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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Netherlands and Australia have access to the scene of the MH17 in Ukraine, as more and more bodies of those who arrived in Eindhoven.

MH17 victim's body upon arrival in the Netherlands 

Netherlands and Australia have access to the scene of the MH17 in Ukraine, as more and more bodies of those who arrived in Eindhoven.

Foreign ministers of the two countries attended the ceremony marking the departure of aircraft carrier bodies of the city of Kharkiv.

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Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop negotiating with Ukrainian officials in Kiev to send police to the crash site controlled by the pro-Russian rebel.

A total of 193 Dutch nationals and 43 Australian citizens were killed in the tragedy.

Separately, the European Union has announced that they are strengthening sanctions on Russia.

They say that "15 people and 18 entities' assets have been frozen and would not get a visa.

A statement saying that they were being targeted "responsible for the actions that are contrary to the territorial integrity of Ukraine."

"This brings the number of people who are under EU sanctions related to the situation in Ukraine to 87 people while the number of entities to 20," said a statement issued by the Council of the European Union.

The day after the coffin of a victim 40 Malaysia Airlines MH17 aircraft arriving in the Netherlands, a number of families of Indonesian citizens who are victims of such accidents start getting left for the Netherlands.

Awang Nuryanto, sister-in-law Yuli Click Hastini which is one of the victims, said he and seven other family members ready to assist the identification process Click.

When the body of Yuli, a husband, and their two children are identified, according to Awang, they will be buried in the Netherlands.

"Ma'am Yuli was talking to us (family) that 'I can not be separated from her husband and children'. Husband Dutch citizen, take care of his son yesterday had a Dutch passport, could not take care of an Indonesian passport. Families in the Netherlands also asked Yuli, husband, and their children are buried in the Netherlands, "Awang said Thursday (24/07).

Another victim's family members who also are getting ready to Netherlands to identify the body is Enny Nuraheni.

Sister Enny, Ninik Yuriani, during this stay in Eindhoven with her husband who is a Dutch citizen.

Ninik also planned to be buried in the Netherlands.

"It is the request of his son, Hani. He said, whatever the form of mother, his body was interred in the Netherlands so he can visit his mother's grave. Hani also want to tell his children that their grandparents were there. Both grandson is very, very close with eyangnya, "said Enny.
The identification process

Meanwhile, Director of the Protection of the Ministry of Foreign citizens, Tatang Razak, said the Foreign Ministry and the forensic police team was already in Ukraine and the Netherlands to help citizens deal with the bodies.

'' The process of identification is underway. The process of DNA antemorfem to postmorfem it needs to be ascertained, to be matched.

MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine
'' The body must be ascertained who before being returned to the family.
'' Well, Click Indonesian police team has been sent a team and bring the DNA family in Indonesia to be matched with his body, '"said Tatang to Rizki Washarti of BBC Indonesia.

Tatang also added the Foreign Ministry to communicate with the family every day and open a 24-hour call center will also be available during the holiday. BBC

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