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission ( KPI ) and the Press Council .

" The ultimate goal in order to direct the 2014 election campaign in the mass media can be in accordance with the laws and regulations in force , " said Commission Chairman Kamal Husni Manik in Jakarta , Friday ( 4/10 ) .

Husni stressed that regulations and legislation , the reference is not just limited to the Law No. 8 of 2012 on the Election of Members of the House of Representatives , Regional Representatives Council and Legislative Council , but also refers to the Law. 32/2002 on Broadcasting and Law No.40/1999 on the Press

" In the next three days have produced something more tangible , applicable , and touching the object you want to target , " he said .

According to Husni , the campaign experienced a rapid transformation with the emergence of certain variants , such as internal party polotol broadcast the event on television is actually using a public frequency .

" The variants , found from mass media publications are used and regarded political parties can not be touched by the rules of the Law of the campaign , " said Husni . For example , if the program is known to be beneficial owners of the media ( in politics ) should be eligible violations of the rules , " he said .

A number of major themes in the FGD guidelines formulated , among others, related to the material , time , prohibitions , and penalties in the 2014 election campaign in the mass media .

 Vice Chairman of Commission II Arif Wibowo said the pairing was not intended to make the same number between DP4 with DPSHP . But , at least DP4 is data that has been equipped NIK voters .
Thus, DP4 still need to be comparative to ensure no voters will be missed by the Commission .

" If it was different , so good . Means that the Commission is actually updating voter data in the field . Accurate data it later if there's a double , and all eligible voters already registered in the DPT , " said Arif , Friday ( 4 / 10 ) .

Director General of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Civil Affairs ( dept ) Ministry of Home Affairs , Irma said , the results of last pairing with the KPU had significant improvement .

" The data are not yet eligible voters according to the law was lagging about 20.3 million again , has decreased compared to the first pairing ( difference of 65 million voters ) , " Irma said .

Irma optimistic , voter data repair can be completed before October 13 . That is, with increasing data accuracy KPU voters owned by MoHA .

Moreover , the Commission has sought transparency of data cleansing double voters in all areas at all levels . Thus, voters can actively check their presence in DPT simply by accessing the Commission canal .

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