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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Faisal Basri story Failure Problem Dahlan Iskan Disband Petral

Faisal Basri story Failure Problem Dahlan Iskan Disband Petral

Jakarta -When SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan has plans to disband Pertamina Energy Trading Ltd (Petral), which is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero). Although it has full authority over all state-owned companies in the country, but was unable to disperse Petral Dahlan.

"I met with Mr. Dahlan in Aceh. At that time he had no intention to dissolve Petral, but why it issued instructions required Petral or fuel oil imports through the NOC (National Oil Company)," said Chairman of the Governance Reform Oil and Gas Faisal Basri when met at his office, Jl Plaju, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (12/24/2014).

Faisal said, when buying oil and fuel required from the NOC is not the best way. There is no guarantee that buying direct from the manufacturer are cheaper.

"Mr. Dahlan to admit it, if it is not the best policy. The intention originally wanted to dissolve Petral, but it was not easy. So as a solace out of the policy (compulsory purchase of NOC)," he said.

Then why Dahlan Iskan failed to disperse Petral while at that time he served as Minister of SOEs?

"There is no power on it Mr. Dahlan Iskan. Its strength in 7th heaven, even the 10th. So can not dissolve Petral," said Faisal.

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