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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

US condemns blocking Google's email service in China

US condemns blocking Google's email service in China

Government of the United States expressed concern regarding the blocking of access to the popular Google's email service by China.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Jeffrey Rathke said media censorship incompatible with China's aspirations to build an information-based economy and society.

"So we encourage China to be transparent in treating international companies and consider the signal sent to the market with such actions," said Jeffrey Rathke.

Chinese Foreign Ministry denies knowing l ayanan Google blocked email. Through a spokesman, China has said it welcomes foreign investors who do business in accordance with the applicable rules.

Data from the Internet giant shows online traffic from China to Gmail plummeted on Friday and has not recovered.

The BBC's Martin Patience in Beijing report has examined the Google email service and not experiencing technical problems.

Google services, further Patience, widely used by activists and dissidents were trying to keep their communications are not intercepted by the authorities. (BBC)

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