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Saturday, December 29, 2012

adventure. holiday in the wild to be a no less exciting. One is a white water rafting adventure.

adventure. holiday in the wild to be a no less exciting. One is a white water rafting adventure.

Year-end holidays are not always to be filled with entertainment like visiting the zoo or play area. But once adventure. holiday in the wild to be a no less exciting. One is a white water rafting adventure.

Whitewater rafting or also called rafting is an adventurous sport with the current down the river using boats or boat. Usually done in groups up to six people per boat. In Magelang Central Java, there are many rivers that can be used for this exercise. Not to worry, if it's your first time and do not have the experience of rafting, you can use the services bureaus rafting available.

One of them Rafting Magelang bureau. This agency provides a variety of package rafting rafting in some rivers in Magelang freely chosen by the participants. As Elo River, Lower and Upper Progo, or Serayu River.

Muhammad Taufiqurrohman, Magelang Rafting owner explains, every river has a grade or level of challenge. For example, Progo River, classified as grade 3-3 plus which means the water flows more rapidly and jeramnya too much. River rafting is a distance of about 9 miles. While Elo River and into the category of grade 2-3 Serayu which means it has water currents and rapids were.

"Elo river more attractive, because the flow of water and rapids that are, quite safe for beginners, even during the rainy season," said Taufik, on Saturday (12.29.12).

River rafting Elo has a mileage of about 12 miles, we will be guaranteed adrenaline racing. Why not, we are invited along and hit some ripples river from village to village Mendut Blondo. Even sometimes, the boat will be reversed at some point rapids.

"No need to worry about security, each group will be accompanied by a professional guide. Before rafting participants will also be equipped with some basic instructions. Addition, each participant is also equipped with a rafting kit includes a helmet, life jacket and paddle," added the Yogyakarta State University alumni (UNY) it.

Excitement does not stop there. During the approximately three hour rafting trip, we will be treated to views of nature along the river is still beautiful. Also welcoming hospitality local people in a resting spot.

Taufik said, the holiday season, demand for its services rafting has increased sharply. If on an average day, the average demand of between 10 to 20 boats per day, but if the vacation could reach 40 boats per day.

"Usually the participants are employees of the office or agency. But many of the individuals, we provide special packages, such as the New Year holiday at the moment we opened the package Year End Rafting," he said.

The price offered is quite varied, averaging Rp 600 thousand per boat, includes local transport facilities, rafting kit, a professional guide, snack, lunch, and a certificate. If we do not have time to take pictures, the bureau will provide photographers ready to capture the moment at some point our rafting.

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