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Friday, September 13, 2013

Jakarta Halim Airport can continue to be used for dispatching pilgrims who want to perform the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia

Jakarta Halim Airport can continue to be used for dispatching pilgrims who want to perform the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia

Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali said Jakarta Halim Airport can continue to be used to dispatch pilgrims who want to perform the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia because it already has adequate support facilities .

"I think this may be so because of inadequate facilities , sufficient grounding . Except when using A380 aircraft , " he said on Monday evening , while reviewing readiness Halim Airport before departing pilgrims flew the first group .

He said the departure of the pilgrims is better done through Halim Airport in East Jakarta than through Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Tangerang , Banten .

" Because even further , jams and takes longer mileage of Pondok Gede Bekasi to Sukarno and Hatta , " he said .

He added Halim Airport can be reached in just about 15 minutes from Pondok Gede Hajj .
Once the assembly can be directly Halim Airport to board the plane for inspection of goods and other documents can be done in Pondok Gede Hajj .

While the travel time of Hajj Bekasi to Halim Airport , according to estimates of the Minister of Religious Affairs , the longest about 45 minutes .

The first group to fly Indonesian pilgrims will leave for Saudi Arabia through Halim Airport on Tuesday ( 10/9 ) in two flights .

JKG pilgrims from Jakarta embarkation consisting of 455 people will depart from Pondok Gede Hajj Halim Airport at 11.19 pm .

While the worshipers of embarkation JKS ( West Java ), which consists of 450 people will depart from Bekasi Hajj 10:00 am heading Halim Airport .

A total of 450 first departure Hajj Candidates kloter 05 Tangerang Tangerang City Government released on Thursday ( 12/9 ) .
The pilgrims are transported Ten ( 10 ) to the bus fleet Embarkasih Haji Pondok Gede , East Jakarta to be dispatched on 12 September 2013 .

Acting Regional Secretary Tangerang , H. Moh . Rakhmansyah lead immediately release the pilgrims departure . " Do it diligently and take advantage of the best time to worship , " he said when departures calhaj release event in Tangerang City Mosque Al - Adzhom , Tangerang , on Thursday ( 12 / 09 ) .

He also expressed to all Hajj Candidates to always maintain the health and physical condition during the pilgrimage procession .

So during the pilgrimage can be done in accordance with the pillars and predetermined rules . He hopes to be re-assembled all pilgrims to the hajj Mabrur homeland .
He further said that despite khusyu perform hajj , not to ignore the existence of other individuals . Especially for those who need help or with luggage as supporting religious activities there .

" Do not be complacent . Jaga always unity and unity among fellow worshipers to help each other , " he said .

Rakhmansyah added to the congregation to always keep together and help each other in any condition .

Tangerang City Government gives incentives to the pilgrims by providing bus transportation facilities as well as free health tests .

He hopes the congregation always maintain the good name of the city of Tangerang and maintain cohesiveness among pilgrims and the Tangerang City and head of the delegation accompanying the calhaj while in the holy land .

 Flying groups ( kloter ) V West Java Bekasi origin Pilgrims officially dispatched this afternoon . This departure is released directly Head Office of Religious Affairs Bekasi Jaja Jilani .

He told Reuters on Thursday ( 12/9 ) , five fleet is the first fleet to pilgrims origin Bekasi . He said that there are about 450 pilgrims who departed this afternoon .

However , the origin of the Pilgrim Bekasi is not forced to come off due to illness . " There are five kloter pilgrims coming from Bekasi , " he said .

He asserted , the two of them combined fleet with other districts . Meanwhile, the other three full fleet deployment . The full meaning , continued Jaja , namely 450 Jamaah .

He explained that , following the departure of the 17 September 2013 for the fleet 15 , fleet 24, departed Sept. 20, followed by 57 fleet departed October 4 , and 68 fleet departed on 8 October .

Representatives Commission VIII asked the Ministry of Religious Affairs to give serious attention to the Indonesian pilgrims who have started dispatched to the Holy Land . Especially relevant in the ongoing renovation of the Grand Mosque .

" The government must ensure the readiness of facilities and infrastructures needed worshipers so they could worship fervently , " said a member of Commission VIII , Ingrid Kansil in Parliament Complex , Senayan, Thursday ( 12/9 ) .

Haram expansion renovation not only have an impact on reducing the quota of pilgrims in the countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference ( OIC ) .

 Renovation , according to Ingrid also impacting on the quality of services provided to the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia jamaah.Inggrid said , renovations Mosque te
result was a loss of about Rp 800 billion .

 Jamaat also aggrieved because the departure queue list is getting long pilgrimage . In the circumstances it is important for the government to ask for clarity about the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the service of the pilgrims .

" Commission VIII dealing with Haj ask some of the issues related to the Ministry of Religious pilgrims optimization services for both transportation and accommodation during in Arabic , " he said . "

According to the Democrats there are a number of things that should be the government's concern about the impact of the Grand Mosque renovation . For example , the Indonesian government ban on the use of transportation that has not been approved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , catering provision is not yet clear , the addition of security officers to keep Indonesian pilgrims , and pending confirmation for this year to be a priority in the pilgrims in 2014 without adding to the cost difference pilgrimage .

Ingrid also asked the government to give special attention related to the procession throwing Pebbles . According procession Jumrah prone problem because in this whole procession of pilgrims from around the world gathered in one spot .

To anticipate this House asked Kemenag increase the number of security personnel , health , and transportation fleet for Indonesian pilgrims ' Commission VIII hoping complaint in this year's hajj services can be minimized by optimally serve pilgrims , " said Ingrid .

 The rise of criminal cases that experienced Hajj , the Director General (DG ) Implementation of Hajj and Umrah ( PHU ) , Ministry of Religious Affairs , Anggito Abhimanyu urged pilgrims not to save and bring the money in cash (cash ) during the Hajj .

Told Reuters on Thursday ( 12/9 ) he said that the Ministry of Religious Affairs with several Government -Owned Banks such as Bank Mandiri , Bank BNI , Bank BRI , Bank Syariah Mandiri doing there job cards to launch Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) .

ATM 's , he continued, can be used as a storage system money through debit card and system control information flow of pilgrims .

He admits , Ministry of Religious Affairs is a bit late anticipate the widespread theft of money crimes that haunt the Pilgrims .

Therefore , according to him , ATM Bank Partner Program is a means to reduce crime rates for Hajj pilgrims theft .

Anggito explained , based on the data security hajj organizing committee in 2012 found that 269 cases of crime material adverse reached USD 668 million , equivalent to 283 569 Riyal .

" With this service , the family of the pilgrims can transfer money by using an existing account with Bank Partners , " he said .
He added that each Partner Bank has embarkation area varying from one region to another . He added , specifically for pilgrims Bekasi , Partner Bank 's ATM at Bank BNI did .

He added that the service was created for the convenience of pilgrims to calm down in worship .

He asserted , the entire product is launched simply just want to provide excellent service to Hajj Pilgrimage in order to run quietly , comfortably and thoughtfully.

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