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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thousands of cars stuck due to snow in France

Thousands of cars stuck due to snow in France

The French government is asking motorists not to take risks in the snow.
At least 15,000 cars stuck in the French Alps because of heavy snow and ice.
The French government warned drivers not to take the risk given the extreme weather can cause harm.

A driver, for example, died when the car he was driving rolled into a slope in the Isere region.

Overall, according to the newspaper Le Monde, as many as three people died as a result of incidents related to snow throughout the week.
The condition is expected to continue next week, said the agency climatology France.

To the BBC, a British driver named Gavin Rigby claimed to require 11 hours of Val d'Isere to Bourg Saint Maurice. In normal times, the trip usually takes 30 minutes.

Rigby said the French authorities did not seem to give relief so he must rely on the help of fellow riders.

Many cars, said Rigby, who slipped because they are not equipped vehicle tire chains.

Congestion along 25 kilometers occurred near Stuttgart due to snow.
"The police should warn people to put chains on their tires after half a meter of snow fell last night," said Rigby.

Heavy snow also occurred in Germany resulting in congestion along 25 kilometers on the road A8 near Stuttgart.

In the UK, bad weather adds to the suffering of the people because the power supply is disconnected. At least 500 homes in the East Midlands and 300 homes in Devon experienced a power outage. (BBC)

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