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Friday, July 25, 2014

In recent weeks, the support of hardliners in Indonesia against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to the attention of ISIS.

In recent weeks, the support of hardliners in Indonesia against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to the attention of ISIS.

Al-Mustaqbah magazine distributed after the declaration in Malang 

Many people are concerned about the spread of radical ideology would endanger the diversity of Indonesian society.

ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to expand its territory in Iraq and Syria.

United States says is a terrorist organization is worse than Al Qaeda, army equipped with weapons.

In Indonesia, the hardline Islamic group in Indonesia began to openly give support to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS declaring an Islamic caliphate.

Latest support delivered by the Islamic groups, among others, in Jakarta, Solo, Milky and last Malang, East Java on Sunday (20/07) ago.
Declaration rejected

Unlike in other cities, meeting supporters ISIS rejection mosque in the city of Malang, East Java.

Ibn Sina mosque - which previously would be a place of meeting support ISIS, which is spread over social media - even lock the gate of the mosque since Sunday morning, to prevent arrival of supporters ISIS.

Syafiudin from one of the administrators adolescent Mosque of Ibn Sina in Malang said the reason for the cancellation of the meeting because ISIS is a radical group.

"They did not tell us nothing about the meeting, and the police did not give permission to the supporters of ISIS," said Syafiudin.

The meeting was moved to Nuruh Hidayah mosque, because according to one of the organizers, the security forces did not allow such activities.
"Moral support"

The group that calls itself the Caliphate Ansharul East Java declared support for the Islamic Caliphate ISIS Iraq and Syria, in a newly completed mosque in the wake, which is located behind the bamboo trees away from residential areas.

Dozens of people were present most of the younger children and a number of veiled women, and children, some of which use similar pictorial attributes ISIS flag.

Initially they invited us to cover the event, but with the rejection of the population, they changed their minds by not allowing us to record or take photos inside the mosque.

From the windows and doors open, we heard a preacher give an explanation of the Islamic Caliphate.

In front of the pulpit of the mosque looks large poster bearing support for the Islamic Caliphate. After an explanation of the Caliphate, attendees recited the oath of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in Arabic and Indonesian.

Coordinator Ansharul East Java Caliphate, Muhammad Romly said supporting Islamic caliphate of Abu Bakr declared al-Baghdadi.

"We support the Islamic Caliphate as it can build a better civilization of Islam, so Islam

According Romly, only limited to providing moral support, not funds or sends jihadists to Syria or Iraq.

"We do not provide financial support, we also do not send people to (jihad) there because it also requires a small cost," he said.

Romly believe Khilafah can build a better Islamic civilization.
After the declaration, they distribute the magazine Al-Mustaqbal and stickers with an image that resembles the flag of ISIS.

change the rules
BNPT mentioned group has claimed less than 20 Muslims and 50 people go 'at war' with ISIS. The spread support for ISIS was done through social, media. In some areas mentioned ISIS flag hoisted on several occasions.

"We monitor them, and also calls for community involvement to prevent the dissemination of radical groups that support ISIS in Indonesia," said Deputy International Cooperation BNPT Harry Purwanto told BBC Indonesian.

According to Harry, the declaration supporting the Islamic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria are commonplace these days, as a group they need broader support.
Conditions that increase concerns that Indonesian young children who will go to Syria and Iraq to join forces with ISIS and carry out terror attacks when they return, as was the case with the Jemaah Islamiah jihadists returning from Afghanistan.

Imam Samudra, Ali Imron is 'alumnus' Afghanistan is proved to be behind the Bali bomb attacks in 2002, which killed 202 people, most of them foreign nationals.

In Indonesia's anti-terrorism legislation does not regulate the growth regulator radicalism in Indonesia.

"We must mengamandeman Act in order to prevent the spread of radical," said Harry.

Analysts say Indonesia faces major challenges to address the growing radical ideologies especially among young children, who feared could threaten diversity. BBC

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