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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Constitutional Court ( MK ) sent a letter of suspension to the Chief Justice Akil Mochtar President

The Constitutional Court ( MK ) sent a letter of suspension to the Chief Justice Akil Mochtar President

 The Constitutional Court ( MK ) has sent a letter of dismissal while Chief Justice Akil Mochtar to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Friday ( 10/04/2013 ) .

"If a judge is so suspect , then so duty of the chairman to propose the suspension to the President . Been given this afternoon , " the judge said after the meeting Harjono constitution Honorary Council for Constitutional Justice Akil at the Court House , on Friday .

According to him , the termination provisions set forth in Law No. 8 of 2011 on the Constitutional Court . He said the filing of the dismissal letter signed by the Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court Chief Justice Zoelva Hamdan .

Disclosure , if the President's decision on the suspension Akil has been published before the decision to the Constitutional Council of Honorary Justices Akil decided , the team will still be working . In fact , he said , the fate of the suspension will depend on the decisions of judges .

" The fate of the suspension how , depending on ethics , " said Harjono who is also the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Honor Council .

As proclaimed , Akil , along with members of the House Chairun Nisa , and Cornelis Nalau businessman and incumbent incumbent Gunung Mas Hambit Bintih , named as a suspect election dispute Gunung Mas in Central Kalimantan .

In addition to the case in Central Kalimantan , Akil also named as a suspect for alleged similar cases in Lebak regency , Banten . In the second case , the Commission established two suspects besides Akil . Two suspects are Tubagus Chaery Ward , who is the younger brother of the Governor of Banten and South Tangerang mayor husband , and lawyer named Susie Andayani tour .

 President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono invited leaders of state institutions to discuss the problems being experienced by the Constitutional Court . The talks will be conducted at the State Palace , Jakarta , Saturday ( 10/05/2013 ) at 13:00 pm , without inviting the Court .

Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha when contacted on Friday ( 04/10/2013 ) , said the meeting will be followed Sidharto Danusubroto Assembly Speaker , House of Representatives Speaker Marzuki Ali , Chairman of the Council Irman Gusman , CPC Chairman Hadi Purnomo , Chief Justice Hatta Ali , and Chairman of the Judicial Commission Supaman Marzuki .

Julian added , post-operative arrested Chief Justice Akil Mochtar hand in cases of alleged corruption by the Corruption Eradication Commission , there should be consultation between the President and the leaders of other institutions to maintain stability and public confidence in state institutions .

When asked why the meeting without involving the Court , Julian replied , " This time more wisely about MK consultation with the leadership of other institutions . Exactly why the Court was not invited . "
As reported , before catching Akil , the President and the leadership of the House was talking about the regular meeting of the Constitutional Court some time ago . According to the President , the Court discussed seriously in the meeting due to a very large role .

After Akil caught red-handed accepting a bribe related to the handling of disputed election results in Central Kalimantan regional head election and also in Lebak regency , Banten , sharp highlight the various institutions of the constitution guard . MK has become one of the trusted public institution .

Various discourse sprung up in reaction to the public , ranging from the dissolution of the Constitutional Court , the reduction of the authority of the Court , the Court filled banning politicians , and others . The decision of the Court is doubtful.

Honorary Council Constitutional Court for the Chairman of the Constitutional Court ( MK ) Akil Mochtar said it will confirm about the discovery of marijuana and ecstasy pills in the workspace Akil .

Council will review whether the judge Akil unethical constitution to store these items .

" We ( Honor Council ) will look at the facts , what relates to the principles of constitutional justice ethics guidelines , " said Chairman of the Honorary Council Harjono Constitutional Court after a closed meeting of the Assembly, at the Court House , Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 4 / 10/2013 ) .

The constitutional judge said it could not determine if the presence of illicit goods associated with violations of the code of ethics by Akil . Assembly consisting of five people will learn more.

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) investigators ensure drug or drugs found when searched workspace Akil at the Court House , Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/03/2013 ) .

" Whose , I do not know , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said the KPK building , Jakarta , on Friday.

KPK investigators handed the drugs to the Head of Security Coordination Court Commissioner Edi general said . Because the goods are not the object of investigations related to corruption .

Akil conducted shakedown workspace alleged involvement in the alleged bribery . Akil allegedly accepting bribes related to elections and Lebak regency Gunung Mas ( read : This chronology of Arrest Akil Mochtar ) .

 Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) to ensure that investigators found the drug or drugs when searched workspace Chief Justice Akil Mochtar at the Court House , Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/03/2013 ) .

" We find stuff that is not in the object of the investigation , because the investigators submit to the chief security coordinator Edi Suwitno Court Commissioner with the minutes . Then hung the Constitutional Court , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said the KPK building , Jakarta , Friday ( 4 / / 10 / 2013 ) .

Although found in the workspace Akil , the Commission has not been able to determine who the owner of the drugs . Regarding the number and types of drugs , Johan also said he did not know .

"As for what kind , I do not diinfokan investigator . Outside the object so that in case handling KPK , " said Johan .

As reported , Akil named as a suspect after caught red-handed by KPK on Wednesday ( 10/02/2013 ) night . Akil was arrested at his residence along with members of the House of Representatives and employers Chairun Nisa Cornelis . From home Akil , KPK seize money whose value is approximately USD 3 billion . The money is expected to be given Chairun Nisa and Cornelis Akil related to the management of electoral disputes in Gunung Mas .

For the case of Gunung Mas elections , there are four people who set KPK as a suspect . Besides Akil , Chairun Nisa , and Cornelis , the Commission sets incumbent incumbent elections Gunung Mas , Hambit Bintih , as a suspect .

 Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) has not received a license Banten Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah planning Hajj this October . Hajj ATUT jeopardized because he has been prevented from traveling abroad since Thursday ( 03/10/2013 ) .

"We'll see whether she ATUT request permission pilgrimage or not . When he proposed , we wait for an answer how the leadership , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said the KPK building of Indonesia , Jakarta , Friday ( 10/04/2013 ) .

Johan said the KPK does not forbid a person to perform the pilgrimage . However , according to him , the hajj obligation for Muslims only once . KPK hopes , ATUT remain in Indonesia while at times asked to appear for questioning as a witness .

"The second time , three times it is not mandatory . Were it not the obligation , meaning that the Commission considers ATUT Chosiyah queen is still required his presence in Indonesia , " said Johan .

Commission itself has not scheduled the examination for ATUT . ATUT examination as a witness in the alleged bribery related to the maintenance of electoral disputes Lebak , Banten .

In this case, the Commission set Tubagus Chaery businessman Ward aka Henry as a suspect after caught red-handed at his residence on Wednesday ( 10/02/2013 ) night . Henry is the younger brother of her husband as well ATUT South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany .

In addition to Henry , the Commission also established Constitutional Court chairman Akil Mochtar and advocate Susi Andayani tour as a suspect . Both allegedly received Rp 1 billion of Henry .

 Corruption Eradication Commission confirmed, it does not take 11 cars that were in the house the suspect in the alleged bribery handling disputes Elections Lebak District , Banten , Tubagus Chaery aka Henry Ward . KPK KPK line just put on the car in order to shakedown at Jalan Denpasar IV No. 35 , RT 001 RW 002 , East Village Kuningan , South Jakarta .

" So , no car confiscation . Yesterday was initially given the KPK line . Goal because we want to raid let no one come and go , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said the KPK building on Friday ( 04/10/2013 ) .

Johan said , once the search is complete , the KPK line installed in the car was re-opened . KPK only confiscate documents from Henry 's residence . " When it comes to documents , there were seized and secured from the TCW , " said Johan .

Previously , Henry conducted raids at the house on Thursday ( 10/03/2013 ) night . At that time , there were 11 cars parked in the yard. The car is the Toyota Kijang Innova black police numbered B RSY 1558 , black Bentley GIF B 888 , two units of red Ferrari with the license plate number B 888 and B 888 CNW GES , a white Nissan GTR , Lamborghini Gallardo and a white B 888 WHN .

In addition , there is also a black Toyota Camry , black Lexus sedan , Rolls Royce B 888 CHW black , black Toyota Land Cruiser 888 TCW B , and a black Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 1978 RFR .

In addition to dozens of luxury cars , in one corner of the room belongs to Henry 's garage was also parked a silver Harley Davidson Sport NWW B 3484 .

Commission set Tubagus Chaery businessman Ward aka Henry as a suspect in the alleged bribery disputed election administration Lebak , Banten after caught red-handed at his residence on Wednesday ( 10/02/2013 ) night . Henry is the younger brother of Banten Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah well as the husband of the South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany .

In addition to Henry , the Commission also established Constitutional Court chairman Akil Mochtar and advocate Susi Andayani Tour . Both allegedly received Rp 1 billion of Henry .

Vice Chairman of the Constitutional Court ( MK ) Zoelva Hamdan said the ruling Lebak regency elections on Tuesday ( 01/10/2013 ) can not be changed . According to him , the decision of the Court is final and binding .

" I can not, is binding , " said Hamdan brief in the Court House , Jakarta , Friday ( 10/04/2013 ) .

A decision in the dispute re-voting is held in all the polling stations ( TPS ) yag disallowed . According to him , there is no provision in the Constitutional Court to annul the decision . Election dispute Lebak is one case in which the Court addressed by Akil .

Akil was arrested and named as a suspect by the KPK for allegedly taking bribes in the dispute. Related to that , various parties ask the Court to review the decision in the election . One is the incumbent, Lebak Iti Oktavia Jayabaya .

Iti is a member of the Parliament of the Democratic Party . He ran as a candidate Regent of Lebak paired with Ade Sumardi . The pair backed coalition Democratic Party , PDI-P , Hanura , Gerindra , PPP , PKS , and PPNU .

When elections Lebak , the pair won the most votes , the 407 156 votes ( 62.37 percent ) . In second place is the couple that carried the Golkar Party , Amir Hamzah - Kasmin , who got 226 440 votes ( 34.69 percent ) . While the third is an individual partner , Pepep Faisaludin - Aang Rasidi , with 19 163 votes ( 2.94 percent ) .

For this result , the pair Amir Hamzah MK - Kasmin sued on charges to inflate the vote . According to Iti , during the trial , there is no strong indication that proves it inflate the vote .

 Constitutional Court recognized the need for revision of external oversight mechanisms against the institution . It is intended that no outside parties who participate in supervising Court supervision to maintain objectivity .

" Maybe it's rules ( supervision ) should be revised . This should be corrected to maintain objectivity , " the judge said after the meeting closed Harjono Constitutional Assembly Constitutional Court of Honor to Chief Justice Akil Mochtar at the Court House , Jakarta , Friday ( 10/04/2013 ) .

He said the importance of the formulation that the Court also receive supervision especially about the code of ethics of outsiders . " That ( external control ) that need our attention . Was so our job to solve , " said Harjono .

Honorary Chairman of the Council of the Constitutional Court said , the only external oversight over alleged violation of code of conduct for the judges of the constitution is the public report . Unfortunately , according to him , the report was entered through a door , which is past chairman of the Constitutional Court .

" The reports must head through the door . Chairman if held , if the report concerns how the president ? " she said .

He said , while he served as a constitutional judge in the Constitutional Court , the institution had never discussed the matter of the report . Only , he can make sure whether it is because there is no report , or the report was never submitted by the chairman . He also argued , the Court still got control of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , prosecutors , and police .

Post-operative hand catch by Chief Justice Akil Mochtar Commission , claims that the Court re- watched pihal outside , such as the Judicial Commission ( KY ) , re-surfaced . The supervision is necessary because since the cancellation clause supervision of constitutional justice in 2006 , there is no longer the agency that oversees the actions of the Court .

In the absence of this control mechanism , according to the commissioners , Imam Anshori Saleh , the judge becomes uncontrolled behavior . " The agency has been running without any oversight of ethics , morals , and the conduct of judges , " said Imam in Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/03/2013 ) .

Commission set Akil as a suspect for the two cases of alleged bribery , the bribery allegations related to election disputes Gunung Mas , Central Kalimantan , and alleged election bribery dispute Lebak , Banten . The suspects announcement was delivered at the Building Commission , Kuningan , Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/03/2013 ) afternoon , by the KPK chairman Abraham Samad .

 Tubagus Chaery Ward who was a suspect in the alleged bribery to the Chief Justice Akil Mochtar released from the Detention Commission to undergo the process of investigation at the Building Commission , Kuningan , Jakarta . KPK Rutan tubagus out around 21:00 pm and then go to the Building Commission .

According to KPK spokesman Johan Budi , the sister of Banten Governor Ratu Atut this Chosiyah brought investigators to the Building Commission to confirm the evidence seized KPK . " The suspects linked to alleged corruption case Chief Justice , election -related disputes , which were taken this evening by the investigator for the purpose of confirming physical evidence seized , to the completion of the administration , " said Johan via text message .

Upon entering the Building Commission , Tubagus not answer reporters' questions . Besides Tubagus , KPK investigators advocate Susi brings Andayani tour and members of Parliament from the crease for Nisa Chairun confirmed about evidence. Susi is the same case with the suspect Tubagus , the alleged bribery related disputes local elections in Lebak , Banten . Chairun Nisa is alleged acceptance of bribes suspected election -related disputes in Gunung Mas , Central Kalimantan .

Tubagus Similarly , the two men did not comment when entering the Building Commission . Susi monitored entrance building at around 21:02 pm . Meanwhile , Chairun Nisa has entered since this afternoon . Building him out around 21:00 pm .

In this case , the Commission seized evidence in the form of U.S. dollars and Singapore whose value is approximately USD 3 billion of arrest at home Akil on Tuesday ( 10/02/2013 ) night . Money is wrapped in a brown envelope was taken Chairun Nisa and entrepreneurs Cornelis Nalau Akil home on the night of the arrest . The Cornelis also established the Commission as a suspect .

In addition , the Commission confiscated Rp 1 billion election -related disputes Lebak . The money seized from Susie 's parents' house , in Tebet , Jakarta . When searched the house legally at Widya Chandra Complex , Wednesday ( 10/02/2013 ) , KPK investigators securing money worth Rp 2.7 billion, consisting of U.S. dollar and rupiah .

Member of House of Representatives Commission II of the Golkar Party , Chairun Nisa , were arrested in an operation conducted hands KPK arrested along with Chief Justice Akil Mochtar said on Wednesday ( 02/10/2013 ) night . He is expected to hand over some money together to win the entrepreneur Cornelius Gunung Mas Hambit Bintih Regents backed PDI-P .

What motive Chairun support Nisa Hambit ?

Chairman of the Golkar Party winning elections Kalimantan Ahmadi Noor Supit said , attitude Chairun Nisa had violated party rules . What's more , Chairun Nisa is Korwil winning elections Golkar Party Central Kalimantan . Golkar also already have another hero in Gunung Mas elections .

Nisa Chairun chopsticks suspect involvement in this case related to the fight of candidates . Chairun Nisa is a Golkar Party candidates with electoral districts in Central Kalimantan . "There's tremendous competition . If he just relying on the popularity , there's no way through . Maybe he wanted to enlist the help of the influence of Regents Gunung Mas , " Chopsticks said when contacted on Friday ( 04/10/2013 ) .

Chairman of the House Budget Committee is assessing the figure is not the type of politician Chairun Nisa players . He can guarantee , Chairun Nisa help Hambit not for the lure of money . Before Chief Justice bribery case came to light , said Supit , Chairun Nisa was associated with cases of alleged corruption in the procurement of the Quran. At that time, he was the Chairman of the Nisa Chairun Commission VIII overseeing the Ministry of Religious Affairs .

" At that time , he was crying because he felt taken advantage of . , So I know exactly . He's scared , ask for a transfer commission . He wants a quiet life , not the type of player , " said Chopsticks .

Commission set Akil Mochtar , Chairun Nisa , incumbent candidate elections Gunung Mas , Hambit Bintih , and entrepreneurs Cornelis as a suspect in the alleged bribery case related to the handling of the elections Gunung Mas , Central Kalimantan .

Akil and Chairun allegedly accepting bribes in violation of Article 12 c of Corruption Act in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 - 1 to the Criminal Code or Article 6 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 .
Meanwhile , Hambit and Cornelis alleged bribe giver . Both alleged violation of Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a of Corruption Act in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 .

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