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Monday, March 31, 2014

Expires book Sin , was published Dahlan Iskan New Biography

Expires book Sin , was published Dahlan Iskan New Biography

ASATUNEWS - After the publication of the book Sins Dahlan Iskan edited by senior journalists who are members of Petition 50 , Djalil Latuconsina , some time ago, now appear Dahlan Iskan biography titled The Next One : Biography Dahlan Iskan , which was launched on Monday night ( 31/3 ) .

State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan said , although his biography has been written several times in the book , he still felt surprise at the presence of the book . "There are some of my biography . I do not remember the exact amount , " Dahlan said on the sidelines of the launch of the book The Next One : Biography Dahlan Iskan .

According moved her , he just had time to read a few pages of the book contents , but has been told all of its contents by the author , Budi Rachman Hakim . Dahlan admitted he sibukan as Minister of SOEs and convention attendees Democratic presidential candidate , so no time to read books .

Meanwhile , the Group Chairman People's Freedom , Budi Rachman Hakim , author of The Next One : Biography Dahlan explained , this book tells the real experience Dahlan Iskan on various occasions , especially after holding a position as Director of PT PLN and the Minister of SOEs . " Incidentally , I believed to often accompany Mr. Dahlan in carrying out his duties to the various regions , " he said . During the accompanying Dahlan Iskan , Budi Rachman Hakim rate, many lunge Dahlan Iskan noteworthy . These records , according to Dahlan , would not be just saved yourself but need to be known by the public .

Judge Budi Rachman partner in writing the book , Deden Ridwan , said he wrote the book of the approach , namely direct dialogue and activities mencerimati Dahlan . The book , he said , also written in a language that flows so that adds to the spirit itself .

" From the writing, so I know exactly who and how Dahlan Iskan , " he said . Deden judge , Dahlan is typical of people who were involved in total . That is , if it has been plunged into a field , wants total . He hoped , Dahlan Iskan truly be The Next One that could plunge the total .

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