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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Because of its banks collapsed, so flooding will continue to occur in Jalan Thamrin and Sudirman

Jakarta Floods Map

Because of its banks collapsed, so flooding will continue to occur in Jalan Thamrin and Sudirman

After yesterday's Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo reviewing the state of West Flood Canal levee breached in Latuharhary, Manteng, Central Jakarta, today, Friday (01/18/2013), re-reviewing Jokowi Latuharhary breached levees.

Just like the day before, this time helped his review was accompanied by Assistant for Development and Environment Administration Wiryatmoko, Head of Jakarta Public Works Agency Ery Basworo, Central Jakarta Mayor Saefullah and Dyah Bondan Menteng subdistrict. Jokowi arrived around 08.30 pm.

He did not give a statement to the media who helped cover it. Upon arrival, direct Jokowi check embankment widened. He also seemed engaged in serious conversation with Wiryatmoko and Ery Basworo.

Meanwhile, the police did, Jakarta Public Works Department Officers, Special Forces, Military District still work together to repair the broken levee.

Already there are two heavy equipment from the Public Works Administration has brought to the location. Previously, heavy equipment was still not there.

Work is still done manually with equipment sand, stone, gabions and sacks.

BKB is known breached levees since Thursday (01/17/2013) at 10.00 am in the morning. Breached levees along the 30 meters on a side street Latuharhary, Central Jakarta. As a result of collapse of dikes, water provided the West Flood Canal melimpas, poured into Jalan Teluk Betung and Tosari. The flow of water will get to Jalan Thamrin and Jalan Sudirman.

The dike burst soaking railway station direction to Tanah Abang and Manggarai. As a result, trains Tanah Abang-Depok, Tanah Abang-Manggarai, can not operate.

Additionally levee collapse also impacted on Jalan Teluk Betung towards Tosari, behind the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Thamrin are inundated with water.

Head of Flood Control Infrastructure Public Works Administration to explain because it is high time Hendri Manggarai had reached 1030 cm, which is then channeled to the West Flood Canal. But apparently not capable or strong levees withstand the strong flow of water, so broken.

"Because of its banks collapsed, so flooding will continue to occur in Jalan Thamrin and Sudirman. If you have not closed the breached levees, flooding the road in two protocols will continue to escalate," said Hendri.

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