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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

soybeans will be planted in the new land of 100,000 square acres . in Indonesia

soybeans will be planted in the new land of 100,000 square acres . in Indonesia

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa said the government continues to work for Indonesia to reduce dependency on imported food , even self-sufficiency .

Such as soy , Hatta said , in the near future will be planted in the new land of 100,000 square acres . Most of the land was in Aceh , which is an area of ​​60,000 square acres . The rest will be planted in various areas .

" With three times the harvest , it could generate an additional 500-600 thousand tons of soybeans ( per year ) . Gradually we reduce dependence on imports , " Hatta said after the plenary cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 01/10/2013 ) .

Plenary cabinet meeting led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was to discuss economic issues .
Hatta offensive criticism related parties soybean import policy . From the first, he said , Indonesia has been importing soybeans because domestic production is not sufficient .

The difficulty of making soybean self-sufficiency , Hatta said , because farmers are not interested in planting if soybean prices below Rp 7,000 per kilogram . If under Rp 7,000 per kilogram , more farmers interested in planting sugar cane , rice , or other commodities . However , he said , is now interested soybean farmers after price above Rp 7,000 per kilogram .

As reported , the national soybean needs about 2.5 million tons per year . However , currently only one-third can be met by local production . The rest must be imported . As a result , when the rupiah weakened against the U.S. dollar , the price of soybeans soaring .

 Soybean farmers in Jember , East Java , said fret because they can not enjoy the high soybean prices . Because in the near future , will soon harvest .

" We are very concerned , because usually at the time of harvest , local soybean prices tumbled " said One Soybean Farmers in Sub Bangsalsari Jember , Edi Suryono , on Saturday ( 07.28.13 ) .

He added that the fate of the current soybean farmers URLs precarious . For there is no protection at all from the government to the farmers . Suryono likens , soybean farmers in Indonesia " killed " in a way by the government gradually .

Evidently, whenever the harvest season , soybean prices tumbled definitely . He hopes , ahead of the harvest season in October , the government immediately adopted a policy , which pro soybean farmers . " At least there is a strategic policy that essentially siding with the farmers " he said .

The soy tofu await realization of low- Bulog sold through Cooperative Indonesian Tofu and Tempe ( Coptic ) .

" If there is ( supply in Bulog ) we take , through Coptic . KOPTI But the problem runs baseball , not signed . Bulog We hope to be sustainable and the crafters are expected to hold rates steady , " said the owner knows the Son Sumo production center , during a visit by the Minister Sutaryodi trade , Gita Wirjawan , Jakarta , Friday ( 09/20/2013 ) .

According crafters know of Utan Kayu , Jakarta , soybean prices are still in the range of Rp 9,200 to Rp 9,500 per kilogram . In fact sufficiently large production capacity , which is about seven quintals per day .

Once production , former civil servants of the air transportation services , the cost of Rp 2 million . It also uses fuel wood . Manufacturers that use gaseous fuels , the cost of production is greater. " We take it from traditional markets such as Djatinegara , because in Coptic not enter , " he continued .

In line with Sutaryo , one member of Benny Primkopti ( Primary Cooperative Know Tempe Indonesia ) Jakarta Timur , also hopes Gita intervene immediately so that crafters can get soybeans at a lower price .

Some time ago the local soybean Bulog sells from Aceh to the Indonesian Tofu and Tempe Cooperative Center ( Puskopti ) DKI Jakarta for Rp 8,100 per kilogram .

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