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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Syrian opposition about Syria following the peace conference in Geneva , Switzerland .

Syrian opposition about Syria following the peace conference in Geneva , Switzerland .

 Syrian opposition parties to allow Russia to follow the peace conference about Syria in Geneva , Switzerland . " The opposition in Syria is present opinions are not terrorists or extremists , " said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov referred to the terms of the requested country .

Lavrov explained that the peace conference itself titled Geneva Peace Conference II . " The West should clarify the position of Syrian opposition groups so that there is clarity in the peace conference later , " Lavrov said .

Lavrov , the opportunity to speak to the media on Tuesday ( 10/01/2013 ) as the AP , also criticized the UN that do not put chemical weapons expert team to inspect Aleppo . Russia is claiming Aleppo Syrian opposition group basis . " Russia will continue the investigation about Syria chemical weapons , " he said .

Syria is indeed a matter of chemical weapons since the attacks surfaced in Ghouta , Damascus , on August 21, 2013 . At that time , there were 1,400 people who were killed . Strong allegations surfaced that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al - Assad's use of chemical weapons in the attack .

On Monday , UN investigators left Syria after six days of investigation in the country . " The team will complete the investigation report in late October , " said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky .

 French President Francois Hollande says Syria must memunyai transitional government that contains all representatives of the parties in the country . " Syria can create a transitional government to renew the state , " Hollande said at the United Nations Headquarters in New York .

Hollande also advised that the international community memunyai duty to take to end the violence in Syria . " Cessation of violence in Syria effectively with Security Council resolutions . Particular to sanction the use of chemical weapons , " he said as the AP on Wednesday ( 09/25/2013 ) .

Hollande considers important about the destruction of chemical weapons by the UN resolution . " We are waiting for the resolution as soon as possible time , " said Francois Hollande .

Team Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ( OPCW ) United Nations stands ready to disassemble chemical weapons Syria . In the early stages , Tuesday ( 01/10/2013 ) , a team that has been present in Damascus was magnitude 20 observers and 15 administrative staff . Target , until the first half of 2014, the dismantling and destruction of the weapon completely . " OPCW team gets a mandate from the United Nations since Friday ( 09/27/2013 ) night , " said the UN Security Council statement as the AP .

In detail , in the early stages , the team will map the size and location of the chemical weapons systems . Syria has said that it has chemical weapons system last September .

Then , at a later stage , under UN Syria OPCW will help open up and destroy chemical weapons . " Destruction will also include production and delivery system , " the statement OPCW .

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