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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Titiek Suharto: Indonesia takes Hatta Rajasa figure. Hatta look stunning in the vice presidential debate

Titiek Suharto: Indonesia takes Hatta Rajasa figure. Hatta look stunning in the vice presidential debate

Suharto titiek vice flattering appearance number 1, Hatta Rajasa held in a vice presidential debate of the General Election Commission (KPU) in Bidakara Building, South Jakarta, Sunday (29/06/2014) night.

Women whose full name is Siti Hediati said, Hatta very remarkable appearance in answering questions posed moderator Jusuf Kalla and his political opponents.

"Mr. Hatta excellent, exceptional," said Titiek when met after the presidential debate.

Titiek camp that supports the pair number 1 figure Hatta judge is needed for the nation of Indonesia.

"Our outstanding Vice President, we need people like Mr. Hatta," said President Suharto's son.

As for the vice presidential appearance number 2, Jusuf Kalla, Titiek reluctant to say much. He was handed over to the community assessment that is witnessing heated debate. "Guns tau is yes, you are the judge," for short.

Mate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa promises Indonesia became prosperous and become Asian tiger if given the public confidence in the Presidential Election of July 9.

"Prabowo-Hatta committed to implement the human resources that have the knowledge, intelligence, and quality education so superior workforce," Hatta said the closing sentence-vice presidential debate in Jakarta, Sunday (29/06/2014).

To achieve all this, he continued, the community must change the outlook on life for the better and brighter in determining the future.

"Therefore we have to work hard, so build NKR become an independent country, united, sovereign, just, and prosperous," he said.

"With the belief that, God willing, we will be a nation that is prosperous and tigers in Asia and respected by the world," he said.

The government should take advantage of the demographic bonus assessed that happens once in a lifetime. Above this, the Vice-President Hatta Rajasa Candidate has a solution.

"What about our efforts so that the total factor productivity went into the construction sector, so that the demographic dividend can increase the net growth, about 10 per cent and we have to seriously work on it," said Hatta current presidential debate at Bidakara, Jakarta, Sunday (29 / 6/2014).

Second, he added, the government should also take advantage of that age 0-15 years and above 60 years of age have a certain program.

"We approached (the age of) the Social Protection program, while the reproductive age with employment and entrepreneurship," he said.

Pupils Lovers Gus Dur (Abdurrahman Wahid) Support Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa

Support to the pair-vice presidential bully continues to flow. This time it was tens of students lovers Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur in Sidoarjo, East Java, expressed his support for partner-Hatta Prabowo.

In the action of Wahid's Lovers Pupils held a for-for takjil to the highway users Surabaya-Sidoarjo, precisely on Jalan Ahmad Yani Square in front of Sidoarjo, while reciting salawat prophet.

No doubt the show is giving these takjil was enthusiastically welcomed by road users. A total of 2,000 boxes of rice takjil distributed to road users ranging from bikers to private cars, sold out immediately.

Not only distribute free takjil, the Gus Dur Lovers Pupils also share Imsakiyah schedule and sticker partner support coblos-vice presidential candidate number 1.

Baihaki action coordinator, said Gus Dur Lovers Pupils decide in favor mate Prabowo-Hatta because kiai in East Java has been declared vice-presidential choice to the bully. On this basis he also appealed to the citizens to vote nahdliyin-Hatta mate Prabowo.

The family of former President Suharto certainly supports presidential and vice presidential partner number 1, Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa.

"Yes it is definitely supporting Prabowo-Hatta," said vice presidential debate after Suharto Titiek in Bidakara Building, South Jakarta, Sunday (06/29/2014).

Women whose full name is Siti Hediati Haryadi it confirms all family members are known as the Cendana family gives full voice to mate Prabowo Hatta. "100 percent guaranteed. Nobody scattered," he said.

Previously, Titiek seen accompanying running mate Prabowo during the debate takes place. Titiek wearing white kebaya with eagle emblem on the right chest took a seat right next to Prabowo.

Titiek also observe and listen carefully when the debate took place. During the event, the Son of the late former President Suharto's often a smile.

Hamdan ATT dangdut singer claimed to support presidential and vice presidential partner number 1, Prabowo-Hatta. Hamdan admitted Prabowo fascinated with the figure of a firm and bold.

"In my opinion, Prabowo-Hatta future Homeland. This is a tremendous leader, decisive, courageous and principled, speaking in accordance with the facts and the heart, "he said while campaigning in Market Depok Jaya, Jalan Nusantara, Sunday (06/29/2014).

Hamdan claimed to have known better since he was asked to entertain Prabowo East Timorese. According to him, Prabowo very loving country.

"Mr Prabowo so love the country, love Indonesia. He does not need the property and so on because you already have, "he said.

Hamdan said that Indonesia not yet led civilian leaders. Hamdan claims mobilize millions of fans around Indonesia to support Prabowo-Hatta.

"In all my Indonesian fans support millions Prabowo-Hatta. Sumatra, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Kalimantan, the strongest pockets, "he said.  Okezone

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