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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chairman of Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Syamsudin expressed readiness to be nominated to be president

Chairman of Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Syamsudin expressed readiness to be nominated to be president

Chairman of Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Syamsudin says ready to be nominated as president if there is a political party that proposed and approved Muhammadiyah . "If I asked if you want to be nominated , if not impossible . Problems ability to lead organizations may be more severe because there are no funds , that many state budgets and a lot of officers , " he said in Waterford , Sunday ( 30/3 .

He said that after attending the Day Bermuhammadiyah at a conference hall in District Kedu , County Waterford, which was attended by thousands of Muhammadiyah .

Din claimed , of a number of prominent political party that came into the office of Muhammadiyah no definitive demand , language cues and should not be swallowed whole , it seems the new political maneuver will look after the legislature elections . "The issue of the presidential election there is still time , waiting after pileg . Yet no definitive request . Cues if there is , but politics can not be held , because almost all of the presidential candidates come to PP Muhammadiyah , such as Abu Rizal Bakrie , Prabowo Subiyanto and Joko Widodo , " he says .

As the strength of the oldest organizations in the republic of Muhammadiyah need to develop a national relationship with anyone , both interfaith and political , but it should not then be read as an invitation . " Suppose friendship , Muhammadiyah his antennae instead of political power, we realize the statutory authority of the party's presidential nomination into politics , " he said .

Furthermore, he said , if there are political parties to come forward asking Muhammadiyah RI RI 1 or 2 many cadres or leaders of Muhammadiyah quality can be up to ten people . If they functionaries stakeholders ethically mandated in Muhammadiyah organization must ask permission to Muhammadiyah .

He mentioned , these figures are former ministers , among others Malik Fajar , Bambang Sudibyo , and Yahya Muhaimin . "If my own , of course I should not judge themselves , sufficient to meet the said standards , let alone I 've president of Muhammadiyah , the president of the religious leaders in Asia and also the president of a world religious leaders , " he said .

Personally , he said , had experienced poor across the lead organization why not have the desire , whereas those who do not have any track record of bold , perhaps because they feel have the money and have company . " I think that the chairman of the organization that requested would want and I am sure also capable , only parties entitled to file it . Therefore not in a position to be aggressive or proactive offer themselves , let alone leaders of Muhammadiyah , maybe if another character can be active progresis , but if Muhammadiyah antenenya propaganda , but if anyone asks the organization not to be discussed in private , "completion

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