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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

German writer living in the Lower Power divulge ISIS

German writer living in the Lower Power divulge ISIS

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Mosul - Author Juergen Todenhoefer perform a dangerous journey but can open the eyes of many people. Todenhoefer travel ISIS entering the territory they call caliphate in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, Syria, and Mosul, Iraq.

"There was a terrible sense of what they call normal in Mosul" Todenhoefer light through an exclusive interview with CNN.

When Todenhoefer about to visit a mosque to meet with the leadership of Abu Bakr al-ISIS Bagdadi, he saw the reality of everyday life in the community through which under the leadership of ISIS. Many were displaced and fled from Mosul. In addition, many of them have been killed.

Even so, the city of Mosul continues to function as usual and some people there like 'stability' which brought ISIS. However, the feeling of fear of the population is very pronounced. Todenhoefer said many of the residents who feel fear because the penalty imposed if it violates the strict rules ISIS very heavy.

ISIS also stated on Todenhoefer that they can take control of Mosul in just four days. In four days, they can beat about 20 thousand soldiers only with 300 soldiers ISIS.

"We attacked the front line troops with a hard, besides we also use suicide attacks," said ISIS. Todenhoefer also considered one of the greatest strengths is the willingness of the ISIS ISIS forces to end his life in battle.
In fact, there is one member of ISIS obese who choose to wear a bomb on his body every time war. ISIS troops was justified because he was fat he is so difficult to run and counterparty risk to be caught. He caught from the opposing party, the better he committed suicide with a bomb he was wearing.

In addition to the army portly, Todenhoefer found that members of ISIS was also composed of children.

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