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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Chinese Police jail 43 Chinese Uighurs

Chinese Police jail 43 Chinese Uighurs

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, GUANGXI - Police in the southwestern province of Guangxi, China shot dead one man and arrested 43 people, including 19 children Chinese Uighur Muslims, who attempted to flee to Vietnam. The Chinese government argues arrest because they want to do exercises with armed groups.

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC), a group of activists in pegasingan, said on Aljazirah on Wednesday (24/12), that 43 Uighurs were arrested on Sunday (21/12) night. They tried to flee in the middle of the violence in the Muslim minority group members, they seek a better life abroad.

But Chinese authorities say, only 21 people were arrested. They are described as a group of religious extremists. Beijing has warned that religious extremists trying to leave China to do the exercises with armed groups.

Officials say the Uighurs were shot and killed by police, after trying to jump into the bushes and stabbed police. While others were handcuffed by police.

WUC said the recent arrests are part of a deadly crackdown on Uighur refugees. Vice president of Turkey and the Middle East WUC Seyit Tumturk say, a few months ago about four or five Uighurs were killed while trying to cross into Vietnam.

He also said, worried about the fate of 300 Uighur refugees in Thailand. Concerns came after Bangkok and Beijing recently signed an agreement to enhance cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration and terrorism.

Tumturk said the agreement could cause the Uighurs back to China. It was thought the same as 'death penalty'.

The Chinese government has been blamed for the riots Uighur separatist group that has claimed the lives ratusann inside and outside of Xinjiang in recent years. Rights groups say Beijing's policies toward the Uighur resulting systematic imprisonment of many peace activists and forcing many people to flee from China.

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