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Friday, July 25, 2014

Presidential candidate (Candidates) Joko Widodo (Jokowi) can not necessarily be sworn in as President Jndonesia

Presidential candidate (Candidates) Joko Widodo (Jokowi) can not necessarily be sworn in as President Jndonesia

  Presidential candidate (Candidates) Joko Widodo (Jokowi) can not necessarily be sworn in as President despite the General Elections Commission (KPU) has been set as the winner in the Presidential Election (Election) in 2014.

Nurjaman Executive Director of the Center for Indonesian Democracy (NCID), Jajat Nurjaman said there are three scenarios that could cancel the inauguration of the candidate promoted by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP).

First, a request to resign from his position as Governor of Jakarta can be rejected by the City Council.

"This is a very mungkitn given coalition built by Jokowi not enough to pass this request," he told reporters on Thursday (24/07/2014).

Jajat said City Council as the representative voice of the people of Jakarta are legal according to the constitution never refused a request from Prijanto retreat when served as Deputy Governor of Jakarta. Thus, there was a possibility to reject the petition Parliament withdrew from Jokowi.

Secondly, further Jajat, Prabowo victory in the Constitutional Court (MK) also can cancel the inauguration Jokowi scenario. Given the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra, Hashim Djojohadikusomo Coalition and the Red and White's attorney, lawsuit Mahendradatta will deliver the results of the presidential election in 2014 to the Court, tomorrow on Friday, July 25.

"If the Court granted the lawsuit and requested the implementation Voting Re (PSU), Jokowi could be lost from Prabowo," he said.

For the third scenario, chimes Jajat, related to the disclosure of a number of accounts on behalf of overseas Jokowi unreported when his registration as a candidate.

"If the Commission or INTRAC can quickly justify the findings revealed by Faisal Assegaf yesterday, the Commission must strike Jokowi name as a presidential candidate. These three scenarios can cancel Jokowi be President," he concluded

Interior Minister Joko Widodo Gamawan Fauzi hoped soon to take care of his resignation from the post of Governor of DKI to Parliament. So that during the inauguration of the president and vice president in October there will be no joint positions are assigned.

"If no appeal to the Court and smoothly until the inauguration, would be expected before that he had submitted his resignation to the City Council. Hence, during the inauguration of the president and vice president in October he had finished (as governor), because it should not double post , "Gamawan said in Jakarta, Thursday (07/24/2014).

He explained that the non-active Jokowi as governor, because it follows the activities of the Election, is over on Tuesday, July 22 coincided with the determination and announcement of the winner of the presidential election by the General Election Commission (KPU).

"The non-active Pak Jokowi already expired by the time the Commission set the presidential election results, meaning that began Wednesday, July 23 he had returned as Governor of Jakarta," he explained.

Joko Widodo as Jakarta governor disabled due to run for the 2014 presidential election participants with Jusuf Kalla as his deputy.

Commission has determined and announced Jokowi-Kalla as President and Vice President elected for the period 2014-2019, the Decree 536 / Kpts / KPU / Year 2014 Jokowi and Muhammad Jusuf Kalla obtain sound 70,997,833 or 53.15 percent of the total valid votes.

  Political observers of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Word Noor, said Prabowo-Hatta still a winner in the event the 2014 Presidential Election Although buffeted by a variety of negative issues, the difference in sound with just a little Jokowi.

"Despite losing, Prabowo still win. Beaten issues with human rights violations, he managed to obtain a thin margin with Jokowi. However is an achievement for Prabowo," Word said Noor, Thursday (07/24/2014).

On the other hand, when Jokowi be impressed Jakarta Governor deified, even until there is a survey that says will win the 2014 presidential election with a 30 percent margin.

However, in a relatively short time, which is only three months since the Legislative Elections of 2014, Prabowo managed to catch a thin margin with Jokowi.

"Therefore, the final results of the election can be regarded as a failure Jokowi maintain the image, but on the other hand the success of the team Prabowo 'sell' candidate. According to me, it is an achievement," he said.

Related attitudes Prabowo who withdrew from the process in the Commission, the Word says it was bizarre but can be understood as a way to show that the problematic election.

"Attitude Prabowo was strange because normally when not accept the results of the election, a candidate will fight to the Constitutional Court. Perhaps he took the attitude that the situation does not get hot," he said.

The final results show the 2014 presidential election Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa gained 62,576,444 votes or 46.85 percent, while Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla received 70,997,833 votes or 53.15 percent. Okezone

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