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Friday, March 28, 2014

Egypt urged to cancel the death sentence Moursi supporters , at least four people were killed in Egypt

Egypt urged to cancel the death sentence Moursi supporters , at least four people were killed in Egypt

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry again urged Egypt to cancel the death sentence to the 529 followers of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters of ousted president Mohamed Moursi .

Kerry 's insistence was delivered in Amman , Jordan , ahead of heading to Rome , news kator Egypt, MENA , reported Thursday .

According to Kerry , the verdict is staggering international and unprecedented .

"Therefore, the U.S. asked Egypt 's transitional government to cancel the court and ensure that honest for the defendants , " he said .

Pangedilan Almenia , 283 km south of Cairo , on Monday ( 24/3 ) sentence to death 529 followers of the Muslim Brotherhood on charges of torturing a policeman to death .

The number of defendants in the court as much as 546 people , but 17 were released .

The death sentence drew criticism from the UN and the international community.

The U.S. had previously threatened to suspend plans $ 1.5 billion aid to Egypt .

Meanwhile , demonstrations continued Muslim Brotherhood supporters waged .

Muslim Brotherhood supporters calling Moursi great demo on Friday ( 28/3 ) to protest the nomination of Marshal Abdel Fatah Al side in the presidential election next month .

Marshal Al side on Wednesday ( 26/3 ) tendered his resignation from his position as Commander of the Armed Forces , concurrently Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Military Production

Victims were killed on Friday in clashes in Egypt increased to four people , including a journalist , in rallies million people of Muslim Brotherhood supporters of ousted president Mohamed Moursi

The demo to protest presidential candidate former Armed Forces Chief Abdel Fatah Al side , the main actor coup ouster of President Moursi .

A journalist from the newspaper Mayada Al Dustur Ashraf was shot while covering a demonstration in Ain Shams , Cairo , and three others were killed , Ambulance Service said .

Dozens of people were injured , including several policemen , the source said .

Egyptian Journalists Association revealed , Mayada 's death adds to the list of victims of Egyptian journalists to 10 people since the revolution that toppled the regime of Hosni Mubarak's three years ago .

Political tensions and security in the land of the Pyramids back burning after Marshal says ready to contest the presidential election .

Muslim Brotherhood who boycotted the elections have vowed to continue waging protests against the ruling .

In addition to Cairo , rallies also took place in many cities across the country .

Interior Minister who is also in charge of the police and the National Security Agency to crack down on terrorists when berikar disrupt security .

The Egyptian government last December to enter the Muslim Brotherhood in the list as a terrorist organization .

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