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Friday, February 1, 2013

Anis Matta, who is currently the Secretary General of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), was elected as the new president of MCC replaces Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq

Anis Matta
. Anis Matta, who is currently the Secretary General of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), was elected as the new president of MCC replaces Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq

Anis Matta, who is currently the Secretary General of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), was elected as the new president of MCC replaces Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq. Lutfi resigned on Thursday (31/01/2013) afternoon, after settling the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) as a suspect in the alleged bribery beef imports.

The announcement of the new president of MCC was conducted at the Office of the DPP MCC, South Jakarta, Friday (02/01/2013) afternoon, the Shura Council Chairman Hilmi Aminuddin MCC. Hilmi said Anis Matta designated as President of the MCC.

"To continue the periodicity of the board, setting brother Anis Matta as President of MCC," said Hilmi.

Previously, the name Anis Matta is known as a possible replacement for former President Lutfi with MCC who is currently the Chairman of the PKS faction in Parliament, Hidayat Nur Wahid.

Anis is the Secretary General of the MCC for four consecutive periods.

These profiles Anis Matta:

Name: Anis Matta
Place, date of birth: Bone, December 7, 1968

Educational History:
- Pesantren Muhammadiyah "Darul Arqam" Gombara (1980 - 1986)
- Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences, Faculty of Sharia (1986 - 1992)
- Short Course Force (KSA) Lemhannas IX (2001)

Employment History:
- Lecturer Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (1996 - 1998)
- DPP Secretary General PK - MCC (1998 - 2015)
- Member of Commission I, XI, III (2004 - 2009)
- Members of Parliament BKSAP
- Organization of the Islamic Conference Member of Parliament (2005-2006)
- Vice Chairman of the House Economic and Financial Affairs Coordinator (2009 - 2014)

Scientific Works, among others:
- Insights Islam and Economics (Joint Writing Lecture Islam - "Islamic Economics", in FE UI Extension Program 1997)
- Introduction to the Study of Islamic Aqeedah (translation), mold II: 1998, cast III: 2000
- "Building Character Muslim Man": Ash Shamil, 2002
- "Model Muslim Man 21st Century": Ash Shamil, 2002
- "Enjoy Democracy": Ash Shamil, 2003
- "Looking for Heroes Indonesia": The Tarbawi Center
- "Serial Love": Tarbawi Press
- "Political Integration and Propagation ': MCC DPP Affairs Secretariat Archives and History
- "8 Brilliance Eye Water": Tarbawi Press, 2009

The new president of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) will be announced on Friday (01/02/2013) afternoon. The strongest candidates converging on two names, namely Hidayat Nur Wahid and Anis Matta. If one of the two names were chosen, that person will certainly not concurrently. It was delivered by Deputy Secretary-General of the MCC Mahfudz Siddiq in the DPP's office MCC, Jalan TB Simatupang, Friday afternoon.

"Clearly there is no tradition of dual MCC office. If Mr. Hidayat or Mr. Anis later determined to be president of the party, I believe the principle is not going to double," he said.

Currently, Hidayat still listed as a member and Chairman of House Commission VIII PKS faction in the House. While Anis Matta, Deputy Speaker of the House. If elected a new president, one of them certainly withdraw from the House.

Hidayat and Anis are two of the seven names submitted to the Shura Council Chairman Hilmi Aminuddin MCC. In between, the name Anis Matta who rose to eventually elected as President of the MCC. This is because Hidayat ensure former MCC president will not likely return held a similar position at MCC.

"In the old days of President Suharto said, 'That could be the only president who has the experience to be president." At MCC, even if the president was replaced, former MCC president will not be nominated again. Cadre We want a new one because regeneration PKD is not dead, we have stock lot of leaders, "said Hidayat.

Allegations Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) that there is the political scenario in the case of alleged corruption involving the main cadres, Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq, will actually hurt MCC assessed later. MCC should have known that the KPK is not working on the political aspect.

"MCC does not have a point of anger there was a conspiracy in a case involving its leader, Hasan Lutfi," said activist Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Donal Fariz, in Jakarta, Friday (03/01/2013).

Earlier, MCC officials accused the scenario in a bribery case related to the provision of quotas on meat imports to the Ministry of Agriculture involving Lutfi. In fact, MCC claimed to have received information that some elements of the political party leaders and other public officials are the target of the operation since a few months ago.

Donald said the MCC should thank the Commission has uncovered case. Thus, the MCC can do internal cleansing. If you look at public support for the fight against corruption, MCC's attitude will worsen if Lutfi proven corruption in the courts.

"They should objectively look at this case. Do not just loyal to the leadership of then attacking blindly. Should PKS politicians sympathetic to the fight against corruption," said Donal.

Donal added, it did not see any irregularities in the handling of this matter. If MCC disputed bribes worth Rp 1 billion who are not in the hands of Lutfi, according to Donald, it can be refuted easily.

"Reflecting on the case Nazaruddin, Angelina Sondakh, they do not directly receive a bribe. Though not at the scene, not necessarily unrelated question. Bribes can be received directly and indirectly. Wear messenger in this case.'s What will proved at trial linkages, "he said.

In addition, Donald added, the rapid determination of suspect Lutfi also not strange. In a number of cases that have been captured hand addressed the Commission, according to him, the process of determining the suspect parties involved too quickly. "That's not weird. Cases before hand caught in 1 x 24 hours already suspect," he said.

As reported, Lutfi allegedly "sold" his authority to influence those who have the authority related to meat import policy. Lutfi and his close associates, Ahmad Fathanah, suspected of accepting bribes from companies importing meat, PT Indoguna Main, with evidence of Rp 1 billion. KPK set Indoguna President Director of PT Juard Effendi and Abdi Effendi Arya suspects bribe giver.

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