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Friday, December 26, 2014

Indonesian Sea navy complaining Size and Cost

Indonesian Sea navy complaining Size and Cost

KRI Sutanto. Photo: dok.JPNN

JAKARTA - The Armed Forces Commander General Moeldoko ensure TNI would not flirt or play in keeping the Indonesian sea. However, there is the biggest obstacle to catching fish thieves ship, the costs are very expensive.

TNI Commander General Moeldoko mentioned, there is no indiscriminate military in handling boats fish thieves. Anyone who violates, it will be dealt with. "Although, there are a number of obstacles," he said at the TNI Headquarters yesterday.
The biggest hurdle in the arrest of illegal fishing vessels is associated a large budget, each operating a patrol ship to cost Rp 900 million per hour. The biggest budget is used for fuel oil (BBM). "Not because the others," he said.

Another obstacle is too often the case, for example, foreign vessels fish thieves that have more advanced technology than belonging to the Navy. For example, they are more modern radar and higher boat speeds. "So, when detected, an attempt to capture the ship was very difficult," he said.

When known, the presence of foreign ships and then caught by no means able to instantly drowned. There are international rules that must be followed, namely the legal process. "We do not live diruang vacuum that has no rules," he said.

While the Chief of Staff of the Navy (Navy Chief) Admiral Marsetio explained, the arrest of a ship that has a standard operating procedure (SOP), can not be the rule.

For example, when the ship was dismissed, then there should be a complete examination papers permission. "Once it is clear that ship without permission alias bulging, law enforcement process begins," he said.
Other barriers, inadequate number of vessels with extensive ocean exceptional also need to be considered. For example, if there is illegal fishing in Aru Sea, Maluku. Radar and port position and in Ambon, to reach the Aru Sea patrol ship takes about two days to three days.

"If there is a leak of information, of course, boats that fish thieves were gone first," he explained.

Therefore, to catch fish thieves ship aircraft is also needed, of course, which has the special ability to land in the ocean. "It was planned," he encountered at the TNI Headquarters Cilangkap.

While the Air Force Chief Marshal Ida Bagus Putu World explains, there are amphibious jet purchase plan that has the ability to land in the ocean. The jet can be enabled for sea and air patrols. "Thus, foreign vessels fish thieves can not get away first," he explained.
Russian-made amphibious jet types BE 200 is usually used to extinguish fires or to rescue victims of accidents or disasters. "The plan we have to say to the President Jokowi," he explained.

He made sure illegal fishing will be easier dealt with combination treatment between ships by seaplane. "Hopefully, all that can be met," said Ida Bagus. (JPNN)

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