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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Convicted Whips, Smile and Wave Hand

Convicted Whips, Smile and Wave Hand

Subulussalam - caning for violators of law no longer seem frightening and embarrassing. There is even a prisoner who still managed to throw innocent smile, waving to the crowd while execution whip.

This is done by 10 people convicted Subulussalam Maisir (Judi) are executed caning at Banyan Golf, Subulussalam, Tuesday (23/12).

Initially, Maisir convicted 11 people, one of them was underage so can not be flogging and returned to the family to be fostered.
The inmate tenth, nine were sentenced to caning for 5 times after being cut during the 1-month detention period of 10 days. While one person again flogged as much as 7 times as it is considered as the airport img in the region.

When the executioner prepared whipped by the Attorney, the tenth prisoner was seen throwing a smile and waved to the thousands of people who witnessed the inaugural event in Subulussalam it.

Chief State Prosecutor Singkil, Bambang Kusrianto, SH when delivering his speech, said that the execution caning as mandated in Aceh Qanun No. 13 of 2003 concerning gambling (Maisir) is not a good spectacle or open disgrace someone.

  However, Bambang said, the execution is done so that there is a deterrent effect to any offender who violates sharia law

"Based on the decision of the judges of the Supreme Court of Sharia Singkil and a verdict to 10 people involved with gambling to be caned in public" said Bambang.

Thousands of banyan looks crowded field measuring 100 x 150 meters. So when the prisoner whipped by the hangman stage, visible community jostling to see it. (JPPN)

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