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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The former President,and former the Governor does indeed filthy rich?

Unfinished journey (167)

(The one hundred sixty-seven, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, December 25, 2014, 14.14BST)

The former President,and former  the Governor does indeed filthy rich?

A lunch at the Halim Perdana Kusumah Airport, East Jakarta we talk about various issues, among other things by a Marshal (retired colonel/Brigadier General.
Me about flying football Minister Susi started to submerge Thailand flagged fishing vessel Papua New Gini in the Bay of Ambon, Moluccas, to question the former President's wealth.

I say as they report to the corruption eradication Commission (KPK), former President of Indonesia was a bit poor

"Don't get me wrong, the former President was no longer served after the very rich, itis obtained from the percentage of NATIONAL BUDGET and a GRANT from the Governor, if it is not written and there is nothing in the legislation, '' said the General.

' ' No wonder if the former Governor of Jakarta's rich-rich and definitely had a fat bank account, as well as a former President.

' ' You can look at the Bank account where the money was kept, the former President,just look at his bank, if quick darting his 

fortune then worth suspected there was an account of a former President or Governor who put him there. Can also be seen thatbank owners are entrepreneurs with rapidly expanding so conglomeration what does not, for example, developing its business with fantastic Octopus, without balanced logical calculation, this also should be suspected (General call the former President put in a particular Bank).

If correct this General story means former Presidents, Governors, Mayors andGovernors were actually wealthy dong, because aside from salary can also be royalty(Tribute) from the STATE BUDGET, BUDGETS and so on. Wallahualam, this is indeed a part and his dealings KPK.
Sukarno and Suharto
Indonesian Corruption Commission)

The former President's wealth

Name: Soeharto
Place, date of birth: Kemusuk-Yogyakarta, June 8, 1921
Name: Father Kertosudiro
Name Of Mother: Sukirah
Wife's Name: Siti Hartinah (Ibu Tien)
The name sons and daughters:
Siti Hardiyanti Hastuti. 1 (Mbak Tutut)
2. Sigit Harjojudanto
3. Bambang Trihatmodjo
4. Siti Hediati Herijadi
Hutomo Mandala Putra 5. (Tommy)
Siti Hutami Endang 6. Adiningsih

Military and political career:
1. The ROYAL Army Sergeant
2. Commander's MAP
3. the Commander of the regiment – the rank of Maj.
4. the Battalion Commander – Lieutenant Colonel
5. the Guard Commander Sudirman
6. Captain of the Mandala (the liberation of West Irian)
7. Army Commander
8. Pangkopkamtib
9. Presidan RI (March 1968-21 May 1998)

* Engine Brand ship: Bimantara Mercruiser
* Ship machine brand image: Mercruiser
* Fountain Brand: Yamaha boat engine

* Lemuru Brand: Yamaha boat engine * engine Brand ship: Bulking Detroit * SumbadraBrand: Yamaha boat engine * engine Brand ship: Utik Yamaha

Car BMW Jeep * One * One Porsche Cayenne Volkswagen Toureg * One * One ToyotaRush * One Volkswagen Caravelle * One Mercedes-Benz Jeep * One Mercedes-BenzSedan * One BMW Sedan Hyundai Trajet * One * One Mercedes-Benz Jeep * OneRange Rover Hyundai Santa Fe * One * Five * One Kijang Pickup

Land * 24 26 Cape Road, Central Jakarta: 1.259 square meters * Highway Ciganjur, Pasar Ming gu, South Jakarta: 3.105 square meters * South Tugu, Cisarua, Bogor: 3.579 square meters * 23 Cape Road, Menteng, Central Jakarta: 1.985 square meters * Road KH Wahid Hasyim 40, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta: 510 square meters * Highway Ciganjur, Pasar Ming gu, South Jakarta: 3,000 square meters * MegamendungBogor: 4650 sqm * Ward one, Ciganjur, South Jakarta: 867 square feet * The Simprug Garden II, South Grogol, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta: 2,534 sq ft * Road Simprug Block G No. 19, South Grogol, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta: 492 square meters * Road Simprug Garden II, South Grogol, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta: 4,114 square meters * The Moh. Cave I, Camp. Setu, Ciganjur, South Jakarta: 2.290 square meters * Cottage masterpiece, Pondok Aren, Tangerang: 1.480 square meters * Kuta, Jimbaran, Bali: 4.350 sq ft * Kuta, Jimbaran, Bali: 300 square meters * Kuta, Jimbaran, Bali: 5.550 square meters * Kuta, Jimbaran, Bali: 13,725 square meters * RT 006/06 Ciganjur, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta: 200 square meters * Ciganjur, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta: 157 square meters * Coconut Island, thousand islands: 44.765 square meters * Road Simprug Garden II, South Grogol: 2.705 sq ft * Casablanca Road, South Jakarta: 21.250 square meters * Wahid Hasyim Street 46-A, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta: 563 square feet * Campaka, Purwakarta, Wanakerta: 319.360 sqm * Campaka, Purwakarta, Cinangka, West Java: 219.500 square meters * Cikopo Campaka, Purwakarta, West Java: 3.678.140 sqm * Situbondo, East Java: 479,6 hectares of land on the road * Cempaka Putih Raya No. 1, East Jakarta * Simprug Golf Highway XVI No. 36, South Jakarta. * Cape Road 29, Central Jakarta: 1,130 square metres * Tarogong

* Bank account accounts at Bank of America Beverly Hills Main 460 n. Beverly Drive,Beverly Hills, California * two checking accounts in bank BNI Central Jakarta
Stock Ownership stock Asriland 99.9% Inclusion through Asriland, PT Bumi Kusuma: *Prima: 55% * Global Mediacom Tbk PT (PT Bimantara Citra): 13.82%

Megawati and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

The inclusion of Bimantara * PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk: 70%

* PT Mobile-8 Telecom Tbk: 60,76% * PT Indonesia Air Transport Tbk: 79,81% * PTPlaza Indonesia Realty Tbk: 18.29% * PT Rajawali Citra Television Indonesia: 69,82 PTElektrindo Nusantara *%: 51% * of PT Trans Javagas Pipeline: 49% * PT TrihasraBimanusa Tunggal: 35% * PT Cardig Air: 50% * PT Bima Kimia Citra: 30% * PT MultiNirotama Chemistry: 40% * PT Graha Nusadua International: 36,56% * NusabinaLestari, PT Duta: 30% * PT Bimantara Building Efforts: 100% * of PT. Citra International Finance Investment Corporation &: 55% * PT Citra International Under-writers: 55% *PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta: 25.50% * PT Plaza Indonesia Realty: 13.5% * PT SingleMatching Works: 7% * PT Polychem Undo: 60% * PT Bukit Sentul Tbk.

* Gemini PT Mighty Ray: 65% * PT Artha Javalas Asri: 99.99% * PT AndromedaSecurities: 33,33% * a rainbow of Beautiful Nusa, PT: 96% * PT Bhakti Investama Tbk.:0.59% * PT Tugure: 20% * PT Asia Pacific Petroleum Refinery Indonesia: 2,500 shares *PT Kapsulindo Nusantara: 63% * PT Binajasa Hantarindo: 70% * PT Herwindo Rintis:35% * PT Bina Niaga Chakra: 45%

The inclusion of Bina Chakra: * PT Hyundai Indonesia: 99,74% * PT Kawasaki MotorIndonesia: 7.5% * PT Pranata Citrakarya: 70% * PT Always Prosperous: 10%

Shares through third parties: * PT Panji Rama Automotive: 1,050 shares through DjokoLeksono Sugiarto * PT Bina Niaga Cakra: Abraxas 45% through Capital Limited II * PTIntinusa Rides through the Beautiful Junanda Puce in Syarfuan and Aziz Mochtar * PTBurly Plastindo through Anas Bahfen * PT Dinamika Bahari Sejahtera through BimmyIndrawan Tjahja and G Tunggono * PT Binajasa Hantarindo through Bob Hippy * PTArtha Javalas Asri through Bambang Wibowo * PT Grandauto Dinamika through DjokoLeksono Sugiarto * Brinkley Associates Ltd * Beautiful Great Coral PT: 70% * PT CilegonSuggestions Industria: 25% * PT Cilegon Centra Petrokemin: 25% * PT PacificPetrochemical Tribina: 25% * PT Asri Bali Safari: 100% * of PT Citraindo Sentra Green: 100% * PT Time wake up Perwita: 100% * PT Cipta Bintani Magnificent: 50% * PT CitraJayasanti Pearls: 60%

other inclusion: * PT Dutarendra Sejahtera Noble: 20% * Natural gift of Eternal PT: 43%* PT Krishna Means Media: 60% * Yudha News Press: 51% * PT Kapsulindo Nusantara:62,75% * PT Lamicitra Nusantara Citra Nusantara, PT * Governance * PT Graha TamaWisesa: 50% * PT Adipuri Inti Satya: 10% * PT Panen Lestari Internusa, PT ITCIKU *

* PT Tugu Reinsurance Indonesia: 20% * PT Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada Tbk PTBhuwanatala Indah Permai * Tbk * PT Cardig International Lep: 45% by PT Cardig Air *Batamindo Investment Horizon (BIC): 50% through the Herwindo * PT BatamindoExecutive Village: 60% through BIC * Private Holding Ltd. Estimates the total value of Suharto's wealth of dkk. It is difficult for certain dates but here are some estimates that ever existed (though this figure is already old, knows how now): 40 Billion USD (Newsweek, 26 January 1998);

15 million USD (Thesis Ph.d. Jeffrey Winters of 1991)

About Family Business and wealth of Habibie

Business patterns "familial" apparently is not the monopoly of Suharto. Family of B.J.Habibie also apply the same pattern. Habibie's family allegedly had a wealth of about 60 million US dollars. What are the family business President Habibie? Is it true thatBatam Island "belonging" to the family? Why Habibie did not immediately announcehis fortune?

Suharto's WEALTH continues to be tracked. Attorney General's Office since June 1,1998 and then officially start work great already. Attorney General SoedjonoAtmonegoro in A interview with the press this week even enlisted the help of the public to treasure tracking Government officials, including the Sandalwood Family(see: wealth report Officials broadcast on Television every day). Here's how: TromolPos 777 to open community who knows the ins and outs of property officials, including Indonesia's former number one person who allegedly got billions of dollarsof property (see: Main hide and seek: it's hard to hide the assets of People Expelled AsSoeharto).
Not to mention the affair of Suharto's wealth started being tracked, the treasure of President B.J. Habibie also began to diungkit-ungkit. The former number two man of RI and former State Minister of research and technology was allegedly also hadconsiderable wealth. Batam Island is touted as the Habibie family business. In fact,Jeffrey a. Winters signals that Habibie is close to the Affairs of the smells of collusion, corruption, nepotism (KKN) since he returned from Germany to Indonesia. Associate Professor of political economy at Northwestern University AS this rate there is any discrepancy in the relationship between B.J. Habibie with scrap

Is that Ibnu took home the "Rudy" B.J. Habibie in Jakarta. And the smell of KICKBACKSemerged after the sudden Rudy Habibie was appointed "Director of Pertamina's Adviser" in 1974-1978. And then Rudy Habibie entered Cabinet as a Minister who heldmany offices--in which he led a number of strategic industries.

In the Cabinet, Habibie also appointed lead Batam Authority. Apparently, according toWinters, Habibie then menangguk many advantages of Batam. Call it PT BimatamaDharma Perkasa, which is a joint venture run by Timmy Habibie, the younger brotherRudy, with Suharto's son, Bambang Trihatmodjo. There is a more SustainableEnvironment, PT Citra PT Indotri Mandiri Sakti, and also hog farms covering an area of10 thousand hectares on the island of the Moon, which also run Timmy Habibie (see:"Timmy Drove Rapidly thanks to the influence of his elder brother"). Soedarsono,sister-in-law Rudy, also long handle Batam. Other entrepreneurs are trying in Batam is "Yayuk" Habibie, the younger brother Rudy, Tommy Soeharto, Liem Sioe Liong and Harry Murdani, sister of the former Commander of ABRI LB Murdani.

Whiff of nepotism also scattered BJ Habibie in a variety of strategic industries that his flock. Children are indeed-Habibie-clever-clever-it-put in IPTN and BPPT. So did some of his associates. All this quickly remind people to Suharto-figures which greatlyadmired Habibie and called as "Professor" it.

Of the various activities of the CCN smelling it, according to economist MichaelBackman, an Australia native was quoted as saying the magazine Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER), estimated a total wealth of Habibie's family of 60 million US dollars.

Like Suharto, Habibie sprawling family wealth in various fields of endeavor. Starting from plantations, trade, chemical industry, to tourism. If Suharto's family controls a wide variety of businesses across Indonesia, Habibie's family more concentrated its business activities in Batam. The island bordering Singapore and will serve as an industrial area. Various cooperation Indonesia-Singapore also built there.

Many circles refer to Batam synonymous with Habibie. Understandably enough, since 1978, Habibie was appointed Chairman of the Batam industrial development directlyresponsible to President Soeharto. The new term dilepasnya after the MPR appointed her as Vice President. It's no wonder that Habibie's family so "rooted" in Batam.

If Suharto has tens of billions of beraset Foundation and the rupiah, Habibie chairedonly a few foundations course. And it's been done before, he served as Vice President and President. As the Foundation for technology development and Community Development Foundation of Bhakti. In addition there is also a foundation which is chaired by a member of his family. Perpetual Charitable Foundation Scholarship such as Orbit, which is chaired by the first lady of Ny. ASRI Ainun Habibie Batam FamilyFoundation and chaired Sri Rejeki Habibie, the younger brother of the President.

Indeed, it is unclear what business actually carried out by Habibie before becomingPresident. However, for instance, his two sons namely Ilham Akbar Habibie andHabibie has now been Tareq Mustafa Kemal began building a business empire. Whileher sister, Suryatim Abdulrachman Habibie or better known as "Timmy" were firstdoing business since 1977. He has a number of companies who are members of the Group Timsco. Similarly, with two younger sister, Sri Rejeki Habibie and Sri RahayuFatima Habibie have started dabbling in the world of business (see: list of businesses and some of the Family-held Office BJ. Habibie + A1).

Anyone who runs a family business people that Indonesia's number one? The following information is collected from a variety of sources Interactive TEMPO.Unfortunately, Fanny Habibie who contacted to confirm all refused to talk at lengthwhen tested interviewed Weekender (see: "These People don't want any Habibie").

RA Tuti Marini Puspowardoyo Habibie

Mother of BJ Habibie is shareholders by as much as 25 percent of PT Indonesiatogether with her youngest son Timsco Timmy Habibie and his daughter MiriamHabibie.

Subono Mantofani

The owner of PT Citra Mantofani is the husband of the eldest sister Habibie, Titi SriSulaksmi Habibie. Recorded as pensuplai goods (supplier) to IPTN. The son of Abbas,Subono Subono, listed as the owner of PT Persada Putralindo moving in the field ofmaritime transport.

Satoto Mohammad Duhri Habibie

The oldest male big brother BJ Habibie commonly referred to as Toto is the owner of the PT. Habindo Satria Perkasa. He got a license from Batam Industrial DevelopmentAgency to supply 65 thousand tons of oil per year. In addition, her older brother was also recorded as the supplier of the goods needs of IPTN.

Alwini Karsum Habibie

Unfortunately, the name of the company brother Rudy Habibie is not known.However, he is recorded as a business partner by IPTN insurance, transportation, andservices.

Alwini Karsum Habibie

Unfortunately, the name of the company brother Rudy Habibie is not known.However, he is recorded as a business partner by IPTN insurance, transportation, andservices.

Junus Effendi Habibie

Former Director General of sea Transportation and Ambassador RI for the United Kingdom this is the younger brother of B.J. Habibie. He served as Chairman of theBatam Authority replaces the older brother and his followers was sworn in as Vice President. Fanny--so it is addressed--that not long ago resigned as ruler of Batam. "Iresign in order not to burden the task of Habibie," reason. It's unclear if Fanny had a number of the company or not. However, his wife, Meike Mariam Habibie, recorded as the owner of the shares as much as 20 percent in the Timsco Indonesia.

Aglaonema Habibie

Sister BJ Habibie is married to a Darmosoewito Soedarsono was Assistant Chairman of the Batam Authority for 20 years. The younger brother did not move in the business world, but her husband was one of the "major players" in Batam. With PT BimatamaDharma mighty, Soedarsono partnered with Bambang Trihatmodjo build Timmy andBatam Island Country Club. Not only that, with the flag of PT Indotro Mandiri, retiredMajor General holds special rights to build and manage two port of Batam.

Whereas through PT Citra Lestari Neighborhood, he was given the privilege toconduct studies of environmental impact analysis for each investment in Batam. Whilestill in Office, he paves Timmy with his Timsco to master industrial area over 500 acres in the Batamindo Industrial Park.

Sri Rahayu Fatima Habibie

With her husband, sister Mochdar Muchsin Habibie commonly called Yayuk is the owner of a Contracting Company PT Citra Hope eternal. The company, along withTommy Soeharto and Rocky Sukendar working on the runway a few airports inIndonesia. Whereas in the field of trade Yayuk had PT Trimitra Upayatama. He is alsonoted as the main suppliers of IPTN, PT PAL, and Pad. Not only supplying thecompanies under the umbrella of BPIS, but Yayuk also supplies goods to Pertaminaand PT Krakatau Steel. Together the Group Bimantara Yayuk became one ofshareholders of PT Nusa Tours and Travel.

In the meantime, Muchsin Mochdar own already a conglomerate with control of 14companies. Some of his company's operations abroad, such as in Australia. Among theefforts is a luxury car repair shop and citrus plantations covering an area of 200 acres in Australia. Not only that, the couple also have a home in Munich, Germany.

Suryatim Abdurrahman Habibie

Between brother and sister BJ Habibie, seems Suryatim or "Timmy" effort has the mostbusiness. The flag of PT Indonesia, PT Alpha Timsco Cape Tank Indonesia, PT PanadiaDirgantara, PT and Beautiful Repindo Panca, its motion touches all business sectors.Starting from plantations, trade, transportation, and chemical industries. And mostbusiness activity of his business moves in Batam. Estimated amount of wealth as muchas Timmy has one to two trillion rupiah with 66 companies.

PT Timsco Indonesia was established in 1977 and the whole family owned 55 per centwith the composition of Habibie Timmy, 25 percent of Ny. Tutie Habibie, mother ofPresident Habibie, and 20 percent owned by Miriam Habibie, the wife of FannyHabibie.

The youngest brother of President Habibie is also doing the sharing with otherentrepreneurs snapper. Just call it with the Ny. Siti Hardijanti Indra Rukmana or MbakTutut, Timmy hand in in the field of telecommunications via TelecommunicationIndonesia with PT Citra 25 percent stake. The Group Salim and Bimantara, Timmyformed a consortium of PT Herwindo Rintis. Still with Ya Tutut, Timmy through PTSuhamthabie participated in the execution of the integrated terminal projectconsortium Manggarai-these projects have not been run until now.

Together with Tommy Soeharto, Anthony Salim, and Hary Moerdani, the former then-sister Beny Moerdani, Timmy Ray established PT Culindo Perkasa. The company isengaged in the breeding of pigs on the island of the Moon, an island near Batam.

Ilham Akbar Habibie

The eldest son of President Habibie seems to be following in the footsteps of his father. After learning from overseas, drawn to the direct Inspiration of PT NusantaraAircraft Industry (IPTN), Bandung. However, his appointment as officer of IPTN got a lot of criticism due to the smells of nepotism. Because a direct Inspiration, placed as a clerk with the rank Group IV C and occupied the Chair of one of his father's companydirector.

Its action in the field of business is not much visible. However, he is recorded as the owner of PT Ilthabi Solusi Rekatama along with his younger brother, Tareq KemalHabibie.

Tareq Kemal Habibie

Though still young, the second son of President Habibie has begun pioneering effortof his business. The flag of PT Indonesia Product, Tareq gets plenty of projects fromthe father while still serving as Minister. For example, specific

Tareq Kemal Habibie

Though still young, the second son of President Habibie has begun pioneering effortof his business. The flag of PT Indonesia Product, Tareq gets plenty of projects fromthe father while still serving as Minister. For example, the holding of exhibitions in Jakarta and aerospace technology exhibition in Hanouver is one of the activities of its business.

In Batam, which is the business of arable lands by his aunt and uncle, Tareq gained control of land use seluar 16 hectares through PT Repindo Abadi Partners to buildshipyards totaling 100 million US dollars. In the field property he seized an amount ofland in Batam through PT Griya Asri Solusi Rekatama.

The in-laws and relatives of Habibie's family

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Sudibjo Rahardjo, father-in-law of Tareq, before sitting as an advisor to the Chairman of the Batam Authority. However, in unison with the spirit of the anti corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN), together with Fanny Habibie, he resigned from the position.

Lieutenant General (Ret.) z. a. berbesan with sister-in-law Maulani BJ Habibie,Soedarsono Darmosoewito, husband of Sri Redjeki Habibie. Maulani, Princess Olga,married to Cipto, son Soedarsono. The proximity of the former Secretary General of the Ministry of Transmigration is also visible from the business relationship to his son-in-law, eco, the son of Fanny Habibie, Nūģi.

In this way "the unraveling" business relationships President Habibie with children and its relatives, the smell HAD indeed little hard covered. It is reasonable if Habibie stoodin front by announcing his fortune--was if he intends to really clean the CCN of theCabinet. If not, then fair also issues and gossip about the wealth of President Habibiewill "disrupt" the wheels of Government, as well as Suharto's rule.

If the question of his wealth is not transparent, not Habibie is prepared to announceanything of hers, then what difference does it make it with a ruler before?
(Tempo magazine June 1998 Edition)
The U.s. Government Supported Suharto's Treasure Quest

The U.s. Government Supported Suharto's Treasure Quest
New York, Compass

Compass-United States (u.s.) Government is providing support to the efforts of
search for former President Suharto's wealth hidden in the
overseas. To that end, the Centre for the study of the problem of corruption in America,
will help collect materials about problems of corruption former
officials in Indonesia despite the Government also already has quite a lot of
the data.

So President Abdurrahman Wahid when delivering results
his encounter with us President Bill Clinton at the White House,
Washington, d.c., Monday (12/6) afternoon local time. However,
Abdurrahman Wahid recently gave remarks to reporters after
arriving in New York, u.s., Saturday night.

Unofficial meetings among Abdurrahman Wahid with Bill Clinton
lasted about 30 minutes, but the outcome of the meeting is not
was officially announced to the press that usually covered in Reporter
Indonesia, who came to Washington DC can only be viewed from outside the
the fence of the White House.

Wahid made a meeting with Bill Clinton on the sidelines
health screening in hospital John Hopkins, Baltimore, USA.
The new unofficial meetings known groups of the Presidency Friday
in the afternoon, after arriving in Salt Lake City, USA. According To Abdurrahman Wahid,
Bill Clinton asking him to come to the White House.

"Because of the party there (Bill Clinton) there is a desire to meet,
I finally came to the White House, "said the head of State as
Tjahja Compass journalists and Gunawan were reported overnight.

Evidence law

The reason the Government ask for American aid to investigate property
the wealth of Soeharto in foreign countries, said the head of State, due to
find legal evidence about it is not that easy as described
originally. Moreover, most of the treasure is stored outside of the country
rather than within the country.

"We are asking for assistance (USA) natural-unnatural course. Help each other in this world
Okay, "said the President to answer the question about the existence of criticism of
in a country that says the Government does not respect the
domestic capabilities in eradicating corruption.

Abdurrahman reveals, there is a big question of Suharto's family
the guarantee of the Government who asked if Suharto's wealth
turned over to the State. Whether it will be the second former President
treated well if they hand over the treasure wealth
to the State?

"I say, guarantee for it, if you want a written, after I
from abroad, soon we make. In fact, even if he
(Soeharto) was tried and sentenced by the courts, the Government
will give you forgiveness. I think the majority of people agree, "said
Abdurrahman Wahid.

Smart hide

Asked about the number of former President Suharto's wealth outside of the
of State, Abdurrahman Wahid said, "we have not been asked about that.
You want it quickly enough, "said the head of State. Problems
faced by the Government in investigating the corruption case of former officials
It is because of the lack of strong legal evidence.

"People used to be clever to hide the treasure. They keep the whole
his wealth abroad, where it is stored in Indonesia, "said
The President again. A team from the Center for the study of the problem of corruption of the U.S.
already coming to Indonesia. "They've met me and they will be
Jakarta again, "he said.

Why is the investigation of Suharto's wealth does not start
from the treasure that exists within the country only then followed by
an investigation into the overseas possessions, asked, according to the press.
The President, an investigation into the wealth of Suharto abroad
done hand in hand with that is in the country.

"So we were idle for this work, dong. We work kok,
Nah gitu lho are calculated. Just wait to the baseball people, quickly completed.
Baseball could be easier & tastier it is. The term, keep it smart and
hide it too clever, "said the President to answer the question about
the concrete results that have been achieved against a government investigation
Suharto's wealth in the country.

In a meeting with Bill Clinton, and Abdurrahman Wahid,
It expressed gratitude to the U.s. President for the help
United in maintaining the territorial integrity of Indonesia from the threat

"According to Clinton, if only because of the different opinions and then guy
make the country and the flag of his own, long-duration we will have 500
countries in the world, "said Abdurrahman Wahid mimicked speech Bill

When the President asked his Foreign Minister Alwi Shihab
about another matter discussed with Bill Clinton, Alwi
say, Bill Clinton told Wahid, "We want
to see your administration is successful. "

"Ah never mind, if (it) told journalists in Indonesia,
useless, "said Abdurrahman who then greeted particular laughter
journalists. *

The Wealth Of Megawati Sukarnoputri



2. position: VICE PRESIDENT of RI
3. Place & date of birth: 23 January 1947 JOGYAKARTA
4. sex: FEMALE
5. name of spouse: h. MOH. TAUFIQ KIEMAS
7. the reporting Date: 23 March 2001
a. LAND BUILDING &. Rp. 24.309.433.000
1. Land & building on 509 sqm & 285 m2, in
Kodya CENTRAL JAKARTA, which derives from
Inheritance, acquisition in 1994, NJOP Rp.
2. land of 207 m2 building on a & & 124 m2, in
Kodya SOUTH JAKARTA, which is derived from the results of
On its own, the acquisition in 1992, NJOP Usd
3. Soil & building on 1820 m2 & 90 m2, in
Kodya JAKARTA PUSAT, dating da

3. car, VOLVO brand, year of construction 1997,
derived from the RESULTS of ITS OWN, the acquisition year
1997, the value of Rp 200 million
4. MOTOR, HONDA ASTREA brand, year of manufacture
1992, derived from the RESULTS of ITS OWN,
the acquisition in 1992, the selling value of Rp 4.000.000
5. MOTOR, HONDA ASTREA brand, year of manufacture
1994, which comes from ITS OWN RESULTS,
gains in value of Rp 5,000,000
the making of 1992, which derives from the RESULTS
On its own, the acquisition in 1992, the selling value of Rp
the making of 1993, which derives from the RESULTS
On its own, in 1993, the acquisition value of Rp
the making of 1994, which is derived from the RESULTS of the
On its own, the acquisition in 1994, the value of Rp
the making of 1993, which derives from the RESULTS
On its own, in 1993, the acquisition value of Rp
10. car, mark t. ROE KF50, construction
1995, which comes from ITS OWN RESULTS,
in 1995, the acquisition value of Rp 60,000,000
11. the CAR brands of V.W. 1200, in the manufacture of 1961,
that comes from grants, the acquisition of 1961,
rating 75.000.000 Usd sale
12. car, mark t. ROE KF LG, 80 years
the making of 1997, derived from the RESULTS of the
On its own, the acquisition in 1997, the value of Rp
13. cars, the TOYOTA brand, year of manufacture of 1980, which
derived from the RESULTS of ITS OWN, the acquisition year
1990, the value of Rp 75.000.000
14. car, brand, year of manufacture 1998 KIJANG, which
derived from the RESULTS of ITS OWN, the acquisition year
in 1998, the value of Rp 100,000,000
15. car-brand PAJERO, year 1997,
derived from the RESULTS of ITS OWN, the acquisition year
in 1997, the value of selling Usd 300,000,000
16. brand car, TOYOTA CROWN, year of manufacture
1997, which comes from ITS OWN RESULTS,
in 1997, the acquisition value of Rp
17. cars, mark ROE, year 1997, manufacturing
derived from the RESULTS of ITS OWN, the acquisition year
1997, the value of IDR 70,000,000
18. cars, the NISSAN brand, year of manufacture 1992, which
derived from the RESULTS of ITS OWN, the acquisition year
1992, the value of Rp 100,000,000
19. MOTOR, HONDA ASTREA brand, year of manufacture
1992, derived from the RESULTS of ITS OWN,
the acquisition in 1992, the selling value of Rp 3,000,000
20. MOTOR, ASTREA GRAND brand, year of manufacture
1993, which comes from ITS OWN RESULTS,
in 1993, the acquisition value of Rp 3,000,000
21. MOTOR, HONDA ASTREA GRAND brands, year
the making of 1993, which derives from the RESULTS
On its own, in 1993, the acquisition value of Rp
22. MOTOR, HONDA ASTREA GRAND brands, year
the making of 1993, which derives from the RESULTS
On its own, in 1993, the acquisition value of Rp
b. PRECIOUS METALS, precious stones, ART items,
ANTIQUES..RP 777.500.000
1. from the RESULTS themselves, obtaining
from 1968 until 1978, with the
value Rp 508.000.000
2. coming from grants, revenue in 1968,
with value- 1. from the RESULTS themselves, obtaining
from 1968 until 1978, with the
value Rp 508.000.000
2. coming from grants, revenue in 1968,
with value-
3. coming from the legacy, the acquisition year
in 1957, with a value of Rp 269.500.000
c. ANIMAL HUSBANDRY, fisheries, forestry, agriculture,
1. SPBNU: 34-12803; 34-11703, dating
from the results of ITS OWN, a number of 2 units, the acquisition
in 1982, the selling value of Rp
2. SPBNU: 34-11601, derived from the results of
On its own, a number of 1 UNIT, the acquisition year
1990, the value of Rp 3,000,000,000
3. SPBNU: 34-11707, derived from the RESULTS of the
On its own, sejumlah1 UNIT, earnings in 1998,
value of Rp
4. SPBNU: 34-10201, derived from the results of
On its own, a number of 1 UNIT, the acquisition year
1988, the selling value of Rp
5. WATCH, which comes from ITS OWN RESULTS,
a number of 10 pieces, the acquisition in 1970, the value of
sale of Rp 500,000,000.
6. HOUSEHOLD tools, which derives from
The RESULTS themselves, a number of 1 is SET, the acquisition year
1992, the selling value of Rp 500,000,000.
7. GAS STATION: 14403: 34-34-34-14401: 15805, dating
from the results of ITS OWN, a number of 3 units, the acquisition
in 1994, the selling value of Rp.
1. Investment In 1979, derived from the results of
OWN value of Rp. 737.586.660
1. coming from the OWN RESULTS with value
RP. 824.396.101
TOTAL ASSETS (II) Rp 60.201.915.761
II. DEBTS. ..RP 392.600.277
1. Debt in the form of business amounting to Rp 392.600.277
III. TOTAL WEALTH (II-III) Rp 59.809.315.484

Jakarta, 12 April 2001



Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's personal wealth of Rp 4.5 billion in 2004

In 2004, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono wealth reached Rp 4.5 billion more based onaudits of KPK.
Wednesday, 01 September 2004
Hasyim Muzadi and Yudhoyono Clarification of wealth
Jakarta, the Kompas – presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and vice presidential candidate from PDI-P, Hasyim Muzadi, came to the corruption eradication Commission, Tuesday (31/8), to clarify the wealththey have. Wealth owned Yudhoyono increased to Rp 4,567 billion and wealth owned by Hasyim Muzadi to Rp 7,696 billion.
Both candidates came to the corruption eradication Commission (KPK) separately.Yudhoyono came in the morning at 10.00 accompanied two men appointed as its power. Yudhoyono inspected asset Checker team led by Sjahruddin Apostles. As for the Hasyim came to 16.00 o'clock in the CCA and review team of examiners led DRijana Hardjapamekas. KPK will announce the fourth presidential candidate and wealthcawapres on 3 September.
The amount of wealth Yudhoyono after corrected KPK 4,567 billion to Rp (M), up as much as Rp 25 million of his wealth after the end of the report period CoordinatingPolkam Rp 4,542 m. wealth consists of the treasures in the form of land and buildings of Rp 1,184 M. moving a transportation Treasure amounting to Rp 807 million; precious metals, precious stones, art, and antiques Rp 46,4 million; other moving assets of Rp29 million already appropriated market/price depreciation in value; cash, deposits,checking, saving Usd 2,761 M and its Total assets to Rp 4,829 M and then reduced byone unit of car loans of Rp 261,142 million, the total wealth of RP 4,56 Billion

Wealth Jokowi Rp 29,8 Billion, Debt Rp Rp 1.9 M

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA-based on data released by the corruption eradication Commission, presidential candidates Joko Widodo has wealth valued at Rp 29,8billion or Rp 29.892.946.012 and USD to be exact 27.633. While debt is Rp Jokowi1.936.939.782

Here are the details of property wealth Joko Widodo read alone in the Electoral(ELECTION COMMISSION) in the event of future wealth report announcement the President and Vice President.
I. Property is not moving is land and a building as many as 24 fields totaling Rp29.453.455.000
II. means of transport as many as 12 units worth Rp 954.500.000
II. Businesses worth Rp 572.440.076
IV. a total of 16 pieces of precious metals worth Rp 27.200.000
V. total of four precious stones worth of Idr 15,000,000
VI. other moving Possessions as much as 83 units worth Rp 319.150.000
VII. cash, deposits, savings, checking and other cash equivalent accounts worth a total of 16 Rp 488.140.718 and three accounts worth 27.633 u.s. dollars
VIII. debt totaling Rp 1.936.939.782
The total value of the property is $ 29.892.946.012 Joko Widodo and 27.633 u.s. dollars.

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