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Friday, October 4, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama is determined to be present at the APEC Summit

U.S. President Barack Obama is determined to be present at the APEC Summit

 U.S. President Barack Obama is determined to be present in the Asia Pacific Economic Forum ( APEC summit ) in Nusa Dua , Bali .

However , it is considered Mari Elka Pangestu , Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy as a matter of course and will not interfere .

" We understand why Obama did not come to APEC . Because America is currently facing domestic issues are quite complicated , " he told reporters at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre , Friday ( 04/10/2013 ) .

Let's say , President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ever experienced the same thing at the 2010 APEC summit in Yokohama , Japan . " Because at that time there was an earthquake in Padang , West Sumatra . So was delayed . Thing that can not be predicted .

" We also have a lot of APEC's agenda and will continue to run without Obama , " he said . ( Sanusi )

 The White House finally talk about the canceled U.S. President Barack Obama at the Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ( APEC summit ) in Bali , which will begin tomorrow , Saturday ( 05/10/2013 ) . " President Obama also canceled a visit to Brunei next week for the East Asia Summit , " said a White House statement as the AP .

The White House also said that President Barack Obama chose to continue to " squeeze " the stronghold of the Republicans in the U.S. House are still not willing to sign a state budget plan 2014. Because there is no such signature , the Obama administration shut down while the performance of government officials since Tuesday ( 10/01/2013 ) .

Meanwhile , the U.S. delegation for two multinational meetings will still be present . However , the leader is the Minister of Foreign Affairs John Kerry .

On Wednesday ( 10/02/2013 ) , Obama also canceled a trip to Malaysia and the Philippines with similar reasons .

 The latest report of the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) and World Travel & Tourism Council ( WTTC ) , shows that the visa facilitation could create 2.6 million new jobs land in the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation ( APEC ) in 2016 .

Excerpted from the website Apec2013.or.id , a report titled ' Impact of Visa Facilitation in APEC economies , it shows that the success of APEC to facilitate the visa , including a progressive approach to implementing the new visa policy , will bring in 21 percent of foreign tourists into the APEC region over the period 2014 - 2016.

Mentioned however , still needed traditional visa before traveling under the visa policy in force .

Visa facilitation for tourists is mentioned could create as many as 2.6 million additional jobs in the APEC region by 2016 and an additional 89 billion U.S. dollar revenue from the tourism sector of the 57 million tourists who visit the APEC .

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia, Mari Elka Pangestu , stressed that the importance of tourism as a vehicle for job creation , economic growth and development in Asia Pacific .

It has been recognized by leaders lacks the APEC Travel Facilitation Initiative launch of APEC . " The challenge now is to build cooperation between officials working in the field of tourism , finance , customs , immigration security , transportation and airport authorities that are in different workgroups , " said Mai .

UNWTO Secretary General , Taleb Rifai , also urged APEC leaders to see the opportunities that arise through visa facilitation .

" This report clearly shows that placing visa facilitation as a national priority can be translated into socio - economic benefits are significant in terms of income and employment generated by tourism demand growth , " he said . ( Samuel Febrianto )

The series of meetings the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation since the beginning of the year until October 8, 2013 to record profits . Carrying money is spent rotating member delegation 100,000 greater than the ceiling in the Budget of Fiscal Year 2013.

Vice Chairman of the National Organizing Committee for the Summit ( Summit ) Chairul APEC 2013 , during a press conference in Nusa Dua , Badung , Bali , on Thursday ( 10/03/2013 ) , stating , organizing a series of APEC budget throughout the year 2013 is USD 364.77 billion or more than 35 million U.S. dollars . This amount is spread across four agencies , namely the State Secretary , Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy , and the Ministry of Communication and Information .
The budget , according Chairul , is small compared to the direct and indirect impact of acquired Indonesia. The direct effects of the existence of money spinning in society that comes from spending the delegates who came during a series of APEC since the beginning of 2013 . Their number is estimated around 100,000 people .

If every member of the delegation spent about 5,000 dollars cash , the total funds in the community revolve 500 million U.S. dollars . Ten times more than the budget implementation of the APEC summit series 2013.

" It is direct . Yet that is not immediate . For example , Bali and Indonesia will be known . Moreover, if the implementation makes an incredible impression , " said Chairul .

The involvement of state-owned enterprises ( SOEs ) and the private sector to build infrastructure , Chairul said , a factor that reduces the budget for the organization . Instead of using state funds in 2013 , the construction of various infrastructure supporting the activities of the APEC summit in 2013 it involves state-owned and private .

Construction of Ngurah Rai Airport terminal , for example , by PT Angkasa Pura I to engage investors . The investment value of Rp 2.8 trillion .

Toll Bali Mandara development between Ngurah Rai Airport and Nusa Dua with an investment of Rp 2.5 trillion, conducted by a consortium involving several state and provincial government of Bali and the local district . While the building and hotel built entirely private meeting place .
Deputy Foreign Minister Ward stated , during Indonesia's chairmanship in APEC in 2013 , the government has organized a series of meetings 182 . Various issues are discussed , namely trade and investment , structural reform , capacity building through economic and technological cooperation , cooperation of small and medium enterprises , increasing the role of women in the economy , food security , marine , transportation , finance , forestry , health , and tourism .
Activities carried out in a number of areas , including Jakarta , Lombok , Yogyakarta , Surabaya , Makassar , Solo , Manado , Medan , Palembang , and Bali .

Meanwhile , Marketing and Commercial Director of PT Pertamina Hanung Budya , Thursday ( 3/10 ) , during a press conference in Jakarta , confirmed , Pertamina increase the stock of fuel for air and ground transportation in Bali . This is to anticipate the surge in fuel demand in the implementation of APEC 2013.

 Russia on Friday expressed disappointment over the decision of U.S. President Barack Obama canceled his visit to Bali , which makes him unable to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the Syria crisis with the meeting .

" We're disappointed there will be no meeting , " Russian news agencies quoted Putin's spokesman , Dmitry Peskov .

" There is a great need in our bilateral relations to the highest level of dialogue , " Peskov said as quoted by AFP .

Obama canceled a visit to the Summit of Economic Cooperation Asia - Pacific ( APEC summit ) in Bali and after the East Asia Summit in Brunei Darussalam since the federal budget crisis that hit the United States .

Putin's foreign policy adviser , Yury Ushakov , on Thursday said it might be two Presidents met on the sidelines of Bali summit to discuss issues including the Syrian crisis .

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to represent Washington in the APEC summit and the East Asia Summit .

Peskov said Putin himself may not be met in Bali but Kerry Washington 's top diplomats to negotiate his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov .

Russia and the United States reached an agreement last month to dismantle chemical weapons after the Syrian government chemical weapons attack August 21 on the outskirts of Damascus that Washington killed 1,400 people .

 Coordinating Minister for the Economy , Hatta Rajasa , say , organizing round 2013 APEC summit in Bali does give a strong meaning for Indonesia , which is a regional power , and even global power .

Rajasa argued that , in Nusa Dua , Bali , on Friday , shortly before the start of a bilateral meeting with a Japanese delegation led by the Minister of Economy , Trade and Industry of Japan , Toshimitsu Motegi , on the sidelines of the 2013 APEC summit .

" One of APEC assess if there is no benefit for Indonesia , " said Rajasa .

He also took notice of APEC and Indonesia's position in perspective is more optimistic than the critical point of view , in order to see the development and the benefits that can be derived from the global situation as it is now .

" The three main priorities in APEC Bali Indonesia to be closer to the interests of the people of APEC . Through the Bogor Goals in 1994 created the spirit of cooperation in trade , and through APEC Bali this time given the more mundane meaning for Indonesia , " he said .

The three priorities of APEC Bali is realizing the Bogor Goals , achieve sustainable growth and equity , and to strengthen regional connectivity .

75 percent of Indonesia 's total trade with APEC members intertwined , with Indonesia - APEC trade growth is higher than the growth of Indonesian trade outside the Asia Pacific region .

For Indonesia , among others , APEC also synergize momentum MP3EI concept that open access to the flow of investment and market access that could trigger regional economic growth , while increasing the productivity of the domestic industry .

Prime Minister of Japan , Shinzo Abe , is scheduled to meet bilaterally with President Susilo Yudhoyono , on the sidelines of the APEC summit in 2013 , in Nusa Dua , Bali .

" When exactly is unknown , but according to the existing schedule , so, " said Deputy Directorate General of Press and Public Diplomacy Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan , Koichi Mizushima , in Nusa Dua , on Friday night .

Abe is known for his Abenomics will speak with Yudhoyono about various things , including strengthening cooperation and bilateral relations between the two countries as well as other matters related to the development of the Asia Pacific region .

According to Mizushima , Japan and Indonesia have a relationship that is always increasing . " Our attention to Indonesia and ASEAN are very large . Japan and ASEAN as well as individual member states , too," he said .

Abe's visit to Bali as the chief economic delegation in the 2013 APEC summit this time also brings together the mission to realize the Bogor Goals that have been set on the 1994 APEC summit in Bogor , West Java .

However , Mizushima could not say whether there was a bilateral meeting between Abe with his colleague , the President of China Xi Jinping , who also attended the 2013 APEC Summit in Nusa Dua , on October 7 to 8 in

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