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Friday, December 26, 2014

Cindy Adams: Bung Karno Want Looks Handsome

Cindy Adams: Bung Karno Want Looks Handsome

Cindy Adams. Photo: Hendra Eka / Java Post

IN the many biographies about proclaimer of Representatives, President Soekarno, the work of Cindy Adams was the most powerful and life as written based on the narrative directly Bung Karno.

First appeared in English in 1965 under the title Sukarno, An Autobiography as Told to Cindy Adams, the book was then translated repeatedly in Indonesian with the title "Bung Karno, mouthpiece Rakyat Indonesia".

In the last 45 years, Cindy for the first time present in Indonesia on Tuesday (23/12). New Order government makes Cindy had to wait for a visa nearly half a century.

Women are still beautiful in half a century was the age of reunion with family and reminisce Sukarno in Indonesia.

Accompanied Kartika Sari Dewi Sukarno, Cindy received a Java Post reporter Ahmad Baidhowi in Jakarta yesterday (25/12).

On the occasion of the exclusive interview, Cindy clarified two controversial paragraphs in the edition of his translation of the twisted by the New Order government.

Why choose your Sukarno, when dozens of journalists and writers lined up waiting for permission to write his life story?

It stems from the activities of my husband, Joey Adams. He is a comedian and entertainer who became president of all the actors in America. In 1961, he sent President Kennedy as a cultural ambassador for the Southeast Asian region. He and his team perform at the State Palace. That's where I first met Mr. (in the interview, Cindy always uses the word "Father" to refer to Sukarno, Red).

At the time I joined. I know, he is one of the four most powerful people in the world when it was. Therefore, I was determined to interview him. After my husband appeared, I approached Mr. I said to him, what should I interviewed him at the time. He agreed.

What is the first time you ask?

I asked things funny and light. For example, why he wears oversized uniform, cap (while holding the head). You said, he is the supreme commander in Indonesia and people need a symbol of authority as a role model. I was silent for a few seconds. Then, I said, I do not think so. I told you, you wear it because it looks handsome. Mr. laugh. He said, yes, you're right, but do not tell anyone yes (Cindy then laughed width).

I made him laugh, relax. He was also impressed with the article I wrote at the time. Therefore, when he wanted his biography was written, he chose me. I initially did not believe it when Ambassador Howard P. Jones (US ambassador at the time) told me that President Sukarno wanted me back to Indonesia to write his biography. At that time I've been back to New York.

Is Your election is a form of diplomacy, President Soekarno to the US government?

I do not think so. Especially when the Indonesian government's relationship with the US is not good. Indonesia actually closer to China (China). So, the fact that he chose an American girl to write his biography and the US ambassador as a link that is a great thing.

He chose me because I was able to make her feel relaxed, laughing. Therefore, with that you can make him talk. Not just talk the political rhetoric, political slogans, but about his life, about his mother, how he was born, how he school, how he lectures in Bandung, how he survived while incarcerated. I am sure, he can only talk like that to someone who can understand the human side. And I was present at the right time.

During the writing of biography in the period 1961-1967, how intense your meeting with President Sukarno?

Every day, at 6 am, I came to the palace. Dad sat there without a cap, without uniforms. Only T-shirt, pants, and bare feet. I come and drink coffee brewed. We then sat down. Sometimes he let me interview him. Sometimes he just told me about his work.

I was in the palace since 6am until 9am or 10. Then, on the weekend, I did cross-check on the stories. For example, after he talked about his experiences in prison Bandung, I went there, saw his condition, talk to the warden guards. So, I did a double check.

In the Indonesian edition, there are two paragraphs are added translator. There are written, President Soekarno Hatta said that presence is not important in the process of proclamation. Paragraphs that sparked controversy. What is your opinion?

I did not write it. It was inserted. At that time, I give permission to one publisher in Indonesia to publish. Interpreter, without cross-checking to me, without my permission, add the two paragraphs.

I never thought it would happen. I see, in situ (translation edition) written Bapak said Hatta not important. I do not, no, never write it. Father has never said that.

President Sukarno was a very romantic to women. Have you ever gotten a romantic poem or romantic words from him?

(Cindy smiles) He loved life, he loved women. I have never met another president who does the same thing. He was close to Marilyn Monroe, with movie stars. As well as I that looks interesting, he just enjoyed ways to admire the women and the women were admired.

What is most special message ever delivered to the people of Indonesian President Sukarno?

Being a country of Indonesia. This is such a great country, 17 thousand islands, surrounded by ocean, so vast stretches. Without passion to build a state, it is impossible Indonesia can stand up now. (JPNN)

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