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Thursday, September 19, 2013

ICW asked the Ministry of Religious transparent about the costs of the pilgrimage.

Mecca Grand Mosque
ICW asked the Ministry of Religious transparent about the costs of the pilgrimage.

 Indonesia Corruption Watch ( ICW ) requested the Ministry of Religious Affairs ( MORA ) to be transparent about the costs of the pilgrimage. ICW researcher Firdaus Ilyas , stated , during this responsibility in the conduct of the pilgrimage Kemenag audited by the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) only in the form of financial statements in general .

MORA party , in this case the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Organizers , he added , does not itemize the components of what is in Hajj Operation Costs ( BPIH ) .

" We do not know how much money we've hajj , how to know , how much interest services , " he said during a discussion in Jakarta , Thursday ( 19/08/2013 ) .

Firdaus said , two things that should be observed in relation to the transparency and accountability of funds Hajj is the pilgrimage and pilgrimage services . According to him , Law no. 13, 2008 providing for the Hajj and Umrah are not guarantees of funds Haj rules , starting from the initial deposit BPIH to formulation components in BPIH .

" In the Act stated that the pilgrims bear all costs related to her , in fact , a great many pilgrims who used the money for things that have nothing to do with him , such as honor attendant , hotel clerk , attendant allowance , which should be in the Act be the responsibility of the government , " he explained .

In addition , he also criticized the ministry pilgrimage organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs . He saw the lack of the culture of the community , especially critical of pilgrims to the Hajj ministry . Hajj pilgrims just look purely religious matters , but in which there is a contract , in which there are rights and obligations , as well as the possibility of default . Thus , he asked the government to fix the scars chaotic pilgrimage through the moratorium issue .

" We agreed to a moratorium in return for improved regulation and institutional improvement . Useless if the moratorium without coupled repair , " he said .

Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Alie asked the pilgrims do not have to worry related to Corona virus widespread in the country of Saudi Arabia . The virus , he said , did not develop in the area allotted to the implementation of the pilgrimage .

" I urge worshipers not to worry too much about the virus . Corona Virus flourish there , but not in the area where pilgrims perform Hajj stages , for example in Jeddah , Mecca , Arafat . 's Not in that area , " said Suryadharma in Complex Presidential Palace , Jakarta , Monday ( 16/09/2013 ) .
Suryadharma said , the medical team will continue to monitor the health condition of pilgrims , especially the measurement of body temperature . However, it appealed to all pilgrims to maintain health by eating nutritious food , plenty to drink, and always use a mask .

" If it definitely infected quarantined . To the pilgrims , if you do not feel as bad , immediately notify the health officer . We will deal with directly , " he added .

As reported , each pilgrim will be given a special mask about 4 mask . The mask has a high density level that effectively masks to filter out viruses such as surgery . With a density of 0.1 micro , Staphylococcus bacteria may not enter .

 Prospective Hajj pilgrims to fly the first group from the city of Medan did not feel worried and afraid to return policy for aircraft landing at the airport Kualanamu .

" All the congregation remained calm , no fear , " said Ibrahim Daulay , one of the pilgrims kloter 1 Embarkation Medan , as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday ( 09/10/2013 ) afternoon .

According to Ibrahim , the pilgrim officer is in the plane has provided an explanation of the reason for the return landing .

In addition , pilots and officers pilgrimage there is also capable of providing good service and comfort so that the whole congregation remained calm .

When talking to the pilot and the crew, unknown disturbance in the water distribution system is required for all passengers . " We can understand because the pilgrims to drink and go to the bathroom , " he said .

When contacted at 17:00 pm , Ibrahim admitted Daulay aircraft still flown back to Saudi Arabia .

Pilgrims are located at Jalan Flamboyan Raya , Medan District Tuntungan claimed all passengers remain on board .

All pilgrims are still undergoing the process of simulating the departure and inspection while enjoying your meal is served Haj officers . " After everything is okay , just leave , " said the pilgrims who set out with his wife Haryati it .

Previously , Head of Operations Division Kualanamu Ali Sophian also confessed to the type 777-300 ER aircraft carrying pilgrims returning from Medan landed because of a problem in the water supply .

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